A Submissive Sissy

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Vonya Lee

Silly Rabbit 10

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I'm slowly roused from a deep and wonderful sleep. All my sleep is deep and wonderful these days. I nudge my bed companion awake and soon he's sitting up ready for breakfast. Sissy has been trained to wake me in a very specific manner. The whole thing takes about a half an hour and is a series of gradually increasing both light and soft music, dusting the room with gentle perfumes, until I am ready to take my breakfast tray. My life starts every single day like this now. I live like a queen.

The tray itself has been getting better and better. Sissy has shown quite a talent for baking. Actually sissy is showing great improvement in all phases of homemaking. I have her make either croissants, muffins, or scones for me every morning. She must make fresh juice, fruits, eggs, bacon, pancakes, depending on my mood the night before. I always have her make too much and the leftovers become sissy's breakfast. I love making her eat my scraps off a dirty plate. Sissy knows to be extremely grateful for she certainly doesn't want to go back to the dog food diet. Sometimes on a whim, I'll scrape my plate into a bowl and set it on the floor and watch sissy eat doggy style.

Not today though, not after I got a good look at the fantastic job sissy did on her make up today. When she brought me my tray, I gave her a thorough inspection. Fantastic, simply fantastic. I could not find a single flaw, not a color blending issue, not a stray lash, not a thing out of place or done imperfectly. Even the beauty mark on his cheek is perfect. I know he's been up for hours getting ready for his big day. I can't help but go back and forth between using 'him' and 'her' when I think of my little sissy. When he's up close, even with the deep foundation, I see the boy he used to be. Then when I look past the face and see the care he puts into tying the nylon kerchief over his hair do, I see the sissy and the slave.

He wears kerchiefs from time to time when he's got to keep his hair in place. I still smile whenever I see him in one. They remind me of something my grandmother would have. I like the forced focus he has when he's concerned about his hair. He has about a dozen of them. His hair looks truly amazing, all big rolls and lacquered bangs with some kind of a bun cover pinned to the back. He's been practicing this look for the past three weeks with Arlene's assistance. We dyed his hair a raven black to match a girl in a poster. He's worked extremely hard but I'd say it was worth the work because she's gotten it down quite nicely. I see it all through the sheerness of the kerchief. What a sissy boy he is!

Today is a big day. We have two very special appointments at the courthouse. First, sissy is going into court to get an extension of the protective order against his father. My fuck toy here is going to accompany sissy into court, playing the part of the black boyfriend. Why? Just to piss off his racist father. I want to twist the knife by making his family see their beloved son Chris, melting into the waiting arms of a big, black guy.

Wait until his family see's what their wayward son has been up to. He's got a nice shapely figure thanks to the constant corsetting and the hormones. I have him on a high fat diet right now and it's done wonders for his hips and ass. He has them now. He spends a great amount of time in very tight, restrictive corsetting. I've really gotten into the whole corset thing. I love pulling him in ever tighter. I find a very tight lacing to be a very sensuous act. I can put my knee into the small of his back and just pull. I love it. His daily working corset keeps him at twenty six inches, but I can squeeze him down to a twenty two inch waist when I want. Besides my waist is a twenty six so sissy can wear my hand me downs without much altering. My favorite number is twenty one so that's still my goal for him. We'll get there. Sissy has even passed out once from an extremely tight corset. We've both learned since then. The other thing I love about corsets are they are so much fun to shop for. Expensive fun, but that's what money's for.

His little titties have come along nicely as well. He's developing a cute pair of c cup, swooping titties. Today's brassiere and dress will give my little sissy cleavage. His doctor says he has a perfect set for implants. We'll see. Probably later but not now. I like seeing him with sissy titties. He hasn't earned the right to have real womanly breasts. He may never earn the right. I imagine at some point in time though I'll want to see him with a big pair. I have fantasized about seeing him with a big pair of eye poppers.

I could see taking him to the beach in a skimpy two piece, a set of Pam Anderson's bursting out the top. Right now though I enjoy teasing him as is. Having real tits has had a bigger impact on his psyche than I could have imagined. I'm sure he never imagined having breasts before this. I get off on playing with his tits. The more attention they get the more submissive he gets. I think playing with his tits humiliates him, makes him feel totally vulnerable, still turns him on terribly and makes him feel guilty, all at the same time.

I love watching a man fondle his titties. Watching a man taking hold and squeezing sissy's breasts while fucking his ass is a fantastic turn on for me, something I'll be arranging more often.

Richard is going to die when he see's how Chris is dressed! I know for a fact that his father has a thing for rockabilly pin up girls. His hobby is car restorations. He works on those old hot rods from the fifties. His garage is a shrine to that kind of stuff. The walls are covered in all these vintage pin up girl posters. He shops eBay for more of these things. When I was with Chris as a couple, we bought him a coffee table book of pin up girl poster art for Christmas and his eyes brightened just like a child's. Later he came up to me and told me that the book was his very favorite gift. His family thinks of it as a simple, harmless hobby. I know it's more, it's a fetish. I've seen it in his eyes. When he see's his son later this morning, he won't be seeing his son Chris, he's going to see one of the girls from the book. Literally.

