A Submissive Sissy

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Missy Satinpanties

My Sissy Submission Hell

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I was just lying there on satin sheets, wrapped in beautiful lingerie, and...Well, let me start at the beginning, so you know what's going on, okay?

I have always been straight, even though I had never had too much luck with the women. I have dated several young ladies, but not with the sort of regularity that I wished for. Never the less, I never, ever thought about men in anything close to a sexual way. At least until last year, that is. Allow me to tell you about myself: I'm 26, white, and come from a normal, fairly conservative middle class background. I have a decent job, and while I'm not rich, I own my car outright, and have a very nice little 3 bedroom bungalow on the edge of town.

I'd like to tell you I own the home outright, but the bank would call me a bit of a liar. I'm not a large man, only 5'4" tall, slender, longish brown hair that can really shine, if I take the time to brush it (My little sister has always said that she should have had my hair.). I have green eyes covered by long lashes that my sister also thinks I stole from her. At least she used to say that when we still talked to each other. After Mom and Dad died in plane crash while coming out to visit, she blamed me, and it's been at least three years since we talked on the phone, and at least four years since we actually were in the same city together. Well, I guess that's me in a nutshell. Now, on with the story.

I had just started dating Heather, a young lady that I met at the library just the week before. I know, I know, the library, how old fashioned! She was a beautiful, delicate thing, with long blonde hair, hazel eyes, turned-up little nose, small but perky breasts, and only sixteen years old. Yeah, you read that right, sixteen. At the time, though, I was blissfully unaware of that little nugget of information. From the way she dressed and acted, I really thought she was older. And of course, she never told me any different. This was the genesis of my future.

We had engaged in some heavy necking and petting on our last date, and I was looking forward to the next evening together as I really thought there was a very good chance of something more. There was more in store, but not what I had in mind! She showed up, driving her VW Beetle up my driveway about seven o'clock (Again, I had no idea that she was 'borrowing" her sister's car without her knowledge or without a license. But you should also know, I, well, er, she, I mean... Crap! I guess I'll fill you in later.). She was dressed in a short black pleated skirt, and what looked like an ivory colored satin blouse and very nice high heels. As she sashayed up the short walk, her hips swinging temptingly, I thought she looked good enough to eat!

Once in the door we went into a liplock that would have taken a tow truck to pull apart, both of us trying to give the other a tonsillectomy with our tongues. We finally broke the clinch, and I moved to the sofa, where I had a bottle of nice white wine chilling, and a "chick flick" DVD cued up. She took off her coat, and excused herself to the bathroom for a moment. When she returned, we snuggled together, and drank some wine. I noticed that the top two buttons on her blouse were undone, and I know only one was open when she walked in. I decided that if two buttons were good, three were better, and four, well, you get my drift.

Soon the movie was forgotten, and I was kissing her beautiful breasts through the satin of her bra. My hand had moved up under her skirt and was caressing her delicious bottom through her panties. In no more time than it takes to write this sentence, she hiked up her hips, and I slid the panties from her body. I took just a glance, but saw they were pale blue silk or satin, with lace panels, and felt and looked expensive. As I removed her blouse, and undid her bra, I noticed it matched, and made some comment as to how much I loved lingerie, and that some day she would have to model the bra and panties for me. With a finger in her warm moist slit, and my lips wrapped around her nipple, my world went from heaven to hell in a single breath. 

A hand clamped down on my arm, hauling me up, and a deep voice started yelling at Heather to get the hell out of this house and to get home, and then I felt myself being thrown to the floor. I hit my head on the coffee table, and must have blacked out for a moment or so. When I came to, I was sitting slumped against the sofa, with a body builder sitting on my easy chair. Heather was nowhere to be seen. I said a few slurred syllables, and the hunk in my chair told me to shut up.

"So, you like banging little girls?" he asked menacingly. My vocal abilities came back a bit, and I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about. "That's my damn sister you were trying to fuck, and she just turned sixteen, you lousy shit!" I tried to reason with him, but the throbbing in my head prevented me from thinking in anything like a clear manner. "You hurt me," was the only thing I could say, holding my hand over the huge lump on my head. I won't recount the yelling fest that ensued, but after a while, an ice pack for me, and a beer for him, he finally believed me that I clueless as to her age. "Well, he said," thinking deeply, "I still think I have to punish you for trying. But, I'll give you an option. Either I beat you until I'm satisfied, or..."

The "or" just hung in the air. I looked at this muscle bound man and realized that a beating could land me in the hospital, or worse, so with a quiet voice I asked what the alternative was. His answer floored me. "Give me a blowjob," was his straightforward, but incomprehensible alternative. I just sat there, staring at him, my mind refusing to understand those simple words. He said it again, "Give me a blowjob, or I'll beat the shit out of you, right here, and then call the cops because you were trying to rape my sister. Now, which is it going to be?" I just sat there and watched my ego, and my future fall apart. In a small, weak voice I told him that I would perform oral sex on him. I couldn't even get the word "blowjob" to come out of my mouth. "Good," he said, "get your ass back to the bedroom, and take off your damn clothes, NOW!" At this, I jumped up, and scurried back to my bedroom, too shocked to even protest. He walked in a moment later with something in his hands and an evil grin on his face. "Well, lookie here," he chuckled, "My little sis was in such a hurry that she left her dainties on your floor! You told Heather that you loved lingerie, and wanted her to model them for you. Now you can model them for me!" I was half undressed, just standing there in my socks, underwear, and T-shirt, and froze at his suggestion. Without a word, he just reached out, grabbed the neck of the shirt, and ripped it down the front, and then barked at me to get the rest of my damn clothes off in 3 seconds, or face a pounding and then the cops. I meekly did as I was told, and then he handed me the panties that had so recently graced Heather's adorable little ass. I could even smell her musky scent. He yelled at me to quit staring into space, and get the damn panties on. I pulled them up my legs, reveling in their silky smooth softness, even as I was horrified at what I was doing. Once they were settled into place, he handed me the bra, and instructed me to put it on backwards, and then spin it around, and put my arms through the straps. I did this, and was now standing in front of this brute, wearing the bra and panties I had just taken off Heather's young, ripe body not 30 minutes earlier.

He began to take off his clothes, and I noticed that his biceps weren't the only large part of him. He had a cock that was at least 8 inches long, thick, and appeared to be as hard as a rock. He pushed me to my knees on the carpet, and told me to get busy, but if I hurt him, he was going to hurt me more than I could imagine. At that point, I could imagine a lot. I made several tentative starts, finally licking the head to moisten it, and then placing just the head in my mouth. Moving my head, I began to slide my lips down his shaft, sucking on his cock, and using my tongue. I have had a few blowjobs in the past, and sort of knew what felt good. I hoped that if I made this gorilla feel good, he would leave, and leave me alone. I sucked and licked, and tried to take the whole thing in my mouth, but I began to gag. I used my hand on the base of his shaft, like I had seen in a movie, and was just developing a rhythm, when I was blinded by the flash, flash, flash of a digital camera. Startled, and with his cock still in my mouth, I looked to my left, and saw Heather, her braless nipples poking through her blouse, taking picture after picture of my predicament. I started to pull back to protest and question, but had my head grabbed, and that cock was forced back between my lips. I had no choice but to keep going, while all the time Heather circled me like a vulture, continuing to takes pictures. He held my head, and began to fuck my mouth, telling me to keep sucking, or I would be sucking my meals through a straw for a year. I did as I was told, and felt him stiffen, felt his legs shake, and then he pulled back, and shot a huge load of cum all over my face. I was ordered to use my tongue to lick it off, and then use my fingers to gather the rest, and put it in my mouth. Again I complied, and again, the picture taking never stopped. When everything was finally over, he pushed me backwards, and I sprawled against my bed. As my oppressor got dressed, Heather walked over to me, and began to laugh. "You know, Lover, you've been had. While I really am sixteen, Mike here ain't my brother. That really doesn't matter a bit because you, Sweetie, are caught in living color, wearing lingerie, and sucking cock. I think you might say that your life is about to change!" With that, she stuck her finger into her pussy, and then stuck it in my mouth, since, as she said, I never got to "taste the goodies."

I tried to grab the camera, but she was too quick, and danced out of my reach, and just leaned against the door frame, laughing. I knew I was sunk lower than the Titanic. Mike, the 400 pound gorilla in the room, just laughed at my predicament, and told me to get up, and sit down on the bed. He proceeded to take the small desk chair in my room spin it around, and sat down on it backwards. With his cum drying on my face, and the taste still in my mouth, I sat down on the edge of the bed, wondering what was coming next. "Here's the skinny, Skinny," he began, chuckling at his own joke, "I'm what you might call a connoisseur of sissies. Now most of them are too old, too ugly, or just not as perfect as I might like. So, my cousin Heather, and yeah, she's my cousin, not my sister, and I teamed up to find me a sissy that was just right, and the sissy we chose is you." I began to protest that I was no sissy, nor was I gay, and he bellowed at me to shut the hell up. "You see, Thomas, or Tommy, I don't really give a shit about that. Part of the fun for me is forcing you to be my sissy. In fact, we'll start right now, Tommy, you are no longer Thomas, in fact, you are no longer Tommy. As far as I'm concerned, your new name is Tammy. Now, repeat after me; My name is Tammy, and I'm a gay sissy." I told him I would do no such thing, and thought I was about to get pounded. Instead, he stood up, allowing Heather to sit down. She spun the chair around and turned on my computer. "Okay, girly, go ahead and publish those photos on the web. Little Tammy doesn't want to play. Yeah, publish them on all the public picture sites, and X Company's main site, oh and yeah, X Company's newsletter, too. Send a copy to his boss, Mr. Avery while you're at it, I'm sure he will love them!" When I heard the name of my company and boss, and saw the camera connected to my computer, I panicked, and started to protest. "Hold on Heather," he said, "I think the sissy has a statement to make." With my spirit broken, I hung my head and whispered the words, "My name is Tammy and I am a gay sissy." "Louder!" barked my tormentor. I spoke the lines again, in a voice that might have been heard across the room. Again I was told to say them louder, or Heather would hit the send button, and finally I almost yelled it across the room. Anything to buy some time to think, to keep those damn pictures off the web.

