A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Missy Satinpanties

It's a Pink Satin Sissy's Life (And I love it!)

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Looking down at the floor as I knelt at my wife's delicate feet, I could see her pedicured toenails that I had just painted no more than an hour ago with their meticulous layer of red polish. I could also see the white lace-trimmed hem of my black satin maid's dress. You heard right, my dress. My wife and mistress lifted one dainty foot, and I slipped the gossamer-thin, lace-paneled, black silk panties up to her ankle, and then repeated it when she lifted the other foot. I loved to see her in these panties as they were so beautiful, and made her look so sexy. I also hated to see her in them, as it meant that another man, or I should say a man, was going to get to remove them. I slid them up her smooth thighs that I had just shaved that afternoon, and asked if I might be allowed to settle them in place. She nodded, and I pulled them up the final few inches, adjusted them just so, and then looked back at the floor. I wanted to grab her and kiss her beautiful pussy so badly it almost made me cry, but I dared not. She sat down on the bed, and I rolled the sheer black stockings up her legs, then she stood, and turned around, so I could fasten the black silk garter belt around her waist, and attach the straps to the tops of her stockings, running the garter straps under her panties as ordered. (to be so close to that treasure, to feel the heat of her body, to have my hands just inches away...) My wife was going out with another man, and knowing that her panties were on over the garters told me what she had in mind for this very lucky man! Me? I was staying at home, dressed in my sissy lingerie and satin maid's dress like a good little sissy servant. I was lucky that she didn't require me to be in my chastity device and some form of bondage this time while she was on her date.

This all really began not so long ago. We were engaged to be married, and I was so damn happy, I was walking on air. Melanie was my dream girl. 5'5" tall, long, thick brown hair, bright green eyes, small turned up nose, and breasts that while not huge, were perfectly shaped, and were tipped with the most delicious nipples. From our very first date, she was also a bit "take charge." Nothing over-the-top mind you, but she liked being in control, however subtly stated. We were lying in bed one evening, both exhausted after a long session of sex, and out of the blue, she asked me why I bought her so much lingerie. I told her about how sexy she looked in satin and silk, and how I loved the feel of the fabric sliding along her smooth skin, and just how wonderful it was to unwrap her delectable body for sex. What I did NOT tell her was that I had been wearing lingerie on-and-off all my life, and had a real fetish for all things satin, silk and lacy. To me, even the word "lingerie" was sexy. I could turn myself on with a recitation of the names of my passion: Lace, satin, chemise, panties, silk, peignoir, negligee, teddy, baby doll, corset, ruffles, frilly, etc. I had started wearing my mother's and aunt's silky nylon panties and other undies when I was only 12 or 13.

My Mother's sister, Ann, had come to live with us after my father left, and I dearly loved her. She was ten years younger than my Mom, and wore all sorts of sexy underthings that would make their way to my room before heading back to the laundry. I remember one Saturday when I was 16. I had found a new pair of panties in the hamper in the bathroom. They were teal blue silk with lace panels on either side, and a small black bow in the center. There was also a matching camisole. I looked at the label, and found that these fragrant treasures were from Victoria's Secret. I stuffed them in my jeans, and darted back to my room. In my haste, I forgot 2 things. Aunt Ann had told me she was doing laundry that day, and to always lock my door. I had spent 15 minutes sniffing the crotch of these delicate panties, and finally put them on. Shivering with delight, I slid the camisole on, and was admiring myself in the mirror when Ann opened the door to see if I had anything for the wash.

I just stood there, not knowing what to do, and she walked over to me, took me by the shoulders, and turned me to look at her. "Danny," she said softly, "I know you can't help yourself, but please don't steal my delicates. Come with me, sweetie." She led me back to her room, still in her panties and cami, and sat me down on her bed. We had a long discussion about clothing, and privacy, and I promised never to steal from her again, and she promised not to tell Mom. She then put me in a dress, stockings, and heels, and took several Polaroid pictures of me dressed up. Laughing at my attempts to twirl and pose, she finally had me take her things back off, and then dug a box out of her closet. She had a lot of panties that were worn out, and several pairs that had been given to her by a very optimistic former boyfriend who never got to see them on her, and never would. These were all silk or satin bikini panties with lace and ribbons. Not what you'd call sissy panties, but very girly. Aunt Ann was more into sophisticated and sexy lingerie. I should know, I tried all of her things on! They were all going to the trash, but the pretty panties she gave to me to have as my very own. She also gave me one white and one pink camisole, and a pretty black full slip with a lacy hem. She told me to keep them hidden, and wear them, and not her good lingerie. I thanked her profusely, and never wore her personal things again, well, not too often. I also never quit collecting and wearing panties., and when I did move out, somehow a few pairs of her panties ended up in my suitcase!

In fact, even as Melanie and I lay there in my bed, I had a stash of panties, camisoles, and such in the back of my closet (yes, I still had all of the wonderful things of my youth from Aunt Ann, too!) not ten feet from the bed where we lay. I had even gotten into a new style of dressing that I had discovered on the internet, and had two pairs of ultra lacy sissy panties, one in baby pink, double layer satin trimmed in stiff white lace, and the other in virgin white satin trimmed in pink lace. Both had really lacy and sissy matching training bras. I also owned a pair of white patent Mary Jane shoes with a wide three inch heel, and a cute pink satin dress with lots of ruffles made of the materials. I had found two sites on the 'net that almost made my credit card jump out of my wallet: Birchplace Shop, and I Love Ruffles, along with that old standby, E-Bay.

Well. the next weekend, she came over to my apartment, and instead of her little overnight case, she brought a large suitcase, and several paper-wrapped packages. She didn't explain what they were, and I didn't ask. We went out to dinner, moved on to a small jazz club that has an amazing quartet, and finally got home around midnight. Melanie told me that she had to take a shower, and then I had to take a shower to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke from the club. When she came out of the shower, she had my terry cloth robe on, and was toweling her hair dry. She told me follow her back into the bathroom, and told me to take off my clothing. Of course, not knowing, but guessing what was coming, I complied quickly! Once I was naked, I started to take the robe off of her, but was stopped. "You smell like an ashtray, and you have to do something with that hair," was her reply. I thought she meant the hair on my head, but, she told me to stand still, and put my hands on the curtain rod for the tub. She then began to spray something all over my chest, back, and legs. I asked her what it was, and she told me that if I wanted sex that night, or ever, I would just shut up, and enjoy. I did just that!

I stood there for about 5 minutes or so, and the ammonia smell was overpowering, along with a slight burning sensation. I knew it was Nair, or some other hair remover, but I just stood there like a good little boy. Now might be a good time to describe myself. I'm only a half inch taller than Melanie and rather slender, and since I watch my diet, and swim 1000 plus yards every other morning at the nearby YMCA, I am in pretty good shape, without any fat to be seen. My hair is what you might call dirty blonde, and I share green eyes with my beautiful wife, although mine are a pale green. I have very little hair on my body, or should I say I had very little. Now I have none!

When she told me time was up, I stepped into the shower, and using the proffered poofy scrubber, sluiced off what little hair I used to have. A bottle of shampoo was passed in next, and I was told to wash my hair, at least twice. When I was done, a bottle of body wash was passed in, and I was told to use it all over my body, and scrub really well. I noticed that the body wash was the same flowery fragrance as the shampoo. But hey, hair grows back, and flowery shampoo ain't nothin' if it means great sex. When I stepped out of the shower, Melanie was waiting for me with a big pink towel (I didn't know I owned any pink ones!) and helped me dry off. Then, she told me to stand on the toilet, and to shut up. She had changed into my one of my favorite negligees, a pale, mint green silk affair that accentuated her lovely ass and breasts, and really brought out the color of her eyes. Since her taut nipples were printing through the gossamer silk, I asked no questions and within moments, she had a can of shaving cream in her hand, and had lathered up my balls and crotch. With a careless, "Don't move, sweetie," she began to remove all my pubic hair, and the hair around the crack of my ass.

After my "grooming" my dear fiancée handed me a pale pink satin robe, explaining that she had spilled a soda on my terry cloth robe while I was in the shower, and it was in the sink in the kitchen, soaking. I shrugged, and slid into the robe, noticing at once that the material felt almost as good on me, as it did when I rubbed up against Melanie when she wore it. I was told to go into the kitchen and open a bottle of wine, and bring that and two glasses to the bedroom while she dried her hair. I told her I was going to go grab my slippers, and she just chuckled and tossed me a pair of soft pink ballet-style satin slippers. I just looked at them. She gave me a wicked smile, and reached for my cock through the satin of the robe. "Hmm," she said, "It seems like you are about as hard as I am wet. Play my little game with me, and I will make it worth the effort." With that, she ran her tongue around her lips, and I gave in. "What the hell," I thought, "If this is all it takes to make her happy, and horny, then...:

I came back into the bedroom with the wine (and come to think about it, there was no robe soaking in the sink!) to find my wife-to-be stretched out on the bed, her hard nipples almost tearing through the soft silk of her gown. She sat up and took the wine and glasses from me, and set them down on the nightstand. She told me the wine was for later, but now she wanted me to open the top package on the bed. I tore off the paper, and found a pair of slippery black silk pajamas. She told me to take that silly girly robe off, and put the pajamas on. I did, and again the feeling of the soft material against my skin was electric! With that, she jumped on me like a tiger on a zebra! The feeling of the silk of my pajamas sliding on the silk of her gown was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. She wouldn't even let me take them off to mount her, she just pulled my cock out through the fly, and hiked the hem of her gown up. It was pure magic!

We lay there for a long time, both of us happily exhausted. Finally, Melanie rolled on her side, poured herself a glass of wine, and suggested that I take another shower, and come on back in to see the rest of my "presents." At her suggestion, I went to the guest bathroom that had a small shower, taking my new shampoo and body wash, while she used the master bath to clean up.

Fifteen minutes later, I was back in the pink satin robe and her ballet slippers. Funny thing was, I had taken a ratty old robe and my slippers to the bathroom, but when I got out of the shower, the robe, slippers, and the silk PJs, were missing. In their place were the silky pink robe and pink ballet slippers. Okay, if she wants to play some game, I was very game! Once more back into the bedroom, where I noticed at once that the linen had been changed, and instead of the somewhat soiled and sweaty white cotton sheets, I could see pale peach colored satin sheets with the pile of wrapped packages back on the bed. She, however, had not changed, and had just pulled a delicate sheer peignoir over her gown, and was wearing a pair of silver high-heeled mules that made her legs look divine. She handed me a glass of the wine, and told me to drink it before I opened my other presents. I tossed the wine back, and tore into the paper once again.

This time, as soon as I saw the contents, I just froze. I couldn't look at Melanie; just stare at the contents of the package. "That's right, Honey, those are your panties, and your shoes, and your camisoles. I took them home on Wednesday, washed them and folded them neatly for you. And if you go the closet, you'll find your sissy dress all dry cleaned and pretty for you." She said this all with a syrupy sweetness that had an unspoken hard edge. I started to sputter and began to lamely explain, and was told to shut up. "I found these when I was over here last weekend, and you wanted me to help you find your blue sweater. Knowing you are a bit of a slob, I checked the floor of your closet and found a pink ribbon sticking out of a gym bag I've never seen you use. Imagine my surprise when all these frilly little things fell out! At first I thought they belonged to another woman and you were trying to hide them, but when I saw the size of the shoes, the tiny cup size of the bras and just how, well, how sissy it all looked, I began to suspect that they were yours! A little "detective work" I did on Monday made me sure they were all yours. Now, I think it's time that you and I have a little talk, and by that, I mean that I talk, you shut up and listen. Now I want a one word answer from you. Do you understand?" The last bit came out hard and cold, and seemed to brook no argument. I just hung my head and mumbled, "Yes."

The very much one-sided conversation that took place over the next hour was surreal to say the least. She explained that she loved me, and still wanted to get married, but that things were going to have be a little different in our marriage. Not only did she make more money than I did, by a large margin, but on the day of her marriage, she would take control of a very heft trust fund left to her by her grandfather. This, she explained, was why I was going to quit my job before the wedding, and take care of the house, and her. She explained that she had taken a day off work and bought some software on Monday. She now had a nifty little program that allowed her to sit at home and see what I had been accessing on my home computer. This included Sissy Kiss, Fictionmania, Crystal's Story Site, and Birchplace Shop, I Love Ruffles, along with many other sites that had sissy and cuckold stories, and many more that sold sissy clothing and adult baby items. Since I was so interested in sissies, I would become the household sissy maid. I would take care of all of the household chores, laundry, shopping, etc.

Furthermore, I was to keep my body shaved, and to wear only lingerie under my male clothing when I went out, even to the doctor's office. At home, I would only be allowed to wear clothing suitable for little girl, baby, or maid. If I had any doubts about this arrangement, I was to tell her now, and she would leave and not return. I couldn't say a word. I was then told to put on my pink satin sissy panties and matching training bra, my little ankle sox, my little girl shoes and sissy pink dress, and to stand in the corner for 1 hour while I thought about it. I was not to say one word until the hour was up, and then I was only to say one of two things. I could either say "Goodbye," or, "Yes Maam."

Numbly I put on my sissy finery, and allowed myself to be led to the corner. As I stood there, Melanie walked back to the bed, and took something out of her overnight bag. Standing behind me, she told me to put my hands behind my back, and handcuffs were placed on my wrists. What was I getting into? Now, she told me to open my mouth, wide. Like a robot, I did as I was told, and a large, rubber gag shaped like a penis was jammed into my mouth, and the straps buckled behind my head! I was bound and gagged in sissy clothing just like in my favorite stories, but I wasn't sure if I was aroused, or scared to death.


Finally, the terrible hour passed. My calves and the balls of my feet were in pain as I had only worn these shoes once, and then only for a few minutes. My jaw was numb and I was drooling around my gag. While I was in the corner, Melanie had taken a shower, and changed out of her gown, and was just sitting on the bed looking at a magazine. Finally I heard the bed squeak, and soft footsteps behind me. With a warning to only say one of two things, my gag was unbuckled, and I was told to speak my decision. My choice really wasn't hard. I loved to wear lingerie, and I think I secretly longed to be dominated. Proof of that was the docile manner in which I allowed myself to be placed in the corner, gagged and cuffed. Plus, I had to admit to myself that I really and truly loved Melanie. With my mouth free, she took my shoulders and turned me around. I could only glance at her, I was so embarrassed I started to cry She was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms and a loose top, and I was dressed like a simpering sissy. I looked down at the silver high heeled slippers still on her feet and with tears running down my face, said only two words, "Yes Maam."

With that, Melanie wiped my tears with a tissue, hugged me tightly, and told me how much she loved me. She led me back to the bed and helped me out of my sissy outfit and shoes. She knelt at my feet and began to massage the pain away, and all I could do was sigh. "Now my darling little sissy, don't get too used to me massaging your feet, but since you aren't used to your high heels yet, I'll do it for you tonight." It was now very late, or rather early in the morning, and she suggested that we finish the wine, and go to bed. She handed me one last package, this one a large flat box wrapped in pink paper. With great fear, and a little prayer, I opened it, and found a satin baby-doll nightgown in baby blue, trimmed in white lace. It was so silky soft and smooth I just wanted to stand there and rub it on my face all night. I stood up, and she held the delicious nightie over my head. I held up my arms, and the soft silky baby-doll slithered over my head, and fell in a soft cloud around my waist. She reached into the box and handed me the matching panties, and I thought I would die when she pulled them up over my once-again hard cock, and snugged them into place. We hugged, and I began to cry again, but this time for joy. I had wanted to dress openly for someone for so long! I had always wanted to wear lingerie for someone who cared, someone who would love me, not only in spite of the lingerie, but because of it. I had truly found a soul mate.

