A Submissive Sissy

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Vonya Lee

Vonya Visits Arlene's

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The ride to the salon was extremely nerve racking. This was very different and different was seldom good. Arlene's been an active participant in all that's happened the past four years. She introduced me to my wife and owner Sara. We've been to her salon before but never during business hours. What could be awaiting us I thought?

Arlene had been one of my late wife Sandy's best friends. She's a lesbian and truth be told I always suspected that their friendship might have occasionally led to the bedroom. I know now I was right. Arlene has told me so many times. Arlene is a striking Dane, very strong features, with great bone structure very angular. As long as I've known her she's kept her hair short, short and the whitest of whites. I've learned since that my wife shared many of our marital secrets with her. Sandy and I thought we were wild back then, late night partying, drinking, drugs and what I used to think was a pretty kinky sex life. Nipple clips, light bondage, candles, even a little cross-dressing, Sandy always liked being dominant in the bedroom and she opened my eyes to my hidden submissive side. The sex we had was the best of my life and I grew from appeasing her bedroom dominance to loving it.

I'd always felt Arlene blamed me for the accident. Her true feelings for Sandy ran much deeper than she had ever let on. Not that it mattered what she thought anyway as I was already drowning in guilt. I'd withdrawn from all the reminders of our past life, family, friends whatever. I was a depressed, guilt ridden single dad raising an angry young daughter. I eventually forced myself into counseling. I had to for Christina's sake. Slowly I began to accept that what had happened wasn't entirely my fault. I had to think of Christina and pull myself together. Actually I now believe my culpability is really limited only to drunken inaction. We were both polluted that fateful night and when Sandy got drunk she got fierce. We were arguing when she abruptly stormed out of the house. I called after her but she was gone. Short of knocking her out, I wouldn't have been able to stop her from driving. Subconsciously Christina has always blamed me for her mother's death.

One day Arlene called me out of the blue. She wanted to stop by and see Christina and catch up. We hadn't seen each other since the funeral but this seemed like a good idea. I think Christina was feeling like she lost her life too as well as her mom that awful night. Going 'recluse' might've worked for me but it wasn't right for her. It just wasn't fair of me. She's a social person like her mom was. She probably needed people around her to move on. Arlene had always been a favorite aunt. She'd always been in Christina's life. Christina had been friends with one of her nieces when they did gymnastics together. Lately Christina had become quite withdrawn and angry. She refused to have anything to do with therapy and was barely tolerating me. I needed help and Arlene's call seemed provident. Christina was so genuinely happy to see Arlene it made me realize what I'd been thinking was right; she did need more contact with women. Arlene invited us to her summerhouse the following week for a July 4th party. We' used to go down each summer for a week or two. Christina's excitement left me no choice.

I met Sara that day. I was immediately entranced. Sara today is still the cutest little cherub in the forest. She's a blonde bobbed Teutonic goddess. Her beautiful blue eyes laugh when she does. She loves to laugh. She was beautiful, charming, hip, clever and funny. She hit all my buttons like no one had. She was an epiphany. She was oxygen. A couple of hours after meeting her she'd shredded the heavy drapes, ripped down the shade and opened the window in the dank room I hadn't even known I was in. She was a textile artist, living in the South End, single mom with an 11-year-old boy.

Christina was happier than I'd seen since the accident. She bonded immediately with two girls her age, Arlene's niece Shandy from gymnastics, and her friend Ariel who'd come up for the week Sara and I were almost immediately hooked on each other. It was a mutual thing. I've never felt anything like it before. Lightning. By nightfall we were finishing each other's sentences. Later that night we were sitting on the beach watching the fireworks, a perfect night after a perfect day, when I kissed her. Holding her felt so right. Unfortunately I needed to be back in town for an inspection the following morning. Worse was going to be dragging Christina home. She'd spent the whole fireworks show wrapped in a blanket with Shandy and Ariel.

Arlene sat down next to Sara and me and gave us a conspiratorial smile, "I knew you two would get along!"