Mike just laughed at me and told me that, in case I wanted to know how he got in, Heather had never gone to the bathroom; she had just opened the back door. I just sat there on the bed, not knowing which way to turn, or what to do. My brain was spinning in neutral, and the only message it was sending me was that I was trapped. As I was processing this dismal message, Mike once again got my attention. "Well now, little Tammy, here's what we're gonna do." He reached under the desk and pulled out a black, zippered duffle bag that he must have stashed earlier, and tossed it to me. "Open it, Sissy." I unzipped the bag, and just held it. "Come on, Sissy, reach in the bag, and take out your presents." I reached in and the first thing I pulled out was some kind of lingerie. He told me to hold it up, and I could see it was a white satin teddy, with ruffles around the leg openings. There was also a matching sheer peignoir. I reached back in, and came up with a pair of panties, in pink double layer satin, with white lace around the leg openings and 3 rows of white lace across the bottom. Another dip into the bag brought out a matching bra that had lace trim and pink ruffles on the shoulder straps. The cups looked strangely unformed, and I was told that it was a sissy training bra, just for me. Following these ultra feminine garments were three pairs of ankle socks, still in their plastic packaging. They were made of white nylon, and each one had a cloud of lace around the top. One had pink lace, one red and white, and the third was white. There were also a couple boxes in the duffle bag, each one containing a pair of shoes. One pair in white, and one in black. They were all shiny, with very tall stiletto heels, although the white pair had rounder toes, and a strap across the top, where my instep would be. I was going from having a bad feeling about all of this, to a feeling of total despair. Next out was a shopping bag from a local store. Inside I found a can of lady's shaving cream, a lady's razor, and spare blades. There was also a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotion, and talc, all in a popular scent for young ladies. Also included in this bag was a bottle of pink nail polish, and some of those flexible board kind of files that I had seen my mother use on her nails to shape an smooth them. There was one more item in the bag, and I looked at this with some curiosity, and a sense of dread. It was a disposable enema. I set this bag down beside the lingerie, and looked into the bag again. There was one more thing left in the duffle, and after all that I had pulled out, I was scared to see what it might be. I was right to be scared. I pulled out a black plastic shopping bag, opened it, and pulled out a dildo that was shaped like a large, realistic pink cock, and was at least 10 inches long. Then I lifted out a smaller blue dildo. I looked at these items, one in either hand. The blue one was small at the tip, got fat in the middle, thin at the end, and ended in a flat, round base and was about 6 or 7 inches long. I had seen these in magazines, and realized I was holding a butt plug. What was I being forced into? I had never been so confused and dejected in my life. The evening had started with the prospect of sex with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in real life, and had ended in me in lingerie, and being photographed sucking a man's cock wearing her panties and bra. Now, this.

Mike now proceeded to explain his plan to me,"Okay, Tammy. Today is Friday, which means that you have tomorrow off. In fact, since Monday is a holiday, you have three days off. So, I will be back tomorrow night at seven o'clock for our "date" just like you and Heather tonight. Before you get any ideas of what you might do, listen. Heather has your wallet, your keys, and I am going to drive your car away tonight. You have no land line in the house, and your mobile phone is already in Heather's purse. She's password protected your computer, so you can't use that, either. So, what are you going to do tomorrow? I'm so glad you asked! You will practice walking on the high heels and practice with the dildo so you can properly deep throat me. Finally, you will practice inserting the plug up your cute little backside, and work on keeping it there for at least 2 hours. When I get here tomorrow night, I will let myself in, and you will be waiting for me on the sofa, wearing the teddy, with the white socks, white shoes, and peignoir. Your finger and toe nails will be shaped and painted pink, and they had better look nice! I want to see a nice bottle of wine and two glasses waiting for our "date." You will be completely shaved, and I mean smooth. No stubble anywhere. Your crotch, your ass, your under arms, legs, etc. I also want that poor excuse for a mustache gone. You will use the enema, and then bathe and wash your hair, brushing it out real nice for me. Use the shampoo and stuff I brought. I expect all of these instructions to be carried out to the letter, or those pictures will be out within minutes, and your life will be over. Is there any part of this you don't understand?" Heather added, "You might also want to tidy this place up a bit. I mean, it's going to be such a special date night for you! In fact, just the thought of you in lingerie, making love to my cousin, has me as hot as I've ever been." She looked at Mike, who just nodded. Lie down on the bed on your stomach, you pathetic sissy," She barked, and without thinking, I did as I was told. She came over to the bed, and told me to put my hands behind my back. Again, I did as she ordered, and a pair of handcuffs were slapped on my wrists, and she ordered me to roll over on my back. The cuffs dug into my wrists, and my arms hurt, but I dared not say anything. Without any further talk, she removed her skirt and blouse, and swung up on the bed, one knee on either side of my head. She then lowered her pussy onto my mouth and told me to eat. Now, just an hour or so earlier, this was what I had in mind, but not quite this way! I had not envisioned being cuffed and in lingerie, and being watched by a man who planned to make me his sissy slut. She ground that sweet, shaved pussy in my face, and I licked for all I was worth. I think she came at least three times, and then called out to Mike to grab a towel from the bathroom. He came back in, and told me to lift my head, and he placed the folded bath towel under and around my head. Heather lowered that wonderful snatch back over my mouth, and she began to piss! "Drink it, sissy!" She ordered, and both the command and the thought of my new mattress being soaked in piss made me comply. It was hot, salty, and acrid, but I managed to drink it all down, and on command, licked her pussy clean again. Not the way I planned it, at all!

She got up off my face, reached into her large purse, and pulled out a pair of panties and a bra, and with no apparent shame, got dressed. I was still laying there, the horrid taste of her pee in my mouth, and the heavenly smell of her pussy in my nostrils. I was about as confused as a human being could be. Mike supplied the information that while Heather was just a young teenager, she was kinky beyond her years, and got off on being in total control of men. "I guess we might have to share you, Sissy Tammy," he chuckled. He then got up and walked over to me. "You know, Heather, we really should give our little sissy some relief. After all, he had hoped to fuck that pussy of yours tonight, and we saw how that worked out! But he has given us so much pleasure!" He chuckled again, and reached down and began to stroke my cock through the panties. Against my will, I began to respond, and soon I was as hard as a rock, hoping for some relief. Heather got on the bed, and began to nuzzle my crotch, while Mike began to gently caress my nipples through the soft satin of the bra. I was amazed at how sensitive my nipples were! My panties (MY panties??) were pulled down, and Heather's soft lips wrapped themselves around my cock, and she began to suck like a pro. Very soon, under the ministrations of these two strange people, I was on the verge of cumming. Heather sucked even harder, and I blew my load into her young mouth. She then scooted up the bed, and told me to open my mouth. When I did, she let my cum flow from her lips, and then spit the rest into my mouth, and told me to swallow. Again, I did as I was told. feeling the conflict of the release of sexual tension, with my current helpless situation.

She got off the bed, and straightened her clothing, and left the room. She was back a moment or two later, with the box of large leaf and trash bags I kept under the sink. She pulled one out, and handed another to Mike. Between them, they went through my drawers and closet, removing all of my underwear, shorts, pajamas, jeans, slacks, and sweats. They left me with nothing but socks, shirts, and T-shirts, and, of course, my new lingerie. "This is just in case you get any ideas of running away, Sissy," Mike informed me. "I mean, we wouldn't want to give you the idea that you have any say in the matter, would we? Oh, and by the way, we also checked your laundry basket, and there's nothing there for you to wear, either." The final item to be added to the pile of bags was my bathrobe, and they were drug out the door, and out of the house. "If little Tammy is a good girl this weekend, she might even earn some of her boy pants back," he teased, "but she will never get the underwear back, though, from now on, it's panties every day for my little sissy.

