A Submissive Sissy

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Miss Priss

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The spring sky was gray and overcast with a slight misty rain falling. The attractive woman in a dark brown business suit carried an umbrella in her left hand while tightly holding a young man's hand in her right. The young man was carrying a suitcase in his free hand. He did not look pleased.

They stopped in front of a beautifully carved Mahogany and glass entranceway and the woman pushed the buzzer. It was obvious that who ever lived here was very wealthy.

"Please Mum; don't make me stay with her!" The young man pleaded. "She's really weird Mum and I don't like her. She treats me like a little kid. I'm more than old enough to take care of myself and Billy's Mom said I could stay with them. Please Mum!"

"Pumpkin, I don't have any choice in the matter. I don't know Billy's family and I don't particularly like the thought of you being raised by strangers. Your Aunt Dexa is the only person that I can trust to take care of you. We've gone over this at least a hundred times already and I have a plane to catch. This job is just too important to lose and I have to be there no later than tomorrow evening."

"Malaysia is no place for you to be by yourself. With all the travel required, I won't have the time to take care of you. Your Aunt is a bit ditzy at times, I know, but she is my very best friend in the world. She's not your real aunt, but she will take very good care of you. Maybe after I get settled, in a year or so, I will send for you."

"Mum, I am old enough to take care of myself!" He argued back. "I don't think she likes me anyway. Why else would she send me such crappy gifts? I mean, who in their right mind would wear that black velvet short set she sent me last Christmas? She's a ding bat Mum!"

"Well, maybe if you got your hair cut like I have been asking and grew a bit, she wouldn't think of you as a young child. I've asked you a million times to get it cut and to go out for sports. But no! You like it long and would rather play those silly computer games than get some exercise."

"I don't just play computer games. I swim all the time over at Billy's place. Mum, come on, please." He was begging now. As far as his long hair was concerned he liked it that way. He felt that it made him fit in with the kids at school better. He was thin and small for his age, but took pride in the fact that he could easily out swim everyone in his class. He couldn't help it if he wasn't a macho man, but he was confident enough in himself that no one really picked on him at school.

"Not another word!" His Mother said firmly. "Oh, I hear someone coming. Now let's see a big smile and give me a kiss before I go. The cab is waiting and I can't stay."

The ornate door was opened by a tall and rotund woman of about middle age wearing a gray dress with white pin stripes and white cotton bibbed apron. "Miss Darla, welcome and you too dear," she said. "Please come in out of this nasty weather. Miss Dexa is waiting in the breakfast nook."

"I'm sorry Miss Labeaux, but the cab is waiting and I can't stay a moment longer. Please give Dexa my love and my thanks for taking in my boy. Tell her that I'll get in touch as soon as I can. Now Pumpkin, give us a kiss and a big smile. I have really got to go or I'll miss my plane."


Ms. Labeaux quickly took charge of the young man and ushered him into the breakfast nook. Miss Dexa was seated at the table wearing a flowing peach chiffon negligee eating a melon. She was an imposing woman even sitting down. She was tall and like Ms Labeaux large though not over weight and very pretty in the face. It was early morning, yet her make up was immaculate. Her dark brown hair was in a feathered pageboy that caressed her face.

The young man stood there beside her chair fidgeting and looking very uncomfortable as she examined him. The condescending smile that broke out on Miss Dexa's face did not alter his feelings about this woman. She scared him.

"Well child, curtsey to Madame!" ordered Ms. Labeaux.

The confused young man looked up at the towering woman.

"What's the matter little one? Don't you know how to properly present yourself to adults? Here, watch me and from now on before addressing your elders, you will curtsey. It is a sign of respect!" Ms. Labeaux said.

Still quite confused, he watched as she placed her right foot behind her left heel, grabbed her skirts and did a quick bob. As he watched, the young man was wondering if the woman was crazy or something. He couldn't imagine in his wildest dreams that a man of his age would have to perform such a silly stunt. He couldn't remember ever seeing anyone do something like that.

His confused look disappeared into one of pain as Ms. Labeaux pinched his left earlobe between her thumb and forefinger. "Do it, you silly child!" She ordered.

Quickly, he did his best to copy the movement he had been shown. He just didn't know what to do with his hands as he wasn't wearing skirts. "Before the day is through child, you will learn how to properly curtsey I can assure you." She said as she released his ear. He started to rub his ear when she slapped his hand away and told him to stand at attention.

"Such an awkward beginning my darling," Ms. Dexa stated as he assumed the correct position. "But you will learn I'm sure. Now spin around for me so that I can get a good look at you. Yes, I see potential in you child. Between Ms. Labeaux and myself I am quite positive that by the time you rejoin your mother you will be a perfect angle."

She paused to make sure that she had his full attention before continuing, "It is my sincerest belief that the children of today are entirely too rebellious and undisciplined. Your mother has told me of the trouble you have caused her. You have a history of shop lifting and fights, horrible school grades, and your unwillingness to listen to her. Well this is going to stop as of today. From now on, you will be obedient, you will listen to your elders, you will be a good student when school resumes in the fall, and you will be tolerant of others. I am making this my mission in life. When I finish with you darling, you will be the little angel that you should have been all along."

"Ms. Labeaux," she continued as she turned her attention to the other woman. "I think that our preparations will prove satisfactory. Other than that horrible tan he has ....so damaging to the delicate skin....I think the salon can take care of that problem...His hair is long enough and the child does appear to have a little too much baby fat. We can take care of that. Why don't you take the child, as we discussed, and see that everything is ready for the salon appointment? I am so glad I thought to make an appointment ahead of time."

She looked down at the young man then and said, "Darling, you go with Ms. Labeaux and do everything she says or we will have to discipline you and.... I'd really hate to begin our relationship so soon with a severe spanking. Now shoo."


"Come along child it is time for you to take your bath and get ready for your appointment at the salon," Ms. Labeaux stated as they entered a very feminine bathroom. This room featured a large oval pale pink marble tub with gold fixtures. The flooring was done in an opalescent white tile with a large fluffy bright pink throw rug. The tub was filled with bubbles and smelled of pot puree. He didn't like the room the minute he was ushered into it.

"I already took a shower this morning. I don't need a bath!" He exclaimed furiously.

Ms. Labeaux turned a furious eye upon him and in a venomous tone said, "Child! What did I tell you about showing the proper respect to an elder? You will curtsey and wait for the adult to recognize you. Now let me see a proper curtsey!"

He looked at her for a moment. She must be crazy, he thought. However, the tone of her voice made him decide that performing was the better part of valor.

When she still just glared at him, he started to tell her again that he had already bathed that morning. Before he could do more than open his mouth, she grabbed him around the waist. She easily pulled him up and over her ample hips as she sat on the commode. Settling him across her lap, she reached over to the counter top and grabbed the wooden hair brush. It did not take long to have the young man cowering in tears. He was stood up right and told to curtsey and apologize for his transgression. The young man did as he was told.

"From now on child, remember that you are to be seen and not heard. You will speak only after you have been given permission and you will do everything that you are told without question. Grown ups know what is best for wayward children and you are no exception. Now get undressed!"

Still sniveling he began to undress. When he got to his boxers, he looked up at her with hope in his eyes that she would leave him alone.

She wouldn't stay to watch me take a bath would she, he asked himself.

"Come on! We don't have all day," she exclaimed. "You don't have anything to hide. I've seen it all."

Embarrassed, he turned a deep beet red as he pulled his shorts down. He kept staring at the floor as he couldn't bring himself to look into her eyes as she closely examined him.

"My, my you are a hairy little child aren't you? Well, the salon will take care of that. Now get into the tub," she demanded.

If he thought that he was embarrassed by having to take down his shorts, it was a hundred times worse as she began to scrub every inch of his body. Ms. Labeaux took a natural sponge and a bar of flowery smelling soap and began to scrub every inch of his body. She finished up by ducking his head under water and shampooing his long hair. Out of the tub, he was blotted dry in a big fluffy pink towel and dusted in a floral powder.

From the bathroom, he was taken into a very feminine bedroom wrapped in the towel. His damp hair was contained in a very bright pink satin turban. The room was painted in pale pink with a floral boarder and the wooden floors covered in fluffy white throw rugs. The majority of the room was filled with a canopied double bed. The canopy was in pretty pale purple chiffon with matching satin comforter, pillow shams and skirting. A porcelain Victorian doll sat between the pillows.

Two night stands stood at each side of the bed and draped in lavender chiffon. On the top of each side table stood a lamp which was a copy of the Victorian doll. At the foot of the bed was a hope chest. Against the wall was placed a vanity again skirted in lavender chiffon with a matching satin seat. On the walls were pictures of pretty young girls in Victorian dress or ballerina outfits. It was a very feminine room indeed. The young man wanted to vomit.

She sat him on the vanity stool while she went to a nearby dresser and began removing clothing. Returning to where he sat, she handed him a pair of glimmering pale pink nylon bloomers with four rows of white ruffled lace at the knee length legs.