The days leading up to our wedding flew by, until it was only a month away. At Melanie's urging, I took the 45 days of vacation that I had banked so we could get ready. That Saturday, Melanie's mother came for a visit. A visit that, unknown to me, would radically change my life. We had already moved out of our respective apartments, and put a down payment on a nice little California craftsman style bungalow. The house was sort of bare, as my mismatched furniture had gone the way of the Goodwill, and Melanie had decided that she didn't like her sleek modern furniture in this style house. In fact, the only room that had any furniture to speak of was the bedroom, and we had bought it all new, including a new mattress. I like a soft mattress, and Melanie prefers a harder one, and I was rather surprised that she didn't even ask me at the furniture store, just ordered what she wanted. Hmmm, that should have been another clue, but I was totally clueless. Anyway the house was supposed to be the reason for her mother flying out early, as she was not only going to help her daughter get ready for her wedding, she was going to help us with furnishing and decorating the house. Melanie woke me up early that morning, and told me to hurry up, take a bath, use my razor like a good girl, and then go into the back bedroom (The house had 4) and put on the clothing that she had laid out for me. I did as I was told, and when I got to the little room, I could see a dress hanging there. Not only a dress, but a nightmare of sissy, baby pink satin, white lace, and frills! It was a fantasy French Maid outfit, but in pink and white, instead of the usual black and white. I looked on what used to be my old dresser, and saw a white corset trimmed in little pink roses and bows, a sheer white, ruffle-edged pinafore apron, white thigh high stockings, pink satin fingerless gloves, frilly cap and choker, the works! I didn't notice Melanie had followed me into the room, and as I spun around to find her, there she was. "Honey," I spluttered, "I can't wear all of this when your mother is coming today! You must have made a mistake!" Her stern reply caught me off guard, "I made NO mistake, sissy. You will shut your mewling mouth, and put on the clothing that I took the time to buy and lay out for you. For you impertinence and lack of gratitude, I think we can add a bit of punishment to your day."

I was scared, but decided that this was some sort of a test. Maybe her mother was coming this evening, or tomorrow, and Melanie wanted to scare me. I took a deep breath, and relaxed. Maybe I should have run, right then and there! First, I was told to grab the closet bar, and not to let go. She took the pink towel off of me, and proceeded to wrap the corset around my middle. Telling me to take a deep breath, she pulled it as tight as she could. I exhaled, and she told me to take another, deeper breath. It didn't seem possible to breathe, let alone take a deep breath, but I tried, and she got it to go even tighter around my middle. "There," she said with a satisfied tone to her voice, "That looks much better." Within a very few minutes, I was standing in front of my fiancée, who by the way, was wearing nothing but a sheer black lace robe and slippers. My state of dress, on the other hand, was just a bit different! From bottom to top, I was wearing white patent Mary Janes with a rather narrow3 inch heel, white stockings, a pair of pink satin panties with enough lace to make a wedding gown, a painfully tight corset with garters running under my satin sissy panties, and a very short, pink satin, French maid's dress, also trimmed in white lace. The outfit was completed with a white satin pinafore style apron, white lace choker, pink satin half gloves (with bells on them, for heaven's sake!) and a lacy cap. A thick layer of lacy petticoats forced the very short skirt of the dress up and out, revealing my lacy panties for all the world to see. Melanie then reached up on the closet shelf and pulled a box down, and told me that it was the last part of my outfit, but that we would open it later. For now, I was led to the hallway, just inside of the front door. I was told to stand with my back to the post that ended the banister for the stairs. Taking my wrists, she wrapped a nylon and Velcro cuff around each, and then secured them behind me, tightly, around the post. She then did the same for my ankles. I was shocked, and scared. She then produced a wide band of stretch neoprene that she told me was a weight loss belt for fat men, and should be perfect. Perfect for what I had no idea, but I found out quickly. She wrapped this band around my legs, centering on my knees, and fastened the Velcro behind the post. I could not bend me knees, or move at all, except for my head. "Now, Sweetie," She began, "I'll just go upstairs and get ready. Mommy's taxi should be here in about 20 minutes!" I was on display and would be the first thing anyone saw as they opened the door! I started to tell Melanie that I did not like the situation one little bit, and she just sighed, and produced the penis gag. As soon as I opened my mouth to protest, she jammed it in, and buckled it tightly. What in the hell had I gotten myself into???

Just a few minutes later, Melanie came back down the stairs in a pair of black slacks that hugged her like a second skin, a white satin peasant blouse, and black high-heeled sandals, and from the look of it, no bra. She looked elegant, sexy, and in charge. Moments later, I heard the taxi pull up. I could hear a woman's voice ask the driver to bring her cases, and to my relief, she told him to leave them on the porch. Suddenly Melanie threw the door open, and ran out to hug her mother. Arm in arm they walked back into the house, where her mother just stared at me, and began to giggle. I wanted to die!

For the past three months things had been great! We had "played" with my dressing up, which always resulted in great sex. Sure, I had started to wear panties under my clothing all the time and quite often went to work with not only panties but a garter belt, stockings, and a camisole under my clothing. But since I worked as a graphic designer, I didn't have to wear a suit, and under jeans and a shirt and sweater no one would have known if I was wearing a superman costume, let alone lingerie. The soft girly things kept me in a state of excitement all day, knowing that I might be "caught," knowing how naughty it was, and how it felt against my smooth skin. But even though Melanie "punished me," by standing me in the corner and even on occasion, spanking me, it was all very light-hearted and fun. I sensed things were about to change.

Melanie's mother finally fell silent, and just looked at me. "Well, well, well," she began, "Where do we start? I suppose that I had better fill you in on a few details of what has been going on behind the scenes." For the first time, I took a really good look at her. While Melanie was only 28, her mother didn't look old enough to be her mother. While Melanie had a sort of classic English look about her with milky smooth skin, her mother was a Nordic goddess. She was almost six foot tall, long blonde hair, ample breasts, and long dancer's legs that were exposed under the gray tweed skirt. High heeled black pumps accentuated her legs, while a pale blue satin blouse did nothing to cover up her breasts. A simple string of pearls hung in the valley between her bosoms, and made her look oh-so-sexy.

"You see, Daniel...Oh my, that will never do. Let's see, I know! Your new name is Debbie. Now, Debbie, where was I? Ah yes. You see, I have known about your dressing up for almost as long as my daughter has known. I need to tell you, that even though she is my step-daughter, we are very, very close. She tells me everything! So, that brings me to my little visit. You see, you need training to be my darling daughter's new wife. Your time as her man has ended. Now, to be fair, you will be given a choice. You can go ahead and marry my daughter, and be her loving wife and personal maid, or you can pack your things and leave. You still have your job, until you quit tomorrow, and we will even give you enough money to pay for the expenses of moving into nice new apartment. BUT, when you leave, you will leave forever! You will never even contact Melanie again. But then you sort of know that would be the case." She stopped, and looked thoughtfully at the floor, and finally said in an offhand manner, "Oh, and the pictures of you in your sissy panties and such, painting your nails, putting on your little nightgowns might just slip from my e-mail inbox into the world wide web. "Oh my God!" I thought, "Melanie had sent those pictures she took for fun, to her MOTHER?"

Now Debbie, my daughter will take your gag out, and you can give us your decision. Melanie stepped up on the stairs behind me, and unbuckled the gag. I worked my jaw around a bit, and tried to get some spit into my dry mouth. "Now, sweetheart, I want you to know that I love you, and love you unconditionally," Melanie began, "But for this to work, there can only be one boss in the family, and that will be me, as you seem to enjoy the sissy girly role more. So, will you marry me, or do we part company, today, here and now?" I stood there for a long few minutes, mulling things over, and finally told her that I wanted to marry her, no matter what our relative status was. With that, she clapped her hands, and kissed my cheek. She also announced that my decision had taken too long, and I was to be punished for hesitation, and for my earlier bad behavior. With that she jammed the gag back into my mouth.

As though they had rehearsed this, Melanie went pulled up a hard wooden chair, while her mother unhooked the band around my knees. My wrists were uncuffed from the banister, but again hooked behind my back quickly. My ankles were still bound to the post, and suddenly, her mother sat down in the chair and Melanie pushed me from behind, causing me to fall across her mother's lap! My skirt was pulled up, and she began to wail at my panty encased bottom with a hair brush, until I was crying, and screaming, and begging her to quit, although all she heard was crying and muffled screams.

When she was finally done, I was helped to my feet, my wrists and ankles were unhooked, and that horrible gag was once again out of my mouth. I stood there, in my own living room, dressed in a fantasy pink satin maid's dress, dripping with lace trim, matching panties, a corset, stockings, and high heels, bawling like a baby in front of my wife-to-be and her mother. What had I allowed myself to become? How much lower would I, or could I, sink?

"Now," Melanie's mother began again, "Some more information for you, little Debbie. First of all, I made a side trip three days ago, and have been visiting with your mother. She told me all about you sneaking into her room to try on her frillies, and how you would steal and wear your aunt's panties. Yes, honey, she has known for years! I showed her my little picture album, and while she is very disappointed to have a sissy for a son, she still loves you, and agreed to go ahead with the wedding that you have been dreaming about." "What wedding?" I managed to get out over my tears, "When did I say anything about what kind of wedding I wanted?" "Well, you simpering sissy, there just is no way you could wear a tuxedo and pretend to be the man at a wedding now, is there?" "You two will be married at my home, you will be married by the Justice of the Peace, and YOU, little Debbie-Poo, will be wearing the bridal gown! It will be a small wedding, just family and a friend or two, and then you will live happily forever as woman and sissy maid." "And," added Melanie sweetly, "If you work real hard between now and the wedding, I'll even allow you to consummate the marriage, instead of me using a real man as a proxy!" With that, I stopped sniffling and just stared at her, my mouth hanging open.

In the next few hours, they outlined my duties and my training schedule for the month. Among some of the "highlights" were things such as calling Melanie's mother, "Mummy" from now on. I was told that the next day there were some men coming to redecorate the back bedrooms, just for me. While there were here, I would have the option of either dressing just as I was right now, and "entertaining" them (I had NO idea what that might entail, and wasn't about to ask!), or I could bound and gagged in the master bedroom. Duh! Of course I chose bound and gagged! So, the very next morning, I was placed back in my corset, which they pulled even tighter than yesterday. I wondered if that was all, but I knew it wasn't. I was pushed back on the bed, and a large, thick looking white cotton cloth was produced. I didn't have to wonder what it was for very long, as they lifted my bum, and tightly pinned the diaper around me. Next came a pair of translucent yellow plastic panties that were tugged into place, making sure all the diaper was tucked in. Finally, a daffodil yellow satin suit of some kind was produced. It looked like some kind of like a loose fitting teddy, with short sleeves, and leg holes that ended just below my bottom, like a pair of Melanie's boy shorts. The difference was that the sleeves and leg openings were trimmed in white lace. The two ladies proceeded to button this baby outfit up in the back, and I heard a little "snick" when they got to the collar. "There, sweetums," Mummy crooned, "Your widdle satin baby romper is locked on so no bad boy can take it off of you!" I was told to put my hands out in front of me, and thick mittens with no finger or thumbs were shoved onto my hands. They were lined with satin, and covered in the same pale yellow satin, but the material that was between the satin felt like an oven mitt. They then tied the ribbons tightly around my wrists so I couldn't slide them off, and my hands became useless. I wondered what else was coming, and realized that I didn't want to know. Matching booties were placed on my feet, and I was told to go to the white chair and sit down.

I had to waddle, as the diaper was really, really thick! I looked down at the wooden chair, and noticed two things right away. The first thing was that it had arms, which was not unusual, and the second thing was that it was cut off to about a foot from the floor, which was unusual. I was helped into the chair, and quickly my arms were bound to the chair arms, and a strap went around my waist. My feet were drawn in to the chair, and strapped to the legs, so that my knees were severely bent. This was uncomfortable, and if they left me here long, it would become painful, I was sure of that. "Now widdle Debbie-Poo," Mummy giggled," as promised, we have you bound. Why are you dressed like a baby? Well, since we are going to go shopping, we were worried that you might have an accident! So, we thought of adult disposable diapers, and then decided you would make a cute widdle baby girl, so we bought you some real diapers, and, well, the rest is history! And now, I think it's time to gag our baby girl, as the nice men are pulling into the driveway right now!" With that, she hiked up her skirt, whisked off a pair of baby blue silk panties, and before I could register surprise that my future Mother-in-Law had just done this, she stuffed the pungent panties into my mouth. Immediately Melanie jammed a huge NUK size 5 pacifier in on top of the panties, and tied the ribbons tightly behind my head. The plastic shield was jammed against my lips, and between the pacifier and the panties, it was a pretty darn good gag. They jammed a matching yellow satin bonnet, frothing with lace on my head, and tied it under my chin. Melanie kissed my cheek and whispered, "I know this is uncomfortable, and you will be in pain, but bear with us honey. Mom and I are going into New York City to buy you some new clothing at a special shop we found through the internet. Now, it will take us two hours to get there, and two back, plus our shopping and lunch, so you won't see us until sometime late this afternoon. Now, I hope those naughty workmen don't come snooping around the house, because this darn bedroom door just will not lock!" Now Melanie and "Mummy" stepped back and a digital camera was produced. They took at least a dozen pictures of my in my baby outfit, tied to a chair. With another kiss on the cheek, they were gone.

Throughout the rest of the day, I could hear men downstairs banging, cutting, and moving things around. I could also smell the pungent aroma of latex paint. I was very uncomfortable, and had to pee badly. Finally, around noon, I could hold it no longer, and sighed with relief as I filled my diaper. I dozed off and on, and became more and more uncomfortable. I was hungry and very thirsty. The silk panties in my mouth seemed to absorb any moisture, leaving my mouth painfully dry,, and of course, with the large pacifier stuffed in my mouth and tied tightly, there was no way to lick my dry lips for relief. There was also the matter of a cold wet diaper. I would doze off, and then wake with a start as I thought I heard someone coming up the stairs. I was horribly aware that if the door to the bedroom opened, my bound, diapered form was the first thing anyone would see.