Heather told me to make sure I used lots of the lotion provided after I shaved, or I would really be in pain. and with a final warning to obey all instructions, they were gone. I just sat there, dazed and dejected. I don't know how long it was, but I finally got up, walked into the living room, and grabbed the bottle of wine, now starting to get warm. I didn't care as I drank it straight down, and staggered back to my room, and fell into a fitful, restless sleep. The sun woke me the next morning, and I opened my eyes to a horrible headache, a sewer for a mouth, and memories of a horrible nightmare. I stumbled to the bathroom, and without turning on the light, threw 4 aspirins and a couple glasses of water down my throat. Only then did I turn on the light, and saw myself standing there in Heather's bra and panties. Only, I thought with a shudder, they're now my bra and panties. The previous night's activities came flooding back, and I raced through the house, looking for anything that could save me. I spent a few hours trying to break the password on the computer with no luck, and rummaged through every drawer, shelf, box, nook and cranny, desperately searching for an old pair of pants, shorts, bathing suit, anything. The exercise was futile. The only thing I found was an 8 x 10" glossy picture of me, on my knees in the bra and panties, sucking on Mike's cock. They must have printed it out, and come back in to stick it on my refrigerator with a magnet. I studied the picture, and there was no indication that I was being forced, or under any sort of coercion. This picture by itself was a death sentence. They didn't need the other hundred or so. I was about to shred the picture, but was worried about any consequences, so I just placed it face down on my desk.

I removed the bra, and pulled on the longest T-shirt I owned. I decided that the best course of action was to follow my instructions, so set about cleaning the house. I started to dust and vacuum, and then thought that if I wore those damn high heels, I could kill two birds with one stone, cleaning the house and getting used to these shoes. The black ones were on top, so I pulled them on. They fit me pretty well, and felt okay until I stood up. The heels were about 4 inches tall, and I had a lot of trouble balancing on them, let alone walking. After thirty minutes or so I could at least get around, although I looked like a pig on ice. I finally got the dusting and vacuuming done, straightened up the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and then sat down for a belated breakfast, my calves and the balls of my feet aching. All I could manage was some toast, coffee, and some more aspirin, but it made my head feel better, and gave me some energy to keep moving.

I looked at the clock, and saw it was almost two. I had no idea how long any of my personal grooming would take, so I decided to get busy. I ran the tub with hot water, grabbed the shaving cream, razor, and at the last minute, the butt plug. Maybe the hot, soapy water would help it go in. I eased myself into the tub, and tried to insert the plug. No go. I twisted and stretched, and finally, with one leg out of the tub, it went in with a pop. Well, a pop and a strangled scream, 'cause that thing hurt! My body was busy trying to expel the intruder, but it would not go. I felt as though I was horribly constipated. I tried to ignore the plug, and concentrate on my shaving. That was a good idea, as it took me about 2 hours, and several re-warmings of the bath, to get my legs, underarms, and crotch done. The last was the hardest, as I was scared to death that I would cut myself. I finally stood up, removed the plug (I had almost forgotten it was there) and was rewarded by another blast of pain as it came out. It was nasty, and I tossed it in the sink to wash. I then bent over, and applied the cream to my bottom and grabbed the razor once more. A few minutes later, I was done. I got into the shower to rinse off, and to wash my hair. Using the shampoo provided, I lathered my hair up three times, making sure it was really clean. I got out and dried off, already noticing the change in my skin. I rubbed the perfumed lotion into my skin, and couldn't help admiring how smooth my legs, cock, and balls were. On a hunch, I washed out the blue panties from the night before (And yes, I did sniff them, first!) and hung them on the shower rod to dry.

I went back into the bedroom, wearing just my T-shirt, and found the dildo, and just stared at it. Instead though, I picked up the nail polish. I just could not deal with rubber cock right now. I worked with the emery board about an hour, and decided that I had done all I could to make my nails nice, and carefully applied the pink polish to my toe nails and then to my finger nails. I couldn't put it off any longer, and picked up the dildo. Reluctantly, I finally put it to my lips and began to push it deep into my mouth. I gagged right away, and pulled it out. After some manipulation, I finally was able to get most of the pink rubber monster in my mouth without wanting to throw up. I practiced for fifteen or twenty more minutes, and again, looked at the clock. It was almost six, and my nails were dry. I pulled those horrid shoes back on, my mind whirling with this abrupt change in my life. Should I have fought back? Should I have just taken the beating? Why did I do what I did? In a moment of fear and weakness, I chose the coward's path, and I ended up in lingerie, sucking cock. How far would it go before it ended?" To this day, I have no idea of why I didn't just wrap a sheet around me, go to the neighbors, and call the cops. I have no idea why I just meekly complied with the whole situation. Maybe I knew, deep down inside, that I was some kind of pathetic sissy. Certainly I was no macho man, not that day, and maybe not ever.

I went to the refrigerator, and looked inside. I only had one bottle of wine, and that was a nice bottle of champagne that I had been saving for a special evening with Heather. I really didn't want to use champagne, as it signified that I was celebrating something, and I had nothing to celebrate. But, like everything else I had been told to do, I got out the ice bucket, filled it with ice and the bottle, wrapped a towel around the bottle neck, and took it to the living room along with two flutes. It was now about twenty minutes until seven, so I padded back to the bedroom, to get ready for my "date."

I first went to the bathroom, and noticed that I was walking better on the heels, but that accomplishment gave me no comfort at all. I was taking small, mincing steps, and while I was not graceful, at least I wasn't staggering about any more. I picked up my seldom used hairbrush, and began to vigorously brush my now dry hair. I was surprised at how it shined, as I usually just wash my hair with soap, and stick it in a pony tail while wet. Washed and conditioned with proper shampoo, let loose, and brushed out, my hair was actually pretty. PRETTY? Why did that particular adjective come to mind? I shook my head, and grabbed the talc container, and began to dust my crotch, stomach, and legs. I washed my hands, and used a damp paper towel to clean up the powder that had escaped. Naked and in high heels, I went back to my bedroom. Now there's sentence I never once in my life thought I would ever write! I walked over to the dresser, picked up, and examined the teddy. It was made of white, shiny, high quality satin, with large ruffles of the same material around each leg opening, and an elongated diamond of lace overlaid in the front. In the front, on the bodice, there was a white satin bow, with a few seed pearls in the middle. This was no K-Mart Blue Light Special! He must have spent a lot of bucks on this. I took off the black heels, and then pulled the teddy up my legs, and actually shivered as the smooth, cool material slid up my smooth legs. I pulled it up, slipped my arms through the straps, and reached around behind me to pull the straps a bit tighter. The material clung to my skinny body, and the ruffles tickled my thighs. With every move, I could feel the smooth material slither across my bum, and in the back of my mind, I had to admit I liked it. I picked up the package of white anklets, and sat down on the bed to put them on. I was amazed at how soft and silky the nylon felt on my feet, and made sure the lace was fluffed up and out. I put the black shoes back in their box, and took out the white heels, and slid them on. They were a bit easier on my toes, thanks to the rounded toe box, but I had a hard time getting the little strap buckled. I finally did, and looking down, I thought they looked like little girl shoes, with high heels. I stood back up, and slipped on the peignoir. It came down to my ankles, was made of sheer lace, and long sleeved. The lapels and cuffs were made of satin, and there was satin trim all the way around. There were only two satin covered buttons near the top that I fastened. Not a garment for staying warm! It was now mere minutes before seven, so I minced my way back to the living room, and settled myself on the sofa. As I sat there, looking at the clock, I was shocked to find that I was hoping he liked what he found. I examined that thought from a few angles. Was I just hoping to avoid physical punishment, or was I, in some perverted way, actually looking forward to this? At this last thought, I just hung my head, and wanted to cry. It was then, that I heard the key in the lock, and my front door opened.

I looked up, expecting to see the same man from last night. Unshaven, black muscle shirt, and worn jeans, What I saw was a tall, very well built man with a well trimmed mustache, and neatly combed hair. He was wearing a pair of gray wool slacks, a white shirt, and a light jacket. Instead of black high-top tennis shoes, he wore polished black loafers, and he held a bouquet of flowers in his hand. I just stared at him, and he asked me if I was going to sit there and stare, or was I going to get my sissy ass up and get a vase and some water. I jumped up, and with small steps, hurried to the kitchen. He called after me to place one foot directly in front of the other when I walked, as it would make my hips sway. I slowed down, and did as ordered. I found a vase, and being careful as to how I walked, came back into the living room. He handed me the bouquet, and I took off the paper, and stuck the flowers in the water, and then placed them on the mantel over the fireplace. "Well," he asked, "don't you know how to say thank you to your date for bringing you flowers?" I again just stared for a moment, and then, in a small voice said, "Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Mike." He then laughed and asked me what I thought Heather would do if a date brought her flowers. I stammered something about saying thank you, and giving her date a kiss. "Well then Missy, don't I deserve a kiss for the flowers?" I walked slowly over to him, and tried to peck him on the cheek. He grabbed me, and planted his lips on mine, and gave me a kiss at least as intense as the one Heather and I had engaged in on Friday night, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I stood there, rigid. "My God," I remember thinking, "I must really be some kind of bloody sissy! I'm standing here in my own living room, kissing a man!

He finally released me, and walked over and examined the champagne, pronounced it a good choice, as he was here to celebrate his new sissy, and opened it rather expertly. I looked closely at him, and realized that while he was indeed a gym rat, and well built, he was not the over-muscled gorilla I had thought him to be. My judgment from the previous night must have been colored by fear, shock, and probably a mild concussion. But, he was still big.