With the help of all my friends, we've been able to duplicate an almost exact match in every detail to the girl in one of his posters. Sissy never gets to dress as she will today. Sissy is sissy, she's not Gwen, she hasn't earned the right to be like Gwen. I never ever let sissy think that she is a woman. Quite the opposite. I constantly remind her how she is many evolutionary steps behind women. Sissy is a faggot, my faggot.

Today is special and she knows it. She's been treating this occasion with the reverence of a temple priestess. The reverence she has for all things female is something to behold. I know her dress has been freshly ironed and is hanging at the ready. Arlene dyed his hair this beautiful raven black color about two weeks ago. He's been practicing setting his hair the way Arlene showed him every day since. He's obsessed with his hair looking just right. Why not? It sure is going to cost him. He will work off the two hundred dollars Arlene charged by cleaning her house and shop and doing whatever chores she has for him. He'll work off his debt at the princely rate of one dollar per hour. She'll have him sweep up, cover the phones, go out for coffee's and lunches, clean her house top to bottom, do the laundry and ironing, things like that.

Anyway, we've been planning for this day for about six weeks. We found a dress with an almost identical match to the poster, black with red cherries. The dress has been tailored and trimmed to match the girl in the poster, fitting my corseted sissy like a glove. He'll have on the same seemed black silk stockings and garter she does. He's been practicing flashing his garter, just like I want him to. I want Richard to get a good look at his sexy son's long, hot, sexy legs. The shoes were easy to match, black Mary Jane pumps. Last night we had a full dress rehearsal that went great. Sissy looked and acted her part to perfection.

Our second appointment is going to be much more fun and meaningful. Sissy is getting a name! Laura thought of it and I love it. Sissy is going to petition the court to make her name legally 'Miss Serenity Now'. Chris will forever disappear, replaced by the much nicer Miss Serenity Now. 'Miss' will be part of the name, that's my idea. We're having a big party later tonight where we'll have a ceremony of our own. Tonight is going to be a bit of a birthday party. Miss Serenity is born today. Her new birthday is today, April 1.

I can hardly believe we've come this far. I am taking away his name. He doesn't even have any say about it. Laura thought of it one night as we watched television in bed. I like it, so that is all it takes. Poof! Chris no longer exists legally. I am washing away his past and all connections to it.

Besides he isn't really Chris anyway. Chris has always been a lie. He was born to be a sissy. No real man would have ever let me do all this to him. That's why I have no pity. None. He's getting exactly what he needs. He owes me. I am taking away his birthday given to him by his whore mother, in October and replaced it with a spring birthday given to him on this day by me, his supreme being.

So hard to imagine what life was like before all this. I could never go back. I could never live the straight life ever again. I couldn't even do just straight lesbianism. I need this as much as he does. I never want to experience life ever again without a devoted slave. I need a toy. I deserve a toy. I've always deserved this life and so has he

Laura and I hid in the back of the busy courtroom. We watched as sissy's father, mother and two sister's scanned the court for any sign of their brother. I nudged Laura to see Richard try and check out sissy from across the court. He was definitely checking her out on the sly. Sissy and Edwin have been kissing and flirting while waiting for the case to be called, another detail that didn't go unnoticed by Richard.

When the case was called and sissy stood up so did Richard. When Richard turned and saw that the chick he was checking out was his son he stumbled back into his chair. Cheryl let out a horrified gasp as her hand shoots up to cover her wide open mouth. Sissy squeezes past Edwin slowly to reach the aisle. Edwin gives her ass a squeeze. Cheryl regains her composure and with her daughters help steady Richard. He assures them he's fine and pushes aside their help. He isn't fine. He's devastated.

I'm not sure which one started it but next his sisters one after the other, unleash a verbal tirade at sissy.

"You sick son of a bitch!"

"You're not my brother!"

"Oh my God! You show up to court like that? In public?"

"You're sick Chris. You are really sick."

"How can you do this to your family?"

"You sick fucking faggot!"

"Look at you! God should give you AIDS!"

Then they tried to rush him and grab at him. Security is right on the spot. After a brief scuffle, order was restored, his sisters were placed under arrest and taken from the court screaming. After some sissy tears and some angry words from Cheryl, the judge agrees to a permanent restraining order effective immediately.

Sissy runs to Edwin and jumps into his well muscled arms, meeting lip to lip. Richard slumps back into his chair and just watches. He watches his gay son, dressed like the hottest girl he can imagine, being carried off in the arms of her big, black lover. Devastation. He sat in that chair for a good few minutes, Cheryl sobbing behind him, before being brought around by a court officer making room for the next defendant. Laura and I waited for Richard and Cheryl to leave the court before we both just burst out laughing. It couldn't have gone better if we had scripted it.

The second court appointment went off without a hitch. Sissy explained her self well before the judge and was granted her new name. My little sissy will forever be known as little 'Miss Serenity Now'. Now we need to get ready for miss serenity's birthday party!

Driving home I can't help to think what this means to me. I will never have to do a single annoying task again for as long as Miss Serenity lives or I replace her. No more errands, no more cleaning, no more laundry, no more wiping my own ass if I so chose. Just because I can and I feel like it, I take hold of miss serenity's face with my hands, squeeze her cheeks so her mouth opens and I spit. He's lost his soul to me in oh so many ways.