A Submissive Sissy

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Cheryl Lynn

Ballerina Boy

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David stood in the center of his room feeling like a complete dork. He was posing with his head turned slightly to the side, arms arched above his head, purple lacquered nails just touching and his feet, heels touching and toes pointed out at a forty-five degree angle. The blushing on his cheeks was not solely due to the dusty rose blush he wore.

He was wearing a lilac satin and white net ballerina costume. The costume had a square neckline frilled with pleated white chiffon. The thin shoulder straps also had matching chiffon detailing. Descending from each breast the bodice was decorated with ruffled white lace forming a "V" ending at the waist. From the waist the skirt flared almost straight out from the three layers of stiff white net crinolines. Around the hem of the skirt were delicate pink bows. Descending inside the lacey "V" was a row of four pink satin bows. His legs were covered in pink tights and on his feet were a pair of white satin ballerina slippers with white ribbon ties fashioned into bows just above the ankle.

His long hair had been tightly brushed back from his forehead and neck. It was fashioned into a donut shaped bun at the crown and stiffly lacquered into place. Mrs. Hillshire, his nanny, had used so much hairspray that his hair glistened in the reflected light. Its aromatic smell still lingered thirty minutes later as he stood in position. The base of the bun was highlighted with a fluffy pink chiffon scrunchie.

With his hair done, she applied his makeup. A light foundation and powder to fix it in place. Violet eye shadow with a dusting of glitter, black eyebrow penciled arches, black liquid eyeliner and mascara to enhance the eyes. Red lip pencil was used to draw out his lips, overlapping the natural lip line to form Cupid's bow lips. Satisfied with the outline, she filled in with a bubble gum pink lipstick with a luscious over coating of lip gloss. Dusty rose blush was used to bring out his cheeks and a liberal dousing of a spicy floral perfume completed his makeup.

"David, hold still. This will only take a few more minutes then you can relax for a bit while I upload these pictures into your media profile pages. Smile prettily or this will take a lot longer," Mrs. Hillshire instructed.

David grimaced, wrinkling his nose but forced a fake smile on his painted lips. After five months of training, the weight of his makeup didn't bother him as much but what he wore under the costume did. A very tight lavender with silver diamond panel and fern embroidered panty girdle held his masculine groin in a painful grip. It forced him to tuck his testicles back up inside and his penis between his legs most uncomfortably. The strapless matching satin training bra pulled annoyingly at his upper torso. After all this time, he still was not use to the pressure and tugging of his feminine foundation garments. The girdles were especially bothersome as they steadily built up heat the longer he wore them. The pressure on his groin and heat were ever present.

A girdle and bra were strictly for girls and wearing them constantly was crushing his male ego. He wanted to argue. He wanted to tell them just where they could put all this feminine crap but his will to fight was diminishing with each passing day. Mrs. Hillshire had a riding crop that stung like the dickens even through his skirts and girdles. His mother, Doris, had a wooden hairbrush that left his behind red and stinging unmercifully.

Fortunately they seldom resorted to those painful punishments. Other less harsh punishments while they didn't physically hurt were both humiliating and tore at his fragile male ego. Forced to stand dressed in the frilliest outfits before a mirror and reciting over and over, "I am a prissy sissy. I just love the way I look. If I were a real boy, I would love to give my image a kiss," or "I'm a prissy sissy. I promise to be a good sissy and do what I'm told." These and other equally demoralizing and demeaning phrases were used much more often.

He had fought and fought often those first few months. He even tried to escape on several occasions but to no avail. They were too strong and observant for him. His tantrums were punished with crop and brush. His escape attempts were punished by dressing him in sissy finery and taken out in public. His first attempt resulted in him being dressed in a silly sailor suit and presented to his old teammates at the ball field. The second he was dressed in a stupid baby doll dress more suited to an eight year old girl to the mall's arcade. The third was the worse. Dressed in an empire cut childish dress with bonnet no less, he was presented to all his old girlfriends.

