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A Happy Wife

Wilson's Frustrations

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Wilson heard them laughing. He suspected they were laughing at him and his situation. From the very minute Shelia put him in chastity she had found a reason to tell everyone she knew about his situation. She had found a reason for every humiliation she had put him through since she had put the dammed thing on him. He could still hear her humiliating sing song voice "Oh it will be fun," "All locked up and nowhere to go." And on and on in her mocking tone. He had bought into it even finding a device on the internet and buying it with his own credit card. The humiliating first fitting with her and her mother present. Wilson on the bed with his legs secured over his head, legs spread, hands cuffed to the bed posts his ass splayed open for view and comments and it got plenty of comments. It also received a visit from the glass dildo he had bought to spice up their very private love making. He had since found out that not much was private as far as Shelia was concerned. And his genitals and ass hole were now available to the public for Shelia's amusement.

Wilson was in another room doing his dusting and cleaning. Another thing that was added when the chastity device went on. A more recent addition was the short skirt and the as she called them "sensible pumps." It made no sense to him he was a man for gosh sakes, men don't wear pumps! He of course remembered her mocking reply to that "well you do." That was followed by her "you are still a man?" Well of course he was still a man and he was ready to kick some ass real soon. He looked at the pumps on his feet and thought not really ass kicking shoes, but he had just about had it with her and her friends and her mother.

Wilson heard the bell. Oh shit she wants me to come out there and her friends want to see me and mock me he thought. He was telling himself he would not play into her little game but he found himself checking his hair and he touched up the lipstick she was now insisting he wear. He stepped into the living room and saw four women in addition to his wife. She watched as he moved into the room. He saw her smile and the little nod she gave him. He gave the hated little curtsey he had been trained to do and he heard the giggles and the quiet Oh my God. Sheila said Beth will you serve the girls coffee? It was a question but he knew it was an order. He gave another curtsey and said the required yes Mistress. He heard another Oh my God and even more giggles. He would wait until these women went home before he confronted her about this humiliating treatment of him. After all he was her husband, he was the man around here.

He knew or had met all the women in the room and of course her mother sat there grinning at him in all his humiliating glory. When he returned with the coffee Shelia said "Beth, you remember the girls?" He mumbled a quiet yes Mistress. Sheila said I have been telling them about you and the device you wanted to buy. He did not want to buy the cursed thing she talked him into it by reading all those exciting stories about how it would spice up their sex life. He would wait to confront that issue. When she said they all want to see it. And since you have decided to wear skirts you can show it off to us all. He was livid about the he decided to wear skirts comment. He never wanted to wear skirts! Her cutting mockery of him with her decision that With the precious little penis all locked up he was "not a man anymore". One of the women he knew as Marlene said "look at those shoes" Then the others started they are perfect, a good height for her, perfect for her work, feminine and pretty but practical, that brought a round of giggles. Wilson was thinking he had better lift the hated skirt or he would be drawn into a humiliating "shoe conversation" with these idiot women. He set the tray down after he served them all coffee and heard all the "how well she serves" comments. He stood in the center of the room and lifted the hem of the short black skirt. Of course the tops of the thigh high stockings and the garter belt came into view as did the panties. The panties were well panties they were pink satin with four small rows of lace at the crotch and lace at the leg openings and waist. The presentation was greeted with giggles and a host of cutting comments all seemingly centered around a lack of manliness and the "why not chastity" questions. Shelia gave an impatient hand gesture signaling down and he lowered the panties to his ankles. She gave him another gesture and he dutifully stepped out of the embarrassing pink panties. With his skirt raised, his garter belt and the chastity device fully on display the humiliated husband was ordered to show each woman the hated device and answer any questions they may have. The questions ranged from' "Can you still get hard?" "You do eat pussy?" "Are you mostly a girl?" "Why did you want this?" to "Do you like guys?" and "do you ever get to cum?" Shelia instructed him to answer any and all questions and he was forced to answer the embarrassing do you ever get to cum question.