"Put this on child," she instructed. The look in her eyes made him comply.

Next, she handed him a matching camisole with white eyelet lace across the bodice. He reluctantly put the clothing on. His complexion still a vibrant pink from the embarrassment of having to do such an unmanly thing almost matched the color of his lingerie.

A white satin blouse with full sleeves and lace at the cuffs were secured with four small pearl buttons came next. He almost resisted when she handed him a pair of blue velvet shorts to put on, but remembering his spanking grudgingly did as commanded. As he finished buttoning the sailor fly, she handed him a pair of white nylon socks and a pair of navy Mary Jane styled shoes to put on. A matching jacket soon followed. The final indignity was a large fluffy blue silk kerchief which was tied around his neck.

"There, there all done," she said as she pulled the bottoms of the bloomers out from under his shorts to expose the pretty lace. "At least you are beginning to look like a proper child. Now let's fix your hair and we can go meet Ms. Dexa."

She didn't spend much time with his hair. The turban was removed and the hair parted down the middle and put into a page boy style. She blew dried it and with a quick spurt of a floral smelling perfume grabbed his hand and took him back to Ms. Dexa. He felt like a total dork dressed this way and tears began to trickle down his face.

Damn, I look like a total geek dressed like this, he thought as he followed hand in hand with Ms. Labeaux.


The salon looked expensive and exclusive. It was done all in pinks and whites with a lot of gold leaf lettering. As he got out of the car, hand held securely by Ms. Labeaux, the young man trembled in absolute fear. It was hard for him to walk into that imposing building, but he had no choice. On the way over, it was explained to him very graphically what his punishment would be if he misbehaved.

They were met by a pretty lady in her early twenties and shown to seats while they waited for the stylist. The seating was all white leather and very comfortable. He was instructed to sit with his knees together, heels touching, and to place his hands in his lap. While they waited, the receptionist brought them tea and a few cookies. The young man couldn't bring himself to either drink or eat; he was too terrified of what was coming to do that.

After what seemed like an eternity to him, a woman of about thirty came over to them and introduced herself as the stylist. She was pretty and immaculately made up. Dressed in a billowing pink satin smock and a black straight skirt with sheer black hose and matching two inch heels, she steered them into a private room.

There he was told to undress and naked, except for a pink plastic shower cap, taken to an adjoining room. It was like a bathroom except it contained a sunken wading like pool smelling strongly of flowers and a shower stall. The stylist after putting on a rubber apron began smoothing a rich thick cream all over his body with the exception of his face. Told to stand still until instructed otherwise, the three women talked softly so that he couldn't hear what was being said.

His skin began to burn and smell like rotten eggs. When he thought that he couldn't stand it anymore, he was told to get under the shower. As he washed, his skin began to shed all its hair. He gasped in both surprise and horror as the hair flowed down the drain including his pubic thatch. Coming out of the shower with his skin burning and his hands trying to cover his denuded groin, he was directed into the pool.

While he stood ankle deep in the slick feeling warm soothing water, the stylist began rubbing his skin in a fragrant floral lotion. The smell of the lotion was offset by the cooling of his burning body. Blushing bright red as her hands covered even his most private parts, he stood obediently. He was allowed to relax up to his neck in the warm fragrant waters before being told to get out. He was wrapped in a large pink fluffy towel and led into another room where his entire body, including his face, was covered in another jelled lotion. His hair was again protected by a pink satin turban.

Much to his surprise and bewilderment, he was then covered in a pale pink plastic wrap from the neck down. The young man felt just like a mummy when they had finished wrapping him. He was lifted onto a table and cucumber slices were placed over his eyes. He was instructed not to move or try to dislodge the cucumber slices as heat lamps were turned on. After awhile, he was turned over face down and allowed to cook for what seemed like forever.

At last, he was pulled from the table and the plastic wrap removed. He was then allowed to soak in the pool. When he emerged, his skin was milky white and the tan he had worked so hard to get was gone. Another soaking in a floral lotion and he was taken to a styling chair. He was allowed to put on his pantaloons and camisole, but nothing else. They felt cool and silky against his skin, but were so light that he still felt naked.

A pink plastic cape was secured about his neck, and another young woman entered the room and placed his right hand into a bowl of green liquid. He started to pull his hand away, but was told that it was for the manicure and he need not be afraid. The stylist began with a comb through, and then began a razor cut. His hair was parted down the middle and bangs were brushed over his eyes. The razor zipped over the comb as she began performing her makeover.

Everything was happening so fast that the young man was totally confused and unable to do anything to stop these wild women. He was convinced that he had died and gone to hell. Only the fear of what Ms. Labeaux threatened to do to him kept him from struggling, but it was getting close. He wasn't sure just how long he could constrain himself. With every second, he was being changed. His once manly chest and pubic region was now bear of any hairs and his skin was as pale as moonlight.

What were these crazy bitches doing to him, he wondered as the process of change continued. Would there be any me left when they have finished, he asked himself.

At last the stylist put down her razor and picking up a pair of shears quickly trimmed his bangs just above his brows. As he watched the hair fall into his pink skirted lap, the young man began to first shiver and then crying uncontrollably tried to jump out of the chair. As he jumped for it, the manicurist jumped back and the dish went flying through the air. Only the quick reaction of Ms. Labeaux prevented him from getting out. Slammed back into the chair, he was held there until the stylist handed Ms. Dexa a cup of tea.

"Darling, it's going to be alright," Ms. Dexa told him as she held the cup to his lips. "Here drink this. It will help. You don't want a public spanking here in the salon do you?"

Trembling, he allowed Ms. Dexa to hold the cup to his lips. He drank the warm beverage in two big gulps. He was parched and the liquid helped ease his thirst. After a few minutes with Ms. Labeaux still holding him to the chair, he began to relax. He was given a second cup which he drank in slow sips while the three women stood back and talked softly. By the time he had finished the second cup, the young man was feeling very relaxed and carefree.

"I think it best if we move on to the next step while he is manageable," Ms. Dexa said.

The stylist nodded her head in agreement and tilted the chair all the way back. Ms. Labeaux folded the cape over the reclining boy's lap and removed his pantaloons. With gloved hands the stylist pushed the young man's testicles back up into his body and pulled his penis tightly back between his legs. Holding everything in place with one hand, she daftly coated the underside of the penis and inside folds of his scrotal sack with surgical glue and pressed them all together. She held her hands tightly over the now flat groin for a few moments then let go. The scrotal sack now surrounded the young man's penis holding it flat against the groin. She quickly added more glue to the area to ensure the tightness of the fit and manipulated the scrotal skin into a more feminine appearance. With his penis pointed down between his legs, he would have to sit and pee like a girl for the next few months.

"There that should do it for the time being," the stylist said. "You will have to repeat this process about every two months if that is your desire ladies. However, I recommend that you let his testicles drop back out for awhile before you repeat this process. If they are kept inside his body too long, they will atrophy. Too much heat and the testicles will stop producing sperm and gradually shrink into uselessness. Now let me shampoo his hair. Ms. Labeaux would you please put his pantaloons back on."

"Thank you dear. I appreciate your advice," Ms. Dexa replied. "You know how it is with children. Always wanting to experiment and such you know. I just want to make sure that my little angel here stays pure. Besides, I think with that little bulge out of the way his clothing will fit so much nicer. Don't you?"

The stylist didn't reply, but turned the chair to the wash basin and began the shampoo. Soon the chair was upright and she was first sectioning and then applying a thick paste to the lower quarter and wrapping them in foil. She used a different solution on the rest of his hair. Wrapped in a plastic bonnet his head was then placed under a hairdryer. Thirty minutes later after another shampoo, she was sectioning and wrapping his hair onto small pink plastic rods. As she was doing this, the manicurist returned and began working on his finger nails. While he was once again under the dryer, the manicurist gave him a pedicure matching his toe nails in the same pale pink enamel.

The young man was beginning to regain his faculties as his hair was being brushed out. Where once he had had blonde straight hair, it was now a platinum blonde with pink highlights in bouncing curls almost touching his shoulders. It would be a delight for any little girl. His brows had been plucked into fine feminine arches and a light dusting of powder, eye shadow in a pale pink, curled and darkened eye lashes, and a pale pink lip stick completed his transformation. Only his size and teeth marked him as anything but a little girl.

He was still dazed as they redressed him and left the salon. He didn't once get a look into the mirror. They grabbed a quick bite of lunch and then it was off to the dentist. The young man was trying to gather his senses, but the effects of the drug were still holding him back. The small salad he had for lunch helped some, but he still felt groggy.

He was beginning to feel normal again when someone in a white coat, injected something into his arm. Again, he fell back into la la land as his felt his mouth being wedged open. The high pitched whirr of the drill did not faze him nor when he felt pressure on his teeth did he react. The dentist had performed his job quickly and efficiently. The young man's teeth were now smaller and daintier looking and held in bright shiny silver braces.