These simple excursions were enough to scare off all his friends. They also established his reputation as a certified sissy. No one would help him now.

He had no where to run and the punishments too painful to endure. David was now doing what he was told without argument. He still hated everything he was forced to do. He still had hopes of his dad finding out what was happening and come like the charging armored knight of old to save him.

"Surely dad will come and save me. Somehow I've got to let him know what they are doing to me but I have no idea of how to contact him. I've looked up to him. I've done my best to be just like him. Surely he won't let them do this to me. He'll come and take me away from here," he thought as he posed before the camera.

He stood watching as Mrs. Hillshire went over to his pink computer and uploaded the photographs to his social media pages. Soon the new photos joined the many others of him dressed like a sissy and smiling. The photos made it look like he was having the time of his life. He hated every single one but he couldn't do a thing about it. They had blocked his ability to enter or change anything without their approval. The Strawberry Shortcake background, the text written about how much he loved dressing up, putting on makeup and doing his hair. How much he loved dressing his Ken dolls up in Barbie's outfits and watching Shirley Temple movies were plastered all over his media pages. What she was entering about his new photographs made him cringe.

"Today I'm going to ballet classes. Oh, I can't wait to learn how to dance so gracefully and better yet, wear those precious leotards and tights with the filmy skirts and tutus. They're just sooooo cute," she typed.

"OMG! She's enrolled me in ballet classes. I don't want to do any of that sissy stuff especially in front of a bunch of other girls. Isn't it humiliating enough that she's posting all that on the internet? Now she's going to make me go out in public dressed like this. I'm so dead," he thought as he watched his files being updated.

Finished at the computer Mrs. Hillshire went to a drawer and removed a pink silk scarf and fastened over his head. She tied it into a neat bow at the left side of his chin. She grabbed a pink and white tote from beside the vanity and taking his hand like he was a little child, led him into the foyer where his mother was waiting.

"Please Mother, not this?" he plead in a trembling soft voice.

"Don't be ridiculous David. Ballet will give you grace which I'm sad to say is still lacking despite all Mrs. Hillshire's efforts. After a few lesions, I'm sure you will learn to love it," she replied.


Margaret's School of Ballet and Yoga was located in a strip mall. The glass enclosed front would allow passers by a good look into the practice area. Margaret was a small of frame but stern looking older woman wearing a black leotard and white tights. Her grey streaked hair was tied in a tight bun on the back of her head. In her left hand was what looked like a thin black walking stick. He was to discover that the stick not only counted out the cadence but was also a painful incentive to do better. She gave David a close look then smiling welcomed Doris to her studio. By the time Doris left, David was signed up for both Ballet and yoga.

"Mrs. Davis, I don't mind having a sissy attend my classes. However I think, as long as he looks so divine, can attend, provided we use a more girlish name. As it is, he would create more of a disturbance than a help." She stated.

"I haven't given that any thought. It was my intention to keep calling him by his given name just to remind him and everyone else that he is a sissy. Now that you mention it, I guess for the sake of this class, we can do that. It has to be something sissy sounding though," Doris replied.

"How about Devina? It's close to his real name and very prissy sounding," Margaret offered.

"Devina sounds good but it reminds me too much of that Devina de Ville character from that animated movie. Much too strong for a shy sensitive boy like him, I like Priscilla much better. I can't think of a sissier sounding name than that," Doris countered and so it was written and so it was done. David would be enrolled as Priscilla. He was enrolled in both ballet and yoga, ballet to give him grace and yoga to give him suppleness. Ballet lessons were for four hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday and yoga for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday.

As the women spoke David was treated as if he weren't even present. He blushed brightly as he was given the name of Priscilla. He hated it but after thinking about it accepted it. At least while in class, the other students would think he was a real girl rather than a sissy. He was dismayed when he joined the other girls waiting for class to start. They were all girls from eight to ten years old. He stood out like a sore thumb when he joined the line standing at the barre. Making matters worse, he was at the end of the line closest to the window lined front. With his height and being with such smaller girls, everyone walking past would be sure to notice and stare at him.