Wilson had to explain a procedure called "milking" He explained to the fascinated small group of grinning women how Shelia or her mother would use a rubber exam glove and insert a couple of fingers up his anus and massage his prostate gland and the stored up semen would drip out the end of his captivated penis without his having an erection or feeling that he had ejaculated. He was asked and had to answer that he did enjoy the experience but it was nothing like a real ejaculation. And yes it was humiliating and yes he did miss real sex and yes he always is in sexual torment. Then the question he was dreading to hear came from one of them. Can we see? Can they see? My God he thought what am I a freak for the collective amusement of a room full of women. Then Shelia's mother said I have some exam gloves in my purse. Beth fetch my hand bag and a semen cup. Shelia explained to the group that "she is required to drink her spunk" after her milking. "She loves it." "Don't you dear?" Wilson did not say anything, he was too embarrassed to speak. With his skirt still held up he "fetched" the purse and heard a women say she is used to carrying a purse, she handles it like a pro. Still more giggles. He came back with the purse and a small clear cup. Shelia said "clear the table Beth". Once the coffee table was clear he was told to assume the position. The humiliated husband assumed an all fours position with his legs spread. The women grouped around, he heard the latex exam glove snapped on his mother in laws finger, he felt the lube being applied to his ass and the gloved hand went in. He held the cup at the end of the well covered penis and his mother in law moved her fingers in and out in a sexual intercourse movement and the girls all loved this. He felt his captive penis try to grow in the hated device and of course the girls all noticed and loved this. "Well he seems to enjoy it." was the comment de jour. Shelia's mom kept it up and gave a running commentary as she worked her finger in and out. "Sissies all claim to hate this but they really do love it." Wilson was too stressed out to worry about what was said. He was perspiring and really wanted her to hit the spot and allow the cuming. She knew exactly what she was doing and was waiting until he began a backward push to get her fingers deeper. She was going to make him assist in his own total humiliation. Wilson heard Sheila say in her sing song voice " does the girl like her screwing?" "It's ok Beth you can like sex too." "I bet you want something bigger." Then she said Mom just hold it there I will be back with his toy. Shelia returned with a huge black rubber dildo this drew oohs and ahaas from the girls. She positioned it in front of his mouth and said that it needs to be wet. Wilson took into his mouth like a whore sucking a big cock. When it was wet Shelia placed it at his ass and her mother removed her fingers then removed the dirty gloves and put them in Wilson's mouth for disposal after his fucking. The dildo was worked slowly in and out Wilson was beyond resistance now and was unashamedly assisting with his fucking and humiliation. The spot was found and the semen began to flow and flow and flow. Shelia held the dildo to his prostate and milked the poor humiliated husband until he stopped erupting. Shelia said "position" and Wilson knelt on his knees, removed the gloves and lifted the cup to his mouth and following Shelia's nod drank the warm sticky fluid down to the applause of the women who had watched his degradation. When the cup was empty and Wilson had licked the inside he put the gloves back in his mouth and asked Shelia for permission to clean up and put on his panties. Wilson left for the bathroom with the gloves in his mouth and the dildo still up his ass.

It was a beaten Wilson that returned to the living room and retrieved the pink satin panties from his mother in law and in front of a room full of giggling women stepped into the humiliating little garment. He adjusted the skirt and turned to Sheila with a cute but small curtsey. She said why don't you just return to your cleaning? All he was able to say was yes Mistress. Wilson smiled as he returned to his house work, he looked at his smart little pumps and skirt in the hall mirror. Wilson felt good, he had that just fucked feeling but he wanted more. Wilson planned to ask Shelia if he could please be allowed to wear the butt plug for a while He was hoping she would use his tongue for a while tonight. He decided that life was not so bad after all. The confrontation could wait at least until the afterglow was finished.

A Happy Wife