Mike poured us each a glass of the tawny colored bubbly, and I watched him like a mouse watches a cat as I drank. He laughed and just poured me another glass. We sat there for at least 15 minutes in silence. I was very tense, and Mike looked very relaxed. I went through three more glasses of wine, which finally relaxed me a just a little bit. Mike reached out his hand, and finally I understood he wanted me to take it. I did, and he stood up, sort of pulling me with him. I stood in front of this man wearing lingerie and high heels that he bought for me. I realized he was at least six foot tall, and even in heels I was much shorter, as well as much weaker. I was wondering what the hell was going on when he put his hands on my upper arms, and started to kiss my forehead. He kissed my forehead, while running his hands through my hair, then began to kiss my eyelids with gentle, almost non- existent little kisses, eventually making his way back down to my lips. As he was kissing me, I heard the door open again, and in walked Heather with that same black duffle bag. She looked at us, and laughed, "Well, well, look at how cute the little sissy looks tonight! I just stood there, again rigid, as Mike kissed me. "Damn you, you sissy bitch," she suddenly yelled, "you'd better start acting as though you like being kissed, or you're in for a page on Facebook that you won't ever live down! There was no hesitation now, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his kiss. Against my will, my little cock was getting hard in the smooth satin, and I wondered if maybe I was a sissy faggot.

He broke our second kiss, and grabbing my hand again, began to lead me to the bedroom. Heather followed us in, carrying the black duffle bag, and wearing an evil grin. The three of us went back to the bedroom, with Heather giggling over my new look. Mike told me to sit down on the bed, and asked Heather for the bag. Heather handed it over, and pulled her digital camera out of her purse, and told me to stand up for some pictures. A look from Mike told me to obey, and Heather guided me through several poses, including lying on the bed on my side. I got a good look at Heather, and saw that she was wearing a soft royal blue silk top, with no bra in evidence, and a very short denim skirt, with thigh high black stockings and black heels. She looked so damn sexy, I wanted to scream. I then saw that Mike had removed his clothes down to his black briefs, and was rummaging around in the bag. He told me to stand up, take off the peignoir. He then told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. With the ever present flashing of the camera, I did as I was told. I could see some sort of white leather thing, with lots of straps and buckles. Mike put this something around my wrists, and buckled it tightly. He then pulled the material up my arms to my elbows, and began to tighten all the straps, causing my arms to be pulled back, and my shoulders to scream in pain. I began to beg him to loosen whatever he had on me, and he just told me to shut up, or I would be gagged, and the arm binder pulled as tight as it would go. He finally got it as tight as he could, and I knew that my elbows were almost touching behind me. He let me stand there a minute or so, tears of pain flowing down my cheeks, and then he loosened my bonds just a bit. It was still terribly tight and hurt, but I could just about bear it, now.

Mike turned me around to face him, and pushed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted, and began to kiss his rampant cock through the cotton of his briefs. He let me go for a minute, and then pulled the briefs down and off. "Show me your new skills, you simpering sissy," he demanded, and I began to lick his cock and balls, and then to take it into my mouth. "Stop!" he ordered. "Heather," he said, "grab the lipstick and make Tammy's lips look pretty for her close ups! And, while you're at it, put some of that sparkly blue eye shadow on her, too. Tammy wants to be pretty for her new man, I'm sure."

Heather grabbed my upper arm, and stood me up, and then told me sit on the desk chair. I saw that the computer was on, and she hit a few keys, and it displayed me in my teddy, kissing Mike. I sat down, and she told me to close my eyes, and put the eye shadow on me. I was then told to look up, and purse my lips, and she put two coats of lip stick on me, holding a tissue to blot, and then applying what she called a sealer, so my lipstick would stay "pretty." She took several more pictures, and then led me back to place at Mike's feet. I started to lick and kiss his cock, again, and took it into my mouth. "Let's check your homework, sissy," he said as he grabbed my head, and forced his cock to the back of my throat. I gagged a bit, and then he was ramming his thick cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face, and I could do was find the rhythm, and suck as hard as I could. I hoped he would cum quick, and leave. That was a plan that didn't have a snowball, chance in hell. I felt him tense up, and his cock seemed to grow larger in my mouth. He pulled my head so my nose was against his stomach, and poured what seemed like gallons of cum into my throat. I was still sucking his softening cock when he pushed me away, and I fell on my side on the floor.

Without even acknowledging me, he put his briefs and his T-shirt back on, and left the room, "You can play with the sissy, Heather," he called over his shoulder, "I'm gonna get the wine." Heather walked over to where I lie on the floor. She stood over me, and ever so slowly, slid her panties down her legs, lifting first one foot, then the other as she removed them. I was staring up at her shaved pussy, and she was softly laughing her evil little laugh. She reached down, and helped me to my knees, and then hiked her skirt up, sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. "C'mon, bitch, you've had your dinner, time for dessert. With my arms still painfully bound behind me, I shuffled over on my knees, and buried my face between her thighs. I must have licked and kissed her to three or four orgasms, when she too pushed me to the floor, smoothed out her skirt, and walked out of the room. I heard the bathroom door open and close, and a then a moment later I heard the flush of the toilet. "Thank heavens," I thought, "At least I'm not her toilet tonight." A few moments later, they both walked in carrying glasses of champagne, and Mike had the bottle in his large hand. He set the bottle and glass down, and picked me up as though I was a child and deposited me on the bed. Reached into his bag, he came up with another dildo. This one was very thick, but rather short. Telling me to open wide, he shoved it into my mouth, and buckled the straps behind my head. It completely filled my mouth, and stretched my jaws wide. Heather had retrieved my blue butt plug from the bathroom, and while I watched, ran it in and out of her sweet young pussy. She handed the plug to Mike, and then reached over and pulled the satin material away from my bottom, as Mike rammed the plug into me making me yell into the gag. He reached into the bag again and pulled out a nylon strap that he wrapped around my ankles, and closed with a Velcro tab. He then got a length of rope, and ran it from the binder at my wrist, behind me to my ankles, pulling it tight, causing me to arch my back painfully, and effectively hog tying my on my bed. Heather then held up her panties, and I could see they were navy blue with lace panels, and very sexy. She held them in front of my face, and then hid them behind her back. "Okay Sissy Tammy, which hand are my panties in? I want you to guess which hand holds my sexy panties. I have to tell you, I've been a naughty girl, and have played with myself through them, and cum in them, not once, but many times. Which hand holds my pretty panties, and which hand holds the alternative? Blink once for left, twice for right." Not knowing what sort of game we were playing, I blinked once, and waited. "Ah, too bad Sissy," she laughed, "they were in the other hand. What did you win? These are the briefs that Mike wore for three days straight in the gym!" With that announcement, she pulled them over my head, so my nose was right in the still damp, musky crotch. She told me have a good nap, they were going to watch a bit of TV before any more games.

I lay there trussed up for what seemed like hours of agonizing pain. My shoulders at first had been on fire, but were now numb blocks of dull pain. My jaw ached from both the oral sex, and now from this cock shaped gag that was as thick as my wrist. The rest of my body just plain hurt. As the final insult, all I could smell was the musk of Mike's sweaty balls. I heard the door open again, and I'm not sure if I was glad, or worried. Without a word, Mike swept undid the rope between my wrists and my ankles. He slowly and gently pulled my feet until I was stretched out on my side, which hurt as much or more than being bound. He rolled me onto my stomach, and proceeded to release my arms from their wrappings. As my shoulders rolled forward, and the blood flow came back, I screamed into the gag, and began crying because of the pain. At this point, both Mike and Heather began to rub my arms and legs, working out the kinks, and calming the pain. At last I was laying there, with only the gag in my mouth, the plug in my ass, and the briefs over my nose. Oh yeah, and wearing lingerie, heels, and little girly socks. The sad part is that after the pain of being bound I was now almost content!

Mike pulled me up until I was sitting, pulled the briefs off of my face, and told me that he wasn't going to remove the gag just yet. He laughed at my look of dismay, and told Heather to make with the camera. He told me that this was what his Little Tammy had been waiting for. Thomas wanted to fuck Heather, but never got to. Now, Mike was going to fuck Tammy, and no one was going to stop him. With my hands in front of me this time, he put a strap around my wrists and pulled it tight, and then one right below my elbows. My hands were kind of forced up in front of my face as though I was praying, with my elbows touching each other. I know I was saying prayers that seemed to go unanswered. He then positioned me on my knees and arms, and then went to the closet, and found an old blanket. He wadded it up, and stuffed it under my belly, and then placed a cuff on each ankle. He forced my legs apart, and attached what he called a spreader bar between my ankles, forcing my feet, still in their sissy socks and heels, apart. He pulled the material off my ass, and with a yank, removed my butt plug. Standing behind me, he grabbed my hips and positioned his engorged cock at my hole, At this point, Tammy squirted some lube on his cock, and with no further warning, and he rammed that huge piece of meat up my backside. I thought I was being split by a telephone pole! I screamed and cried into my gag, squirming around, trying to dislodge his cock from my poor bottom. The only sounds I heard, other than Mike's grunting, and my crying was Heather's laugh as she took picture after picture of my deflowering. After a few minutes of Mike's thick cock sawing in and out of my poor asshole, I actually began to push back against his thrusts, and without notice, I shot a load of semen into my pretty lingerie. I was being fucked against my will, but I was turned on enough to have an orgasm. I have never been so ashamed in all of my life.