How interesting I thought, maybe this wasn't a chance meeting. Hey! Who cares? I was just ecstatic it was happening. I told Arlene that we were going to have to head home soon. She tried to convince me to postpone my appointment but I couldn't. She then suggested letting Christina stay for the week. The place had a fourth bedroom plus plenty of couch space to accommodate plenty more. Arlene, Sara, Shandy and Ariel were all staying for the week. Sara even volunteered to take her home. A week in Truro sure beat a week in JP. It seemed perfect. So perfect in fact that the one week became two. Arlene constantly assured me on my calls down how much she loved having Christina stay, how much fun they were having, how it was no bother and all that. Christina for her part was in no hurry to leave, she sounded great, and best of all she sounded happy. I began seeing Sara as soon as she got back into town. I often wondered how my daughter would react if I started seeing someone. Would she accept it? Not only was she accepting she was encouraging. She really seemed to genuinely like Sara. They really got to know each other those two weeks.

Sara's son was in Austria for the summer so spur of the moment she decided to spend the rest of the summer down the Cape. She rented a place about a ¼ mile from Arlene's, a two bedroom. Sara convinced me to let Christina come down and stay with her and I could come down on the weekends. Christina really wanted to go and I couldn't say no. I was bursting with optimism about the 180 degrees my life had taken. I had my daughter back, I was in love, and my daughter loved my girlfriend. Labor Day weekend I took Sara to Vegas with me for a work conference. Spur of the moment we decided to get married. As a surprise Sara flew in Christina and made her the maid of honor.

"Hi girls!" Arlene called out cheerily.

"Hey sweet pea how you doing?" replied Sara.

Most of the women in Sara's circle had at one time or another slept together; so affectionate pet names were common. Her friends are mostly lipstick lesbians, and unfortunately for blossom and me, man haters.

"Me I'm fine babe, ready for some fun with these two though."

"I'd say they're ready for this," turning to give us a sinister smile, "Honestly I can't wait to see them! So you think they'll be done by 3 p.m.?"

"Oh yeah more like 2 p.m. really."

"Great, listen I'm running late. I've got to get over to my lawyer's. You know me always late! So I'll leave the girls in your capable hands, just call me on my cell when they're done."

"Cool I say 2:30 at the latest"

"This is going to be so great!" then over her shoulder as she swept out "have fun!"

"Well ladies would you like to know what we've got in mind?"

"Yes please Miss," we sing in unison, all women were to be called Miss.

"Well that would only ruin the surprise! Come along my little dearies."

She led us to the back of the salon. I could see our femme reflections in the ceiling to floor mirrors that lined the walls. There were six stations, two chairs occupied by women wrapped in capes. The two paid us no mind as we passed by immersed as they were in amiable chatter with their stylists. My height caught the eye of one of the seated women for a fleeting moment but I'm sure she just thought "what a tall one she is." I stand 6' in my bare feet so I must be 6'2" or 3" in these heels. I'm instantly aware that I carry myself like a lady.

"Take your seats ladies." Arlene says pointing in the direction of two reclining chairs at shampoo stations.

We do so immediately.

"Kara here is going to shampoo you both. Kara take care of my little malchick friends here would you please."

Kara was an attractive young woman, early 20's. "We've all been looking forward to this," she says to me as she's rinses my hair. "I've heard so much about the two of you. I mean I've met drag queens before but this...wow."

Heads wrapped in towels we are lead over two adjoining stations. "Now Sara wants to be here for your unveiling today. She wants to see your expressions when you see what we've done so I'm going to cover your eyes and block your ears."

She then taped cotton over my eyes and twisted ear plugs into place. I couldn't see and could hear only muffled sounds. I stayed like this for the next couple of hours. I could smell chemicals. I could feel a chemical reaction. I could feel heat. I was combed, cut, brushed, filed, buffed, painted and plucked. All the while I could hear muffled conversations and laughter. It was hard to imagine that the laughter wasn't directed at Blossom and me. You feel so vulnerable and paranoid when your senses are limited. Like the way I feel in bondage.

The ear plugs were removed and Sara whispers in my ear, "Peek-a-boo! Ready to see the new you?" Then the tape was pulled from my eyes.

My eyes had to adjust to the bright lights and took a couple of seconds to regain focus. When I was finally able to look I was stunned. My sandy blonde hair was now a shimmering jet black. My hair was actually glistening. When I turned my head the salon lights betrayed a blue reflection. My hair was blue! I had never seen anything quite like it. I bring my hand to my mouth in shock and see my nails. I look down at my hands and see I've got long red nails decorated with little white skulls.