Finally, around three in the afternoon, I heard a woman's voice downstairs, but could not hear what she was saying. She seemed to be giving orders to folks, and I heard another round of clumping feet and thumping as heavy things were moved about. This went on for about 2 hours, and finally, with a loud slam, the house was quiet. I sat there as the shadows lengthened, and waited in my cold, wet diaper, my legs on fire, and my rest of my body numb. Just after six, I heard the garage door open, and the laughter and talk of Melanie and Mummy, as they came and went back and forth from the garage into the house. Finally, after about 15 minutes, they came up the stairs to release me. They were talking and giggling, and told me that my life was about to change forever. I thought it had already changed way too much, but since my mouth was full of panties, I couldn't tell them that. I was untied from the chair, and they had to help me to stand, as my legs were numb and wouldn't hold me. Holding each arm, they walked me around the bedroom until the blood started to flow again, and I could stand on my own. I was then informed that we would go downstairs to see my new bedroom, where I would do all my sleeping in the future. I started to protest through the gag, and they both just laughed. Melanie giggled and said, "You surely didn't think I would want to sleep in the same bed with a sissy who lets herself be dressed like a baby, and pees in her diaper, did you? And tell me, have you EVER heard of the maid sleeping in the master bedroom? No, you will live in the maid's room, which we have had done up, just for you! In fact, you lucky little thing, you will have two rooms to call your very own!" We were now at the bottom of the stairs, and I was very quickly getting the idea that this might no longer be just for fun. In fact, I didn't think I liked it at all! We went down the hall, and turned into the back bedroom. I was shocked! The walls had been painted in a light pink color, with glossy white trim around the baseboards, window, doors and ceiling. The room was full of furniture, too. A white double canopy bed, made up with a rose colored satin comforter and several pillows, and a canopy made of rose colored netting took center stage in the room. I looked around and saw a matching dresser, lingerie chest, and a vanity table with a small padded chair. The window had white lacy curtains held back with rose colored ribbons, and the window itself was covered with an ivory colored roman shade. Barbie dolls and cutsie stuffed animals lay on the bed and dresser. It was a fantasy room for a 6 year old girl, but I was a 26 year old man! I just stood there and stared. Finally, the enormity of the situation hit me, and I began to cry, great heaving sobs racking my body, nose running, and tears falling like rain.

Melanie and her mother both held me as I cried, taking turns to wipe my nose and eyes. After what felt like hours, I was cried out, and they led me to the bed. Melanie reached under the bed, and pulled out a plastic sheet which she used to cover the bed. I was helped up on the bed, and onto the sheet. My sweaty romper was unlocked and unbuttoned, and gently removed My bonnet and pacifier were removed, and the soggy panties were pulled from my mouth and dropped into a white wicker hamper. I was stood up, and to my blessed relief, the corset was unlaced and removed. They told me to be very quiet, and Mummy produced a baby bottle of apple juice, and told me to lay back and finish the bottle like a good widdle baby. While I was doing just that, mummy removed my diaper, and proceeded to use baby wipes to clean me up. The attention to my nether regions resulted in the usual reaction, and Mummy and Melanie looked at each other, and giggled again. The rest of my outfit was removed, and I was told to take a shower in the bathroom that connected the two downstairs bedrooms. I was told to take the Venus razor in with me, and to make sure there were no stray hairs, or stubble. I dutifully washed my hair in the now familiar perfumed shampoo, used the perfumed body wash, and whisked the razor over my trouble spots. I stepped out of the shower, and used one of the pink towels that were laid out, and then used the blow dryer on my hair, which Melanie had insisted I allow to grow for the last several months. Finished, I brushed my teeth, and after looking around for clothing, put on the sheer pink negligee that was hanging on the door hook, and went out into "my" room. The bed and floor were now stacked with bags, boxes and packages, and I could see through the open closet door that there were a bunch of clothes in pale blue cleaner's bags. I didn't have much time to speculate, as I was told to put on a pair of slippers that were thrust at me, and some panties, and come out to the kitchen to eat. I was starved, and grabbed the maribu trimmed high heeled mules from Mummy, and slipped them on along with the proffered sissy panties. They heels were too high, and I had to be helped to the table. Dinner was take-out Chinese that the ladies had picked up, and no gourmet meal ever tasted better to me.

After dinner, it was back into the bedroom as an array of lingerie was unloaded, tried on by yours truly, and folded away into drawers. Sissy panties of all colors and descriptions were packed away, along with sissy ankle sox, two new corsets, slips, petticoats, stockings, three garter belts, and embarrassingly, a dozen pairs of plastic panties, some covered in satin and lace, and a large stack of thick cotton diapers. I did notice that all the clothing was either white, or some pastel color. There were no black or red, anything. When I asked Melanie about that, she told me that those sexy colors were reserved for real women, not sissies.

I was once again laced back into my hated corset, as now it was time to try on my new dresses. Thanks to the "generosity" of Mummy, I now owned 4 maid's outfits. I had my "original" in pink satin that I used to "greet" Mummy, a long sleeved, long skirted black satin outfit, a very revealing short black satin creation that would have made any man drool had it been on my wife, and a final one in baby blue, trimmed in miles of white lace. Five new sissy dresses were also tried on. Yellow, baby blue, two in pink, and one in peach colored satin. Any one of them would have been appropriate for a little girl in a beauty pageant Of course, each maid's outfit had its matching cap, choker, gloves and panties. Each one of the sissy dresses had matching panties, sox, wrist cuffs, and what looked like baby bonnets. And then came the shoes. There must have been 30 pairs to try on. They had purchased high heeled, Mary Jane style shoes in 6 colors, high heeled sandals, slippers, and pumps. There were two boxes of shoes that I was told not to worry about, as I would learn all about them later. Finally, there was just one little blue box on the bed, but I was not allowed to see the contents, not yet, anyway. Still in my corset, My hands were once again cuffed behind my back. I was now cuffed and naked except for an overly tight corset. The penis gag was unexpectedly shoved back into my mouth by Mummy, who was standing behind me. Melanie knelt at my feet, and told me to spread my legs. From under the bed she pulled a bar with nylon cuffs at each end, and fastened this around each ankle, forcing me to stand with my legs painfully spread. Mummy left the room, and when she came back in, she had a basin with something in it. They then helped me to the bed, and got me lying down on my back on the plastic sheet. Now both women stripped down to just panties, garter belts, and stockings. Mummy was in red, and Melanie was in black, and in spite of my condition, I became as hard as a rock! Mummy looked at Melanie and told her that she should take me as the sissy shouldn't be allowed access to Melanie's treasure until the wedding, if she earned it. With that, she removed her panties, and draped them across my face, then climbed up on top of me, and slipped my hard cock into herself. She then rode me to a fast orgasm. I was in bliss, and in shock! I was just fucked by my future mother-in-law with my fiancée watching! Melanie then removed the panties from my face, and for a further surprise, she held them to her nose and inhaled deeply! She then removed my gag, and before I could utter a sound, Mummy positioned herself over my mouth, and was grinding her pussy into my face! I could taste her sweet nectar, and could also pick out my own salty cum. I ate her to at least three orgasms, and then sweating, she climbed off. No sooner that I had taken a breath, but Melanie's own sweet pussy was pushing down on me. I ate her to several orgasms, but by now, my tongue and jaws were in agony. Mercifully, she rolled off of me, and the two naked and beautiful women embraced, kissing each other deeply, I didn't see anything else, as Mummy's panties were once again draped over my eyes, and the ladies left the room. I didn't know what was going on, but I know what I saw, and a spark was definitely there.

After just a few minutes, they both came back in, wearing jeans and t- shirts, and working together, got me off the bed, and standing up. I was glad to get up, as my wrists hurt from being cuffed, and laying on them. Melanie went into the bathroom, and came out with a wet washcloth, which she used to clean up my little man. Once again, he showed his appreciation for being touched in a quite obvious way. That was very short lived, though, as Mummy reached into the basin, and pulled out a dripping plastic bag, which she pushed against my crotch. It was a bag of ice, and I screamed with pain as my penis shriveled up until I looked like a 5 year old boy standing there. That, apparently, was the idea, and while I was flaccid, Melanie picked up the little blue box and opened it. I could see a small, bent, and perforated clear plastic tube and some other unidentifiable things. She painfully pushed and pulled my soft, cold-numbed cock into the tube until just the tip of the head was sticking out, and wrapped another piece around my ball sack, and then I heard that horrible "snick" sound. I looked down, and sure enough, I was in a chastity device, and it was locked onto me. Mummy looked at me and laughed again. "You won't be getting any more attention down there until your wedding night, and that will only be if you are a good girl, and learn your lessons well. You're lucky Melanie loves you, sissy. I wanted her to get the permanent kind of device that requires you to be pierced, with a non-removable screw installed!" That statement scared me silly.

Over the next month I had to go three times a week to a salon for laser hair removal, and each time I had to take off my jeans and shirt to show the sissy lingerie below, and then strip to just my chastity device. The two girls there thought I was "adorable." I, however, wanted to die. And my lessons! I was taught how to walk in heels, how to give manicures and pedicures, how to curtsey, how to serve meals, how to do laundry (with special attention to My Lady's frillies), how to iron, to clean the house, and all the other things that I would be doing from then on. Any time I forgot a lesson, or messed something up, I was punished. I was either spanked, or bound in a corner for hours in my diapers, or some other form of discipline. The worst punishment came out of those shoe boxes on the bed that I had not been allowed to see. Both of them contained the most hellish shoes ever devised. One pair had 7 inch heels, and were NOT for walking! These forced my feet into a horrible arch that hurt as soon as I put them on. I would be forced to stand for an hour or more in these torture devises, my feet and legs screaming in pain. The second pair was even worse! These had the same heel height, but ended in ballet style toes, forcing me to actually be on my toes! I could only wear these for ten minutes before I was in tears of agony.

Finally, with the wedding just two weeks away, I was told to get dressed in the clothing I would find laid out in the master bedroom. (I had not been allowed to go in there, only to come in to clean and make the bed). Once there, I found a pair of ladies jeans that ended well above the ankle, a pair of pink satin panties trimmed in pink ruffles, a matching pink satin training bra, and a white nylon blouse. A pair of pink nylon sissy sox were there, along with a pair of white high-heeled Mary-Jane style pumps. As I took off my robe, I could hear Mummy, and Melanie having a discussion. They finally came in, and told me to put on a white waist cincher with the outfit. I did as I was told, and then went downstairs. I looked in the mirror, and saw a man in ladies clothing. Yes, my eyebrows had been plucked to look feminine, and I had a sort-of girly hair style, but I did not look like a girl. I was called into my room, where Melanie handed me a tube of pink lipstick, and pastel pink nail polish. I was told to put them in the little pink satin bag on the bed, and to take the bag and come with them. As we got to the door, I began to panic. I protested that I could not go out of the house dressed like this! I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was going, and it would either be dressed as I was, or in my full, pink maid's dress, my punishment heels, and be cuffed and gagged. Then, I was informed, we would still go out! I hung my head, went out into the garage, and got in the back seat of the car.

We drove about 2 hours to a large mall. With every click of my heels on the pavement, I knew that everyone was looking at me, and laughing. Once in the mall, we went straight to a store called Claire's, where my wife-to-be announced that her sissy boyfriend wanted his ears pierced. The giggling young salesgirl produced some gold earrings, and Mummy and Melanie picked out a few pairs. Two sharp snaps, and two sharp pains later, I had a solid gold heart earring in each ear. From there it was on to a large department store, where I had to endure a make-over. My ladies chose make-up, lipstick, eye liner, blush, etc for me, and the girl at the counter showed me how to apply it. From there it was on the hair and nail salon, where my long hair was cut and layered in a very feminine style, and my nails, fingers and toes, were done, and painted with the shiny pink polish that I had been told to bring along. I thought things couldn't get any worse as I was allowed no respite from humiliation, since Melanie told everyone that helped us that I was just a sissy boy who wanted to look as girly as I could. I'm very surprised I needed any blush that day, as I know my face was bright red! As we left, Mummy told me that the best was yet to come. Best? So far the worst!

We got back in the car, and drove for a few minutes and stopped in front of a huge bridal emporium. I got very nervous, and had to be half drug into the store. As soon as we got past the door, a beautiful young girl who couldn't have been more than 19, greeted us and asked how she could help us. It was NOT my imagination, she was staring at me. Mummy took the ball here. "My daughter is going to marry this mincing, prissy, sissy of a man, and he (jerking her thumb at me) kicked and screamed until we gave in an allowed him to wear the bridal gown at the wedding, and so, here we are!" I wanted to floor to open up and swallow me, right then and there, but nothing. Without missing a beat, but staring even more, she led us to the bridal gowns. I have to admit that I just stood there and stared at all the beautiful, feminine gowns. If it hadn't been for this plastic torture device on my penis, I would have been in heaven! A spirited discussion began between the ladies, which ended with me in a dressing room while Terri (that's what her name tag said) told me to take off my jeans and blouse so she could measure me. I started to protest, but Mummy told me to obey the nice girl, or I would be taken home, punished, put in my maid dress, and be brought back. Of course this threat was loud enough that Teri heard it, and began to snicker.

 I sighed, and took off the heels, jeans and blouse. Melanie told me to put the heels back on, and then Terri measured my bust, waist, hips, arms legs, and neck. Another discussion ensued as to whether I would be wearing a corset, and the decision was made in favor of me wearing one. So, cheerful little Terri nipped over to the proper department, and returned with a white satin corset trimmed with pale blue ribbons and bows. I stood still while the waist cincher I was wearing was removed, this new indignity was tightly laced on, and Terri promptly measured me again. Terri looked at my panties, and then went over to Melanie, and whispered in her ear. The answer caused her to laugh. Melanie came over to me, and to my shock. pulled down the front of my frilly panties to show Terri my chastity device and said, "You see, sweetie, this is why the little sissy can't get hard, I just won't allow it!" Then, it was back on with the jeans, blouse, and pumps as we went in search of my gown.

I must have had a hundred gowns held up I front of me, and must have traipsed back to the dressing room to try on half that many, with either Melanie, Mummy, and a few times, Teri rejecting the gown for one reason or another. Melanie was prowling a few racks away when she yelled, and pronounced triumphantly that, "This is the dress!" I was duly taken back to my dressing room, back off the jeans and the blouse, and the dress gently pulled over my head. It was a three quarter sleeved dress, with big poofy caps on the shoulders, a lace illusion neckline, low back, and a very full skirt that would require petticoats. The dress was made of heavy white satin, and the floor length skirt was covered in sheer glass silk. The bodice was trimmed with seed pearls, and there was a large satin bow on each sleeve and a huge satin sash that tied in the back. It was truly a gown for a fairy princess' wedding. I guess I qualified (or would soon qualify) for the fairy part.

Terri called over another lady, who began to take measurements for alterations, and without even batting an eye she asked Mummy if I would be wearing breast forms, or would I go as is. Again there was a discussion, and in the end, the dress was pulled off my shoulders, and a tight push-up bra replaced my wispy training bra, the dress was back up, and the measuring resumed. Twenty minutes later, she pronounced it done, and the lady told Melanie that it would be ready in five days. Back into the jeans, blouse, heels, and my new bra and corset, and it was back out into the store to find a matching veil and short white gloves. The veil was attached to a tiara made of white and ivory silk baby rose buds, and was heavenly! The gloves were white satin (Of course!) with seed pears on the back of the hand. Melanie took them to Teri, and had a quick conversation, and returned to tell me that the nice lady was going to sew some small white lace around the cuff of each glove to make them as sissy as possible. Whew!

When I was finally allowed to make my way back to the car, I was exhausted. I was also very frustrated. I think every crossdresser dreams of being able to wear the ultimate symbol of femininity that is the wedding gown, but here I was, trapped in this chastity device, and unable to enjoy the release of orgasm, and hell, in pain from even trying to have an erection with my penis trapped in a tube that was barely big enough to fit in when it's soft!

