A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

A Happy Wife

Service With A Smile

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Don't frown sweetie you know you love your frillies, and I do love showing you off. Oh sweetie they don't make fun of you they have fun with you. What do you mean you don't have fun? Oh sweetie you just love girl talk and I know you love to serve coffee and tea and you look so sweet in your apron and your little dress. Yes I know the shoes are a little tight but they will break in and you will get used to the heels soon. Those are the highest you have had yet aren't they? So smart and in the very height of fashion. I know the girls will just love them. What's that sweetie? You feel silly in the short dress. Well you are silly. What self respecting man would let himself be seen in clothes like that. Oh but sweetie you are a sissy. I know you would like to be a man but we both know that you are much better at being a sissy than a man.

What do you mean you hate the modesty device? You silly sissy you, the modesty device is part of being a sissy. Besides Mummy made the darling little satin sheath with the lace and frills. Well the condom you wear under it is manly and it stops those sissy drips. No sweetie the lacing does not make it look small it is small. Yes your penis is tiny but Mummy and I compensated for that by making it girly. The girls do love it. Oh I know they don't want to do that with it but they have their men for that.

Oh sweetie I think Cheryl is bringing her new boyfriend over. Oh don't be that way you will like him. I do know you have a crush on Cheryl and she knows it too but sissy Cheryl is a normal healthy girl and she wants, well sissy she wants a man with a real penis. Burt would never allow Cheryl to put him in a little dress like yours now would he? Oh and Mummy is bringing a fellow over too. I have never met this new beau I want you to be on your best behavior around him.

No she is not bringing daddy she is bring her new fellow. Daddy is now in a device like yours and mummy is seeing real men. Well I am happy for her and she still has daddy to do his licking for her. She just adores getting her licking. I think it is just perfect for them she can have a man and she has daddy.

Yes I know sissy it is scary for you but I am a healthy woman myself and need a man from time to time. Oh don't be that way I do love you but really sweetie a woman needs a man on her arm or in her pussy once in a while. Well sweetie how would I look going out to dinner with you on my arm? What about later in bed you huffing and puffing trying to get hard and big enough to have sex. It is just better this way to have you mincing around on your cute shoes and adorable little dresses, fetching drinks and snacks, you are perfect for it.

Sweetie you are a good reminder to the men to stay manly or what has happened to you could happen to them. Remember how you protested when you were first put into your little dresses and pretty shoes? Oh I do, you thought you would die from embarrassment with your little peenie all locked in lace and steel. Oh I will never forget marching you into the salon for your first makeover and how pretty you have become. Remember your spankings? You kicked your pretty legs like a school girl.

I remember Mummy enrolling you in a ladies dance class and the women all voted you Special Girl oh Mummy and I were so proud of our sissy. You got to sing and dance a solo number in front of all the husbands and family of the class. You did really well too and you got your taps in and your moves just perfect. You were so cute in your sequins and your shiny black tap shoes except for your smart boys haircut you were the prettiest of the pretty. Now here you are today the sissy who serves.

Oh listen there's the door the first guest are here. Now sweetie you answer the door and remember to do your little curtsy. Oh I know you hate it but you look so cute doing it. Oh its Mummy and what's that Chuck is his name. Oh Mummy that is funny your man is named Chuck and my sissy is named cuck. Chuck you can ask the sissy to explain it later he will be happy to do that. Won't you cucky? Cucky will get the door and I will show you to the living room. Oh it's Cheryl and Burt, cucky introduce Cheryl and Burt to Chuck and Mummy.

Yes the house does look nice cucky does all the cleaning now. He is so proud of his, well let's just say maids duties. Oh cuck is only working part time now, his work at home takes so much of his time. Well you know he has stepped down from actually running the company. Bertha is in charge now and she is doing a splendid job of it. Cuck only has to be in to serve coffee and run errands for the girls. You men may not know this, being men but a sissy is happiest when he can serve a woman and assist her as a woman would. Sissies love to fetch tampons and wrap and dispose of the used ones. Shoe cleaning is one of the sissies favorite tasks. If you boys would like to take advantage of that cucky will be happy to give your big manly foot ware a clean and polish.