Mike finally came with a loud grunt, and pulled out of my abused bottom. He left the room, presumably to wash up, and left me there in pain to ponder my fate. After a few minutes, he returned, got dressed, and released me. I was ordered to get my ass into the bathroom, use the disposable enema on the sink, get a shower, and brush my teeth like a good little sissy. I was given 20 minutes. I scurried into the bathroom on rubbery legs and as I was closing the door, Mike yelled to leave it open. I took my teddy, shoes and socks off, read the instructions on the enema, stuck the nozzle up my butt, and squeezed. I waited the required three minutes, and sat on the toilet letting it all flow out in a rush. I then jumped in the shower, and with the water as hot as I could stand it, tried to wash all of the sweat, the pain, and the shame away. When I stepped out, there was Heather, holding a towel for me, and wonder of wonders, she gently dried me off. She then told that Mike had gone out for a while, and told me to wash out my nice teddy in the sink, and hang it next to my pretty blue panties. I was told to sit on the toilet, and she dried and brushed my hair. She took my hand, and told me to come into the bedroom for my nightie-nights. I had no idea what was going on, but followed my instructions. As I walked into the bedroom, Mike was nowhere to be seen. In spite of everything, she smiled at me, and I thought she looked like an angel. A very sexy angel, to be sure! She told me to lie down on the bed, and she would get me ready for beddy-bye. I lay there, and she told me to lift my bottom, and spread my legs a bit. "Don't worry, sissy, I won't hurt you," she cooed. I did as I was told, and she pulled some material up under my bottom, and then proceeded to wrap it around my middle. As she pulled it tight, and pinned it in place with large pink safety pins, I suddenly knew I was being put in a diaper! She lifted my legs, one at a time, and slipped a pair of pink plastic panties up my legs, and settled them in place over the diaper. She then told me that I got to wear a pretty pink satin nightie. She stood me up, and slid this heavenly soft nightgown over my head, and I felt it slither down my body to the floor. She then reached around behind my back, and did up three buttons, and then I heard a click. I've locked the collar on your pretty nightie so it won't come off in the night, sweetie. She told me to hold out my hands, and slipped a pair of pink satin mittens on my hands. There were no thumbs in the mittens, and there was a thick piece of material between the inner and outer layer of satin. She hooked these mittens to the long sleeved cuffs of the nightgown, making my hands little more than useless lumps, and insuring that the mittens, or the gown, would not come off until she took them off. I was then told to lie back, and she pulled the excess length of material over my feet. I found there was a drawstring in the hem that she pulled and tied, leaving me in a very pretty satin bag, and diapers. She sat me back up, and produced a frilly satin bonnet that matched the "nightgown" and tied it on my head. Again, she hauled out the camera, and began clicking away. She sat down beside me and began to stroke my face. "Poor, poor sissy," she said, "You thought you were going to fuck a hot little chick, and instead, you end up getting fucked. You went from man in charge, to sissy slut, all in only 24 hours. How does that make you feel?" I sensed that she didn't really want an answer, but as I thought about it, and looked down at myself, I just couldn't stop myself. Like a big baby, I started to cry. Great, heaving sobs escaped me, and the tears flowed hot and free. She picked up a tissue, and wiped my eyes, and got a tissue for my nose. Just like a toddler, I blew my nose while she held the tissue. She stood up, removed her blouse, slipped her bra from her shoulders, and freed those beautiful little breasts. She sat back down, wrapped her arms around me, and just held me, and let me cry myself out. Shifting positions, she laid my head in her lap, and bent over my face, placing one of her nipples at my lips. I began to suck on the nipple, and lick and kiss it for all I was worth. As she presented one, and then the other breast for me to suckle, she began to rub my own nipples through the satin of the gown, and then to rub my crotch through the heavy material of the gown, plastic panties, and diaper. I couldn't feel much, but what I felt was wonderful. I felt safe and loved, even though I was waiting for the pain and humiliation to return.

After a few minutes of this wonderful respite, she got up, and went into the kitchen, telling me to be a good little baby, and that she would be right back. I relaxed for the first time in over twenty four hours, and closed my eyes. I suddenly realized that I was very hungry and thirsty, something that other concerns had pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Only five minutes or so had gone by, when Heather came back into the room. She was carrying one of my TV trays with some jars and stuff on it. She sat it down, and I saw several jars of baby food, and a baby bottle. "Oh shit," I thought, "this is going way too far!" She helped me sit up, tied a bib around my neck, and began to spoon feed me. Ordinarily, having a topless young girl sitting your bed with you and feeding you, might be considered erotic. This was just strange. She spooned some kind of bland pureed meat, and then pureed peas into my mouth. They were bland and nasty, but I was hungry, so I ate. Every so often she would wipe my mouth with a cloth, again like I was a drooling toddler. For dessert, she fed me some pureed plums, which tasted okay. Finally, she handed me the baby bottle, and it was filled with warm milk. I hate warm milk, and balked. She told me, in the sweetest voice, that if I didn't drink my milk, she would call Mike, who would beat me, and then I would only have a bottle of piss to drink. I wrapped my useless, mittened hands around the bottle, and began to drink. It was milk, with some sugar in it, so it wasn't too bad. I had sucked most of the milk down, when I began to feel very sleepy. Heather informed me that she had placed a very strong sedative in my milk to help me sleep. As I was dropping off, I heard her laugh, and she said, "It's too bad you're so sleepy, because I could take your girly clothes off and let you fuck me like a man. Ya know, I really am a virgin' just I like told you. You could be the first cock in my pussy. No? You'd rather sleep in your pretty sissy nightie? Okay Sweetie, have a good sleep." The sedative must have been really strong, as I couldn't even form the words to say good night. The last thing I saw was Heather standing there, fingering her pussy, and just staring at my nightgown clad body.

I woke up, feeling very fuzzy and drowsy. The sun was coming in from the wrong angle, but I was too woozy to worry about that at the time. I remembered hearing lots of banging and noise, or at least I thought I remembered. I thought back on last night, and slowly it came back to me. I raised my head, and sure enough, I was wearing the nightgown. I tried to raise my hands to look at them, but they were restrained somehow. I tried to roll over, so I could sit up on the side of the bed, and found that I couldn't. After I was out last night, Heather had run a simple rope under the bed, through a ring on one mitten, under my sleeping body, through the other mitten, and then tied it off. I couldn't move much at all. I tried to call out, but found that I had something in my mouth. It was tight against my lips, but didn't fill my mouth like that god awful gag. I ran my tongue around it, and crossed my eyes to see, and finally figured out that I had a pacifier in my mouth, and it was tied off behind my head by a ribbon or such. I tried to call out again, and at least made enough noise that someone heard me, because the door opened. It was Heather again, but this time she was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. She came in, and, after the usual pictures, untied the rope, and helped me sit up. She then untied the hem of the nightgown, and pulled it up to my knees. She made a face, and held her nose. Suddenly, I could smell it too, and could feel it under my bottom. I had pooped my diaper! I couldn't help it, and just started to bawl. Friday morning, I had been a man, looking forward to my weekend, and my date with a beautiful girl. Now I was dressed like a baby, with shitty diapers I had been fucked by a man while I had been bound and gagged, and dressed like a girl. a teenage girl had pissed in my mouth. Why? Because I had allowed it all to happen. I was nothing more than a simpering, pathetic, sissy.

While I was crying, I had my mittens removed, and my nightie unlocked and unbuttoned. Heather had me stand, and slid it off of me, and led me into the bathroom, where there was a tub of hot water, all ready. A shower curtain was on the floor, and I was told to lay down on it, while Heather donned a plastic apron, and some rubber gloves. She removed my plastic panties, and placed them in the sink, and then carefully took off my diaper, and rinsed it in the toilet. She then placed the diaper in a diaper pail, that I was sure had not been here the day before. She wiped me, and then told me to get in the tub, and touch up my shaving, and she would be right back. I sat in the tub, and dutifully ran the razor all over my legs, underarms, and crotch. I wet my face, lathered it with the cream, and made sure it was smooth, even though I usually only have to shave every three days or so. As I was finishing up, Heather returned, and told me to get in the shower, and wash my hair. Again, like a programmed robot, I did what I was told. When I got out, she was there again to dry and brush my hair. She handed me the pink sissy panties and training bra, and told me to put them on, after I used the lotion and the talc. Lying alongside of these were the white shoes, and the pink sissy socks. I got dressed, and she handed me my white peignoir, and told me to put it on. I was told to put my hands behind my back, and the steel cuffs were once again placed around my wrists. When I was ready, Heather gave me a big, beaming smile, and told me that she had a very special surprise to show me. I cringed, not wanting to see any surprise that involved me walking around in sissy lingerie. But, since I had no choice, I followed.