We stopped at a nice restaurant for dinner, and with my new hairdo, makeup, and figure enhancement, I felt a lot less self conscious, and the new bra at least gave me a tiny bit of cleavage so I looked more like a young girl, and less like a sissy boy. About half-way through the meal, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom, and Melanie giggled. "Which one, sweetie? Boys or Girls?" Oh my, I hadn't thought of that! I mean, ever since Mummy had come into the picture, I had been required to sit down to pee, and now that my penis was locked into the curved chastity device, I had no other choice, unless I wanted to pee on myself. Melanie took pity on me, and we both went to the ladies room. After we finished our business, She helped me to touch up my lipstick and adjust my blouse a bit. I looked into the mirror, and was at least glad to see that the white satin push-up bra didn't scream for attention through the white blouse the way the lacy pink training bra did. I noticed for the first time that I did look like a girl! There was almost no indication that there was a man under the clothing, and for some reason, that thought made me smile.

After dinner, we went home, where Mummy looked at Melanie, and asked, Well, should Widdle Debbie take the next step tonight, or do we wait? I think that there is no time like right now." Now, I had no idea what "the next step" was, and was not anxious to find out. Quite frankly, whatever it was scared the hell out of me. It turns out I was right to be scared. Melanie sighed, and said that we might as well get it over with. Scared and shaking in my panties, I was led to my new bedroom where I was told to strip. I was handed a very sissy pair of pink panties dripping with white lace, and told to put them on. I didn't look at them, just did as I was told. Next came a very sissy pink satin top that came about halfway to my panties, had ruffled shoulder straps, and matching pink ruffles and lace. A matching skirt went on next, along with a pair of ruffled sissy sox and a pair of white Mary Jane style shoes. The whole time I was dressing, Mummy was taking more digital pictures, which really kind of bothered me. Had I known about the video cameras that recorded the evening, I really would have been bothered!!!!

Finally, Melanie walked over to me, and told me that I was not going to like what was about to happen, but I needed to be brave, because it was training that I needed to be the very best sissy I could be for her. She wanted me to know that she loved me, and really wanted me to try to be a good girl. I nodded, now very scared, with my stomach in knots. She reached into the nightstand and picked up the penis gag, telling me that it would help me get through this. Like a docile little sissy, I opened my mouth, and at the last moment, Melanie pulled down her jeans, reached down, and plunged the gag into her own sweet pussy, then shoved it into my mouth, again buckling it very tightly around my head. The first thing I noticed, other than the wonderful taste, was that this was not the gag I was used to. This one was much thicker, and longer, and I started to gag. Mummy told me to relax and breathe slowly through my nose, and the gag reflex finally went away.

Now, my ankles were painfully locked far apart with that damn spreader bar, and my wrists were cuffed together, but in front of me this time. These cuffs forced me to hold my hands together, as there was only one tiny link of chain between each one. A nylon and Velcro strap was placed around my forearms, just below the elbow, forcing my arms and elbows together. A collar was placed around my neck, which turned out to be a heavy leather strap covered in white satin, with a thick D ring at the front. A short rope was then tied between my cuffs and this ring, forcing my hands up into a parody of a little girl praying. The thing was, I really was praying! I didn't know what was coming, but I knew I didn't want it to come! With the ladies half lifting me, and me half crawling, I was placed on the bed on my hands, or rather elbows and knees, my face pushed into the comforter. Another rope was tied between my elbow straps and the spreader bar, which pulled me tighter into a tucked position, and now as I thought about it, it forced my exposed bottom up above me for whatever was coming.

More pictures were taken, now the short skirt was flipped up, and another picture taken of my bottom. Mummy then brought the camera around to show me the screen. There I was, bound and gagged in sissy pink, and then I saw the panties. To my horror, there was a large, round hole, surrounded by pretty white lace, which centered right on my bum hole! Oh my God, They are going to shove something into my bottom! I had imagined a horrible spanking of some kind, but this?! I tried to yell out, but only managed to make a mumbling sound and drool. I tried to squirm out, but all it took was a moment to realize I was stuck, and stuck tight. All I could do was wiggle my pantied ass, which caused no end of amusement to the ladies. Melanie just laughed, and came around and put a towel under my face to soak up the drool. Telling me to relax or it would hurt even more, she stuck a finger up my bottom, and smeared lube inside of me. As soon as her finger pulled out, she began to push what felt like a full-size automobile up my ass!! I screamed and cried into the gag, strained against my bonds for all I was worth, and prayed for release, but it was to no avail. Melanie kept telling me how much she loved me, and how, if I loved her too, I would take this plug like a good girl. Relentlessly, she kept pushing, while at the same time, wiggling and twisting the monster until it began to push past my sphincter. Pushing hard now, she imbedded the plug in my burning bottom, ignoring my tears and muffled screams for her to stop. Slapping my pantied ass hard, she ran her hand over my wet cheek, and said, "There now, honey, that wasn't so bad, was it? All good girls like to have something up their pussy, and since you don't have a real pussy, we'll just have to pretend, now won't we?" With that, the two ladies began to laugh, and left the room, telling me they would be back in a half hour or so. I knelt there, bound, gagged, and dressed in the sissiest of clothing, with a huge butt plug up my bottom. I began to wonder if the plug was punishment, just some device to further humiliate me, or was she planning on me being with a man...I hoped not!

A very, very long half hour finally passed, and while I can't say I began to like the plug, it had now gone from horrible pain to a dull ache. Melanie had, I found out later, used a lube that a mild lidocaine solution to help with the pain. I now heard high heels coming down the hall. It was Mummy, but Melanie wasn't with her. Mummy was now dressed in a sexy white satin baby doll nightie trimmed with blue ribbon, matching panties, and a sheer bed jacket. Her breasts swung free under the sheer material, almost making me forget where I was. She was wearing white high heeled mules, and looked beautiful! She came up to me, and began to run her hand over my bottom, tapping hard on the base of the butt plug. Without any comment, she pulled on a latex glove, and yanked the plug out of my bottom with a wet "plop," causing me to scream anew into my gag. "Now, now, you simpering sissy," she began, "You are the one who wanted this. You are the one who stole his mommy's and auntie's panties as a naughty little boy. You are the one who agreed to become the sissy maid to my daughter. As of tonight, you have officially stopped being a man in any way, shape, or form. You're not a real woman, you're certainly not a man, you're just a fucking sissy. Live with it." With those words, she began to jam the plug back into my backside, re-igniting the fiery pain. But this time, it even hurt worse, and once again I was screaming and crying into the thick rubber gag. "That's right, sissy, scream all you like. This plug is twice as big as the first one. In fact, your dear fiancée bought a set of 4 plugs that start off small, and move up in small increments. I didn't think you deserved the gentle approach, as you were a naughty girl before we left the house, and then you never even thanked poor, hardworking Terri for helping you find such a pretty wedding gown. In fact, you never thanked Melanie or me for buying you such an expensive, lovely dress. That's why we're just skipping over the two intermediate size plugs, and going right to the biggest. Too bad we don't have one even bigger." With that, she gave a grunt, and rammed that huge plug all the way home. I know, that even with the gag, my screams could be heard for blocks, and felt that gallons of blood must be pouring out of my torn bum hole! "Well, sissy Debbie, if you don't quit your wailing right this instant, you will stay this way all night!" With that, she slapped my ravaged bottom as hard as she could, turned out the lights, and left the room.

I lay there for what seemed like days until the door finally opened, and Melanie stood in the light from the hall. She was dressed exactly like her mother, except that her nightie was pink and trimmed with black ribbon, and she was wearing silver high heeled mules. She turned on the lights, blinding me for a moment, and then walked over to me and began stroking my poor enflamed bottom. "Poor Debbie," she said, "You finally got all the crossdressing, sissification, and humiliation you can stand, and now you're not sure you want it. Poor baby. Well, I think I will give you one more chance to back out of the whole arrangement. I told the folks at the bridal boutique to hold off for 24 hours on the alterations, just in case this happened. I want you to know that I really do love you, and I'm really looking forward to spending my life with you, that is for you to wait on me hand and foot for the rest of our lives. Now, sweetie, I am going to pull that plug out, and I promise you, it will hurt. After that, we'll get you out of that position, although you do look so very cute and vulnerable that way, and get you cleaned up for beddy-byes. But I'm afraid that since you acted like such a baby tonight when we put those little plugs in you that you will have to spend the next 24 hours or so as a baby. That means no talking, no walking, and no using the potty like a big girl. Any violation of these rules will see you right back in this position, the plug back in your ass for 24 hours, and I will personally use the hairbrush on your bottom until my arm is tired. Is that very clear?" I mumbled that I understood, and with a fast jerk, the plug was out of me, causing me to scream in pain yet again.

Now, she gently untied me, took off the spreader bar, pulled out the gag, and wiped the drool from my chin. She took my shaking body in her arms, and held me tight. "I do love you, you know. I'm only doing what I think it is you want. I mean, you've dressed in women's underwear all your life, you bought your own lingerie and even a dress and shoes, and not once in the last several months have you said no, I don't want to do this. I just want to make you the best sissy you can be, my little Debbie" With that, I broke down and cried. It was true, all of it. I could have said no and walked out many, many times. I never had to go through any of this, but I did. I almost said as much to Melanie, but remembered I was supposed to be a baby at the last minute. I looked into her eyes, and said, "Ma-ma."

With that, Melanie's smile beamed out like a lighthouse in the fog. She looked me in the eye and asked me if I still really, really wanted to go through with what she had planned. I had no idea what the plan might be, but being held by my beloved Melanie in that exquisite nightie, and yes, turned on by my own sissy clothing, I lifted my head and nodded my reply. Smiling even more, she helped me to get out of the sweaty sissy skirt and top, and then helped me into the bathroom. once there, she started the water running in the tub, and told me there was one more thing that had to be done, and I might not enjoy it, but it wouldn't hurt. She brought out a disposable enema, and told me to grab the rim of the tub, and bend over. She inserted the nozzle, and squeezed. I could feel the fluid filling my bowels, and while it was not pleasant, if didn't hurt. Especially after the monster butt plug that was in my poor bottom! I was told to hold it for a few moments, and then I was allowed to sit on the toilet and expel the liquid. She did this one more time, and explained to me that it was much more pleasant than a poopy diaper. Finally she helped me into the tub of warm water. She bathed me all over, gently removing all of my, now smeared, make up with the wash cloth, and washed my hair for me. Once I was clean, she helped me out of the tub, and sat me on a towel over the toilet seat, and dried me. Telling me to hold still, she got the hair dryer and a brush and worked on my hair until it was dry. Taking my hand, she led me back to the bedroom, telling me it was okay to walk if I was holding her hand.

We walked the few steps back into my Barbie-pink-girlie-sissy room. I looked around, and realized that this was my future. A few short years ago, I was a cum laude graduate of a premiere art and design college with an entry level job assisting in the design of catalogs and a few web pages. Back then, I had high hopes of one day being the manager of the art department. But then, I met the assistant editor of the fashion catalogs, Melanie. Now, instead of being the head of a department, I had been willingly reduced to a simpering little sissy maid who allowed himself (Or I suppose, herself) to be bound, beaten, have things forced into my bottom, and...Well, you get the idea.

Melanie placed a plastic sheet on the bed, and told me to lie down on it. She then took the small plug, lubed it, and gently placed it in my bottom. I thought for sure it would tear me apart again, but three hours with the giant plug, and a hot bath seemed to help. I'm not saying it was comfortable, but it wasn't the searing pain from earlier. I will say that it hurt to go potty, and even to walk for several days after that. With the plug firmly in place, she pinned a thick diaper on me, and pulled up a pair of pink satin panties with a plastic liner. Once they were in place, she told me to roll over, and I felt her pull the waist tight, and heard the inevitable snick of a lock being closed. I was rolled back over, and my hands were once again placed in their fingerless and thumb-less mittens, and a pink satin baby doll nightie was pulled on over my head. Melanie then sat on the bed beside me, and held me. She called out to her mother to bring the bottle, and Mummy appeared a moment later with a baby bottle sporting an oversized nipple, just like the pacifier I had been given.

Melanie held me while I used both hands to hold and drink the bottle of apple juice, and told me that there was a mild sedative in the juice to help me sleep. Again, I almost thanked her, but at the last moment, I gurgled something and smiled at her. I dropped the empty bottle from my useless hands, and reached over to one of her delectable nipples that were pushing through her nightie. She let me rub for a moment, and then pushed my hand away. "No, no, baby Debbie. Mommy just gave you your ba-ba. Besides, Mommy has no milk to give you. And if it was something other than milk you were looking for, well, if you are very, very good, Mommy will make your wedding night very special. If you are naughty though, it will be a long, long time before that chastity device comes off your little pee-pee!" I vowed to myself to be very, very good.

Now Mummy and Melanie took my hands and led me out into the hall. "I think it's time Widdle Debbie saw the rest of her "present, don't you?" asked Mummy. Pausing only to pop my pacifier back into my mouth and to tie the ribbon behind my head, I was led out into the hall, and then into the suddenly unlocked and opened spare room door.. What I saw caused me to stand there and stare. I was stunned, and a little sickened. I was staring into a baby girl's nursery, with all the furniture sized to fit an adult! The walls were the same pink as "my" room, and the floor was covered with the same fluffy, cream colored carpet. A large crib dominated the room, all white with pink lace and little painted-on teddy bears. Against the wall was a large, matching changing table and dresser, with a rocking chair was in the corner. I sensed that I was about to cross yet another boundary for which there would be no return. I mean, I had already been diapered and dressed like a baby, but this was so surreal that my head hurt. I had gone from being a part-time, crossdressing man about to marry a beautiful woman, to, to, I had no idea of what I had become. In the last 45 days or so, I had allowed myself to be spanked, bound, dressed as a baby, a French Maid, and lots in between. I allowed my future wife and her mother to completely dominate me, and I had done nothing. I had become totally submissive to these women. In fact, the only protest that I seemed to be able to mount was to cry like a little girl! No, there was no turning back, but I was worried about the road would eventually lead. I was helped in my crib, the top was locked tight, and as the sedative took effect, I drifted off into a restless sleep.

From that point until the wedding, I walked on pins and needles. I did whatever I was told to do, and did it right away. I even acted on mere suggestions. I thanked both "Mommy" and "Mummy" for every little thing, and curtseyed until I was blue in the face. I walked on higher and higher heels every day, until I could navigate in a ladylike manner on even 6 inch stilettos. I hand washed all the household frillies, and ironed all the clothes. I even ironed the bed linen when Mummy "casually" mentioned that a fancy hotel she stayed in once did that. Of course, I had a plug in my bottom a lot those days. Finally, it was the Tuesday before my Saturday wedding day. My dress had been finished, and we had driven up to try it on one last time, and this time I remembered to use my prettiest curtsey, and to thank not only Terri, but the nice lady who did the alterations, which caused no end of laughter from both ladies. The boutique said they would ship my dress to Mummy's house in California so it would not get mussed or damaged on the plane.