Would you like that Chuck? Oh don't untie them Chuck the sissy will do that. Oh that is a treat I have never seen the sissy at a man's foot before. He looks just precious down there. I know Mummy he is at eye level with Chucks crotch. Move forward sissy and say hello to the crotch. Don't touch it sissy, no touch, no kiss he remembers what being a man was like so being close to a man's crotch is kind of nostalgic for him.

Oh I know let's play a game, when cucky speaks to a man he will speak to their crotch. Oh there is the door. I will get it I am expecting a friend you have not met yet. Everyone and especially you cucky, this is Brad. Brad is a fellow I met when I was getting some work done on my corvette. Well cucky can't really turn a wrench now can he? I mean he might break a nail. Well anyway Brad and I hit it off and have been seeing each other a little.

Oh I told Brad I was married and Brad is a gentleman and wouldn't want to get in the way of my marriage. Then I told him all about cucky, his little dresses and his smart shoes, the modesty device, his smallness, his softness and his quickness and being the sensitive man that he is realized how difficult it is for a young healthy woman like me to be married to a sissy like cuck. Brad understood how a woman wants and needs a real man and how much I am missing in life. Brad thinks a woman should be fulfilled emotionally and sexually and a sissy with a low sex drive and inadequate genitals would not be able to do that.

What is that Cheryl? Oh no we have not done that yet. After all Mummy and Cheryl I am married and cucky should meet the man I am considering to cuckold him with. Cucky you hurry up and finish with chuck's shoes and feet then you can get to know Brad.

Brad cucky is polishing Chuck's shoes and is going to do foot service on him. What is foot service? Well you just watch and if you like what you see I will have cuck do it for you. Oh it is divine, the boy removes your shoes and socks or stockings, then he sniffs the foot, then a gentle massage with movement and massage oil when the massage is complete he will kiss the foot and take each toe into his mouth like a little penis and suck it he uses his tongue to clean between each toe and this is the heavenly part he uses the flat of his tongue and licks the full length of the foot.

Well yes - of course it is humiliating but as a sissy humiliation is expected. Oh goody cuck Brad would like to avail himself of your offer to serve at his feet. What's that? You didn't offer, well you big silly you I offered for you. Now you just know that you will love it. See how big Brads manly foot is and look at his big man shoes. Remember when you used to wear men's shoes? Oh that was so silly of you. You are so much cuter in your pretty little shoes. Brad doesn't sissy have pretty little feet and shoes? You see sissy Brad thinks they are cute and earlier today you said they hurt your feet. It is worth it to have some discomfort for a handsome man to notice your shoes isn't it sissy? Oh don't be shy sissy cuck show Brad how flattered you are. Well you could give his big shoes a little kiss.

Oh cucky we are not laughing we are just enjoying. Brad you sit over here so we can all watch while cucky works on your feet. Cucky you know what they say about a large foot for a man don't you? Well the same goes for the small foot, so girly foot girly well you know. Everybody look now; cucky kneels at his feet and kisses each shoe. That is so delightful an expression of submission. Then he unties the shoes and slides them off the foot, notice how he holds the shoe and smells the inside. That is a very manly smell isn't it sissy? I did not hear you cucky! Now he rolls down the socks and smells them. Now the feet are exposed to the sissies eyes. The sissy rubs the foot with loving care and attention any stress or tension is massaged out cuck moves the foot around and taps the ball of the foot and rubs it. Notice the pleasure Brad is getting form this. Now the sissy will begin his oral servitude to Brads feet.

