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A Happy Wife

Velvet Boy

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There now you look so cute.

You don't want to look cute? Everyone wants to look cute.

What do you mean you don't like the shorts? You said all the men would be wearing shorts. Well yes they are velvet shorts, I know that silly. They are not girls shorts, they are your shorts. Well I know they zip in the back, but look how nice and flat the front is. Mummy tucked your boy stuff all back and with your smooth shiny legs you look like a teen age girl. Oh I know you are not a teen age girl. I do to know you are a big tough man.

Well yes of course they are girls shoes. It would be pretty hard to find Mary Jane men's shoes now wouldn't it? Yes of course it would. You will wear Mary Jane's, what else would you wear with black velvet shorts and a white silk blouse. Just wait until we fit you up with the straw hat and the satin ribbons. The other men will just adore you. Oh it's just an expression and of course you want to be adored. I do know they tease you. They are just jealous. You do not dress funny.

Oh silly mummy is not laughing at you she is just smiling. Well maybe giggling a little. Well of course she knows that we have your little penie locked up. She did tuck it in for you. She is my mother and she has every right to see your little thing. Well silly it is small. What do you expect her to say about it? Do you expect her to say God it is big? I didn't think so. I have gotten over my disappointment with it. We have adjusted and we have a happy marriage.

What! I cannot believe you said that! What do you mean people think you are pussy whipped! You seemed to like that pussy pretty well when you were kissing it this morning! You would rather what? Well you smart mouthed little sissy. Do you really expect to put that little thing in there? Do you want another spanking? I did not think so. Oh quit kissing my shoes! If I want to spank you I will and kissing my shoes will not change anything! Get your red Crayon and some sheets of paper you are going to write lines while I make some calls. We will find out what the other men will be wearing. You are to write I worship at my Wife's pussy! Five hundred times.

Oh mummy he is just upset about the velvet shorts, the silk blouse, the Mary Jane shoes, the straw hat, the chastity device, the bra and panties, the shaved body, his jewelry and of course the makeup. Well there are some other things that bother him. He thinks the other men and their wives will be mean to him. Oh they tease him but they are not really mean. Well what's wrong with polishing the shoes of the men? I think it is a sweet gesture. Well hand washing Betty's panties was a little over the top. But what a good job he did, and he does do ours so helping our friends is only being polite. But mummy he is getting so insistent about wanting sex. He bothers me all the time. I keep telling him "oral sex is sex!" But he wants to put that thing in me all the time. Oh it's because it's all the men talk about, and he wants to do it. He has done it a few times you know how small he is. How can that ever satisfy me? And the licking lessons have really paid off he is very good at that. Yes Marcus will be here today. No we haven't slept together yet, we may not. The boy is very worried about it. He seems to think that if he could just, well you know "screw" me I wouldn't be thinking about Marcus. Mummy maybe if I let him out for just a stretch and he got to do his little sissy squirt he wouldn't be so randy all the time. Do you let daddy out for a while? You do don't you? You are smiling now and you are thinking about it. So mums after the BBQ today are you going to go home and give daddy his treat? Oh that is so delicious maybe I will let the velvet one out for a romp?

Oh there you are, are you through with your lines? I didn't hear you come up, are you trying to be quiet? I usually hear your smart little shoes on the floor. Oh you heard mummy and I talking did you? What's that dear? You would like to be let out for a while? Well I will just bet you would. But you do see boy that you have not been real good today. You have complained about your outfit and your smart little shoes, you bitched about the chastity device and you raised holy hell about the back door intruder. Yes I know it hurts going in, but it makes you walk so much nicer. Well what Bill said is true, you do walk like you have a stick up your ass. Oh mummy is just smiling she is not laughing, ok she may be giggling. She is not laughing at you she is laughing with you, of course you are not laughing. But the plug stays in and you will thank me for it. Yes with a curtsy. Oh the curtsy looks so cute with the shorts and see how he puts the shiny toe of his shoe behind his leg, so dainty! Oh I can't imagine how that plug must feel the way he squeals when I put it in you would think it was a fire hydrant. Well he will just have to get used to it. You do know mums, that Marcus has expressed an interest in the boys back side. He is very tight back there and it would be uncomfortable for Marcus so the plug will loosen him up should Marcus or another real man want to avail themselves of his backside. I have heard some of the guys say that a tight sissy ass is as good as pussy. Oh I know it's crude but that is the way some men are. That is why the boy is being groomed to be, well more feminine. Yes the boy is softer. Oh I did not mean that kind of soft you silly boy you. But you are not really hard there are you? Oh it was too more than once. No one ever complained? There was no one to complain. Oh you were to a virgin. You wet your panties before you even got it out of your pants. They weren't panties? Well they are now and they will stay panties. You know mums that if the boy was being, well "screwed" in his back door maybe he wouldn't be bothering me so much. What do you think Velvet one? You don't think you would like that very much. Have you tried it? Well sex is sex after all.

