A Submissive Sissy

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A Happy Wife

The Boys

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The two men eyed each other with caution. Both were embarrassed by their near nudity and the displayed feminine items. Both men were in chastity both wore identical stainless steel chastity cages of the ball trap design. Their enclosed penis pointed down and the balls extended and were on display. Helen sat in a comfortable wicker chair and smiled at the boys. She crossed her legs and sipped her wine. Helen had on a pair of wide legged comfortable jeans, a white tunic top with silver trim and comfortable silver boat shoes. The boy that was her husband was called Tinker. Tink no longer had husband privileges. Tinker was nude except for the chastity device and thigh high nude stockings and smart black closed toe and closed heel pumps with a three inch heel. The delicate lace of the stocking tops framed the caged penis. The other boy was called Bell and was a new friend of Helen. Bell was attired the same as Tinker except his stockings were white and his pumps were red.

Both boys hated the chastity device but were secretly glad to have it on today. Each boy was sexually excited by the appearance of the other boy and the exquisite humiliation of being exposed this way. Neither boy wanted Helen or the other boy to see the erection growing in the cage. Both boys and Helen saw the humiliating erection trying to form. Helen called the boys over and had them stand in front of her. Each boy was instructed to put a hand on the others cage and keep it there. Both Tinker and Bell did not want this intimate contact with another male and of course Helen knew this but because Helen asked them to touch they touched.

Both boys worried about what she might ask them to do later on. Tinker was worried anytime there was another man around Helen even if that man was in chastity also. Helen's age was unknown to Tinker. She was in fact in her fifties, had black hair with flecks of grey, tall at five feet ten inches in flats, wore Jewelry with minimal make up. Helen was beautiful and very striking, Tinker was a handsome man but Helen's feminization process had taken its toll. Still good looking and if allowed masculine attire could turn a woman's head. In the sissy costuming he was required to wear the head turning was usually followed by giggles or the quiet "Oh my God - is that a man?"

Tinker lost his husband privilege the day Helen locked the device around his penis. He of course held on to the hope that it would someday be granted. Bell met Helen on line and even dated her once or twice. He had tried to seduce her only to be rebuffed and told by her he was getting close to being spanked. He made the mistake of daring her to try it and found himself in the embarrassing position of being over her knees with his pants down. Bell learned this was not a game. Helen paddled his ass till it shined then she switched from her hand to the sole of her flat shoe and Bell was in tears. With his pants still down Bell replaced the shoe and then received instruction on shoe worship. Bell was a quick learner and his erection told Helen all she needed to know about him.

Helen stood the sobbing Bell in front of her and told the poor man that the only way he would be allowed any of her time is to accept his position as a sissy in chastity. Once fitted to the device Bell was trained by Helen in the sissy arts. Helen had decided that bell should meet Tinker and the two of them would become matching sissies. Tinker was not taking this news well. Tinker very much wanted to return to his former status as husband with husband privilege and he knew that with another sissy around that possibility was very distant. Besides Tinker did not want Bell to be assisting Helen with the intimate tasks that he now did. His leg saving and the once in a while pussy lick and ass sniffing was as close as he was getting to his husband privilege He sure as hell didn't want to share that with Bell.

Tinker was almost sure that there were other men Helen was seeing. Tinker sometimes helped Helen dress in very dressy outfits for an evening out. There was no explanation ever give to him as to why she was dressed so nicely or what she was doing. He just hooked the bra, buckled the evening shoe and clipped the jewelry closed as though he was the personal maid. And now this simpering sissy in high heels shows up and is promised the same serving position as him. Bell was hoping that the day would come when he would bed the lovely Helen the presence of a husband even a sissy husband in chastity was making that dream fade. To make matters worse for Bell he knew that Helen had been looking for a man to date and to have casual sex with. Bell had hopes of being that man. Instead Helen had turned him into the sissy that was holding the caged cock of the woman he desires husband.