He awoke the next morning dazed and confused. As he felt the satin sheets and smelled the flowery air, he realized where he was. His mouth hurt something awful and he felt tightness in his groin that had not been there before. Slowly he sat up in bed and stifled a yawn due to the pain in his jaw. As he reached up to touch his jaw, he noticed that he was wearing a bright florescent pink satin night shirt. Touching his jaw tenderly, he felt across his lips and discovered something on his teeth. Opening his mouth, he touched his teeth and realized that he was now wearing braces. "Ughhhhhh," he tried to talk but it hurt.

The bedroom door opened without a knock, and Ms. Labeaux walked in. She went over to the drapes and opened them to let the bright morning sunshine in. "I imagine that your jaw and mouth hurt some this morning darling," she said as she walked over to the bed. "We stopped over at the dentist office and had braces put on. Your teeth needed straitening something awful. I hope you show Ms. Dexa your appreciation at breakfast. Now let's get you out of bed and cleaned up. Can't keep Ms. Dexa waiting too long, now can we?"

She took his hand and helped him out of bed telling him to put his feet into the fluffy pink bunny slippers. He reluctantly put his feet into the juvenile slippers and looked up at her.

"Now child greet me properly," she instructed.

He tried to comply, but was stopped and shown again how to do it correctly. This time he had a skirt to lift which annoyed him no end.

Taking her hand he followed her into the bathroom. When she turned and closed the door, his almost fell to his knees in dismay as he saw his reflection in the full length mirror mounted there. His head was covered in a sheer pink nylon cap with ruffles around the brim that allowed some tendrils of hair to escape. Bright silver flashed across his teeth. He was wearing the sleep shirt that didn't quite cover his butt revealing a pair of matching nylon rumba styled panties. Shining pink nail polish gleamed back at him as his eyes caught the reflection of his fingers touching his mouth in shock. What almost brought him to his knees was a combination of the color and curls adorning the head and what appeared to be a too tall little girl.

"Ooo my God!" he screeched hoarsely, "Wha da fuc have you don ta me!" His voice sounded strange to him and he kept feeling a sharp pin prick with every pronunciation. The dentist had attached a plastic liner to his upper mouth with a small stainless steel pin. The purpose of which was to keep him from pressing his tongue up against his upper teeth. This in effect made him sound more juvenile with a slight lisp.

Standing in shocked surprise at hearing his own voice, he didn't have a chance as Ms. Labeaux grabbed him and placed him on her lap. The hair brush descended with powerful force on his panty covered backside. He was screaming as loud as his sore jaw would allow and when she had finished punishing him, jammed a piece of soap into his mouth.

Holding her hand over his sore mouth, keeping the soap in place, she scolded him, "Child, what have I told you about speaking without permission and such foul language coming out such a sweet mouth. Well, perhaps after a taste of soap we can wash such filth right out of your vocabulary."

When she finally released him, he was nauseated. Thankfully she allowed him to vomit into the commode. Soap scum came out of his nose stinging his eyes as what had been in his stomach came rushing out of his mouth. Coughing and with burning tears in his eyes, he was picked up and quickly stripped of his clothing. As he stood rubbing at his eyes, she began filling the bathtub. "Go ahead while the tub is filling and get your morning business done," she told him.

He was beyond embarrassment now, and did as instructed. It was then that he became aware of what else had been done to him. He cried out in anguish and if he hadn't already started to pee would have gotten up and run for his life. Ms. Labeaux was beside him in a moment and any chance of getting away evaporated.

"Oh! That! Is that all you are squawking about?" She asked. "Don't worry; it is just temporary provided you behave yourself. Stop that fussing right this minute Miss Priss! Would you like another session with my hair brush? Well, then, stop that crying. Oh, don't forget you will have to wipe now. Just make sure that you wipe front to back. Don't want you getting any infections or such. Now finish up the tub is almost full."

The bathing ritual went by in a daze as she first replaced his sleep bonnet with a pink plastic shower cap. She thoroughly scrubbed his body. After the bath came the mouth rinse, brushing, the feminine deodorant, followed by body lotion and finally a dusting of floral scented powder. He barely noticed putting his feet back into the bunny slippers and Ms. Labeaux placing a pink chiffon negligee on him.

Sitting him on the vanity stool, she went to the dresser and returned with his undergarments. A pair of bright yellow pantaloons with white lace detail at the waist and on the legs was followed by a matching camisole. Yellow nylon anklets with white ruffled lace and black Mary Jane shoes came next. Ms. Labeaux went into the closet and returned with a pale yellow poly short sleeved blouse with rounded collar featuring a hint of delicate lace trim in a darker yellow on a hanger in one hand. In the other, she held a pair of bright yellow velvet shorts featuring a sailor front closure with large gold buttons and satin suspenders trimmed in white lace.

It wasn't until she pulled the lace trim of his pantaloons from under his skin tight shorts that the young man brought himself out of his gloom. He wanted to ask her why they were doing this to him. Since he couldn't curtsey sitting down didn't know what to do. Deciding to take a chance, he raised his hand. To his surprise she acknowledged him.

"Yes, child did you want to say something?" She said looking him in the eyes with a slight smile on her face.

"Pleas...Ms. Labo....er...why r u doooing dis ta me?" he managed to stumble out.

"Why child, we are doing nothing to you except what we believe is best," she replied. "Since most children form their beliefs and mannerism by the time they are eight years old, Madam Dexa and I believe that it is best for you if we regressed you to a proper trainable age. Once we believe that you have turned around your life for the betterment of society and your mother, and then you may resume your life. Now, that is enough chit chat. I need to fix your hair and then get you down to breakfast."

She went behind him and quickly removed the pink satin ribbon holding his hair up and the tight curls flopped down to caress his neck. Fluffing it out with her fingers, she then placed a yellow satin cap with a small bill on top of his curls and fastened it firmly with several bobby pins.

"My, my you make a perfect Miss Priss if I have ever seen one," she exclaimed as she helped him from the seat. "Come along darling. It's time to get some breakfast."

As they passed a mirror in the hallway, the young man couldn't believe his eyes. There reflected back at him was something out of a horror movie. It wasn't the reflection of a little girl exactly, but something else. The figure was about five foot seven, with curly platinum blonde hair with bright pink highlights caressing the neck. The figure was wearing a pale yellow semi-transparent blouse with short capped sleeves that allowed a darker yellow camisole to be seen underneath. A pair of tight fitting bright yellow velvet shorts that showed no sign of a masculine bulge held up by needless yellow lace frilled suspenders was fitted low on the hips and exposed delicate white lace frills to just above the knees. Thin yellow nylon anklets with lace frills and black shiny Mary Jane shoes completed the dress. Femininely shaped and painted in a bright pink were the finger nails and just enough make up to be seen. Pink eye shadow, dark lined eyes and brows, a trace of blush on the cheeks, and a pair of lustrous pink colored lips made the person reflected there seem otherworldly. His knees wobbled a bit as they walked past the mirror.

The young man entered the breakfast nook and taking the frilly lace of his pantaloons between thumb and forefinger performed his curtsey. After Ms. Dexa acknowledged his courtesy with a nod of her head, he asked in a trembling voice, "Mith Decca may I pleas yoin u fow breekfass."

"Of course child," she replied. "Come and take a seat next to me, but first put on your pinafore so that you do not get your pretty clothes dirty."

He felt completely ridiculous as he performed another curtsey and pulled the apron on. He sat as he had been instructed with his knees firmly together after making sure the apron was spread neatly over his lap. His feet didn't quite touch the floor as he later notice the chair was actually taller than the others set before the table. He felt even more juvenile while he waited for his meal to be served. Ms. Labeaux placed a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk in front of him. He hated oatmeal.

His face turned a deep pink when Ms. Labeaux asked him if he needed a bib to protect his clothing. "No Mith Laboo," he managed to reply. "I promis not too pill enny on my coths."

He didn't even get the first heaping teaspoon full near his lips before Ms. Labeaux told him to put it down and take a smaller portion. All during breakfast he was chastised either on his eating habits or posture. He was constantly being instructed to keep his knees together, back straight, elbows at his sides, bend your wrists, take smaller bites and chew your food at least ten times before swallowing.

With the meal finally over, he stood, performed his curtsey and asked to be dismissed. Hanging the pinafore on its hook, which was just high enough to make him stand on tip toes, he then followed Ms. Labeaux out of the room.

Instead of being taken back to his room, Ms. Labeaux led him into a class room. It contained one student desk, blackboard, tall wooden stool with a dunce hat sitting on top of a sign that read "DUNCE", and teacher's desk and chair.

Again, he found that the desk had been designed such that he couldn't touch the floor with his feet. It made him feel small and some what frustrated.

"Now child," Ms. Labeaux began. "The next three hours will be spent enriching your mind. The first hour will be spent on improving your penmanship, the second, on your comportment, and the third hour reading. I expect your complete attention and obedience. Otherwise, I will use my ruler! Do you have any questions child?"