After his mother left, he picked up his courage and asked Margaret whom he was to refer to as Ma'am, about being put with some older girls. She informed him that this was the beginner class and since he was a beginner belonged in it. Needless to say, his first class was not enjoyable nor was it easy. By the time he left, every muscle, every joint ached painfully.

The little girls giggled at first but accepted the new student. During the breaks they gathered around him asking all kinds of questions about his makeup and other embarrassing things. They were too young to wear makeup and wanted to know all the details like how he put it on, etc. One of the older girls, Wendy, wanted to know if he had a boyfriend and what it felt like kissing a boy while wearing lipstick. Some of the younger ones wanted to know if he still played with his dollies and what was his favorite. With all the girls asking embarrassing questions, he was more than happy to get back to practice.

His humiliation didn't end at the studio. Doris took him from there to a dance supply store. He was beet red by the time he entered the shop still wearing his fancy ballerina costume. Some teenaged boys had seen him and one even gave him a wolf whistle another shouted out for a dance. It was a fairly large shop with mannequins scattered all about wearing various dance costumes in both men's and women's styles. The walls were covered in posters of various famous dancers and costumes. It was brightly lit and had a central changing area. A young girl not much older than David came up to them and offered assistance.

"Hi, my name is Gale and how may I assist you today? My, what a cute outfit you have," she greeted looking at David who blushed even harder. Gale was a pretty girl with flowing chestnut colored hair, beautiful smile and very appealing figure. David felt his dick jump in its tight confines as he gazed at her.

Back before his father had run off, when David had money to burn, a hot Porsche and his manly looks Gale would have been on her back, legs spread for him before the night was over. Gazing at her nicely tented blouse thoughts of conquest ran through his mind but his mother quickly crushed any such thoughts.

"Yes you may, I have a list of things I need for my sissy son David to get from Margaret's school of dance," Doris said handing the lengthy list to Gale. When she introduced him as her sissy son, David's penis shrunk back into a nubbin from embarrassment.

"Sissy sooooonnnn," Gale gasped softly, surprise written all over her face. She quickly caught herself and smiling looked at the long list.

"Wow, a sissy boy, I never would have guessed if she hadn't said anything. This is a long list and the commission will be really good. I'd better pretend David here is really a girl instead of a sick pervert. Guess I better throw in some of those dancer gaffs and support panties too," she thought as she told them to follow her.

He left the store with two large bags and his mother carried another. Inside were four of the new very tight elastic gaffs in white, red, black and nude along with half dozen of the support panties. The support panties were like his panty girdles but not quite as fancy. Made of shiny nylon spandex in bright pastel colors, they didn't have the diamond panels or elaborate stitching of his girdles. In his opinion, the girdles were better as these pulled everything in much tighter and with the thick back seams separated his ass cheeks making it look much rounder and bigger. It didn't help matters when Gale told him these panties were made to be seen. With the gaff and support panties his groin looked as flat as any girls.

Three leotards in a shiny nylon spandex in bright purple, black, and emerald green fit as if they were painted on. They had short cap sleeves and scooped necklines with built in slightly padded bra features. A dozen pairs of tights in various colors including white, pink fuzzy leg and arm warmers, gauzy see through dance skirts, several sweat bands and another pair of black ballet slippers completed their purchases. Of course he had to try on each and every item. He was required to model his leotards, tights and matching dance skirt so his mother could consult with Gale about the fit. The built in bra made it look like he actually had "A" cup breasts. With each showing David could see the mirth in Gale's eyes making him blush even more.

Finally home after a very horrible exhausting day, he was required to go through what he had learned for Mrs. Hillshire. Then he had to remove all the labels and tags before putting them neatly away. He spent the rest of the day studying for his GED. When all this started, Doris dropped him out of school. She had said it was for his own protection because there was no telling what real boys might do to a sissy. So home schooling it was. By the time his head finally hit the satin covered pillow, he was too tired to even think. He was asleep almost instantly.