As we walked through the house, I saw the clock in the hallway, and was shocked to see that it was two thirty. That must have been one hell of a sedative, I thought. She led me into the spare bedroom that I had never gotten around to furnishing. I had thought to make it a den/library one of these days, but hadn't gotten the money together to do it yet. That plan was now moot. I stood at the door, and couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. The room had been freshly painted a pale pink, and there was a white shag rug on the floor. There was a white canopy bed against one wall, draped with a pink and white canopy, and I could see pink satin sheets covered with a white satin comforter. A matching armoire, dresser, make-up table and chair, and what I have since learned is a lingerie chest completed the furnishings. The armoire door was standing open, and I could see at least two dresses, one in pink and the other in kind of a peach color, both suitable for a little girl in. I just stood there, looking around, and took in the details. On the dresser was a Barbie lamp, there were stuffed animals on the bed, and there was a sturdy looking lock on the closet door. The window had pink and white sheer curtains, and the final touch was a border of what looked to be teddy bears in ballerina costumes around the room at waist level. It was a heavenly room for a little girl, or a hellish one for a trapped sissy.

Mike was reclining on the bed, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, both with little spatters of pink paint, and he just smiled at my reaction. I was "invited" to open the drawers of the lingerie chest, and found it stuffed with pastel colored sissy panties, training bras, camisoles, and sissy socks like the ones I was wearing. In the dresser were several pairs of thigh high stockings and garter belts. Heather reached into the next drawer and pulled out two corsets, one in white and one in pink, both overlaid with lace of the opposite color. They would have been beautiful and very sexy wrapped around Heather. But I knew, they were for me. The bottom drawer of the dresser also had a padlock on it, and I was told that there were a few pairs of "boy panties and boy socks" there if they were needed, and that my "boy clothes" were safely locked in the closet. These would be removed, as needed, by either Mike of Heather for me to go to work in, and then locked away again when I got home. I just sagged down onto the little padded chair in front of the makeup table, and began to cry again. "Why are you doing this to me?" I wailed, over and over again.

They said nothing until I had once again cried myself out, then Mike spoke, 'You are MY sissy, now, Tammy. Heather and I are moving in, and this is your new room. I'm taking your room, and Heather is taking the large spare room. You see, Heather is my ward, and now, so are you. The only difference is, I don't get to fuck Heather, but I do get to fuck you, and whenever I want. You will go to work wearing regular street clothes, with lingerie underneath. In the evenings and on weekends, you will be my pet sissy and our maid. You see, I have been planning this for a long, long time. I just had to find the right man for the mission. You're single, your family, such as it is, lives on the other side of the country, and you don't have a lot of contact with them. You also don't have many friends, and it seems like no close ones. You seemed to be the right size, and I used little Miss Heather here to check out your clothing for sizes, and realized that you were perfect. I mean, really, how do you think I knew what size shoes to buy you? All the panties, lingerie, and dresses I have accumulated over the last two years should fit you very well indeed. You even own a house in a very quiet area, with no close neighbors. So who cares that you don't want to do this. Your vote doesn't count!" I just sat there, fresh tears rolling down my face. My life was in shambles, and these two think it's great! Heather came up to me and undid the handcuffs when she saw I wasn't going to react, and told me to go to Mike, and thank him for this pretty room, and all the pretty things. Mike stood up, and I thought I knew what he wanted. I minced over to him, blushing as I did, and said, "Thank you sir, for all the pretty things, my pretty dresses, and my new panties and things," I then put my arms around his muscular neck, and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was eagerly returned, and I was shocked and ashamed that not only was I willingly kissing this man, but I was enjoying the kiss, and getting very hard in my panties. There I went again, calling them my panties.

The rest of the day was spent in a fashion show of my new clothes. I tried on not only the two sissy dresses, and the matching petticoats and lingerie, but several skirts and blouses, and an ominous black satin French Maid's outfit, that was complete with off the shoulder sleeves, a white pinafore apron in satin, lace cuffs, choker and headpiece, and black sissy panties with white lace. I was also forced to model the six nightgowns that Mike bought me, and the white, high heeled mules that I was to wear as bedroom slippers. Of course, the whole show was recorded for posterity by Heather, this time armed with both digital and video cameras. I knew, right then and there, I was trapped forever in this frilly, sissy, hell.

I had at least escaped being forced to have sex, I thought. But again, I was wrong. While Mike was out getting some Chinese take-out, Heather laid out my clothing for the evening. This consisted of the white corset with the pink lace trim, white thigh high stockings, my mules, and a pair of "special access" panties. These looked like my "normal" sissy panties, being white satin with pink lace trim, but as an added bonus, there was a lace trimmed hole in the back, just big enough for, yeah, you guessed it. I put on the panties and heels, and heather then put a pair of nylon cuffs on my wrists. These were then attached to a short chain that went through one of the many eye bolts that were screwed into the bed frame and posts. She placed the corset around my waist, and pulled it snug. I wondered why my wrists were secured, when suddenly; she put her foot in the small of my back, and pulled for all she was worth. I could barely breathe, and she told me to take the deepest breath I could. When I did, she pulled the damn laces even tighter and tied them off. I could only breathe if I took tiny shallow breaths, and new that this was going to be very, very uncomfortable before too much longer. I was right. A pink satin robe went over the corset and panties, and with Heather leading, I minced out to set the table for dinner. While we were waiting, Heather filled me in on some of the domestic details. I was expected to keep the house clean, the dishes washed, do all the laundry, wash all of Heather's frillies, as well as my own, by hand, make the beds, and whatever else they wanted me to do. If any of my chores weren't done to either Heather or Mike's satisfaction, I would be punished in many ways. She detailed methods of punishment ranging from spankings to weekend long bondage in my diapers, to public displays, or all of the above. I knew I would have to be a very good maid indeed!

Mike came back with the food, and I realized that I was starving! I hadn't had anything to eat since my baby food and bottle, tried to wolf down everything that was put on my plate. I had trouble because of the tight corset wrapped around me. After dinner, I cleaned the kitchen, and went to my new bedroom to put on my makeup. While Mike watched some TV, Heather showed me how to put on lipstick and eye shadow, and speculated on whether I should have my lips tattooed a permanent shade of sissy pink. I shuddered at the thought. Finally, she called out to Mike that I was ready. She told me I had two choices. I could either make love to Mike willingly, or I would be tied up, gagged, fucked, and then left tied up all night, with an even bigger, vibrating dildo up my ass. I thought about this for about two seconds, took off my robe, turned down my bed, and lay down for my new lover. Heather handed me a bottle of lube, and a tissue, and instructed me to get it inside, and to use lots. I did, and wiped the excess off on the tissue, and had just tossed the tissue into the trash when Mike walked in the room, naked under a blood red silk kimono. I stood up, and he took me in his arms, and kissed me, while fondling my ass through the panties, Without being told to, I dropped to my knees, and kissed and sucked him until his cock was as hard, and damn near as large as an oak log. He picked me up, and put me on the bed, on my back. He took my legs, and placed them on his shoulders, positioned that huge slab of meat, and rammed it home into my poor bottom. Oh god how it hurt! I tried not to scream, but I couldn't help it. When I did scream, though, I almost passed out from lack of oxygen, because I couldn't take deep breaths in that corset! Finally, though, I got somewhat used to it, and began to push back against his thrusts. At first I was just acting, but soon I was an active participant, meeting his thrusts and wrapping my stocking clad legs around him, wanting all of his cock inside me. He tensed, grunted, and filled my ass with cum, and too soon I felt his cock soften, and he withdrew. Heather came over, and rammed a tampon in my gaping hole, telling me that I needed to keep my pretty sheets clean.

I just laid there, actually sorry it was over, my own cock, as hard as it could possibly be inside my panties. I was told to go to the bathroom, and clean myself up over the toilet, and to come back, ASAP. I walked down the corridor, my hips swaying under my robe, and I was ashamed at how much I enjoyed being fucked. "Maybe, I rationalized, "I just finally decided to relax, rather than fight the inevitable." I don't know, but here I was, in heels and lingerie, fresh from a fucking, after being feminized, sissified, and thrown out of my own bedroom.

I pulled down my panties, sat on the toilet, and pulled out the tampon. Semen leaked out of my hole, and I pushed to expel it all. Cleaning myself with a moist wipe, I pulled up my panties, and swished back to my new room. Mike had used the en suite bathroom in "his" new bedroom to clean up, and was sitting in the living room. Less than an hour later, I was back in my "special" nightgown, fresh diapers and plastic panties, and my bonnet. My mittens were locked on my wrists, and the hem tied off, making me a sissified baby prisoner. Heather gave me a bottle, this time with apple juice, but without any sexual play. Ten minutes later, the light was out, I was tucked into my slippery satin sheets, and the only light I could see came from the Little Mermaid night light. Instead of the elaborate rope around the bed, though, I merely had my mittens locked together, and a light chain was padlocked to the bedpost. They explained that I might try to steal some pants from either Heather or Mike and escape, so I needed to be secured. Since I couldn't get to the potty, I needed the diapers. With no sedative, I slept fitfully. Sunday and Monday were blurred nightmares of housecleaning, laundry, and service. I spent the days wearing panties and a bra, along with my high heels, catering to my new roommates' every whim. I ran baths, gave foot massages, made beds and coffee. Yeah, and several blow jobs, too. By the time I was allowed to bathe, and then be put in my diapers and nightie each night, my legs, feet, and back were on fire.