The young man rose tentatively from his desk, performed the obligatory curtsey and asked, "Pleas Mith Laboo doan call me a chidal. I'm almust ah man. Not sum sillie chidal....n...n I habe ah name."

"Well my dear, you certainly do not sound like a grown up much less a man. However, I agree with you and will call you Miss Priss from now on. Everyone should have a name and you look so much like a prissy little girl that I think Miss Priss is very appropriate. Now resume you seat and take out the lined pad and pencil."

His face red in anger at being called Miss Priss and a prissy little girl, the young man managed to hold it in. Fortunately for him, it looked like he was blushing. He did his curtsey and resumed his seat. Lifting the lid of his desk, he removed a "Big Chief" tablet and large round pencil.

Ms. Labeaux placed an alphabet chart on the black board which was in a feminine script style and told him to begin tracing the letters. He felt like an idiot as he copied the letters as best he could. The large pencil felt awkward and he received numerous slaps on his hand with Ms. Labeaux's ruler before the hour was up. Finishing his letters, Ms. Labeaux had him put his name, Miss Priss, at the top of the first sheet of paper and date it.

The second hour, he was continually on his feet with a text book on his head just walking heel and toe in circles around the room. With the book balanced on his head, he was required to squat and pick up items she tossed to the floor, or when not doing that, sit gracefully in his seat without dislodging the book. Whenever he dropped the book, he received a swat from the wooden ruler ever present in Ms. Labeaux's hand.

The third hour was actually his worst. He was required to stand heels together, back straight, arms held tightly to his sides elbows bent and read nursery rhymes. She required him to speak in a higher tone and modulate his voice such that his lisp became even more pronounced and feminine. Both his tongue and throat were sore by the time class ended.

From class they went to lunch and the same procedure was followed. This time he was given a salad without dressing and a piece of dry toast to eat along with a glass of orange juice. Then it was back to his room to freshen up. He washed his hands and removed his make up then reapplied it while Ms. Labeaux told him what to do. He almost stuck his eye with the eye liner pencil and had a little difficulty in adding just the right amount of eye shadow. From there they went back to the classroom.

"This afternoon's session will focus on a more adult theme; however, I understand how much you enjoy being a little girl. We will make time between lessons for you to play with your paper dolls. You will find a paper doll book, paste, and scissors in your desk. In the first hour Miss Priss, you will be reading from the magazines provided in your desk. The second hour will be spent writing an essay explaining what you have just studied, and the third hour will be health and hygiene. Do you have any questions? No, then let's begin. The first magazine in your desk is one on current fashions. The specific articles that you are to read are highlighted in the index. The second magazine features current teen interests. Again, the articles are highlighted. You may begin."

The first article was entitled, "Coming Fall Fashions for the Teen" and the second, "How to Choose the Perfect LBD." The second magazine's articles were, "How to Get That Date and Keep Him," and "Don't Let Your Period Get You Down."

He couldn't believe his eyes as he scanned the articles. "She can't be serious," entered his mind at first thought; then with realization, he knew that she was very serious. The next two hours passed in a combination of boredom and loathing. He could care less about the subject matter, especially about choosing the perfect little black dress, and he positively hated having to read about getting a date with a boy much less keeping him. The article on living with a period just turned his stomach.

Playing with the paper dolls was even more idiotic. He had to take the cut out of a little girl dressed only in lingerie, choose a dress in the picture book, cut it out with the rounded scissors, and then paste it onto the cut out. At the same time, he had to explain to Ms. Labeaux why he had chosen a specific dress and how cute the cut out looked in the dress. He played with his paper dolls for thirty minutes after each lesson.

The third hour found him sitting on the dunce stool wearing that stupid dunce hat and sign. It was his punishment for failing to appreciate what he had read and being able to write it all down in a feminine manner. It was indeed a punishment, as the stool's seat was covered in many raised bumps. As he sat there he was required to read a text book on teenage feminine health.

'What did I ever do to deserve this hell,' he thought.

When class was dismissed, he thought that his horrible day was over. Ms. Labeaux had other ideas. She took him back to his room and helped him undress down to his lingerie. For the next hour and a half he sat at the vanity learning how to properly take care of his facial skin and other skin care rituals. Afterward, he was required to reapply his make up without any assistance from her. Finally, she handed him a romance novel, told him to read the first ten chapters and be prepared to answer questions about it. She left telling him she would be back to get him ready for dinner.

The cover of the book told him that he didn't want to read it. On the cover was a buxom wavy haired bimbo looking woman being smothered in a tight embrace by a dashing frontiersman. He quickly scanned a few pages and threw the book down on the bedside table.

As the book hit the table, he suddenly realized that he was alone for the very first time since his arrival. Deciding to take advantage of the moment, he pulled down his pantaloons and began probing his groin. What he saw down there scared him. It looked like a puffy vagina. Tentatively at first, afraid of what he might not find down there, he stuck a shaking hand down to his groin. He discovered that everything seemed to be still there and probed more aggressively.

He found the head of his penis tightly wedged between his legs. Using two fingers he began rubbing it in an up and down movement. It tingled and he felt himself trying to become hard, but that was about all it could do. The tightness of its restraints kept it from becoming erect. Finally, in frustration, he pulled his hand away.

Next, he decided to try opening the window, but it was sealed shut. He gave a moments thought to throwing the lamp through the glass, but realized that the opening would be too small from him to escape. He tried the bedroom door, but it was locked as well.

Disgusted with himself and his situation, the young man picked up the book and began reading. After three or four pages, he put it down again and just looked up at the ceiling. "Who in their right mind would ever read this tripe?" he thought. "I know she is going to ask me questions about it and if I don't get them right will be punished. I just wonder if it is worth the punishment not to read this darn book. Probably not, so might as well get it over with."

About 7:00 p.m. she came and helped him get ready for dinner. As she prepared the bath, Ms. Labeaux had him recite the alphabet just like all the little kids did in elementary school. The tub full of warm but not hot water and floral scented bath beads, she had him get in. Again, she picked up the natural sponge and lathered it with bar of French Milled soap. She made sure to scrub behind his ears and between his legs extra carefully. She had him lean forward and using a wash cloth saturated with lather, washed out his anus by forcing a finger about two inches into his bottom. That made him squirm and blush. As she finished bathing him, she made him play with the little yellow ducky floating amidst the bubbles.

Finished the bath, she patted him dry, removed his pink shower cap, and powdered his soft white body in a lilac scented talc. Pushing him towards the sink, she took a pink tooth brush and put some toothpaste on it. She handed it to him and ordered him to carefully brush his teeth in up and down strokes. "Now that you are wearing braces, you have to be extra careful in brushing them," she said. Finally, she had him apply a feminine underarm deodorant and spritzed him with a flowery scented perfume.

She dressed him in an outlandish black velvet short set. Bright white pantaloons with even frillier floral lace trim at the knees and a bright baby blue satin bow sewn on the side of each leg with a matching camisole were put on first. The almost blue black velvet shorts were skin tight and had a sailor front fastening with large gold metal buttons. The bright white semi-transparent blouse had large full cut sleeves with about four inches of over lapping wide frilly white lace trimmed in baby blue at the cuffs, ruffled baby blue lace running down the front and a large floppy lace collar. The matching jacket's sleeves with two gold metal buttons at the cuffs were just short enough to allow the blouse's lacy ruffles to show. A baby blue silk scarf was fastened in a big floppy bow around his neck and the collar fluffed out over the jacket. Dainty white anklets with baby blue chiffon ruffled cuffs and a pair of black Mary Jane's with a two inch block heel finished his attire for the evening.

Dinner was a small broiled skinless chicken breast, steamed broccoli and yellow squash. As he cleaned his plate, his stomach growled in protest at being fed so little. After dinner, he was required to stand, perform a curtsey, and recite three of the nursery rhymes he had learned earlier. Deeply humiliated, he was taken back up to his room by Ms. Labeaux where undressed and back into his sleep shirt and frilly panties, played with his doll until bed time. Ms. Labeaux made sure that by the time he was put to bed, he knew how to play with his doll just like all the other little girls.

The next two months followed the same pattern. The only differences were the subject matter of his lessons. Other humiliations were added. He began feeling more and more juvenile as he had to ask to go to the bathroom for onesy or twosys and was accompanied by Ms. Labeaux. Whenever he moved about the house, his hand was usually held. Whenever he did not act, perform, or react in a little girl fashion he was given swats with Ms. Labeaux's ruler. They weren't painful, but the ruler made it intention known. He was even forced to carry a cute little doll wherever he went and a pink vinyl clutch purse. Each night after dinner he would be required to perform. One night he had to perform with all the moves "I'm a Little Tea Pot," but the worst was when dressed in his bright pink velvet shorts he had to dance and sing "On the Good Ship Lollipop."