He was dressed for his first yoga class. His muscles were still stiff and sore from his dance practice and Mrs. Hillshire gave him a couple of aspirin. He was wearing his new red gaff, red with small white polka dot support panties and a red black lace trimmed training bra for undergarments. For outer wear he was given a pair of pink nylon sport short-shorts with white piping and a white nylon tee with rounded collar and cap sleeves. A red rose bud was embroidered over the left breast. His red lingerie could be seen through the material of both shorts and tee. On his feet he wore a pair of white nylon ankle socks with pink lace frills and white Kids with pink laces.

His hair was pulled up into high pig tails and secured with bright pink satin ribbons with long streamers. The makeup consisted of pink eye shadow with a sprinkle of glitter, black mascara and bubble gum pink lipstick. Again, he was sprayed with that spicy floral scented perfume. Looking into the mirror, he thought he looked much younger than he really was. He didn't like the little girl look and for the first time wished that his mother would dress him more like a girl his age.

"If I have to be a sissy at least she could let me dress like a more mature one. I hate this little girl look. I look five years younger and feel silly," he thought.

Yoga class was like ballet, a class full of young girls. There were some older ones more his age but was predominately younger girls. The stretching exercises did loosen up his sore muscles but many of the positions he had to assume as the class started in earnest were very difficult for him. Again during the breaks, his classmates wanted to know all about the "new" girl. One older girl had asked him if he started his period yet which brought a red glow to his cheeks. Another wanted to know if he had a boyfriend. As before all those personal questions left him glad when class resumed.

Yoga was only a two hour session but his body hurt even more than after ballet. For once he was happy when Mrs. Hillshire gave him a hot bath. When she first starting bathing him he resented it, as he was almost a grown man. Now as she scrubbed his body it felt good even when she reached between his legs. He was almost use to seeing his body free of any hair. Once he had been proud of his thickly matted chest, pits and legs but daily use of depilatories and lotions left it hairless from the neck down to his toes. Special laser treatments removed any hint of his once bristly face. He didn't bat an eye when she shampooed his hair with a floral scented lotion and conditioner. He didn't react when she cleaned out his ears with cotton swabs or even when she brushed his teeth for him. It would do absolutely no good to argue anyway. He was too tired, too mentally exhausted now to even think about arguing.

With his toilet completed Mrs. Hillshire had him put on his nude gaff, yellow long-line high waist girdle. Its brown satin diamond support panels with silver embroidered floral pattern stood out from the matte yellow finish of the girdle. Brown elastic floral lace trimmed the legs and waist. A matching training bra and yellow nylons completed his lingerie.
He stepped into a yellow with large white polka dot decoration "A" line rayon dress with built in white crinolines buttoning up the back. The knee length flair skirted dress had short puff sleeves with brown lace trimming and a "V" neck with brown lace embellishment. A wide brown leather belt with large gold buckle and brown patent leather three inch stiletto heeled pointed toed pumps completed his dressing.

Mrs. Hillshire stepped back, muttering, "Emmmm, much to mature looking. Needs something to tone it down a bit. Ahhhh, yes." She went into his large closet and removed a white organza bib apron with wide ruffled lace hemming and detailed colorful floral embroidered bib. Once she had the ribbon tie fastened into a big floppy bow, she was satisfied with his look.

"Alright David, its time for your voice lessons and I better see a lot of improvement today. Remember, a sissy always has a smile on his face even when speaking. I've put the CD's in already, just be careful not to mess your hair when you put on the headphones. When you are finished we'll watch "On the Good Ship Lollypop" again. I expect to hear a much better tone and pitch this time, your facial and body language had better match up when you sing-a-long with her," she ordered.