The guests will be here soon if you want some time out of that thing you will have to show some enthusiasm for your situation around here and the darling little outfits you wear. Well some little squeals of laughter, some hand claps, some little jumps, a few compliments on what the women are wearing, maybe the offer of a foot rub, yes even for the men. You will be serving today and using the silver tray and wearing your darling little tea apron would be a good idea. Oh don't frown like that remember to smile. I do know that you are embarrassed and some people think you are a sissy. What mom? He is a sissy? Well I can see why you would say that but the little shorts make a statement don't they? What's that a sissy statement? Oh mummy you are so funny. What's that boy? You don't think it's funny? It is what it is and you will make the best of it. The guests all deserve one of you cute little curtseys when you answer the door everyone gets your little hug and your sweet air kisses. When you have served snacks and drinks you can give us all a demonstration of you new tap dancing skills. All you will have to do is change to your tap shoes, they are almost like your Mary Jane's. Oh mummy he is the hit of the ladies tap and ballet class. They all love him, they even bought him the most adorable tutu and he wears his toe shoes and the little camisole he is just a trooper. They do not laugh at you, well they do giggle but it is only because they love you. What's that you don't feel the love? Well they do. Mums do you think doing some ballet in addition to his tapping would tire him too much? There it is settled you can do both tap and ballet for our guests. Oh nonsense many men do ballet. Well they may not wear the tutu and toe shoes but after all boy it is a ladies class. You should be grateful for the discount I got for you. Here let me touch up your lip color and blush before anyone arrives. I know you think that you don't need lip color. But I have decide you do need it! Yes this is a brighter red than we have been using. It really makes a statement doesn't it mom? Yes sort of a "here comes velvet boy's lips" What mums? What do the men think of the lip stick? Well if you had a big cock and saw that luscious mouth what would you think? Oh silly we are not making fun of you, we are having fun. You are not having fun? How can you not have fun? All pretty with your red lips and smart little shoes and shorts.

Yes mom I do think Marcus has a big cock. Well I don't know for sure but I have felt it when we danced. What do you think boy? You were certainly looking at his crotch. Oh mother he was shameless! He couldn't take his eyes off it. Marcus asked him to dance and they pressed together. Oh honey she is not laughing she is smiling. Well maybe just giggling. After the dance the velvet one here just couldn't stop looking. Of course Marcus noticed. Men do notice when a girl looks. Oh silly I know you are not a girl, even if you are wearing your smart shoes, velvet shorts, a silk blouse and those lips. And Marcus knows you are all man just like him, well maybe not just like him. What do I mean? Well can you imagine Marcus wearing those little shorts and shoes? Can you imagine Marcus holding still for the application of a lip color? I did not think so! What is so funny mom? Oh trying to put lip stick on Marcus, Mom no real man would allow a mere girl like me to do that! That color is so hot it should be named "put it in my mouth big guy" Well the name "suck able" about says it all. Yes boy that is the name. Oh your blushing, silly it is just a name, enjoy it. Well most girls like to have the kind of mouth that men find attractive. Oh I know you are not a girl! You know dear you are very defensive about that? Are you worried about not being manly? About being soft? about being small and quick? About the chastity device? Oh you think the device is a problem? Well yes everyone does know. Why would I keep it a secret? You are the one with the impotency problem, not me. Oh she is not laughing. Well giggling maybe. Yes the other women do giggle at it and the men too. But it is treatment for the impotency issue. Yes you are impotent! And my feeling were too hurt. But we have adjusted and are making the marriage work. What do you mean it's not working for you? Well missy do you want to write another 500 lines? I did not think so. And stop kissing my feet you are getting lipstick on my shoes. Yes you had better clean it up. And freshen up those lips!

Well I have decided the device can come off later. You may need a stretch. Oh your jumping around like a puppy! Now stop it! When? Oh gosh you are impatient after the guests leave. No there will be no "screwing" You will do some of your licking and if you are good I will rub you with my feet I know you do like that. Yes mom he just goes crazy for that and he licks my feet. It is heavenly mom. I am sure he would be glad to lick your feet too. You would be happy to do that for mums wouldn't you velvet one? There that is the kind of enthusiasm I want to see. A woman wants to have her foot admired.

Oh there's the door now run fetch your apron and answer it with your little curtsey.

A Happy Wife