Wednesday was as madhouse of packing, although I was not allowed to pack my own bag, nor even allowed to know what was in there. Thursday finally came, and it was up early and into a taxi for the trip to the airport. Both Melanie and Mummy were wearing skirts and semi-sheer blouses, Mummy's blouse was a shimmery copper color, and Melanie's was a deep navy. Both wore pleated wool skirts and black high heeled pumps. While both were wearing different clothing, no one could mistake the fact that they were together, and very, very sexy. As for me, well, let's just say I was dressed more like a 12 year old girl. I was wearing a rather short dress of ivory satin with a wide pink sash tied in the back into a big bow. On my feet were little pink sox (At least without a cloud of lace at the cuff) and white Mary Jane shoes with only a 3 inch heel. Of course, under it all was my chastity device which I truly wanted off, at least for a little while. Pale pink satin panties with matching lace, and a matching push up bra went under the dress. A string of pearls and a matching bracelet completed my outfit. Even though I stood out from most of the travelling crowd, who were either in jeans, shorts, or business suits, I was confident that I could pull this trip off until I got to the ticket counter and presented my ticket. The ticket was in the name of Daniel, and I had to show my driver's license in that name! It took a long, very embarrassing time to verify my identity. The next hitch was when the metal detector went off over my chastity device. I was taken into a room with a female TSA employee, where I had to explain that I was a man in a dress, and that my device had set off the detector. She finally called in a male supervisor, and in front of them both, I had to pull up my skirt, and pull down my panties. Satisfied and laughing, they let me through security.

We finally got to Mummy's house in Napa Valley, and boy what a house it was! I would have to call it a mansion, for lack of a better word. There was a huge living (?) room that ended in a wall of windows that overlooked a rolling green lawn and huge tracts of vineyards. I was told that this was the room in which I was to be married. WOW! The rest of the evening was a blur of preparations as flowers began to flow into the house, and men brought in a bridal arch and some other things. The low point of the evening was when my mother showed up, invited by Mummy of course. In fact, Mummy paid for my mother's first class ticket and limo from the airport. Why was that a low point? Well...

I've always wanted to make my mother proud of me. My father left us when I was young, and I guess I was supposed to be the man of the house. As you can tell, that didn't work out so well. So now, here was her son, swishing around in clothing that was over-the-top-girly-girl, even for a young girl, and mincing his way through the house on high heels.

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner, and Melanie laid out my clothing for me. I was to wear a pink satin sissy dress that wasn't much different from my maid's dress, although less petticoats and no apron. Pink ruffles climbed over each shoulder and the bodice, the short sleeves and hem were trimmed in white lace, and a wide white sash was tied behind my back in a huge sissy bow. White nylon ankle sox with a cloud of pink lace, and white high heeled Mary Jane style pumps on the outside, and my corset, sissy panties and plug on the inside. A pink satin choker trimmed in white lace and matching wristlets with three tiny bells on each one made sure that I looked as sissy and any time I moved, my bells announced my presence. Of course, no matter how I tried, the whole time my panties were on display. I went through the motions, and ate very little as my stomach was in knots. I don't remember anything that happened, but I do remember lots and lots of pictures being taken. I also remember not being able to catch my mother's eye during the meal, and afterwards, she avoided me. That night, though, Mummy and my mother came into "my" room to "Tuck me in."

My mother was very nervous, and told me that Mummy had mentioned that I lose control of my bladder when excited, which wasn't true, but I didn't dare disagree with Mummy, as my wedding, and sexual release was so-o-o-o close! So, at age 26, on the eve of marrying a beautiful woman, and with a college degree behind me, I allowed my mother to remove my butt plug, pin a diaper on me, pull up my plastic panties, and dress me in a sissy baby doll nightie of lilac colored satin. Again, matching booties and mittens were added, and then with both ladies taking one of my hands, I was led out of the guest room I was occupying (alone) walked down the hall to Mummy's room. Of course, the hallway wasn't empty, and I had to endure lots of comments about how cute I looked. I almost threw up as they helped me into another oversized crib in what was most certainly designed as a nursery room adjacent to the master bedroom. Wishing me a good night, my mother kissed my cheek, tied my pacifier into my mouth, and handed me a teddy bear. They raised the sides of the crib, folded the top over and locked it, then turned off the lights and closed the door. I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next morning I was released from my crib and baby clothes and my very wet diaper were removed. I was led to the bathroom where both my mother and Mummy began to fuss over me. The first and most blessed thing was that my hated chastity device was removed. Mummy gently washed my crotch, and used a cream on my pee-pee to ease any discomfort. Next came the enema. NOT a disposable, not this time! I was bent over the tub, and a nozzle was pushed into my backside, and a valve was turned to release a huge bag of liquid into my bowels. When the bag was empty, I felt like an over-inflated balloon. Mummy then grabbed a squeeze bulb, and inflated the nozzle in my backside to what felt like enormous proportions. Of course, my own mother was standing there, watching it all happen. What must she think about her pathetic son? I was told to stand there for five minutes, then I could use the potty like a big girl. My stomach was cramping, and I was in pain, but I stood there on shaking legs for the whole five minutes. When I was allowed to finally go, it all came out in a smelly liquid rush. From there it was into the tub, where my mother, dressed in a lace trimmed plastic apron, bathed me like a baby, and washed my hair. I was led to the shower to rinse off, and then she dried me off.

After two hours of fussing with my hair, painting my nails, and doing my make-up, I was allowed to put on a pair of panties, a robe, and some high heeled slippers, and was taken downstairs for breakfast, thankfully in the kitchen, which was empty of people.. After a light meal, it was back to my room where Mother announced that she had a gift for the bride. She took out a small box, and removed a beautiful engagement ring. "This was the one your father gave me, many years ago. I took it off after he left, and since you have no bride to give it to, I had it resized for you. Besides, you need something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Your corset and panties (I could see that she had trouble saying all of this) have beautiful blue ribbon trim, this ring is the something old, your gown is new, so all we need is something borrowed." With that, I started to cry, and tried to apologize to my mother for everything. "There, there, Debbie," she crooned, "We all have to be true to our natures, and I guess this is your true nature. So stop crying, we'll fix your make-up, and get you ready for your big day."

About then, Mummy came in, carrying a skirt. "Here is the something borrowed! Melanie used to have to wear this around the house to practice walking like a lady." She announced triumphantly. And now, the dressing began. My robe and panties were removed, I bent over at the waist, and the inevitable butt plug was inserted. The fact that my very own mother was the one who put it in me almost made me start crying again. An elegant pair of white satin panties trimmed in white lace and baby blue ribbons was pulled up my smooth legs, and my white satin corset with matching ribbons was laced very tightly on me. I sat on a little chair as both ladies knelt and rolled sheer white stockings up my legs, and then stood so they could be fastened to the garters hanging from the corset. It did NOT escape my attention that the straps were threaded under my panties. It also did not escape my attention that I was not wearing my chastity device, and I was as hard as a rock in my soft wedding frillies.. Then, Mummy brought over the mysterious skirt. It was made of white satin, and had several ribs of rubber sewn around the inside at various heights, and one at the bottom. "This is a hobble skirt, "Mummy explained, "and it will help you walk like a lady! They pulled it on me, and smoothed it out, and I found out that it came almost to my ankles, and was very constricting, while the rubber inserts made sure it would not ride up my legs, at all. No running or even taking anything close to long strides in this garment! Even the little mincing steps that I had been trained to use might be too long. I was sat down again, and my white high heeled pumps were slid on my feet, and the little ankle straps buckled. Helping me to stand up again, mother went to the closet, and brought out the dress. Together they slid the heavy silken gown over my head, taking care not to muss my hair or make- up. Mother pulled up the zipper in back, and then they both fussed for what seemed like hours as they adjusted the dress, put on and adjusted my veil, and put my gloves on. The final step had me sitting back down, as Mummy slid the bridal gown and hobble skirt up, and Mom slid a baby blue and white lace garter up my leg. I then spent almost 20 minutes just staring at myself in the mirror, turning this way and that. I loved this!

I stood in the hallway, listening to the recorded organ music playing, and then saw my bride, or my husband, or gosh, I didn't know what to call Melanie! She was dressed in an ankle length, sleek black silk gown that hugged her body tightly. It had a thigh-high slit up one side that for the rest of the night made me wonder how she managed to maintain any modesty. The dress had no back to speak of, and the neckline, while tasteful, was rather revealing. Gossamer thin, black thigh high stockings with no visible means of support, black peep-toe pumps, and a strand of white pearls finished off the elegant and beautiful outfit. She smiled, waved, and blew me a little kiss as she swept into the room. I stood there in the heavy silk gown with the sheer veil draped over my face. I could taste the lipstick, feel the corset constricting my waist, and the white demi style push up bra forcing what little I had into a semblance of cleavage. I was balanced on white patent pups with 5 inch heels, and knew that I loved it! A few moments later, I heard the familiar bridal music begin, and I began my slow, mincing walk to the altar. The room was full of people! What happened to the very small group of friends? All I wanted to do was to run away. Here I was, completely sissified, dressed in wedding gown that any woman would die for, and I wanted to die. The rest of the wedding was a blur, although I remember my mother "giving away the bride," and the Justice of the Peace pronouncing us "Wife and Sissy." I was embarrassed when the Justice then told Melanie, "You may now kiss the pathetic sissy if you wish." With that, she lifted my veil, and smoothed it out over my head, took me in her arms, and kissed me deeply.

After what seemed like hundreds of pictures, we made our way to the reception, stopping only in a small room where Mummy and Melanie helped me remove the hobble skirt so I could dance. Once in the huge dining room which had been converted into a ball room, I threw out the bridal bouquet, and Melanie and I danced the first slow dance. Then I was forced to dance with all of the men at the reception, and more than one whispered that they wished I was their bride. I could feel their hard- ons pressing into my corseted belly, and realized that not only did I have a hard-on myself; I was checking each man out! I noticed that Melanie was dancing with other men, and a few of the ladies, too, and seemed to allow their hands a little more freedom than I wanted to see. Finally, thankfully, it was over. Hundreds of pictures had been taken, my feet and legs were on fire, and my poor pee-pee was like a rigid baseball bat from all the satin, attention, and from months of captivity. I was sat down in what amounted to a throne covered in white satin, and Mike (Melanie's "best man") slid my skirts up and removed my garter, claiming it as his own.

Melanie took my satin-gloved hands, held them, and looked into my eyes. then, without a word, she gently kissed me to great applause from everyone, and began to lead me back to her room. One there, she unzipped my beautiful gown, and let it fall to the floor, and smoothed my veil out behind my head, telling me I looked so beautiful like that. I wanted to cry right then, because one of my dreams was removing my bride's wedding gown, and here, my "bride" was removing mine! When I started to remove my satin gloves, she stopped me, and unhooked the tight bra, and reached down, and pulled my sissy panties down and off my feet, and gently removed my butt plug. I now stood in front of her in my corset, gloves, stockings and heels, still wearing my veil, which was draped behind head. She reached around behind her and slid the short zipper down on her dress, and let it fall into a soft heap around her ankles. I looked at her with love and yes, with lust! I noticed then that the room was lit by dozens of candles, and that the bed was made with white satin sheets. My darling Melanie then slid the tiny black silk thong down her delicious legs, and we embraced, kissing like there was no tomorrow.

She finally led me to the bed, and lying down, let me make love to her. I would say make love to her like a man, but no man would have been wearing lingerie, satin gloves, heels and make-up! After I kissed every inch of her body, and ate her to several orgasms, I finally mounted her, and with only five or six short pumps, shot my load. I wanted to cry, and tried to apologize, but she hushed me. Melanie didn't say a word, just held me and told me she loved me. She gently rolled out from under me, and then straddled my face, telling me to clean her pussy out for her, and then she would give me my next gift. I did just that, eating her to at least two more orgasms. Smiling, she got up, and pulled on a long black sheer robe, and told me to sit down so she could fix my make- up. After my face was repaired, she went to a second door. She opened the door, and there stood two men. One was a man whom I had seen dancing several with Melanie, and the other was Mike. Telling me to hush, she took both men's hands and led them into the room. She took my hand, and placed it into Mike's hand, and told us have fun. She put her arms around the other man, and began to kiss him, deeply. As I was led from the room, I could see this other man, fondling my Melanie's beautiful breasts through her sheer robe, and I knew, right then and there, that he wasn't another man. Compared to me, he was the only man in the room.

Mike led me from the room through the connecting door, pausing only long enough to pick up a pair of panties from the top of the dresser that must have been left there for him. As we went into the next room, he handed them to me, and asked me put them on. At first I thought they were the panties I had worn under my gown, but I saw quickly that they were a duplicate pair, identical except for the lace trimmed hole on the backside. I knew what that was for, and I didn't think it would be for a plastic plug tonight. He led me to the bed, and there on the white satin sheets was a single rose and a note on pink paper addressed to me. I picked it up and read:

My Dearest Debbie,

I know you have been looking forward

to your wedding day, and your wedding night.

Mike is a dear friend of mine who will see to it

that your wedding night will be complete. He promises to

be gentle with you. Remember that this is what you wanted,

and that I love you, and will always love you.



True to her word, Mike was a gentle lover. After I slipped those heavenly satin panties up my legs, he began kissing me, and fondled my tiny nipples, which I had been noticing lately were much more tender. I knew my role. I pushed his jacket back, and undid the buttons on his shirt. With that, he slipped out of the formal jacket and shirt. I sank to my knees, and began to remove his tuxedo trousers. He helped by kicking off his shoes, and was finally standing before me in nothing but a pair of navy blue silk boxers.

Almost in tears, as it should have been my Melanie's pussy instead of this man's cock, I began nuzzling and kissing his crotch through the boxers. Slowly, my satin gloved hands slid the silk garment down his legs, allowing his cock to spring free. It was a good eight or nine inches long, and rather thick. I began to lick and kiss my first real cock. Finally I slid it into my mouth and began to suck it. I knew what a good blow job felt like, so I had some idea of what to do. Plus, all those hours with a huge penis-shaped gag in my mouth has completely suppressed my gag reflex. I must have done it right, as Mike began to moan, and then grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. When I felt him tense up, I prepared for his load, and wasn't disappointed. It felt like a gallon of warm salty cum was deposited in my mouth. I held his softening member in my mouth, and ran my tongue around the head. He finally pulled out, and heaved a great sigh. I was helped to my feet, and he led me to a little table in the room, where he told me to have a seat.

He opened a bottle of very nice Domain Chandon champagne, and poured us each a crystal flute of the sparkling wine. After two glasses, I heard my name being called, and Mike told me to go into the next room, as my Mistress needed my services. I minced in on my heels, and found Melanie and her man lying on the bed, sweaty and exhausted from what appeared to have been a vigorous fuck. Melanie moved languidly to the edge of the bed and told me to clean her pussy. I knelt, and took my second mouthful of cum for the evening. After I had satisfied her, I was told to get her lover ready for round two. Blushing, I began to lick and suck my second cock. It took a little while to get him hard again, but as soon as he was, I was told to stop. My last act was to guide his cock into my wife's pussy, and to kiss him on the ass as a thank you for making my mistress happy.

With my head down, and tears in my eyes, I went back to Mike's room. There, he held me like I was a real woman, kissing my face, kissing my lips, and when he finally laid me back on the bed, and spread my legs, I knew I wanted him inside of me, and the thought made me very sad. I realized that this was possibly the only type of intimate sexual contact I would have for the rest of my life. I was nothing more than a simpering, mincing, gay, effeminate, cuckolded sissy.