"Devin's calling this color 'raven'" Arlene said, my shock obvious. "I like Midnight blue, but the big queen thinks that sounds like a car color."

"Oh come on now!" Devin responds, "Midnight blue? Are you serious? That's a color for a Chevy Van honey! Raven has mystery, allure, all things lost on you no doubt!"



Then laughter.

I had short bangs curled under and retained my full length to mid shoulder blade. My brows highly arched. My lips burnt red. I looked like a 1950's pin up girl. I looked like a 'blue book' girl. I looked like Bettie Page!

As my initial shock recedes I see Blossom in the mirror. She too is stunned. Her shoulder length auburn hair is gone. She now had a severe wedged bob, a soft strawberry colored bob. She has bangs to her mid forehead and I think they're a cream color. She's buzzed up the nape of the neck to the base of her skull. Her hair drops sharply, cutting diagonally across her ears ending at a point by her chin. Her exposed ear is ringed in small hoops. She must have 8 to 10 piercing on the ear. Her left nostril also has a silver loop. The buzz also looks cream colored. Now I see what they've decided for her. She's going to look like sexy sweet jailbait. Lolita. Her stylist Mika turns her chair and I see her face. False eyelashes making her eyes look like daisies and Nina Hagen lips. She looks like a flower power sex toy. Her hair is definitely two-tone. I can't help but wanting to touch her. I'm quietly swooning with desire for my stepson. I can't help being so horny for her all the time. I wish that I could but I just can't.

Funny thing about wearing a chastity is it doesn't stop me from getting aroused, quite the opposite; it just changes how I seek satiation. Without the release I'm always horny. She put this chastity device on me about 3 months ago, the night she took my religion. Her control over me is so great that she made blossom and I commit acts of desecration in a church just to prove to me she's my God. She knew it was taboo for me. We dressed as nuns and fucked each other's asses with vibrators and then jerked each other off. She sat in the pew right behind us with two of her friends, Danielle and Kelly. She had control over the vibrators with a remote. All of this was done under our robes mostly while kneeling. The buzzing noise might've been muffled but to me it sounded like thunder.

That night she locked me up. I'd been in various cock restraints before but nothing remotely as forbidding as this. This metal full-sleeved chastity was a whole new dimension in my submission. My penis being useless forces me to find another outlet for my desire and to my initial surprise it's my ass that begins craving attention. Now that my ass has been broken I ache for the feel of a real cock inside my ass. I often wear butt plugs and dildos but Sara figured out, rightfully too, that I got some satisfaction from having something up my ass filling the void. Now at moments like this it's the absence of cock that drives me crazy. My ass feels empty. My constant state of arousal and denial keeps me always ready for action. My chastity can still be taken off but Sara has the break off screws necessary to make it permanent. That's the ultimate punishment for me and sadly enough I know the verdict most certainly has already been decided and someday the sentence will be carried out. Not being able to get release as a male causes me to accept it as a female, my emasculation is endless.

"Well Devin," said Sara, "have you decided how you want to be paid?"

"Let me make sure I understand this, money or the girls here for the weekend?" asks Devin.

"Yep your normal fee or the use of my girls here for the weekend."

"...And anything goes?"

"Anything goes... they'd be yours to use however you want. They'll cook, they'll clean, they'll put on a show..." They'll suck they'll fuck they'll lick your ass; they'll lick your boyfriends ass, honey they'll lick your dogs ass if you tell them to. They do exactly as they're told."

"Let me call Marcio. I want the girls, but let me make sure that's what he wants."

Devin dials his boyfriend, talks for a minute, hangs up and turns to Sara and smiles, "We'll take the girls!"

"Excellent! This'll be a great experience for them. I'll drop them off Saturday morning and pick them up Sunday night. How's that?'

"That's super! Oh! I can't wait! This is going to be such fun!"

"Now I think the girls should show their appreciation and tip you for today. Arlene is it ok if they go into the back?"

"Sure! But only if we can watch."

"Oh absolutely, Devin?"

"Sure why not!" giggled Devin.

"Kara we've got no more appointments today do we?" said Arlene.

"No that's it for the day, no mas no mas."

"Okay close shop, we're done. Great job today amigas."

"Can I stay and watch?" asked Kara.

"Sure, Mika you can stay too if you want."

"No I've got to run. But I'm sure Devin will tell me all about it!"