If he forgot to pick up his dolly or purse, he was severely reprimanded. What leisure time he had was filled with playing jacks or his dolly or reading romance novels. The only thing he was thankful for was that they did not take him anywhere in public. The one trip to the exclusive beauty parlor had been more than enough for him.


His second trip to the salon, where his hair was given a trim, his groin re-glued and ears pierced in two places was traumatic. His earlobes now sported a pair of pink bunny earrings and two pink pearls. Having to see the dentist to get his braces adjusted dressed in the childish outfit was more than he could endure. Arriving back at the house he threw a tantrum. While he did not throw himself to the floor kicking and screaming, he fussed loud and long enough to get Ms. Dexa's attention. When she asked what all the fuss was about, the young man took courage in hand and told her he was sick and tired of being treated like a little kid and having to go out looking like one.

Surprising both him and Ms. Labeaux, she agreed that perhaps he was being ill treated. "My dear Miss Priss," she began, "Perhaps you would like to be treated more like your age. Is that what all this fuss is about? It is. Well, I think you may be right. However, if we start treating you like the grown up that you say you are; then I expect you to behave like one. Should you fail to follow all my rules or behave in a juvenile manner, then I will put you in diapers and baby clothes! Do you understand?"

He nodded his head in agreement and a hope flickered in his breast that he just might get his pants back. Bobbing a curtsey, he said, "Yeth, Ms. Decca, bud what are da rools?"

"What are my rules?" She replied with a satisfied smile. "A simple answer my dear. First, I make all the rules, second, you will obey all my rules, and third, you will do what ever I or Ms. Labeaux tell you, when we tell you and in a happy compliant manner. It is all very simple, see? You do exactly as we say. Now stop this fussing and we'll see about changing your wardrobe tonight."

That evening after dinner, Ms. Dexa said, "I guess it is time to get our little Miss Priss some suitable clothing. Here darling take this," Ms. Dexa said thrusting a small white knit purse into his hands. "It has your lipstick and compact to freshen up with. Now let's go. I don't want to spend all night shopping."

She had no sooner finished speaking than the young man dropped his purse and began a full blown temper tantrum. He knew as soon as she handed him the purse, that he was not getting his pants back. All the humiliations, all the suffering he had endured to reach this point and they wanted to keep him dressed like a girl. The young man could not take any more of that kind of abuse. He felt the sharp metal spike in his mouth dig painfully into his tongue, but kept on about not putting up with their craziness any longer. That if they did not let him go immediately, he was calling social services and throw the lot of them in jail. He was a man not some sissy girl and expected to be treated like a man.

Before he could say more than "I am no cessy" for the third time, he was physically lifted off his feet and carried over to a nearby couch. There he was laid over the arm and held face down. There was a moment of dread silence before a loud "swish" filled the air quickly followed by a loud cry of pain. Ms. Dexa rained the hairbrush down on the boy's exposed backside at least ten times before applying the coup de grace a final swat across his thighs. With that final swish, the boy's spirit was broken.

"The next time you dare to defy me, you will be wearing diapers and use them!" Ms. Dexa said as they left him crying on the sofa. After he had cried himself out, he was cleaned up, his make up reapplied and out the door they went.

He was scared about going out in public dressed as he was. After that dreadful caning and threat to put him into diapers, he decided to remain silent. He knew he was done for as all the telephones in the house had locks on them. His threat to call social services was hollow and he knew it unless he could find some other way. "There is always hope," he thought as the car pulled away from the curb.


They arrived at another exclusive shop. As the young man stepped across the threshold he knew that he was in for more humiliation and embarrassment. An elderly woman of about sixty greeted them as they entered, "Ladies how may I help you?" She was shorter even than the boy and slightly stooped, dressed in a black A-line dress, her gray hair tied back in a severe bun. Her eyes were a clear sparkling deep blue and she had a stern no nonsense air. She reminded the young man of a witch.

"As I told you on the telephone Madam Connery when I asked you if you would kindly stay open for a private session, my ward needs a complete wardrobe," Ms. Dexa declared. "I would like to start with some nice firm body control garments, lingerie, and a few other outfits. As we go along, I may purchase some other things."

"Oh yes," the woman replied her eyes lit up at the prospect of such a large sale. "I just received a very good selection of French corsets. I'm sure we can find something suitable for your ward. Just let me lock the doors. Now if you will just follow me, I will get your ward's measurements."

The young man was quickly divested of all his clothing except camisole and pantaloons. The old woman leisurely took his exact measurements and then went to retrieve several corsets. The first corset was a full body corset. It was in white satin with floral spandex diamond support panels on the stomach and thighs, wire reinforcement and went from above the bust line all the way down to just above mid-thigh. It had hook and eye fasteners in the front, zippers at the thigh, and lacing at the back. It just took one look and the young man began quivering at the very thought of having to wear it.

The second corset was in pink satin and went from just under the bust line down to mid-hip. This one was detailed with lots of white lace and floral embroidery. The third was similar except in pale purple with lavender lace frills. The forth and fifth were waist cinch styled in pale yellow and plum colors. The final four pairs were panty girdle styled in soft pastels diamond paneled reinforced fronts with slightly padded rears. The young man was not at all impressed with any of them and could not believe how the women were ooohing and ahhhhing over such torturous devices.

With the selections laid out before them, the women began selecting which ones they wanted. Ms. Dexa held up the first one and asked if it came two sizes smaller. The older woman looked at her quizzically then went to get it. She quickly returned and grabbing the boy by the elbow turned him around and began fitting him.

It was a struggle and by the time the last lace was knotted and the last zipper zipped, the young man was near fainting. He was told to breathe from the upper chest and allowed a few moments to gather himself then he was faced into the three sided mirror.

As he stood there he could feel the heavy shoulder straps digging into his shoulders dragging them downward, the awful constriction around his waist and thighs and the incredible amount of pressure encasing him. When they turned him around to face the mirrors, he was very aware of the restricted movement on his upper legs. The reflected image didn't look real to him. It had his new face and neck, but his body was contorted into an hour glass shape. It even appeared to give him breasts and a backside. Worse he could hardly breathe, there was a ringing in his ears and his jowls were tinged blue.

"Oh my yes," Ms. Labeaux exclaimed. "Look how it makes his posture so straight and upright."

"Yes, it does that, Miss," the older woman stated, "but I don't believe that your ward should wear it for very long. After all, it is two sizes too small. I take pride in my exact measurements. If left too long in that one, she will have a permanent realignment of her rib cage while damaging the lung and heart functions. See how it contracts the rib cage. If you insist on that level of restriction in order to better develop her figure, then I suggest you get only one size smaller. Over time, it will adjust her body structure like this one except it is so much safer."

As she finished talking, the young man sank in a dead faint to the floor. Taking a vial of smelling salts from a pocket in her dress the older woman went quickly to his side. In a few seconds, he was groggily getting to his feet. A strong smell of ammonia filled his nostrils and he tried to cough, but his chest was too constricted.

"As you can see ladies," the older woman said somewhat scornfully, "this corset is dangerous. What if the poor child was at the top of the stairs? Now let's get this off him and the sooner the better." She never did like it when someone questioned her measurements. She was a professional after all.

Thankfully, the corset was removed and the young man was allowed to rest while the women discussed the merits of the various corsets. He had to try on each one of the other styles and while distinctly uncomfortable were so much better than the first, he did not complain. They finally settled on a full body corset one size smaller in white, the pink and pale purple regular corset and all four of the panty girdles in his correct size.

Before they left the corsetry area, they had him remove his pantaloons and put on the pink panty girdle, the pink corset and back into his pantaloons. It was painful, but bearable. He whimpered slightly as the laces were tied off. Seeing his image in the mirror he had to look. The white ruffled lace just under his breasts made them look fuller and feminine. The line of white floral lace running down the middle of the garment only to flare out and follow the hem enhanced the tight slim waist line. The slimed waist and constriction made his hips and butt flare out just like a girl.

"Man I want to get away so bad, but how can I dressed like this? Oh, I can't face that cane again. It hurt too much. What am I going to do? They're trying to make a big sissy of me," he thought as he was led over to the lingerie section.

In the lingerie section, the ladies made a big fuss over the selection of delicate beribboned and lace confections displayed there. They held pair after pair up against his body. Ms. Labeaux would stand next to him; hold a pair of frilly panties near his groin and the matching camisole up against his chest. It embarrassed the boy to no end.

Each of the panties was in a bright shiny pastel nylon frilled with one inch floral lace trim around the leg openings and waist band. Satin bows, matching the color of the panty, trimmed the side of each leg opening and centered at the waist both front and back. They were all full cut brief styles. The matching camisole had a chiffon "V" insert in a softer color and eyelet lace trim on the hem. Satin bows that matched the camisole were sewn at the top of each strap and at the point of the "V".

They settled on ten matched sets in different pastels and one fire engine red pair. Before they moved on to the slips and petticoats, the young man was forced to undergo further humiliation. Ms. Dexa decided that he would need to wear bras.