Well, that was about it for my life for the next two years. I lived as a maid, 24/7 for my wife. I was finally told that the vitamins I had been taking since long before the wedding were low dose female hormones, so I have developed little A cup breasts and a slightly rounded figure, accentuated of course by a corset most of the time. I had been allowed to choose between having sex with my wife once every other month, or sex with a man of Melanie's choosing weekly if I so desired. I'm sorry to say, I made the wrong choice. I mean, Melanie had put me back in my device for another 2 months after the wedding, and then told me that if I wanted to have sex with her, I would have to wait another 4 months for my first time. I was very horny, and rather upset, and in my frustrated state, made the wrong choice. So now the only time I am intimate with my wife is to clean her pussy after one of her dates, and to launder (and fondle) her soiled lingerie. Well, she has promised to always take me to her bed on my birthday and on our wedding anniversary. I am required to bathe her, groom her, and dress her for her dates, and then I get to listen to all the details when she comes home. I also spend many nights in diapers with a well-spanked bottom for some misdeed, real or alleged. Often I am restrained in my satin sleeper and diapers, forced to sleep with a gag, and plug in me. Often, the sleepers or rompers I have to wear are made of crinkly plastic, and I spend the night very hot and sweaty. Those nights are very uncomfortable. Of course, the only time I am released from my chastity device is for one of my "dates," and not always then, as the choice is up to my "lover."

My Melanie and my Mummy have come up with other ways to humiliate and torture me. One time, Melanie packed our bags, and told me to get in the car. At that time, I was wearing my baby blue satin maid's dress and my 6 inch white high heels. I asked her what I should change into, and she just laughed. Once in the car, we drove to a nearby town, pulled into a nice hotel, and Melanie parked a long way from the door. I was told to get out and check us in. I was forced to sashay across that parking lot, heels clicking on the concrete, and into the lobby wearing this sissy satin creation with my panties on full display (even without petticoats, this dress would never cover my panties. With petticoats? Forget any thoughts of modesty!), and tell the giggling clerk that I was here to check my mistress into her suite. Giggling even harder, she asked me, in a voice that was way too loud, if I was Debbie, my mistress' cuckhold and maid. I know I turned 14 shades of red when I heard that, as I hung my head and told her I was. I knew this was a set-up, and when the clerk finished the check-in, I made sure I curtseyed and thanked her. This took the giggling to full laughter. "Oh, by the way," she called out loudly to me, "tell your wife and mistress that her lover called, and that he will be here by seven." I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me as every face in the lobby was riveted on me in my sissy hell. I spent the next three days taking care of Melanie and her lover, and everyone at the hotel knew about it. Melanie had reserved a suite, and when she was in her room with her man, I was bound to a chair in the living room, dressed in diapers and my satin romper like a baby girl, with a butt plug and gag for company. The hotel maids loved me!

On another weekend, my darling wife came up with a very nasty idea for us. I answered the phone about 3:30 on Friday, and my mistress ordered me to take a bath, make sure I had no stray hair, anywhere (Since the laser hair removal, this only takes seconds!) and then open the letter on Melanie's pillow, following the directions exactly. Okay, showered, with my hair freshly washed, dried and brushed,, I slipped on my satin robe and a pair of high heeled mules and headed for the master bedroom. (I never wear anything other than heels these days, unless dressed like a baby) I found the envelope on her pillow, and sat down on the bed to read. I was told to insert my largest butt plug, pin myself into a diaper with a doubler cloth in the crotch, and my peach satin covered plastic panties. I was to then put on my peach satin nightie with all the frills, and go to my nursery. Once there, I was to gag myself with my largest penis-shaped gag, add the bonnet that matched my nightie, and then cuff my ankles to the corners of the crib, cuff my wrists together behind my back, and wait. I hurried up and did as I was told, and was in my crib and secured as ordered by no later than 4:45. I lay there until almost 8:00 that evening when Melanie came home with another date. The whole time, I was wondering why I so willingly did all this. I mean, I was completely immobilized, in a diaper and plastic panties, dressed like a fucking baby girl. I had put locking restraints on my own ankles, fastened to the corners of my oversized crib. I had them gagged myself, closed the top of my crib, and with some difficulty, handcuffed my own wrists behind my back. I had no way of escaping, no way at all. What if there was an emergency? Who was going to see me like this? I was such a stupid sissy slave to my wife that I never asked these questions until it was too late. There was no key to the cuffs in the nursery, and I never thought to take one with me. I lay there in a wet diaper, hungry and thirsty, and thought about what I had allowed myself to become. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.

It was just a few minutes after 8:00 when she came home. I hadn't known she was going out for dinner, and just assumed she would be home around her normal time of 5:15 or so. She brought her date into the nursery to demonstrate just how obedient a little sissy I was. Her date just stood there and laughed! They began to cuddle and kiss in front of me, and began fondling each other. He ran his hand under the skirt of her dress, hiking it up so I could see the navy blue silk panties, and his hand snaking in through the leg opening to caress her beautiful pussy, She stopped him, but only long enough to remove the panties, telling him she didn't want her expensive panties stretched out. She then draped the fragrant silk over my nose, and they moved out of the nursery. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Melanie called out to me, "Oh Debbie! I forgot to tell you that I had a little playmate coming over for you, too!" I spent the rest of the weekend at the mercy of a professional wet nurse, who was also a dominant and sadist! She treated me like a baby the whole weekend, never allowing me to be out of diapers and satin, with my ankles hobbled by a ribbon, and my hands restrained by my mittens, Okay, I thought, this won't be too bad. She was fairly attractive, and seemed nice, and all I had to do was lay in my crib, or sit in my new high chair that had a permanent place at the kitchen table. I was, as usual, wrong. What I didn't know was that she also loved inflicting punishment, as well as being a wet nurse for adult babies! Saturday morning found me hungry and thirsty from too many hours in the gag in my crib. I was released from my bonds, and told to climb onto the changing table. I was strapped down, and my very wet diaper was removed, and then "Nanny" proceeded to beat my bottom with her hand for dirtying my diaper. She then put me in a fresh diaper and little satin booties were placed on my feet. These were tied together with a 12 inch piece of silk ribbon that I was told would result in the worst spanking I had ever had if it was broken. My gag was removed, and I was allowed to have a sip of water from a baby bottle. My bonnet was replaced, a pacifier was placed into my mouth, and I was told it was time to get something to eat. But, instead of being led to the kitchen, I was helped up the stairs to Melanie's bedroom. The room reeked of her musky perfume, and even muskier sex. Melanie was reclining on the bed wearing a very sexy black silk bustier, black sheer stockings, and a black lacy choker. She looked like some model for a men's magazine! The bed had been freshly made with white satin sheets which made her stand out even more. Of course, I believe she could wear loose brown sweats and stand out in a crowd because of her beauty! My professional nanny then sat down in a chair, told me to sit on her lap. Just then, Melanie's lover walked in from the bathroom, naked, and I have to admit he was sexy! Long muscled legs, tight ass, not a gym rat's body, but it was a well taken-care-of body. He got into Melanie's bed and leisurely curled up against her, softly stroking her body, while both of them watched me. My "Nanny" then unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped the cup of her obvious nursing bra, and pushed my face to her nipple. I then saw the mirror behind the chair, and while I sucked my milk, It really didn't taste too bad, although it was a bit thinner than skim milk, and of course at body temperature. I then watched Melanie sucking this man's cock, and then she lay back while he fucked her long and hard. The rest of the weekend was much the same with witnessed breast feedings and spankings. The worst part was watching Melanie with this man in all sorts of positions. She even allowed this man to tie her up and have his way. She informed me that a real man could tie up his woman, but only a pathetic sissy allows his woman to tie him up. No, I think I lied to you, dear reader: The worst part was not watching Melanie and this man, the worst part was that I thoroughly loved the whole weekend!!!!!

Another time, I was taken for a walk in the park of a nearby town, dressed like a little girl in a short skirted fantasy dress of daffodil yellow satin that Mummy had just bought for me. There I was, in a crowded park, with Mummy leading me around by a white satin ribbon attached to my lacy choker as I minced along on 5 inch heels with a pacifier in my mouth and a matching yellow baby bonnet tied onto my head. She explained to anyone who asked that this fucking, pathetic, simpering sissy was her daughter's unfortunate choice as a husband, and this got me out of the house, and out of her lingerie long enough for her to enjoy a real man for the afternoon. I then had to play on the swings in front of everyone, my skirt and petticoats blowing up, exposing my pretty yellow panties.

I have also endured nipple clamps, vibrating butt plugs and dildos of various sizes, long sessions of bondage, and often have been gagged, plugged, and bound to a chair or to hooks on the wall in the master bedroom so I could watch a real man make love to my wife. That was the worst! But again, also the best, as I have learned a few things about myself. The first thing is that I dearly love my Melanie, and want her to be perfectly happy. If that means sex with other men, women, or both, then so be it. If it means that I tied up, abused, and humiliated, then also so be it. I've also learned that I love sissification and humiliation. I mean, why else would I find myself with my wrists handcuffed together over my head and fastened to a hook on the wall, with my ankles attached to a spreader bar, with extremely painful 7 inch ballet style fetish heels on me feet. Why else would I willingly get dressed like a parody of a ballerina, allow a thick gag to be jammed into my mouth and a huge plug into my ass, and then spend the next several hours trying to get a hard-on in my chastity device while my wife is fucked by a man in front of me?

As I said, I must dress in one of my fantasy French maid's outfits, some elaborate parody of a little girl's dress, or a baby, except when I have a "date." These are, of course, arranged by Melanie, and thankfully, are often with Mike. Then, I wear whatever my date wants me to wear, and we go wherever my date decides. Quite often, I am allowed to dress like a real woman, and we go out to dinner, and then back to either my room or my date's place, where I repay the kindness of the evening. To this end, I have a small wardrobe of tight slacks, satin blouses, little black dresses, a few cocktail dresses and such. Of course, I must wear a very confining thong-type gaff with these clothes to hide my male anatomy, which is itself often bound into my chastity device. Sigh. I have also been taken from the house in my Maid or baby, or girly clothing, and I wanted to die of embarrassment. One of my "dates" had me dress in my yellow satin outfit for our outing. He has seen the picture of me, and thought it was adorable. We went to McDonalds, and then on to a sit down ice cream shop, and finally into an expensive hotel. Walkiing across that lobby, dressed like a simpering sissy, satin bonnet in place and panties on display was so humiliating! Being bound to the bed and fucked by this man was heavenly, though! Such is the life off a sissy, I suppose.

She often brings special men home for her own use, and then I serve them as their maid, or as I said, worse. I have licked many a man's cock clean after he has fucked my beautiful mistress, and several times had to lick the man's or Melanie's ass during sex. Here's another example of just how far my wonderful wife was willing to go: About 6 months after we were married, Melanie had a date with a guy named Tom. Tom was a very high powered executive from an exclusive and expensive ladies clothing and lingerie company. Melanie really wanted to do their catalog as it would mean a big promotion for her. If sleeping with the client was the way to the contract, then that was okay with her. She did her research, even hired a private detective, and found this man had a secret kink. He liked to cross dress in sissy things himself! (A convenient package arrived at the man's house, and the detective recorded the sender's name, which Melanie recognized as the discreet name for one of the sissy clothing suppliers.) This changed everything! A few days before her big date, one of Melanie's female friends came over, and I was informed that she was staying with us for a while, and she and Melanie then spent several hours in her room. I tried not to eavesdrop, but I swear I heard the sounds of love making. Finally, they came out, and I was told to run a bath for Karen, Melanie's guest. I minced to the bathroom, ran her bath, laid out a towel, fetched her robe and slippers from her suitcase, and added the required bath oil. Karen was a small breasted blonde girl with hazel eyes and lightly tanned, flawless skin. She was truly the girl-next-door-cheerleader beauty of song and story. If Melanie was my dream girl, then Karen was the stuff of my wildest fantasies. When I was a teen, I used to fantasize about being with a girl who looked just like Karen, and later, fantasized about looking like that myself. With a quick change of clothes and some make-up adjustments, she could look like a innocent 16 year old, a wanton woman, or anywhere in-between. Anyway, when she was done I emptied and scrubbed the tub, refilled it with warm water, and laid out Melanie's things for her. I was then told to wait in the hall while they got dressed. We only have 4 bedrooms, one of which is used by the maid (me!), one for the lady of the house, and one was the "nursery". I knew she wasn't staying in the nursery, and she darn sure wasn't in bed with me, and the only remaining bedroom was empty, so... Both Karen and Melanie were sleeping in the same bed, which gave me a permanent hard- on! I also noticed that instead of going to bed in a cotton nightshirt, Melanie wore her sexy nighties and other lingerie. Karen also had a very a couple of sexy gowns which I was required to hand launder and fold. Hmmm. Anyway, I was telling you about Melanie's date.

I was in my room, dressed as I had been ordered to be dressed: A very short, lace-encrusted pink satin party dress with a sparkly sheer white pinafore was hung on a hangar on the closet door, along with stiff, ruffly petticoats that would allow my panties to be on display. On me was a pair of pink sissy panties with lashings of lace, matching sissy training bra, nylon ankle sox with a huge halo of pink lace, and white patent Mary Jane shoes. I had painted my nails light pink (my usual color), and was wearing matching lipstick. I wore a white satin choker trimmed with pink lace and matching wristlets to complete my costume for this little play. Karen came in dressed like a not-so-innocent school girl in a too-short navy skirt and a white satin blouse that was a little too tight at all the right places, and was just sheer enough to allowed the pale pink, silk bra to show through. Sheer black thigh-high stockings and black pumps completed her ensemble. She sashayed over to me and produced my fingerless mittens, and told me to hold my hands out. These were placed on my hands, once again making them worthless appendages. My pacifier was placed in my mouth, and I was told not to let it fall out, or I would be bound and beaten with the hairbrush.

Melanie had gone out that night in a very brief black silk dress, tiny black silk thong, sheer silk stockings and heels, making me very jealous of Tom that evening. She allowed me to worship her beautiful ass and kiss her pussy before I put her panties on her, and all that did was make me hornier and even more jealous of this new man. Little did I know how much Tom and I would share that evening! They had left about 6:30, but a few minutes after 7:00 I heard someone at the door, and wondered who it could be. My question was answered a moment later as Karen led a man into the room. At first, he couldn't keep his eyes off Karen's beautiful ass and tits, but all of a sudden, he saw me, and got very confused. Karen casually laid her hand on his shoulder, and told him to ignore the big sissy on the bed. Her hand slid down to the small of his back, and then it slid even lower, and I could see the room had suddenly gotten ten degrees hotter for this stranger! Anyway, he shook off the dreamy look in his eyes, and began to scan the room. He did some measuring, and then left. Ten minutes later he was back with some boxes that told me they held high definition, ultra concealable, color video surveillance cameras. Several more trips back and forth, and then he came in with his tool box. An hour later, there were six cameras concealed in the room, all pointing at the bed or a spot on the floor at the foot of the bed. As he left, Karen whispered in his ear, and handed him a slip of paper. I think he was going to get a very nice "tip" in the near future! Now, I had sat there watching him install the cameras and knew where they were, but for the life of me, I couldn't see them when he was done. He told Karen that they were connected via wireless to the monitor in the master bedroom, and a second one in the kitchen. The stage was set, but what was the play about?