Another daily onerous task he had to endure. His voice lessons consisted of him listening to an eight year old girl read nursery rhymes in a lilting sing-song voice. Once she completed a line, he had to repeat it, imitating her as best he could, into a recorder. When his voice lessons were completed, he had to watch a Shirley Temple movie and imitate her voice and dance moves as best he could. If he didn't show sufficient enthusiasm, Mrs. Hillshire used her riding crop to inspire a better effort. Today she concentrated his efforts on mimicking her facial and hand expressions. The worst part of these lessons had to be watching himself in the full length mirror and knowing he was being filmed, more embarrassing video for his media pages.

With his voice lessons over, he was allowed to relax, if you could call it that. He spent the next two hours before supper practicing makeup application and hair styling. David was almost proficient in his daytime look but still had some difficulty with his night time and special occasion makeup regiment. For these lessons he had a small combination television and DVD player to watch and then copy from.

Doris had given him plenty of incentive to work hard in all his learning activities by threatening him. It was her worst "no pain" punishment that would mentally hurt the most. If he did not show progress every day, he would be given a buzz cut. It was mortifying to be dressed like a girl but with a boy's haircut any pretense that he was a real girl would be destroyed. As much as he hated to admit it, he could easily pass as a girl. Knowing that helped him make it through the day. With his long hair gone his humiliation would be much worse. If he were ever to escape, it would have to be as a girlie-girl as he had no other choice. With a buzz cut he would stand out in any crowd and wouldn't get very far. So he concentrated on all his lessons trying to show daily improvement.

With each passing day, his dreams of his father coming to save him diminished. If he were ever to escape, it would have to be by his own doing. He understood that escaping looking the way he did, with no money or other assistance would be very difficult. The few times he had been out in public had been frightening and humiliating but either Mrs. Hillshire or his mother had been with him. Out on his own would be a completely different experience as David had noticed the looks men and boys had given him. Looks he didn't care to think about. A prissy girl out alone, on the dark streets of the city, helpless was a thought that filled him with dread. Talking with the older girls in his Yoga class and their experiences with men only made his fear the greater.

He planned escapes almost every night that first month but in the end, after many horrible nightmares, abandoned each one. His nightmares were pretty much the same. He was out on the dark streets, sometimes it was day light, walking or running but the endings were the same. A shadowy male figure would grab him from behind and pull him into a dark place. What happened in that dark place woke him up sweating profusely or sometimes with a shrill scream. He still occasionally had those nightmares but had given up planning any escape.

After a meager vegan supper, it was back to his daily lessons. These lessons he disliked the most as they consisted of reading then acting out or repeating what he had read. What made these lessons so hard to bear was the content of his reading matter. All his readings were about female to male relationships. Titles such as, "Twenty-five ways to flirt," "How to meet just the right boy," "What men and boys really want in a relationship," and "Sensual ways to keep your man interested" made him sick as he read then demonstrated what he had learned.

Other assignments were even worse as they related to feminine hygiene before and after a sexual encounter or instruction pamphlets that came with various hygiene products. He had to know and properly demonstrate either the use or application of each one as well. After two months he could easily recite everything there was about a woman's cycle and which product to use and when. He also knew all the methods both pros and cons of birth control. More embarrassing was his knowledge of alternative ways to keep a man from performing vaginal sex but still satisfied.

With each passing day he was becoming more and more the prissy girliegirl his mother and Mrs. Hillshire desired. So far they were satisfied with his progress but weren't sure just how far to take it. Mrs. Hillshire was positive that getting him to date boys would do wonders in setting his mindset in the right direction but Doris wasn't so sure. Another thing she still wasn't sure about was starting him on hormone replacement therapy. She wasn't so concerned about giving him female hormones as she was about him growing breasts. She liked his flat sissy chest and the fact that he still had functioning genitalia. If those traits changed he would be more woman than sissy and she wasn't sure if she would like that. Decisions, decisions so many yet to make Doris decided to just think about them for the moment.