The bras were in a lustrous pastel satin, slightly padded, with strong side and under support. A pink bra was put on him and the straps correctly adjusted. All three women made sounds of approval as he turned to look into another mirror. His jaw dropped when he saw the amount of cleavage created by the addition of this new garment.

"I look like a sissy girl with tits!" His mind screamed. What really scared him though was the thought that if he were dressed more like a girl his own age, he would be that girl.

The slips were like all the rest of the lingerie in the store, made of fine nylon with lots of frills, lace, and ribbons. The petticoats seemed to swallow his lower half in clouds of chiffon, taffeta, and net. Several negligees with nylon under skirting and chiffon overlay frilled with bows and ribbons were added to the growing pile. As they went to examine the dresses, the young man followed with head down and a cloud of pinkish orange chiffon floating about his waist.

If he tried on one dress, it felt like he had tried on a thousand before the ladies decided that they had had enough. With several hanger bags stuffed with dresses, he wore their final selection over to the shoe and accessory department. It was a pink satin party dress with white lace and chiffon overlay. The overlay was held in place with numerous pink satin bows attached all along the hem. It had puffed chiffon sleeves with bright pink satin bow ties and a gathered chiffon neck held up with a pretty pink satin ribbon bow tie. A wide white satin cumber bun was placed around the waist and tied off in a big bow at the back. The dress was childish, but the chiffon neck dipped down to reveal quite a bit of cleavage.

In the shoe department, the women selected five pairs of pump styled shoes with three inch heels. One pair in egg shell white, coral pink, sunset pink, navy, and black to match his new dresses. Several pairs of sandals with differing heel heights and bedroom slippers were also picked out. Three pill box styled hats with veils, four purses, a dozen scarves, three pairs of gloves mostly fingerless lace designs, and a good supply of hose and pantyhose were also purchased.

As the young man stood wobbling on the unaccustomed coral pink heels, the sales lady began ringing up their purchases. He felt a total fool standing there. Clothed in a dress will all the underpinnings, a stupid looking bright pink box hat with pink veil hanging almost to his brows and pinned securely to the top of his head. He was wearing white lace fingerless gloves on his hands and holding a stupid white leather clutch purse with a pink kitten appliquÈ.

Yeah, his mind screamed at him, I'm one great big uncomfortable stupid fool who allowed two women to turn me into a great big sissy GIRL!

It was very late by the time everything was unloaded from the car and neatly put away. The young man now had more feminine clothing than he ever wanted and guessed that he had more than some of his girl friends. Certainly the lingerie was much frillier and more feminine than any that his girl friends' had or would even wear.

Ms. Labeaux helped him to completely undress and to both his surprise and horror was fitted with the white full length corset after being given a white panty girdle to put on. Both Ms. Labeaux and Dexa had to get the corset on him and secured tightly to his body. By the time they were finished tying off the laces, he was panting for breath. They had to put his three inch stiletto heeled bedroom slippers on his feet as he could not bend in the tight garment. Finally, a rich chocolate nylon and chiffon negligee covered his tortured figure. He was helped over to the vanity were his make up was removed, a night time facial mask applied and his hair put up in rollers.

"Pleth Mith Decca," the boy pleaded, "I can no breethe...n...n..id hurd my wribs uptin bad." While he looked older, he still talked like a little girl.

"Well, you are just going to have to get use to it Miss Priss," Ms. Dexa said. "For the next month you will be wearing that corset all the time. You wanted to be treated like a grown up, but your figure is way behind the curve so to speak. Hahahaha, behind the curve.... you see the humor? No? Well no matter. At the end of the month you will only have to wear it at night. That is, unless you break my rules and then you may find yourself wearing it forever. In time your body will adjust. Now try and get some sleep."

Needless to say, the young man did not get much, if any, sleep that night. The corset seemed to have a life of its own. He felt like it was a living thing trying to dig into his body and consume his very life away. It was stiff, hot and uncomfortable especially between the legs. It dug into his groin were the elastic gusset forced its way deep into his crotch. He couldn't even spread his legs as the corset held his thighs in a tight embrace. When Ms. Labeaux came in the morning to get him, he was still awake.

His relief was tremendous as she removed the hated garment from his body. His creamy skin was creased with red lines where the corset's boning caressed him. The lilac scented bath water and bath gel she used to wash him were a welcome relief. After the bath, he still had some indentations on his milky skin. Ms. Labeaux decided to give him a total body rubdown with moisturizing lotion then dusted him with lilac scented talc. It did not matter that he was completely naked and being washed like a helpless baby.

It did not matter that he had to sit to pee or that he had to douche his bottom with perfumed water. Nothing mattered until she started to put that horrible garment back onto his body. He tried to protest and when that failed tried to beg his way out of having to wear it. At the point where the laces met, he would have gladly sold his soul to the devil to get it off.

A pair of nude hose was attached to the suspenders of the girdle and a white full slip with a four inch rose lace hem came next. A semi- transparent white poly blouse with ruffled cuffs and neck, followed by a khaki straight skirt with side slit, and brown three inch heeled pumps completed his dress for the day. He looked like any teenaged girl with platinum blonde hair and pink highlighted ringed curls. As they left the bedroom, he was handed a brown leather purse containing his make up, tissues, brush, and a sanitary napkin. He was directed to put the strap over his shoulder and clasp it firmly to his side.

Performing a curtsey at breakfast was difficult and his posture at the table was not questioned. He sat ram rod straight in his chair, feet and knees firmly together, elbows at his sides. Ms. Labeaux remarked that the corset did in a few seconds what all her training had taken weeks to do. He had no appetite and managed only a few swallows of oatmeal and orange juice.

Back in class he was using a ball point pen to practice his penmanship. Copying from a book of British love sonnets in a very feminine script, he was constantly aware of the corset's biting pressures. It made concentration hard, but he managed the curly cues and hearts over the "i's", avoiding having to sit in the dunce chair.

The second hour was spent reading various articles in girl's magazines such as "Teen Idol", "Seventeen", "Brides", and "Cosmopolitan." It was pure drudgery, but he tried his best. He managed to please Ms. Labeaux with his written reports on the various articles. He had made up his mind that he would do anything to avoid being kept in the corset any longer than necessary.

In the third hour, his report on the various feminine hygiene products was given an acceptable by Ms. Labeaux. Although she suggested that he might have given better thought to when he should use what type of pad.

By the time lunch was served, his entire body was aching and he had little appetite. It showed on his face and Ms. Dexa said that he should be sent to bed for an afternoon nap. It felt good just to get out of his pointed heeled pumps. The pain in his toes and feet made having to remain in his hated corset seem not so bad. Every part of his body from his feet to his neck hurt or throbbed. He was so exhausted that sleep actually came. No dreams no nothing until Ms. Labeaux gently woke him up.

He resumed his studies and performed his poise class with only a few swats of the ever present ruler. In some respects, he was glad to be wearing the corset as it helped him in his poise and mannerisms class as a plus he could not feel the sting of the ruler. His corset absorbed the sting effectively. Normally, he received from ten to twenty swats in this class, getting only four of the stinging swats to his thighs was a relief.

A new lesson was added that afternoon, one he came to dislike very much, was on personal relationships. In this class, Ms. Labeaux used a blow up doll...an anatomically correct male blow up doll.... dressed in blue jeans and a red cowboy snap shirt. The doll, according to Ms. Labeaux, was to help him use the knowledge from his prior readings on female to male relationships.

"After all, a young teen girl has to know these things," she told him.

He was required to practice his flirting moves and gestures on the doll. If he did not pout just right or flick a stray hair out of his face flirtingly enough, a slap of the ruler stung his exposed thigh. If he did not probe the doll's lips or ear with his tongue or failed to show the appropriate enthusiasm during the petting lessons, he had to sit on the dunce stool for an hour. After just a few minutes the knobs on the top of the stool began to make him very uncomfortable. One of the most embarrassing and humiliating lessons occurred a few days before his corset came off. During that one, he was taught how to put a condom on the doll's penis.

The third hour was home economics. Here he was taught to sew, meal planning and preparation, and keep a neat house. He did not like it, but it was not hard to pass. He would do anything to get out of the corset.

That next morning, he was given his last bath by Ms. Labeaux. "From now on I expect you to bathe yourself the way I have shown you. Before you begin your bath, I will show you the proper way for a young lady to prepare her body. It is called douching and I expect you to do this every morning from now on. It is a means for you to feel as clean on the insides as you do on the outside," she instructed him. "Additionally, I think it best if you began wearing tampons and pads every day. Practicing feminine hygiene daily will help you remember to act feminine all day."

Miss Priss moaned silently as he heard her declaration of his new duties. He reluctantly took the pink rubber ball with the white plastic ridged tube attached from her. The young man had read enough feminine hygiene books to know what he had to do. It was very embarrassing, but if it would get him out of the corset he would do it. Finished with his douching, he removed the thin paper covering of the tampon and inserted it into his boy pussy.