Cucky is not used to doing a man's foot but he is a natural isn't he? Oh look at that tongue work between Brad's toes. Oh sissy you are so talented. When Brad is through with the sissy he can just tap the sissies nose with his foot and the sissy will dress Brad's feet and once more kiss the toe of each shoe. Oh sissy that is not degrading oh I know it would be for a man but it is just fitting for you.

See everyone agrees and you should be so happy to have met Brad and had the honor of serving him this way. OK cucky it's time for you to wash your hands really well and serve the snacks you made. Be sure and wash real good, after all cuck you were caressing feet. Well you did too enjoy it but the rest of us don't want the foot smell on our little snacks.

Oh he is back with the try. Oh he is so sweet yes mummy he does have the curtsy down to a tee. Cucky while we enjoy the snacks you prepared I want you to stand there and listen while we discuss something important. Oh don't be that way. No it can't wait until later. Besides I want input from the guests. OK cucky as you know your nick name, cuck comes from the word cuckold. A cuckold is a man who has an unfaithful wife and he is unable to do anything about that. By giving you the nick name of cuck or cucky there is am implication of your being cuckolded. I have yet to do that but now that I have met Brad it will happen.

Oh now cuck get back up and stop kissing my feet. Stop it now just stand there and look at Brad's crotch. Oh look Mummy he is blushing. What is that Chuck? Yes for a man being a cuckold would just about be the ultimate humiliation but for a sissy it is exciting. Cheryl would you mind just lifting cucky's skirt and dropping his panties a little. See how his little thing is straining to get hard in its little sheath. See cuck you like the idea of being a cuckold and you like the idea of me being happy and well fucked.

Oh I know you think you should be the one but you should know that it is not likely to happen. Oh cucky you are so sweet and of course you will still get to use your sweet little mouth on me but you remember what happened when I let you try to be a man. Well you brought it up, and yes we will talk about it. Well cucky I removed your sheath and what happened? Alright I will tell them. You filled the condom, you started going ooh aah and you spurted like a dog in heat. Did I give you another chance? Yes I did I gave you time to get in the mood and what happened? You couldn't get hard could you? No you couldn't. Then you cried and kissed my feet begging for yet another try. Did I give you one? What happened? I allowed you to kiss the rose bud while I called Mummy. Did you get hard? What I told Mummy is not what prevented the erection! I told her the truth, how hurt I was, my own husband couldn't make love to his wife! My own husband was soft, quick and small cucky I was mortified.

But see sweetie we worked it all out with Mummy's help we decided on a course of action that makes us all happy. What do you mean you're not happy? You have your pretty dresses, you smart little shoes, your makeup and today you got to meet the man who will be my lover and best of all you served his manly feet. See cuck life is good for you.

Oh don't pout sweetheart they have all gone home now. Yes they did tease you a little bit. Well sweetie when Cheryl asked you to tap dance for us you could have said no. But you did look so cute. It was mean of mummy to make you strip down to just your camisole and modesty device, but it was so cute the way your little princess bounced around with your dance steps.

Yes of course Brad is coming back later and yes of course you will have to offer him your place in bed. I do expect you to make a gracious offer, turn down the bed, give him a little curtsy and invite him to sleep with your wife. You can do that and make me proud, can't you? Well I think you can.

Why don't you change into your new serving dress and your comfortable flat Mary Jane shoes that you like so much. What do you mean you don't like them? Well of course they look like little girl shoes. Duh you look like a little girl. Do you want to look like a grown up woman? We have had this conversation before. You will be allowed to look like a woman when you learn to act like one! You have to learn to understand a woman's wants and needs. That is why I have invited Brad over tonight. You sissy will cook and serve then when Brad takes me to bed you will tidy up in here and be happy that I am getting sexual satisfaction from a man.

Cucky when Brad and I say our good nights to you I expect you to offer to fluff Brad a little for me, and I expect a big smile from you. I just know how happy you will be to do that. What do you mean you're not happy? Well you are smiling.

A Happy Wife