Around 8:30, she yelled from the living room that I was to stand up so she could get me ready. I did so, and when she walked in, all she was wearing were her heels and stockings under a sheer peignoir. I just gazed at her body and gasped in total shock. She was more beautiful than I ever imagined! Her small breasts were only a B cup, but perfect, and the nipples were hard and beautiful. She took my hand and led me upstairs to the master bedroom, where she pulled my panties down and pushed me onto the bed. Was what I thought was happening, really happening? Kneeling over my face, I was told to get busy, although no instructions were needed! I wanted that pussy like an alcoholic wants his next drink. I stuck my tongue in like I thought my life depended on it! I ate her to several orgasms, and she finally slid off my face with a contented sigh. I was allowed to kiss and fondle that beautiful body for a while, and she reciprocated by sucking on my tender nipples, which drove me crazy! Finally, she slid on top of me and mounted my hard cock. As I slid into her warm moist slit, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Her nipples found my lips, and I kissed and licked them as she rode me to my own orgasm. We lay there a moment, and then I was told to kneel on the floor as she sat on the edge of the bed, and clean her sweet treasure with my mouth and tongue. Not saying a word, she stood up led me into the bathroom, where she used a warm washcloth to clean my cock and balls. After giving my little pee-pee a lingering kiss, she pulled up my panties, washed my face, and re-applied my lipstick. Still naked except for the stockings and heels, she led me to my room, and slid the petticoats, dress, and pinafore on me, tied the sash behind me in a big fluffy bow, and told me to get on my knees on the floor at the foot of the bed. I did so, and she fluffed out my skirt so it was in a perfect sissy circle of satin and lace around me. My pacifier was returned to my mouth after a quick detour into her beautiful pussy, and I was handed a Barbie doll, and some of Barbie's things. Right then, the phone rang, and Karen went out to the living room and answered it. I heard only a one word conversation, and she came back in. Telling me that Melanie was on her way home, she put another doll on the bed and without any explanation, dropped a pair of my softest, sissiest yellow panties on the floor (The same ones I had to display at the park). Kissing me on the cheek and telling me to play along with whatever happened tonight, she left the room. As she was leaving, she called back that I was to ONLY address Melanie as "Mistress," and herself as "Nanny" for the evening, or else.

I had been kneeling there for about five minutes when I heard the door open, and Tom and Melanie giggled their way into the living room. I heard Melanie offer him a drink, and several times she told him to keep her hands off her panties. Then, I heard her tell him that if he was a good boy now, he would get a real treat shortly. She told him to take off his jacket and shoes and relax, as she was going to go upstairs and change into something more "comfortable." "Nanny," now redressed in her schoolgirl attire, stepped in to my room and told me to relax, as I was "on" in a few minutes. Just play with the doll, keep the pacifier in my mouth, and roll with the whole thing.

I could hear Tom get up off the sofa, and like any man left alone, he began to explore the room. I heard him pick up several things and set them down, and then I heard him try the nursery door, which was locked. He came down the hall, and peeked into my open room, and just froze in the doorway. He stood there, with his mouth hanging open, staring at the wallpaper, the furnishings, and most of all, at me. Just then, "Nanny" "happened" to walk in from the hallway, and "notice" Tom. "Oh hello," she cooed, "my name is Karen, and I'm little Debbie's baby sitter for the evening." He stuttered for a moment, staring back and forth between Karen and me, as Karen went on, "You see, widdle Debbie is really Melanie's husband, although he dresses and functions as her maid most of the time. What's really sweet is, when he has been a very good sissy maid, sometimes Melanie allows him to dress up like a widdle baby girl, and then she pays me a very good wage to be his baby sitter and nanny. You see, he really isn't a man, and could never share her bed as a man. That's why she dates real men. Here, let me show you around the room," she said innocently.

He looked dazed as Nanny led him around the room, opening my drawers and the closet, showing him nighties, panties, and dresses, and playfully putting a little sweet smelling baby powder on his nose. He fondled all the soft satin and lace, and seemed to be in a trance. Nanny told him she would be right back, and as she started walking to the door, she "noticed" the pair of panties on the floor. With her back to Tom, she bent from the waist, exposing her exquisite, pale pink silk encased ass in the process. Picking up my frilly panties from the floor, she handed them to Tom, asking him to put them in the hamper behind him, as I had worn them the day before. She left, and without thinking, Tom put the soft, yellow satin to his nose and inhaled. He rubbed the ultra sissy panties on his face and breathed out, "Oh my, these are beautiful!" As he was doing this, Melanie just "happened" to walk in the room. She had changed out of her dress and was wearing a beautiful white silk teddy that hugged her body and seemed to glow with its own soft light. The teddy had ruffles around the leg openings, and one tiny blue bow at the bodice. A sheer white peignoir with white satin cuffs and a collar, a few blue ribbons for trim, and a pair of white high heeled mules only served to adorn her body, rather than do anything to hide it.

"What did I see young man?" She asked sternly. Tom just looked at her and blinked like an owl. Mommy put her hand out and said, "Give them here. Give me those panties, NOW!" Tom just blinked again, and turned three shades of red. Slowly, he handed them to Melanie. "Oh my God," she raged, "so you like little girly panties too, do you? You're nothing but a big slobbering sissy like my pathetic husband! And to think, I thought you just wanted to get into my panties. Well, I think you will get into panties tonight, just not mine!" With that, Nanny strolled in, and stood behind Tom. Melanie pointed her finger at Tom and barked, "Get those clothes off right this minute, or I will put you over my knee, and spank the living daylights out of you!" Tom still didn't move, but also didn't intervene when Nanny reached around and began to unbuckle his belt, and then unbutton his shirt. He finally made a half-hearted effort to stop her, but Melanie slapped his hands away.

Giggling, Karen pulled his shirt off, teasing his nipples in the process, and then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. With one quick motion, she jerked down his boxers to leave him standing exposed. With his pants and boxers around his ankles, Melanie reached out and gave him a shove. He stumbled backwards into Karen's arms, and they quickly lifted him onto the bed. His shoes, pants, boxers and socks were jerked off, leaving him lying naked on my satin bedspread. I could see from the floor that he kept himself hairless, so that part was done already. Now Melanie put her hand on his pee-pee, and started to stroke it gently with my yellow panties, making him grow hard. "Now Tommy," she crooned, "wouldn't you love to dress up like a sweet widdle girl and join my husband with her dolls?" With that his cock seemed to get even harder!

"Hmm, I think you do!" She looked at the yellow satin panties she had tossed onto the bed, and looked at Karen. "Nanny dear, I know I only pay you for one sissy, but if you'll help me with my date I think I can double your evening's salary. Okay Sweetie?" "Of course, Mistress, whatever you want," was Karen's breathless reply. "Okay," Melanie said, looking like this was a new idea, rather than a well planned ambush, "Since he likes Debbie's yellow panties so much, go get the rest of the outfit for widdle Tommy. Nanny pulled some things from the drawers, and returned to the bed. Kneeling at the poor fool's feet, she slid the panties up his legs, and telling him to lift his cute little bottom, slid them into place, giving his hard cock a little rub through the satin. She then placed little sissy socks on his feet, and fastened a pair of white Mary Janes with little 2 inch heels to his feet As she fastened the buckles, I heard the familiar "snicks" of locks being locked. Tom noticed nothing. She then told him to hold out his hands, and slid a pair of mittens over each one, tying them tightly around each wrist. She then wrapped a matching sissy training bra around his chest, and adjusted the lacy straps, tweaking his nipples in the process. I thought he was going to have an orgasm right then! Taking his hands, she helped him stand up, and then went to the closet for the dress. Now, my yellow dress has white frilly lace everywhere. It also has built-in petticoats, and a big white satin sash that ties in the back. It also has one other feature. As Nanny fussed around his front, adjusting the dress, Melanie stepped behind him and pulled up the zipper, and again, I heard the familiar "snick" as the lock on the collar of the dress was fastened.

Stepping back to admire her work, Nanny snapped her fingers, "I know what this outfit needs," she purred, as she went to the dresser one more time. When she returned, she popped a NUK size 5 pacifier into his mouth and placed a matching satin bonnet on his head, tying it off under his chin. Then she led him to my full length mirror where he admired himself for several minutes, turning, and staring to see all of himself in his finery. He was in Heaven! Melanie giggled and said, "Well Tommy, I guess we can't call you Tommy anymore, can we? I guess we will have to call you Tammy now!" With that, she handed Tammy the other doll, and told her to sit on the floor and play with Debbie. Then, Nanny told us that she was going to get us something to drink, and that we should play nice. Tom, I mean Tammy, just sat down like he was told, as though he had no will of his own. In a way, I guess he didn't.

As soon as they were gone, Tammy allowed her pacifier to drop out of her mouth and started to pepper me with questions. I took mine out, and told him the whole story. When I got the part about being restrained in my pink maid's outfit, and meeting Mummy for the first time, he was breathing hard, and when I told him of my wedding night, I thought she/he was going to pass out! Nanny stuck her head in the door, and told us it would be about 20 minutes for our bottles. As Tammy's back was to the door, he didn't see Nanny motion to me to kiss and cuddle with her. At first, I didn't understand, but all of a sudden, I knew what was being demanded of me. I wiggled closer to Tammy, and told her cute she looked, and that the yellow dress looked even better on her than on me. I reached out with my mittened hands, and began stroking the dress, and then her face. Within a few moments, Tammy started to return my attentions. I took Tammy's face in my hands, and began to softly kiss his/her face. I finally began to kiss her on the lips, and she responded by opening her mouth for my tongue, and then returning the kiss, passionately. The door open quietly, and I saw Melanie standing behind her Karen in the hall. She reached around, and while one hand began to caress Karen's breast, the other began to rub her pussy through her tight pink panties! Karen, uh Nanny (I'm so damn confused!) turned around and they embraced, kissing for a long time, just as Tammy and I were kissing on the floor. They finally broke apart, and watched us for awhile, and they saw that Tammy kept trying to caress my pee-pee with her useless hands. With a little hand motion, I was told to reciprocate, and began rubbing Tammy through her panties. Her pee-pee was hard and throbbing, and I thought she was going to cum right then and there! Again I was given some silent stage direction, and stood up, moving us to the bed as the door closed just as quietly as it had opened. A moment later, I heard the door open, and Nanny walked into the room with two baby bottles. I also noted rather quickly that her blouse was undone several more buttons, allowing a lot more of her not- so-substantial, lacy pink bra to show, and what a beautiful show it was! She glided in with a pink bottle for me, and a yellow one for Tammy. Telling us to sit on the bed like ladies with our feet on the floor, she handed us our bottles and told us to enjoy our apple juice. As she turned around, she bent from the waist to pick some non-existent thing from the floor. When she did, her very short skirt rode up, and her wondrous, silk-clad ass was right there. I couldn't help it, so I leaned over and planted a kiss on one cheek, and giggling, Tammy did the same on the other cheek. She straightened back up, turned around and waggled her finger at us, saying, "That was very naughty girls! Now drink your ba-bas all down like good widdle girls, and maybe you will get a nice treat!" Tammy went to work. The lure of the soft satin, all that attention, not to mention the not so subtle promise of something sexual, masked any self preservation instincts she might have had.


About twenty minutes and two empty baby bottles later, we were still on the bed, kissing and fondling each other through our panties. Tammy was looking pointedly at my hard cock and understanding my role, I clumsily pushed my panties down and Tammy took the hint, grabbing my pee-pee with both satin covered hands, and rubbing it up and down. It felt wonderful! I pointed to my rock hard pee-pee and lisped, "ba-ba." Tammy looked at me, and I said it again. Suddenly a light went on, and she got on the floor on her knees, and began to give me an amateurish, but enthusiastic blowjob. I grabbed her head through the soft bonnet, and held it there, then rubbed her back and made appreciative noises. I have to admit it felt wonderful! Now, suddenly, I understood why Karen had allowed me to fuck her. It was so I wouldn't cum too quickly! That's when Tammy heard the voice of his/her doom.

A female voice screeched, "Tom, what in the hell do you think you're doing? Here I suspected that you snuck out of the house to fuck some bimbo, finally figure out where you are, but when I find you, you're dressed like a fucking sissy baby girl, and giving a blow job to another sissy faggot dressed like a baby! You a have a wife at home who loves sex, and there is a beautiful woman here who looks like she's ready to take you to her bed, but you chose to be a fucking sissy faggot!!" Yep, my darling Melanie had an ulterior motive for all of this! This had been the perfect ambush from start to finish, and poor Tommy / Tammy never had a chance. As he shrank back against the bed, he began scrabbling with his useless satin imprisoned hands at his clothing. I could have told him to relax, if I wasn't afraid of being punished. His dress was locked on, his bonnet was tied tightly, and he had no fingers to get to the knots, or to even attempt to rip the beautiful satin dress. Melanie and Nanny came in, dressed in their costumes for this drama, and just stood there and watched. His wife just stood there, yelling and berating him for almost 20 minutes, until she wore herself out. At that moment, Melanie put her arms around her, and held her for a while. I took the opportunity to take a good look at this woman. Tom/Tammy was about 50 or so, but his wife looked to be about 25 or 30, at the oldest. She was a beautiful red haired woman, and was dressed in slacks and a blouse, that while plain, would have put a sizable dent in most ordinary folk's clothing budget. Melanie was explaining about our relationship, about how I was such a sissy, how I spent my wedding night, and how I served her as a sissy made. As she told it, it aroused such intense feelings of humiliation in me that I could only hang my head in shame, and without realizing it, I stuck my pacifier back in my mouth. Then Melanie went on to tell Heather (Tammy's wife) how Tom had come into the room, gushed over me, and practically begged to be dressed like a baby too. Melanie also casually mentioned the video cameras at this time (even though I found out later that Heather had been in the master bedroom all along, watching the whole thing unfold), and Tammy just started crying, begging his wife to listen to him. She gave him a look of cold hatred, and walked out of the room with Melanie's arm around her, and her hand casually caressing Heather's ass.

A moment later, Nanny strolled back in and told us that it was time to get ready for beddy-byes. Tammy, or Tommy, started to yell at her, cussing her out, but dressed like a baby girl, locked into satin and lace, his tirade lost some of its force. Nanny just shrugged and walked out of the room, locking the door behind her. Tammy was on a roll, and kept yelling to get out of these clothes, get out of this room, and to see his wife. Within a few moments, though, and to my great surprise, she let out a big yawn and began to nod. Within about three minutes, she had curled up and was fast asleep on the bed! I found out later that her apple juice had been drugged with a potent time release sleeping agent.

A few minutes later, Melanie came back in the room with Karen and told me to go to the nursery. At this, Karen started giggling uncontrollably. Melanie just smiled, kissed her on the cheek and patted her beautiful ass. With that, Melanie took one of my mittened hands, and Karen took the other. I was led into the nursery, and up onto the changing table, where Melanie gently removed my panties, dress, socks and shoes, all the time caressing me and cooing to me like a baby. I I loved it. I loved any time that my beautiful wife touched me, even if it was to put me in bondage! I was told to lay back, and a thick cloth diaper was pinned tightly in place, followed by the usual pink plastic panties and satin diaper cover. Little pink booties were pulled onto my feet and laced in place. I was sat back up, and a pink satin nightie was pulled over my head, and buttoned up the back. I saw that the nightie was very long, and had long sleeves. My mittens were removed and pink ones to match my nightie were laced back on my hands. The final touch was, of course, the soft silky baby bonnet to match.