Tuesday came, and it was up early to make breakfast and make the beds, and then it was off to work. At work, I was like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. At every moment I was sure that someone would spot my bright yellow ruffled panties or matching camisole, or see that I had stockings under my socks. At five o'clock I had to rush home to prepare dinner for my new "family," and then clean up after them. The rest of the week was much the same. Mike didn't seem to want anal sex during the week, and I figured he wanted more theatre around his sex, and therefore needed more time. But, I was forced to me knees, several times, and wherever I happened to be, to service his cock with my mouth. Heather, though never letting me touch her, would parade around in tiny panties and bras, or skimpy nighties, just to watch my reactions. I had no time to myself, and spent each night in my diapers and sissy baby outfit.

Friday evening, I was forced to dress in one of my new sissy dresses for the first time. I put on a pair of pink frilly panties, petticoats, then had this pink creation dropped over my head. It had cap sleeves, was made of shiny pink satin, and dripped with lace. The skirt was so short, that my sissy panties were on display if I even moved, and the crinolines held the hem out away from my body. A pair of pink patent leather Mary Jane shoes, and pink lace trimmed sissy socks completed the outfit. I was led to the kitchen, a baby doll in one hand, and my bottle in the other, and was shocked to see a man and woman, sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee! I turned red, and tried to run away, but a sharp word from Mike about punishment made me stop, and just stand there with my eyes on the floor. Heather led me into the kitchen, where the woman mad a big fuss over how cute I was, and what a perfect little sissy they had created. I was sat down, and she produced some kind of gun, and I got very scared. Five minutes and a fair amount of pain later, I had a gold stud earring in each ear. "Are you sure she wouldn't rather have little gold hearts or gold teddy bear earrings?" the lady asked. "No," said Mike, "That would be cute, but the little slut still has to earn her paycheck as a man, or at least looking like a man!" The evening ended when I was forced to eat this woman's pussy, and then suck her husband's cock, right there in the kitchen.

Saturday night, I was again dressed for "service," this time in the pink corset with white lace. A new pair of pink satin with white lace trim "special access" panties and my mittens completed the outfit. This time, I was gagged and bound in my new bed. I was tied with my arms spread eagled to the bedposts My legs, encased again in white stockings and heels, were clamped to the spreader bar, and tied off to the same eyebolts as my wrists, forcing me into an uncomfortable pike position, with my satin clad cock almost over my face. I was gagged and this time blindfolded. I had no movement available, and Mike fucked me for what seemed like hours before he came into my abused bottom. The pain of my position, the pain of the fucking, the horrible restriction of the corset, and the whole scene, once again reduced me to tears.

Again, Heather came in to release me, and told me to get my ass down to the bathroom and clean up. Take your special panties off and wash them, and get back here. Even wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, she was beautiful. Even though she had teased me over the week, she had made no effort to even touch me, beyond her clinical diapering and dressing me for bed. I figured I was just a maid, and a chore, for her.

I cleaned up, went back to my sissy boudoir and sat on my little dressing chair, wondering what was coming next. I saw a note on the mirror that told me to put on the panties that were on the bed, but leave everything else on. I was also instructed to freshen my lipstick, and eye shadow. I walked over to the bed, and found a pair of beautiful white silk panties, that looked just like the blue ones that Heather had been wearing, just the week before. These were the first "grown up" panties that I had worn. Then it hit me; had it only been one week earlier? I pulled on the panties and touched up my makeup, then sat on the edge of the bed to see what would happen next. I didn't have long to wait. Heather floated into the room in a cloud of sweet perfume. I was mesmerized. She was wearing a diaphanous nightgown of pale mint green silk, that did more to emphasize her sweet body than it did to hide it. She had a matching ribbon choker around her neck, and looked divinely beautiful. Her hair was loose and literally shone in the darkened room. I stood up, and realized that we were both wearing heels, and were the same height. She walked up to me, and we just stood there. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around me, and we began to kiss. Our hands roamed over each other's bodies, and the feel of her silk on mine had me in overdrive. Still in each other's arms, we managed to lie down on the bed, and kept kissing and fondling for the longest time. In the back of my head, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but decided that I would enjoy what I could, when I could. I slipped down, and freed her beautiful breasts from the silk of her gown, and licked and kissed them, gently nibbling and sucking on her erect and wonderful nipples. I kissed my way down her silk covered belly, and nudged my head under the hem of her gown. Now in a silken green tent, I began to lick her sweet, sweet teenaged pussy, kissing, tonguing, and sucking, bringing her to I don't know how many orgasms before she pushed my head away.

She got out of bed, and pulled the thin straps back up over her shoulders, and told me that I needed to be restrained if this was going to go any further. She shushed my questions, and got out the wrist and ankle restraints, and within moments, I was spread eagle on the bed. When she was sure I was tightly restrained, she stood beside my bed, and let that beautiful gown slip to the floor in a sibilant swish of silk. Now naked, except for the ribbon around her slender neck, she stepped out of the puddle of silk, got into bed with me, and told me that she was going to lose her virginity right now. Let me remind the reader that most of my sexual fantasies revolved around me being naked and on top of a beautiful girl, and the girl is wearing sexy lingerie. Here, I was the one in lingerie, and she was naked and on top. She lay there, and played with my nipples; kissing them and biting them, making me moan and squirm. She moved up and began to kiss me again, and I kissed her back as hard as I could, without the use of my arms. Finally, she slid down my body, and began kissing my thighs where my stockings ended, and kissed my cock through the silk of the panties. It was a total reversal of roles, one that I was well aware of, and beyond caring about. After a long session of this teasing, she pulled my panties down just far enough to free my throbbing cock, slid up my bound body, and then slowly, ever so slowly, slid that wonderful, wet, soft, young snatch down over it. She began to fuck me, faster and harder, and I tried to meet her thrusts as well as I could from my bound position. With a moan, she came again, and then I released a load of cum that was a week in forming. I have never felt so drained, so satisfied, so happy, or so confused. She slid off my softening cock, and straddled my face, telling me to clean her out. She sat on my face, and I did as asked, sucking my own cum back out of her, and tasting again her sweet nectar. She had one last orgasm, shaking all over, and slid out of the bed. She leaned over, and kissed me again, and I tasted her lipstick, my lipstick, and the mingled flavors of both of our cum. If this is what being a sissy was all about, I'm all for it!

She left me there, bound and in my lingerie, while she pulled her gown back on, and went to clean up and change. Five minutes later, she was back, now wearing a robe. She released me from my bonds, running her nails across my nipples and thighs, but when I stood up and tried to kiss her, she turned her head and pushed me away. "Stop it," she told me, "while I enjoyed it, any contact between us will be initiated by me, not you. I will tell you what you may do with me, when you may do it, and I will tell you what you will wear. Is that clear, Sissy?" I nodded glumly. "Now, go draw me a bath, and lay out my towel, a clean nightshirt, and then bring a glass of apple juice into the bathroom for me." I hung my head, what I had thought to be an intimate connection was just in my mind. I was nothing more than a living sex toy for both of them. I minced my way down the hall, and prepared her bath.

It has been a full year since I was trapped in this forced sissy hell. I have been fucked in so many different positions, and in so many sissy outfits, I've lost track. Lately, I have also noticed that my nipples are much more sensitive, and was just told that I have been taking low dose female hormones so that I would grow little titties of my own. That just made so very happy! I own a bunch of different bracelets and pairs of earrings and have to make sure my jewelry matches when I'm dressed as a sissy around the house, which is just one more thing to remember. But I have been able to push through, and somehow deal with this new, although very unwanted, reality. Today though, was the worst day of my life.

Today was the first day of my "vacation." I was shaken awake at five o'clock, had my restraint removed, and was told to get my ass into the bathroom, get my diaper off, bathe and put on the clothing that was laid out in the bathroom. The night before, I was not allowed supper, and Heather had used a bag-type enema on me, filling my bowels to the bursting point before I was allowed to expel the mess. I was very hungry, but didn't have time to worry about that now. I jumped into the shower, momentarily grateful for laser hair removal that made shaving and waxing unnecessary. I could hear someone moving around while I was washing my hair, and when I stepped out of the shower, I saw my frilliest pink satin panties, and a matching training bra. I slipped them on, and went down the hallway to my girly room. Mike was waiting for me, and he was shaved, showered, and dressed. On the bed was laid out my pink satin sissy dress, and its various accoutrements. The dress and crinolines were pulled over my head, the collar of the dress was locked, and I was back in that soft, feminine, sissy world that I had learned to hate, and to love. I reached for my shoes, and noticed that they were new ones They seemed to be a bit taller than the rest of my heels. They were dyed pink to exactly match my dress, and again, on Heather, would have been sexy. There were also two straps on each shoe, one across the instep, and one around the ankle. The ankle strap had another little lock, which Mike dutifully locked, and pocketed the small key. When I stood up to go to the makeup table, I found that the heels were indeed taller than any before, and I had to take even smaller, daintier steps to avoid falling. As I sat on the little chair, Mike told me to put my gold teddy bear earrings and my teddy bear charm bracelet on, use the pink lipstick and sealer, and just a little bit of eye shadow. Once I complied to his satisfaction, he handed me a small satin purse. I looked at it, and then at him. "Put your lipstick, eye shadow, and some damn tissue into the purse, and let's go." Suddenly, I knew I was going to be taken out, dressed, I mean dressed like this! Mike told me to stand up, and he slid a pair of pink satin, thumbless mittens onto my hands, buckled them so they would not come off, and then clipped them together. I was led to the kitchen where Heather was waiting for us. She was dressed in a very cute little yellow mini dress and wedge heeled sandals, and had her purse, and what looked like a diaper bag on the table beside her. I started to ask what was going on, and was told to shut up, or I would be gagged, and would get no breakfast. I shut up, and was drug out the door, and into the back seat of my own car. My seatbelt was fastened, I was handed a bottle of milk with some sugar in it, and told to shut up and drink.