Helen said Tinker meet Bell and Bell meet Tinker. You girls will become best friends, now kiss cheeks. After an embarrassed cheek kissing by the two boys Helen went on to explain the new rules. The boys would greet each other with what she called sissy style. Bell would bend forward and Tinker would spread her rear cheeks and smell her special spot then she would kiss it. The positions would then reverse and Tinker would bend forward and present her ass and Bell would sniff and kiss in sissy greeting. Each boy would be the personal assistant of the other and would help with body shaving, hair, makeup and other deeply personal things such as making sure each boy was clean after using the toilet. The boys would care for the others feet and the hair removal around each other's anus. The boys would function as one and would both be punished for any infraction. Each boy would only be addressed in the feminine unless Helen decided that the term boy was to be used. On the nights bell stayed over Tinker and Bell would share the bed in the cuddle position. Of course there would be no sexual contact between the boys unless Helen requested it then both boys would do exactly as instructed no matter how humiliating it may be. Helen then clapped her hands and said OK boys practice the sissy greeting.

A very red faced Bell bent forward while a totally humiliated Tinker sniffed and served at this most intimate of spots. It was a surprise to Bell to experience the sexual stimulation of the ass lick and to know that he was about to stimulate another male the same way. The excitement showed in the poor boy's partial erections that did not go unnoticed by Helen or the other boy. Practice make perfect Helen told the boys. As the boys were practicing Helen was telling them that on the nights that Bell was staying over they would sleep together in the classic spoon position. When they were out in public they would hold hands. No matter how they were dressed they would always carry a purse and be wearing pretty shoes. Helen reminded both boys that they had small delicate feet as well as a small delicate penis. Helen told the boys that they would dress alike even if not the same colors if one wore a party dress the other one would also if one wore a suit the other would also. They would help each other with body shaving, wiping, pedicures and the cleaning of each other's bits and openings. Helen said that when she had a guest over the boys would serve as a team and if a guest was a man he may stay for just a short time or the night even a weekend or longer. The boys would give Helen all the privacy she and her fellow desired Tinker was to never try to play the marriage card but instead would welcome any fellow of Helen's choosing and each boy or both would be available for sexual service should a man desire that. If service was not sexual the boys would be available for foot rubs, toilet assisting, shoe polishing and laundry duty should a man need that. The boys were told to kiss the tube to show they understood. Each very embarrassed boy bent and kissed the others chastity device.

The boys were back to back, bent forward at the waist and joined by a double ended dildo their hands were joined at the wrists and drew the boys back so as to make sure the dildo stayed in. Both boys wore their chastity devices and high heeled pumps and were practicing their movements. Helen wanted them to "move as one" in this humiliating dance of submission. The boys kept moving and concentrated on smooth movements. Helen had a small crop she was more than willing to apply to the back and legs of each boy. In fact she rather enjoyed the little yelps each boy emitted when struck.

Helen was on the phone with her mother and outlined the training process to her. It seemed that her mother approved of humiliating Tinker and looked forward to meeting Bell as well as the new fellow Helen said she had in her life. Helen told her how the new fellow had come up with the idea of the double dildo bondage and the training procedure. When the training was complete the boys would not need the wrist restraints and would be able to gracefully glide around and have their hands free for serving or to guide a penis to their mouths. It seemed that Helen's new fellow was not opposed to a nice little blow job from a sissy and both Tinker and Bell had been gifted with that experience. Tinker and Bell had become best friends forever and the close contact and mutual humiliation had formed a bond between them that Helen enjoyed exploring and exploiting. Helen's mother as well as the new fellow would be over tonight and Helen was hoping the boys would be trained to serve by then.

The boys finished their makeup and checked each other for any mistakes. They hooked each other's bra straps and made sure their stockings were wrinkle free they helped each other slip on the black patent pumps and then the humiliating black satin maids dress with the cut away skirt back. Each boy checked the other's chastity device and the two of them walked in to the living room. Each boy had installed a condom on the other and reinstalled the chastity devices.

Tinker carried a velvet lined wooden box and Bell carried a black velvet bag with a draw string. Helen and her new fellow Clark sat on the couch and watched the humiliated boys approach them. Helen and her fellow just smirked and waited. Tinker presented Helen the wooden box and Bell opened the velvet bag. Clark could not suppress his laughter Each boy bent forward and Helen used the personal lubricant in the bottle that was in the sack to lube up the double ended dildo that was in the box. Clark inserted the dildo deep into Tinkers back side and then guided Bell onto the other end. Both boys let out a small gasp as the dildo found it's home. The bottle of lube and the bag was handed back to Bell and the box to Tinker. The happy couple sat on the couch and watched the two sissy boys in this humiliating but graceful dance of submission return the box and bag to the bedroom. Each boy was quiet as the extent of their humiliation and submission sank in.

A Happy Wife