The month passed like a living nightmare. His body hurt all the time and it was an effort just to write his name. Between the corset and high heeled pointed shoes, he wasn't sure what was worse. No relief at night from the corset. Just being able to take off the heels was becoming a pleasure. His toes were becoming pointed just like his shoes and they ached most of the time. When he took them off, his feet seemed to pulse and burn. One of the very few pleasurable moments in his daily routine occurred when he messaged soothing lotions on his bare feet.

About this same time, the young man realized that school would be starting in just a few weeks. Knowing that Ms. Dexa could not send him to school looking the way he did, brought hope once again. He did not know exactly what he was feeling as he performed a curtsey. Ms. Labeaux nodded her head in approval and he asked her when they would go shopping to get him clothes for the coming school year.

"Miss Priss," she began, "I am glad to hear you ask to go shopping for some new clothing, but... my dear... you are already attending classes. Ms. Dexa has permission to home school you. As a matter of fact, you should thank her for doing so at lunch today. It was not easy getting permission from the school board... all kinds of forms and teaching requirements.... Why she did it, I don't know, since you are old enough to legally drop out. She has convinced them that you should be allowed to learn a trade and enrolled you in their alternative GED program. I'm not sure what trade she will want you to learn... perhaps beautician... Maybe secretarial... Nursery School Attendant... or even personal servant but I am sure she will decide soon. Once you have passed the trade school test, you will receive your GED diploma equivalent."

"Booician! Secweeary! Mai! No way am I oing oo be a Nuswery Chool Ahenwen!" he said without thinking. "I doan wan ta be enny of dose ings. I wan ta go ta coilege an I woan be awle ta do dat wit a twade chool gree."

"That is quite enough Miss Priss," Ms. Labeaux said with menace in her tone. "You will thank Ms. Dexa for going to all that trouble to get you your GED. Then you will accept her decision as to what trade you will be enrolled and be thankful for that as well. That is unless you would like to spend another month in your girdle? As for me, I think that as your childish behavior suggests, perhaps you will be more suited to changing diapers at a Nursery School than anything else."

The young man stepped back and gasped at hearing what Ms. Labeaux had to say. 'I can't survive another month in this corset? Changing diapers in a Nursery School?' he thought. Trembling he said, "Oh, I'm so sowwry Mith Laboo. I no meen id. Weelie I edent meen id. Pleath doan ell Mith Decca."

At lunch, he did thank Ms. Dexa for getting him enrolled in home schooling and that he would enjoy whatever trade she decided was good for him. The fear of having to wear that awful corset was enough to make him very compliant to the lady's wishes.

At last the month ended and he was allowed to wear the regular corsets and panty girdles. It was such a relief that he did not bother to question a new addition to his nightly rituals. Ms. Labeaux called it a breast pump and if he would use it thirty minutes on each breast, she would hold off putting him in his full length corset until he finished.

As he rubbed the white crËme into his breast tissue before beginning to use the pump, he asked if he could do it for an hour on each breast. He would do anything to keep that horrid garment off his body even if it meant that he would have to act the idiot. "Imagine a man using a breast pump. Like that would do anything," he told himself.

His breast tissue being soaked in hormone laced crËme, sucked into transparent plastic cups with nipples no less seemed like the lesser of two evils to the boy. Two hours later, he was forced to get to his feet and allow Ms. Labeaux to pull the white corset securely around his body. It still hurt, but it had become more bearable as time went by.

If he had really looked into a mirror after his bath, he might have put up more of a fight. He did not see the reshaping of his body, the thin waist, flaring hips or puffy A cup breasts. The changes were so gradual. The silhouette of a young girl was reflected in that image. More so because they let him grow back some of his pubic hair which now formed a neat heart shape over his covered penis. One would have to look very closely at his groin to discover its secret.


He had been at Ms. Dexa's house for seven months. For the past three months, he was working changing diapers and performing child care services at a nearby Pre-School. It was owned by a friend of Ms. Labeaux's and since he was not seen by a lot of people, managed to cope in public. The young man wore a starched old fashioned white nurse's uniform dress, white stockings, and white gummed loafers. In addition, he wore all the appropriate underpinnings and white net petty coats. His name badge read, "Miss Priss." He spent four hours from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the preschool every day except Sunday. Back at Ms. Dexa's, he was required to spend another two hours in the classroom learning about child care.

To instill what it meant to have a child in his mind, Ms. Labeaux decided that Miss Priss should undergo pregnancy. A pregnancy vest was purchased and it was decided that one week would equal one month. At the end of each week, the vest was filled with more water until his body by the end of nine weeks would be just as heavy and cumbersome as it would be in real life at nine months.

The vest even put pressure on the bladder as in real life so he had to use the bathroom quite often. To make the experience even more realistic, the vest was designed to simulate the baby's movements throughout the process. The vest required him to wear maternity clothing including nursing bras and pregnancy panties. At first he balked at having to go to work dressed like that, but it was either that or back to the full body corset all the time. By the end of the third week of wearing the vest, he actually began to feel sorry for pregnant women. So much for home schooling, he hated every second of it.

By the end of that horrible nine weeks, he was obedient and servile to their wishes. He had no choice in the matter. It was either do and think as he was told or suffer the consequence. Everything about him, while not naturally that of a girl, was becoming a very close resemblance. His breasts filled an A cup bra, his waist was in proportion to the girlish chest and hips. He moved with grace and looked like a young man's wet dream. He was always dressed in the most feminine of clothing and in full make up.

From the beginning, he had standing appointments at the salon for every two weeks. There his hair was eventually allowed to become a honey blonde without the pink highlights and styled into a feathered page boy. His body received continuous treatments to keep his skin milky white and hair free. What facial hair appeared was systematically removed with a laser treatment. Every two months his groin was re-glued even though the stylist recommended strongly against it.

The stylist finally drew the line when the ladies asked her to do it a third time in a row. She flatly refused. Ms. Labeaux, after doing some research on the subject, fixed him once and for all. The week after the stylist refused, Ms. Labeaux gave the young man a sleeping pill just before bed time. By the time he had performed all his nightly rituals, he was practically asleep.

Instead of putting him in his corset, she laid him on the bed, cleansed his groin with alcohol after donning sterile gloves. Separating the glued parts, she took a razor blade that had been sterilized and dug small shallow cris-crossing lines on the exposed skin. Using the surgical glue she carefully coated the cut skin and folded everything back into place. The raw skin would now heal permanently together and she would not have to do this task again. Once his pubic hair was allowed to grow, his pudenda would take a doctor to discover its secrets or a man with lust in his heart.

Every month he was taken to the dentist office to have his braces adjusted. On his sixth trip, they removed the plastic plate containing the metal pin. He was glad to have the plate removed, but by this time it really wasn't a factor in his speech patterns. He naturally spoke in a soft girlish voice, but his lisp was mostly gone.


It was time to step up his education according to Ms. Dexa after he had been with them for twelve months. This meant taking him out in public on a regular basis to the mall, arcade, movies and other places teens gathered. At first he was terrified, but when he realized that no one recognized him as a boy began to relax. During these excursions, Ms. Labeaux or Ms. Dexa would point out young men. He was required to examine the chosen ones carefully and fully describe as much as he could remember when they got back to the house.

He was now required to keep a daily diary filled with descriptions of boys, fashions that caught his eye, and other girlish delights. Each entry had to be written just like a teenaged girl would think and write about that particular day's events. To assist him in his efforts, Ms. Dexa gave him several diaries that she had purchased on the internet.

Failure to accurately describe how the boy or boys were dressed and most notably what was cute about them and girlie activities resulted in punishment. A demerit system was used to calculate his punishments. Five demerits resulted in ten over the lap swats on his bared bottom. Ten demerits and he received twenty-five swats. Fifteen demerits and he would spend the next twenty-four hours in a new, smaller full length corset in baby blue. The threats of these punishments made the young man seriously try to think and act feminine.

It was during these public outings that the young man was required to practice his flirting techniques. If he managed to get someone's attention, he received merit rewards that he could use to reduce any bad demerits that he had received. If he managed to get a boy to talk to him, half of the punishment demerits he had accumulated were written off. If the boy spoke to him and they held hands, three quarters of the demerits were written off. If he not only got a boy to talk to him, hold his hand, and kiss then all the demerits were written off and he would get 24 hours off from wearing any corset.

At first, it was very difficult for the young man to flirt with another boy. Doing it in class with a doll was one thing, but to do it in public was another thing altogether. However, the rewards were too great and he began to actively flirt and talk to the young men that approached him.

A few weeks after he began going out in public, a new course was added to his curriculum....female masturbation. It was most embarrassing to the young man. For this class, he was stripped to his panties and negligee. He was shown how, by using two or three fingers, to rub his "clit" while imagining being with one of the boys he had observed or flirted with.