"Honey I'll take pictures!" laughed Devin.

So it was that Sara, Arlene, Devin, Kara, blossom and myself went to the backroom. Arlene went to the fridge for a bottle of champagne. She filled four glasses and passed them around. "Girls do you like your new looks?" Sara asked.

"Oh yes thank you Miss."

"Vonya do you like the way blossom looks?"

"Oh yes Miss, very much."

"Blossom do you like the way Vonya looks?"

"I do Miss, very much."

"Well then why don't you show each other how you feel. First I want you both to undress each other."

Blossom helped me out of my sweater and hung it across the back of a chair. I helped her out of her half top. She has a beautifully soft, hairless, feminine chest with small budding breasts. No developed male muscle tone at all. I ran my hands down across her body from her outstretched arms down her sides to her hips causing her to shiver. Next she did the same for me helping me out of my t-shirt. My chest had lost much of my male tone as well as all hair and I too have budding breasts. Next I kneel before her to undo the skirt. I start the zipper but leave it mostly hooked leaving the skirt snug so I can work it down as she shimmies her ass out. We'd been well trained to make a spectacle out of our performances, now it came natural. As she stepped slowly from the fallen skirt, I slowly lick her soft smooth inner thigh, first one leg then the other. A bulge forms in her thong. As I stand, I stay as close as possible, our faces barely inches apart we kiss, but only the once. Blossom's hands roam along my sides, caressing. Her hands find the waist of my Capri's. Slowly, one side then the other, she tugs down on my pants. I meet each of her well-orchestrated tugs with a sway. Our faces are but a hair apart; we tease each other with just the slightest wispy contact. My pants fall to the floor and as I slowly step from them she fondles and caresses my ass.

She hooks her thumbs in the waistband of my panties and pulls them down. "Oh my God..." a startled Kara says aloud. She's reacted to my hairless crotch and shiny silver chastity.

I do the same to blossom's thong, freeing her pierced cock. "Now you can show each other how you feel."

We draw close and begin running hands across each other. We pull into each other and begin soft sensual kisses. Blossom instinctively raises back her lower leg, standing on one leg as women do when kissing. Our tongues flicker and one of my hands finds its way to that shaved nape of neck. I'm feverish with desire.

"This is soo hot..." declares Kara.

"Devin? What do you think?" Sara asks.

"I think we're going to really enjoy the weekend!"

"Well you don't have to wait for that. I think the girls can give you a little taste now. Girls..."

We slowly untwine and descend on Devin. Blossom begins kissing him as I undo his belt. I undo his button fly 'pop pop pop' and pull down his jeans. He's rock hard behind his Calvin Klein's. I rub his cock through his underwear then drawing close I blow hot on his package. I pull down his shorts and release 7+" of rock hard manhood I'm filled with lusting as I rub my nose against its tip. I'm such a helpless cock slut now. I need this. I need it bad. She's made lust my drug and she controls the supply. I'm a hopeless junkie now. I'm a nymphomaniac.

He kicks out of his loafers and steps back from the pile of discarded clothes. Blossom has spun herself around to his back. As she's kissing his back and softly rubbing his chest and nipples I begin licking along his shaft. I take his helmet into my mouth and softly lick. I then run my mouth down his entire shaft but just as quickly pull back to the tip. I run my tongue down the underside of his solid 7" cock to his ball sack. I swallow his hairy ball sack letting him enjoy my hot moist mouth. I'm making love to a man's hairy ball sack in front of an audience, and even worse, I need to. Humiliation is now my lifeblood. Blossom has run her tongue down to the small of his back and kneels behind him. I take him back in my mouth and begin sucking him. I've deep throated his entire shaft so that my nose presses into his pubes. The hairs tickle my throat but I'm trained to suffer. He spreads his legs and braces himself. Blossom is now tonguing his ass and he's getting very close. My stepson licking this man's his ass. He grabs my head and holds it still. He clenches up, moans "I'm cuming" then explodes into my mouth. "Don't swallow! I want you to show Kara how you share." Sara demands.

Blossom and I stand as Devin collapses on the couch. "Share the cum" we're told by my wife and his mom. We join together and press our lips together. She pushes her tongue into my mouth swirling scoops of cum. We kiss back and forth, pulling apart occasionally to cause sinewy cum strands to stretch between our mouths. We lick cum over each others lips.