I was at least glad it was dark and no one could see me in this frilly sissy mess. As we drove, I started to get drowsy, and realized I had been drugged again. We soon stopped, and I was led into a strange house. I found myself in a basement that was set up as a rather elegant hair salon. I was first told to lie down on a table, and had to be helped because of the sedative. Once I was on my back, Heather and the lady that I recognized as the one who pierced my ears proceeded to pull off my frilly panties, and put me in a thick diaper and plastic panties. I was sat back up, and helped off the table and into the salon chair. This lady worked on me for the longest time but as I was in a haze, I have no real memory of the event. I started to wake up finally and the first thing I noticed was that I was back on the table, having my wet diaper changed. My plastic panties were pulled back up, and the frilly satin diaper covers were pulled on over all. They helped me to stand up, and took me to a mirror for a look. My hair was done in tight little ring curls, with little bangs, and I was told that I had now had my first permanent. I just stood there, looking at the pathetic sissy in the mirror, and broke down in tears. After everything that had been done to me, this seemed to be the final indignity; the final uncrossable border had been crossed.

I was led back to the van, still staggering due to my very high heels, and the tail end of the sedative. I must have been in there for a long time, because the sun was now up, and people were out and about. A young couple saw me, stared at me in horror, and hurried on their way. I just hung my head in shame. 

When we got home, Mike told Heather to get me into a tight corset, heels, and sissy socks, and put my "fucking panties" on me. She dressed me, and bound me tight the bed with my legs over my head again My gag was inserted, and as lay there, aching already from the bonds and thick gag, she proceeded to pull everything a little tighter, just to make sure I was in agony. There was no way I could move, and when she swung that paddle against my sissy ass, I could do nothing to avoid it. I screamed into the gag, gasping for air. Between the gag and the corset (which was tighter each time I wore it) I was having trouble breathing while just standing around. This was making me damn near pass out from lack of oxygen! After about 6 or 7 hits, Mike came in, and he must have been using some kind of cream or something as he was harder than I think I have ever seen him, and he sawed into my poor savaged ass for what seemed like hours. When he was done, he slapped my ass several times until I was again crying into my gag, and bathed in sweat. Laughing, left to clean up. Heather came back in, I was released and allowed to bathe. Heather then told me that she wanted me to get changed, as she had a "date." I asked her why I had to dress for her date, and she just laughed and told me to hush while she found the appropriate clothes. "In fact," she said, "just go sit in the bathroom for the next half hour, and wait. After thirty minutes, come back to your little sissy nursery, and put on what I have laid out for you, and wait." As always, I did as I was told. I mean, first of all, what choice did I really have, and anyway, when this georgeous little minx asked me to do something, I was like putty in her hands.

I waited for the required thirty minutes, and an extra one just to make sure, and padded down the hall in my high heeled mules and satin robe. Laid out on the bed was my French Maid outfit. Sighing, I began to get dressed. This outfit had a corset that had metal fasteners up the front, and it took me at least twenty minutes, laying on my back, pulling with all the strength I had to fasten each of the 24 hooks. I was finally tucked into my corset, with my tender, barely visible breasts, with their swollen nipples made even more evident by the corset's action. I rolled the black stockings up my legs, and fastened the garters to them, making sure the seams at the back were very straight.

I put the black high heeled pumps on, and fastened the ankle strap with a lot of difficulty. This corset was nowhere near as tight as the was Heather and Mike laced the others onto me, but it was still very tight, and the boning made it hard to bend over and hook the straps on my shoes. I slid the dress over my head, using a special plastic rod with a hook on it to pull up the zipper. I arranged the shoulders, pulled the black satin panties with the white lace ruffles up my legs, and settled them over my crotch and still sore ass.

Next came the accessories. A white lacy garter up my left leg, satin cuffs, a lace covered white satin choker, and my lace cap finished my outfit. Without being told, I put on the pink lipstick and eye shadow, touched up my hair, and sprayed just a touch of perfume on my neck.

Finished, I sat down on the vanity chair and waited. I didn't have to wait very long. I could smell the delicate perfume that announced that Heather felt sexy. She came through the door to my sissy hell, wearing that same green silk nightgown that she had worn so long ago, when she used me to lose her virginity. Taking my hand, she led me out of the room, and for the first time, I was with her in her room. I had only been allowed in here to clean, make the bed, and put away her laundry (folded perfectly). She led me to the bed, and we just stood there, kissing, and rubbing each other. My zipper was slowly lowered, and the dress slid to the floor. (Oh crap, I thought, that will have to be steamed to get those damn wrinkles out now. Boy was I a well trained, and stupid sissy!)

We fell into the bed, and let me tell you, she was like a tiger pouncing on prey! I ate her to countless orgasms, and she licked my "sissy pussy," until I thought I would scream with pleasure! The very few times we had ever had sex, I had been bound, and once gagged, and she had been on top. This time, she moved under me, and even though I was in sexy lingerie, I felt more like a man than I had in the last 12 months. We came together, and after cuddling for a long time, she moved down my body, and began to clean my soft cock with her lips and tongue. She swung her lithe and beautiful legs over my head, and I ate my cum from her golden cup, and we both had another orgasm.

After we lay there for a long time, kissing and cuddling, she told me it was time for me to go to bed. I was led back to my room, and she slowly stripped my lingerie off of me, kissing me the whole time, paying special attention to my little titties. The diaper and plastic panties came next, followed by a pink nylon Barbie nightgown. She handed me a sippy cup of apple juice, which I drank down right away. I was cuffed at both wrists and ankles, and spread eagled on the bed. I had my pacifier placed in my mouth, and the ribbon tied behind my head. Then, she did an odd thing. She turned on the small stereo in my room, plugged in the headphones, and placed them over my ears, bathing me in classic rock music. The satin sheet was pulled up over my head, and I was told to be a good little baby girl, and go sleepies. The next morning, I awoke, still in my nightie and a wet diaper, but I noticed that the bonds were gone, and the headphones were off. I sat up, confused. I got out of bed, and automatically pulled on my high heeled mules, and went to the kitchen. No one was there, and it was almost ten o'clock. I called out, and got no answer. I went to Heather's room, and the door was open, and the room was empty. I got the same with Mike's, I mean my bedroom. They were gone, and all of their clothes and stuff had gone with them. I slowly made my way back to the kitchen, and sat down at the table. There was evidence that they had made coffee and toast, and hadn't bothered to clean the kitchen. Of course, that was my job, anyway.

As I sat there in my wet diaper and Barbie nightie, I noticed two envelopes, and a flat box on the table. I opened the letter sized envelope and read:

Dear Sissy,

As you have probably figured out, we're gone. Let me explain a few things to you. First of all, my name isn't Heather, and Mike isn't Mike. In fact, I used to call him Dad. That's right, he's my old man. Let's see, what else can I tell you? When we met, I was a virgin, that much was true, but when I lost my virginity to your bound sissy cock, I was still only 15. I didn't turn 16 until the next day.. Oh yeah, I have to tell you that "Mike" had been tested several times, and was clean. No Aids, no VD, nothing, so you're safe.

Now, if you look in your checkbook, you will see that you are damn near broke. You see, all of your sissy clothes, the restraints, the laser hair removal, and the rest took all of your savings. Oh yeah, and all of my new clothes, the new tires on our car, and some other things that you don't need to worry about. Sorry about that.

We didn't leave you completely high and dry, I left you a little present on the table. I hope you like it. 



I just sat there, stunned. I finally looked at my bank account, and sure enough, I was broke. Well, I still had my job, and I knew all my bills were paid up, but just a bit over a year ago, I had almost $9500.00 in my account, and now had about $125.00. Well, fuck it, at least they were gone. I picked up the box, and got a nice surprise. On top was a stack of pictures of me in my sissy finery, sucking cock, and getting my ass reamed by Mike. There was also a small plastic bag with a memory card in it, hopefully from the camera. A quick note told me that she had kept only two or three pictures for a memento, and no one would see them. I sighed, and then pulled out the tissue paper to see what was under it. I was surprised to see the green nightgown that she had worn the night before. I picked it up, and without thinking, I pulled my Barbie nightie off, and pulled the green gown on. It felt heavenly, and I could smell her sweet perfume. I realized that I was going to miss her, even if she was the root of all of my trouble. I then saw that there was something else in the box. Another note told me that she had worn these while masturbating, and had cum several times in them. I pulled out those pale blue silk panties and bra, and brought the panties to my face, and just inhaled.

An hour later, I had taken off my diaper, showered, washed my hair, and put the green nightgown on. I lay down on my bed, feeling the satin sheets slither under the smooth silk of the nightgown, and began to figure out my future. Would it be as a man, as a sissy, or...