He was told that he should describe the boy in detail and tell what his erotic dreams were as he played with his clit. When he refused, did not convey enough erotic details, or enthusiasm, a night in the restrictive corset was his punishment.

For the past four months he was not required to wear that particular corset at night. He still wore one of his regular corsets during the day. Just thinking about wearing it again, sent shivers up his spine. Remembering all the romance novels that he had read, the young man began fantasizing enough to halt the worst punishment. He hated every bit of it, but the thought of wearing that corset made him comply with Ms. Labeaux's demands.

As he rubbed his penis like any woman would her vagina, he would tell Ms. Labeaux how it would feel to have a man's penis in hand or mouth or in her vagina. He rubbed until his covered penis head was sore and red, but with little production. The best he could accomplish was a spurt of wetness and a feeling of disappointment. He was sexually frustrated, but at the same time annoyed at his behavior.

He justified his actions by telling himself that if he did not do as he was told, he would suffer greater pain. Within three weeks of this new class, he was humping his hand for all he was worth, just trying to get himself off. At the same time, he performed as required, confessing his love for a particular boy he had seen that week.

After the third week of feminine masturbation, the young man was introduced to the vibrator. The vibrator was white and about six inches long and one inch in diameter. He learned how to use the vibrator in circular motions around his nipples and breasts. He would place it between his soft mounds then hold them together. He would then bend his head down and kiss it. Finally, the vibrator was inserted inside his boy pussy, and allowed to perform its work.

It was a new and embarrassing lesson for the young man, but at the same time it actually made him cum. It wasn't the clash of the titans climax, the heady rush of blood and tingling nerves that had sent him quivering in the past, but a steady gush of clear fluid that made his nipples burn. Yet, it was the best sensation that he had felt in what seemed like years. He began to look forward to these sessions.

After it became evident that he was enjoying these session, Ms. Labeaux brought him one that looked like a penis and was two inches in diameter. He was reluctant to use it, but the other one had given him so much pleasure that he over came his repugnance. When he inserted it into his boy pussy it hurt and he couldn't get it all in. Ms. Labeaux said that she would fix that.

Ms. Labeaux opened a case and showed the boy what was inside. Seeing the contents he was in disbelief, then in shock, and finally in a state of denial. Shaking his head no, he backed away from the case. Ms. Labeaux just had to flick her ruler to get his attention. Humbly, he bowed his head and accepted the first item pulled from the case. It was pale pink in color. Its size and shape like a banana and had a flattened base. It was the smallest butt plug in the collection. The largest, which made his eyes bulge out of their sockets in pure fear, was the size of a small football.

"These my dear will make you more accommodating," Ms. Labeaux said. "In the end, you will thank me for providing these for your use. Now bend over and let me insert the smallest one. Believe me darling, you will learn to love these little toys. In the future, you may want to insert you boyfriend's penis into your love canal. You don't want it to hurt and you want to make him happy don't you?"

It was the slow rearrangement of his mind that he did not see or feel. Surprisingly, as the plug went deeper and deeper into his anal canal, rubbing on his prostrate gland, it actually began to feel good.


At a year and two months of the young man's re-education, it was decided that he should now start dating. A revised merit rewards system was established to provide the young man with incentives. On the plus side, he received good points (a) when he went out on a date (b) kissed the boy in question (c) came home with a hickey on his neck or other body part (d) bonus points if he was asked out by the same boy more than six times or if he allowed the boy access to his breasts and (e) Triple points if he had sex with the boy.

On the minus side, he received demerits (a) if he did not get a date at least once a week (b) came home after a date and did not kiss the boy on the lips at the door (c) did not get asked out by the boy again (d) if he did not kiss with enthusiasm double demerits were given and (e) if he was caught lying about his activities while on his date triple demerits were awarded.

Accumulating too many demerits would result in (a) bare bottom spankings (b) spankings with a hairbrush (c) spend 48 continuous hours in the full body corset or (d) wear both the full body corset and maternity vest set at nine months for 48 hours.

As a means of testing his honesty while on a date, the young man's nipples were coated in rouge. If the rouge was gone, then it would be assumed that the boy kissed it off. If sex were involved, the used protection would have to be presented. The state of his clothing was also examined when he returned from each date. The boy was only told to bring back the used condom should he engage in a sexual act. He was informed the rouge on his nipples was to make them look more realistic; therefore, he probably would not think to wipe it off before he came home.

Over the next four months at lot happened to the young man. He received his GED, began working full time at the day care center, and had a lot of dates. It took just one 48 hour period wearing the full body corset and pregnancy vest to make him determined to get a date with a boy.

It took him a month to come home with his rouged nipples almost completely licked clean. After that, it took him little more than two weeks to come home with a used condom in his purse with lipstick rings around it. The young man had been very surprised at how much he enjoyed having his nipples sucked and played with. While he found giving head disconcerting, it really wasn't all that bad. After all, he did not have to actually taste it, just the rubber, and he did not have to swallow. He found that he actually enjoyed these activities, but did not go any further with his sexual experimentation much to Ms. Labeaux's disappointment.

She had him almost up to the largest butt plug, but he still refused to go that far even though he seldom thought of himself as a man. He couldn't deny what his eyes were telling him every moment of his life now. In the bath, he had breasts that easily spilled over his cupping hands and a groin that was shaped just like a woman's. His body was milky white, smooth, and soft. He had to shave his legs and underarms, but no hair grew on his face or arms any more. His braces had been off for several months and his teeth were now small and even. When he was dressed, he looked like he could be featured on the cover of a magazine. The make up that he applied was perfect and just right for the occasion.

What was not easily seen was his mind. It had been changed the most. For the most part he thought like any young woman, except that every now and then, something from his past would pop up. These thoughts were becoming rarer with each passing day, but usually entered conscious thought when one of his dates was trying to get into his panties. He didn't mind kissing boys and was especially pleased when they suckled at his breasts. They had become so sensitive. He did not particularly care to perform oral sex, but knew that it pleased his dates and kept them from trying to get into other places.

When he first started dating, he tried to imagine that he was one of the female characters in a romance novel and forced to act the part. Now, he did not have to do that. He enjoyed going steady with Ralph whom he had been dating for six weeks. He could handle Ralph, unlike some of his dates, was more reserved and could be controlled. They went to fun places and Ralph bought him some nice gifts, so Prissy did not mind making him happy to a point.


It had been sixteen months almost to the day since his mother had dropped him off at Ms. Dexa's, when she suddenly appeared at the door. Prissy did not see her until he came home from working at the day care center wearing his starched white nurse's uniform. He stood frozen as she walked over to him.

"Oh my darling, you look absolutely beautiful. Please turn around and let me get a good look at you," she said. Too shocked to react otherwise, he turned on his heels giving his mother a good look.

"You have grown up to be a beautiful woman. More than I even dreamed possible. Ms. Dexa and Ms. Labeaux you have out done yourselves. I don't know how to thank you enough for doing this for me.

Miss Priss following her new instincts ran to her mother and gave her a big hug. Tears flowing freely down her face. "Oh mommy, I missed you so," the young man said.

The reunion was halted by a knock on the door. "Yes, are you Ms. Dexa," an authoritive voice said. "We have a warrant for your arrest."

"Yes, I am Ms. Dexa and what have I done?"

"According to the complaint, you are accused of child endangerment. We are from the child welfare office," the officer stated. "According to Ms. Wilson, at the Station Hair Salon, you have forcibly endangered the life of a child. She states that you have taken a young man and turned him into a girl without his consent. We are here to investigate the charges."

"Why officer I do not understand this at all. You are free to examine my ward, Prissy and her mother at your leisure. We have done nothing wrong here," Ms. Dexa replied.

After a lengthy review by the authorities, all charges were dropped and they left somewhat confused. The young girl admitted that she was named Prissy Davenport and that she had always been a girl. That her mother had been away for some time and that she had spent the last two years with her aunt Dexa. The female agent took the young girl into the bathroom and did a cursory check and confirmed that the child was a girl.

As they left the fancy residence, one of the officers looked at the other and said, "Are you sure that young lady was what she was supposed to be? This complaint was issued over six months ago and a lot could have happened in that time."

"You know sometimes I think you are a pervert," the female officer replied. "I checked her out and she had all the right equipment. No, I didn't stick my finger into her pussy! It looked real enough to me. So just drop it will you."

When the officers showed up Prissy was scared to death. If she told the truth her life would be destroyed. The young man that he had been would be the laughing stock of the entire state. He wouldn't mind seeing Ms. Dexa and Labeaux sent to jail, but his own mother, he could not allow that. What was worse, he couldn't remember being a boy in any case. He realized in the time that he was being interviewed that his lot in life had been dramatically changed. There was no way he could go back to jeans and tee shirts. If only the authorities had acted sooner, maybe things would be different. Now he had no choice but to go on living the life of a young girl. Besides he really liked Ralph and he couldn't do anything to ruin that relationship.