A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Vonya Lee

Vonya Exposed

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I'm so disgusted by myself. God! I hate me! Occasionally my reality hits me like a sledgehammer. I know I can never escape from this life. What life? My life isn't mine anymore. Her control is all I know now. My body isn't even mine. They both do whatever they want to me. On going body modifications have made it impossible for me to ever pass as a man anymore. What really hurts the most though is how defeated I really am. I can't make any decisions on my own anymore. I do only as I'm told, that means everything but breathe basically. I haven't gone to the toilet without permission for over three years. I wouldn't dare to touch food or water without permission. I'm only allowed to ask for water, never food. I have no free thought what so ever. I'm safer if I never think. I can't function without being told what to do anymore. I'd die without them, just whither and die. The wave or awareness rolls back as quickly as it came and I'm back into character. Pleasing them is all that matters.

I've really got to sell my enthusiasm and I will. I'm giggling like a schoolgirl as I moisten one finger than the other in my mouth. Nice and wet I scoop some chocolate cream from a dish and sensually spread it around the inner thighs, balls and stiffening shaft of this sexy little sheboy. I want this treat so bad I'm overwhelmed with desire. My need crushes my conscience. I'm so horny, I can't help myself I'm dry humping the air. The fact that she's my stepson only buries me deeper under soul crushing shame. My wife has taken my conditioning so far beyond what I would have ever thought possible, that acts of incest and pedophilia are now my norm. My ugly reality. And it's all on video.

My wife and daughter snicker gleefully from the couches as I begin to lick at the chocolate cream. This is how food is shared in our house. My wife and daughter bought these delicious over filled donuts famous in our town. There really exploding with chocolate cream and today the excess cream is my treat. How we eat it is always up to the women of the house. Actually even whether we eat is up to the women. My stepson moans in heat as I flicker at the chocolate on her cock head. She can't be trusted to control herself so her hands are attached with short chains to her neck collar. My job is to prolong her sexual torment. Even with a cock ring on tight she can sometimes pop cum in a blink. And that's not good! The women demand a good show. After sucking her dry I'll be told to continue licking. And I will.

"Start sucking, remember you don't want to waste a drop!" my wife sings at me.

Immediately I cap her suffering throbbing hot cock with my warm wet mouth. I slid up and down maybe twice and I taste and feel her hard shot explode deep down my throat. She's been in chastity for about two weeks and her load proves it. I swallow her seed effortlessly. I've become quite an accomplished cocksuckers I'm sorry to say.

I slowly pull my mouth and lips from her spent piece licking the tip last, making her quiver.

"Give her a rest vonya... cherry blossom want some chocolate too?" she coos.

Spent little blossom nods yes. "vonya feed cherry blossom some chocolate."

Scooping some cream with my fingers I bring it to her mouth when my daughter stops me with, "Shouldn't you be thanking little miss blossom for what she just shared with you vonya?"

"Thank you cherry blossom for cumming in my mouth."

"You're welcome."

"Kisses!" they both command.

We softly touch lips and kiss like the little fairies we are.

"Ooo that gives me an idea! vonya, I want you to feed blossom from your mouth. Here take some more, melt it in your mouth then kiss it to blossom."

"Ooo yeah!!" my wife concurs.

Now we are kissing with our tongues swimming in sweetness, delighting in the chocolates milky texture, sweet taste and pure sensuousness of our act. I'm in chastity so I have no choice, but my stepson is beginning again to stiffen. We're like sissy cats in heat.

"Blossom, on your knees and elbows." My wife commands. Blossom breaks our embrace and immediately complies

"vonya, lick her ass with a mouthful of chocolate, warm it."

I kneel behind her, warm the chocolate, then run my dipped tongue down her smooth, spread opened ass crack. I circle her rosebud and begin to press with my tongue. I' m trying to pry my way into her ass with my chocolate tongue. She has such a beautiful ass. Worshipping ass is a must in our household. Sneaking a look at the women I see their naked arousal, both are masturbating.

My young partner called out "mommy!"

"Hold on baby!" to blossom reply's my wife, "Vonya!" to me.

I'm so trained that I'm already doing what I know she wants me to do. I turn blossom around sitting her on the floor and immediately swallow her cock. Immediately I taste her salty cum. Not nearly as much as before, she shrinks in my mouth.

"Okay I think we've seen enough. Come here blossom," My wife unbuckles her wrists and then her collar itself. "You two go shower, shower caps too, I don't wash either of you to wash your hair. Kissing but nothing more okay?"

"Yes ma'am," we say in unison.

We both stand and as taught, side-by-side each wrapping her closest arm around the others hip and hugging snug. Our outer arms are reaching across our front clasping hands at our middle. We are the picture of sugary sweet innocence as we sweep away. We wash together in a large 6-headed shower, soaping each other with 'caress' and sponges. We can also look for stray hairs, but that hasn't happened for a while. We kiss gently, soft kisses. We must always be affectionate with each other, constantly arousing each other. We are two overly sexed sissies existing in an endless uncontrollable state of constant sexual arousal. I'm jealous of her perfectly feminine shape. The women have done such a fantastic job. They've been relentless on both of us, dropping me from a strong 225lbs. down to a much weaker 163lbs. Blossom, however was only a boy when it started. He was just 12 when my wife began dosing him, thirteen when he was removed from school to begin living as a girl, and eventually servant. Three years later she shows no male characteristics other than a small penis. She never had a chance. Her body, soft and smooth, has been restrained in form changing undergarments ever since. She has a voluptuous young girl's sexy body with even little 'c' cup titties. Her 16th Birthday she'll get her first set of silicone titties, she's so excited. We have matching tattoos on our hairless pubic areas, 'Absolute property of Sara Nix and Christina Nix' with both names tattoos of their distinctive signatures. On my daughters 18th birthday she legally took her stepmothers name, dropping mine. We both got our tattoos that night. We dry each other off and apply moisturizer to each other's body, face to feet.

We clean up the bathroom, putting away our clothes and take our places on our respective stools. We each have large make up stations both with surrounding mirrors and after bathing we must sit facing the mirrors wearing nothing but heels, both heel and toe must be touching the floor and our knees together and to the side as a lady would sit. Our hands are clasped in front of us and we smile serene and silent at our own ridiculous images. We stay as still as mannequins until we are spoken to. I drift off into nothing during these times. They've kept us like this for long periods of time before, hours I think.

"Okay girls! Time to get dressed. Blossom, your pink half top and your cheerleader skirt. I want you in your 'sketcher' wedges. The pink ones, you know the ones. Vonya, no stockings today, the pink crushed velvet Capri's and the white angora over a black T-shirt. Let's see... this lipstick, the red, and do your eyes in black, dark brows. Oh and the black heels, the strapped ones. No not those, the shiny ones... yeah those. Blossom you too, go sweet honey, use the pink one, here... blush and mascara. Okay finish up and then come out to the kitchen. We've got appointments with Arlene."