With Melanie holding the hem of the nightie, I was helped off the changing table and helped to waddle to the rib. The side was lowered, and I was helped in, which was good because my hands were still in those mittens. Once I was lying down, Melanie pulled the hem of the gown down, and I realized it was very long. In fact it was so long that it went past my feet, and then Melanie grabbed the ribbon ties at the bottom, and tied it tightly, making it a satin sack! No way was I going anywhere, anytime soon!

The ladies left, and were back in moments, half leading, half carrying a very groggy Tammy. She was hoisted up onto the table, and dressed in a yellow version of my outfit. As Nanny was getting ready to diaper her, Heather walked into the room. She was wearing one of Melanie's silk camisole and tap pants outfits, this one in shimmering royal blue. A pair of high heels were on her bare feet, and a look of pure triumph was on her face. She reached over and lightly slapped Tammy's face to get his attention. When he finally looked at her, she just laughed and told him she was leaving him, and no judge would ever listen to his side of the story once he saw the high definition, full color video from this evening. With that, she sat down on the rocking chair to watch her former husband be diapered, covered in plastic and satin panties, lacy yellow bonnet, and tied into a yellow version of the sack I was in. Together, they carried her over to the crib and rolled her in beside me. Again, Heather got his attention, and told him that they would be talking in the morning, after his widdle diaper was changed. With that, the side of the crib was raised, and then the top was swung into place and locked.

I was awake in the morning when Tammy woke up. She looked dazed and confused, and thrashed about trying to figure out what was happening. I could see her getting very agitated, and was worried about her lashing out at me. I saw then that the sleeves of her gown were buttoned to the side of the gown, making her arms completely useless. When she finally calmed down, the look in her eyes told me that she had just realized that last night was no bad dream. She was trapped in a crib with another sissy, was wearing a diaper, and worst of all, had been caught in glorious color on video, dressed like a sissy, giving another sissy head. She looked around, tried to spit the pacifier out of her mouth, and just began to cry. I did the only thing I could do, which was to reach out and hold her. I wrapped my arms around her, and hugged, kissed, and petted her for a long time.. Suddenly, she jerked away, and looked wildly around the room, and again tried desperately to free her arms. I knew what she wanted, and patted her bottom to remind her she was wearing a diaper. She looked terrified, and sort of shrank back against the bars for a long time. Finally, I could tell from the look of shame on her face that she was peeing in her diaper. I slithered over to her, and held her, kissing her, and rubbing my satin covered hands over her imprisoned body for the longest time.

Finally, Karen, or I guess I was still supposed to call her Nanny came in. She unlocked the crib, and lowered the side, and then untied the bottom of my nightie. Pulling the hem up, she helped me out of the rib, and onto the changing table, cooing at Tammy that she would be next. He didn't know whether to be scared or grateful. My nightie was removed, my very wet diaper was removed, and replaced with a dry one, dry plastic panties, and a white satin play suit that was sort of like a baggy, sissy teddy. There was pink lace around the leg openings and the short sleeves, and I have to admit, it was really cute. I was helped off the table, and nanny took off my mittens, wiped my hands with a wet washcloth, and put new, white satin mittens on my hands. My pacifier was untied, but I kept it in my mouth. finally, my pink, rather plain satin bonnet was switched with a lacy one that matched my play suit. I was told to sit down and play with my dolls for a few minutes, and after Tammy was changed, we could eat.

The door opened, and in strolled Melanie and Heather, both naked under sheer peignoirs, and looking very luscious indeed. I know Tammy's eyes bugged out of her head when they walked in with their arms around each other's waists! Me, I knew they had all slept in the same bed. I mean, where else in the house? Without releasing the bottom of his nightie, they picked him, or uh, her, up and placed him on the table. Quick as lightning, they unbuttoned her arms from the gown, and secured her wrists to the table with built in nylon straps, and a wide one was wrapped over her torso, pinning her to the table. She started to yell around the pacifier, which really didn't muffle the sound, just distort the words. Heather just laughed and untied and removed it from Tammy's mouth. A string of invectives flew from her mouth, curses and threats of retribution, which again, bound to a changing table, dressed in sissy clothes and a wet diaper, didn't have a lot of force.

After a few minutes, I could see the ladies getting tired of this, and Nanny grabbed his nose and held it tight. After a moment, Tammy opened her mouth for a deep breath, and which time my old penis gag was shoved into her mouth, and buckled tightly behind her head. Holding her kicking legs down, the ladies untied the hem of her nightie, and removed her diaper and plastic panties. . Now I was allowed to view another little trick of the table. Along with the restraints, the table folded in an interesting manner. Melanie pulled a latch, and the last few feet of the table folded down, leaving Tammy's now naked bottom right on the edge of the end of the table.

With Heather holding one leg, and Nanny holding the other, Melanie reached behind the table and brought out two bent steel rods with some sort of attachments. She fitted the rods into pockets at the end of the table, and I saw that the rods had a deep bend like a dog leg shape, and some sort of, well, they looked a bit like what an OB/Gyn might have in the office. That's exactly what they were, with an added strap to hold the feet in the stirrups. Tammy's satin coved tootsies were strapped into the stirrups, and then the bars were swung out and locked in place, leaving Tammy's legs spread very high and wide, and her poor naked bottom exposed to whatever these ladies wanted to do. Heather started off the festivities with an open-handed slap on Tammy's helpless bottom, and another that I know caught his balls, that made her thrash around in agony, and scream into her gag.

"Well, my little sissy bitch husband," she began, "I have known for over a year that you liked wearing your company's product even more than selling it! You see, you weren't as careful as you thought you were. Now, unlike dear Melanie here, I just can't live with a sissy faggot in my house. We are going to be divorced, it will be uncontested, you will give me a very large settlement, the vacation home at the beach, a new car, and you will never, ever put up a fuss about it all, or those videos might leak out all over the internet." With each pronouncement came a fresh slap on her exposed bottom. Tammy began to squirm and twist violently, as she tried to yell and argue around her gag, but Heather just slapped his bottom again, this time even harder, and again catching his poor balls in the strike, and told him to shut the hell up. She then named a figure for the settlement that was so large, I think Nanny and Melanie were both as shocked as I was! Again, Tammy tried to protest, and again came the viscous slap on his exposed bottom. Heather just grinned at the other two ladies, and told them that it will just be a matter of time before he signs the divorce agreement, and the check, both of which she just happened to have in her purse.

Nanny stepped out of the room for a moment, and came back with a familiar box. She snapped on a rubber glove right in Tammy's face which caused her eyes to grow wide with fear. Nanny squirted some lube onto her gloved hand, and then roughly jammed a finger up Tammy's bottom, causing no end of screaming and squirming! I thought to myself, "Just wait, you'll really have something to scream about, sweetie!" Sure enough, out came one of the middle sized butt plug, and without any warning, Nanny rammed that horrible thing up his backside. Tammy's screams became more frenetic and she thrashed for all she was worth, but she was secured tightly to the table and the stirrups, and had nowhere to go. As soon as Nanny snapped off the glove, Heather stepped up with a hairbrush and began to beat his backside, taking particular delight in hitting her poor exposed balls and the exposed base of the plug, tripling the pain. After 20 or 25 hard fast swats with the brush, Tammy's ass was beet red, and she was screaming so hard into the gag that she was having trouble breathing. She was crying, her nose was running, and she looked a truly miserable sight. Melanie unbuckled the gag, and nanny wiped his nose and eyes. Heather got right in his face and asked him if he wanted to sign, or did he want a larger plug and a harder spanking? "I don't care, Sweetie," she said nastily, "I will get what I want. and in the meantime, if I get to beat your sissy ass raw and get to watch you writhe and sream in pain, well, that's just a bonus for me! Now, if we release your arm and hand, are you ready to sign, or do we have some more fun with our new faggot baby?" So quietly that I could barely hear it, he told Heather that he would sign whatever she wanted him to sign.

Melanie came over to me, and bent over to whisper in my ear, "Since Tammy has decided to be a good widdle girl, why don't you go over and use your sweet little kisses and your talented tongue to make his bottom feel better." "Yes Mistress," I replied, and waddled over in my ultra thick diapers. I started to rub his bright red bottom with my satin covered hands, and then to gently kiss and lick his smooth hairless cheeks. I had been at it for only a minute or so, when all three girls started laughing so hard I had to look around to see what they were laughing at. Maybe a man dressed like a baby girl kissing another man's ass? Well, that, and in spite of everything, Tammy's cock was sticking straight up and as hard as the Washington Monument. Melanie looked at me, and sort of waved her hand towards the erect penis, and I hesitated, even though I knew what was wanted of me. You see, even though I had sucked a lot of cocks in the last year, and had many of them up my backside, no one was in the room with us. Sure, Melanie arranged every one of these "dates" and knew what was going on, but in front of all three ladies? I thought quickly, and thought about never getting out of my chastity device, that hairbrush, and uttered a soft, "Yes Mistress." I then got to work sucking Tammy's pee-pee. I used all the skills I had developed, rubbing her balls and backside with my mittened hands, reaching up to rub her nipples through her nightie, and was rewarded with what seemed like a quart of cum in less than a minute. "Don't you dare swallow, Debbie," came the command from Heather, "I want you to kiss my pathetic bitch and share with her." I did, and in spite of the audience, she strained to kiss me back, arching her back, and sucking my tongue and her own cum into her mouth. With that, Nanny released his right arm, took off his mitten, and Heather stuck a pen in his hand and held out a clipboard for him to sign his life away. Two signatures later, and a quick notarization by Nanny (who knew?) the deed was done. Tammy was gently cleaned with baby wipes, and the plug was removed from her bottom, causing her to scream in pain again. Nanny rubbed some soothing ointment into his bottom, released him from the stirrups, and rediapered him, dressing him in the same outfit I was wearing, except hers was pink with white lace. We spent the rest of the day in diapers, cuddling together in the crib, or playing with dolls. Tammy didn't sit on her bottom much, and spent a lot of time crying that day.

Heather left us that morning, but Karen stayed at our house for another two weeks, and she and Melanie didn't even try to hide the fact that they were lovers. Dressed once again as a fantasy maid, I would serve them in bed, occasionally being allowed to worship their delectable bottoms, or to eat them to orgasm. I found out that Karen, or Nanny as I continued to call her, was kinda kinky herself! I was just finishing up my chores for the evening, and was still dressed in my pink satin maid's dress and white satin pinafore when I heard my name being called. I minced to their bedroom door and knocked. Told I could enter, I went in to see what was needed. Melanie lay across the bed in nothing but her black garter belt and stockings, while Nanny was wearing a pink garter belt with black lace trim, black stockings, and a matching camisole was askew over her breasts. No one needed to tell me they had been making love! The sweat on their beautiful bodies and the musky aroma in the air told me that much. Of course, the double ended dildo on the floor was a bit of a hint, too! Nanny told me kneel beside the bed, and I did. Melanie languidly got out of bed, and after taking something out of the nightstand drawer, came around behind me. I was instructed to put my hands behind my back, and steel cuffs were placed on my wrists. Now Karen moved to the edge of the bed, with that fragrant pussy just millimeters from my face. She squirmed closer, put her beautiful legs over my shoulders, pulled my face hard into her pussy, and with a quick admonition not to miss a drop, she began to pee! I rapidly began to swallow this hot, salty, and acrid liquid. I swear she emptied her bladder of at least a gallon into my mouth! From then on, until she left, anytime and anywhere Karen had to pee, I was her toilet. I hate to admit it, but kneeling there in front of this beautiful woman dressed in the sissiest possible clothes, while my wife watched her pee into my mouth was actually a turn on! One night, we had driven to a distant mall to do some shopping for Melanie and Karen, when Karen announced she had to pee. I was dressed in a short white satin dress with a little bit of lace, that stopped just short of being a baby's dress. Thankfully, Melanie did not make me wear petticoats under the dress. I was forced to wear my lacy and ruffled pink satin training bra and matching panties under the dress, with the end result being the bra showing through the dress, and the short skirt of the dress making more than occasional panty viewing possible. White high heeled baby doll pumps, pink nylon sissy sox, and a white lace choker helped make sure that people noticed me. Taking a page from Mummy's playbook, Melanie had attached a long white ribbon to my choker, and led me around the mall like a baby in a harness. Here we were, in a major mall at Christmas time, and I was on display for all to see. After a long time of shopping, Nanny took control, and was leading me by my "leash" to the "family" bathroom, where a woman could take her young son, or diaper an infant. Once in the restroom, instead of going into a stall, she went to the corner and told me to kneel, as she had to pee. As the bathroom door did not have a lock, while I was in the process of kneeling in front of Nanny, the door opened and two ladies walked in with an infant. There, in front of those ladies, I knelt, pulled her panties down, and allowed her to pee into my willing mouth. The looks we got I couldn't see, but I could hear the remarks, and none of them were flattering! Thankfully we were done shopping and on our way to the car, as I'm sure these ladies called security or the police over the incident! What would they have done if they had found out I had the "wrong plumbing" under my dress???

And what about Tammy/Tommy? Well, since he couldn't go home until his soon-to-be-ex packed her things and moved out, he spent the next two weeks in the nursery, mostly in diapers, where I took care of him. His only entertainment for the first few days was a loop replay of his entrapment, followed by a very juicy video of his ex, Karen, and Melanie in bed. Heather got her HUGE divorce settlement, Melanie got not only a huge account and her promotion, but a very large cash gift from Heather for her help, Nanny got more sex than she could ever ask for, as well as a nice cash bonus, and Tammy, well, I guess she got what she wanted, sort of. What did I get? Well, I got a sissy playmate for two weeks, and made very good use of her. By the time Tammy left, she had tried on most of my clothes, and most nights found us in bed in lingerie, going at it like two gay minks! My frequent "dates" have taught me to not only be a good cocksucker, but to love having a warm thick cock in my mouth. While I still love pussy, you learn to enjoy what you have. Tammy not only learned to suck cock like a pro, but soon learned to enjoy being fucked up her bottom. I had never been allowed to fuck any of the men Melanie brought home for me as I was the submissive. While Mike, and some of the other men would sometimes suck my cock, many, many times, the only relief I got was masturbation. I really enjoyed putting Tammy in bondage, dressing in my maid's uniform or some other prissy dress, and sticking my pee-pee up a pantied and lace framed ass! I was. though, a lot more gentle with Tammy than Mummy had been with me, though.

Well except for tying up a few loose ends, that's about it. Mummy still visits, and I have been allowed to eat her pussy too, but my own mother made it clear that we aren't family anymore. While she took great pains to help Mummy at the wedding, and did all that she thought she should, the things she thought I wanted, she had left before the reception. She also left a note for me that told me that while she still loved me, she would never see me again, nor was I to contact her again. Oh well.

In other news, Melanie and I have recently decided to part company, although we do not want to get a divorce. We still love each other, and I love serving her, but both of us feel as though we want a little more as well. She wants a real man full time, and that ain't me, and the truth be told, I'm a bit tired of the sissy maid game. Being that close to a beautiful woman, servicing her needs day after day, and not being able to avail myself of her charms at will is wearing thin. That's the downside. The upside is that Tom, or Tammy and I have kept in close touch, and he, or is it she, has asked me to move in with him. I jumped at the chance! He bought all my clothes and furniture, including the nursery, from Melanie, and I moved in with him the very next week.

As a going away present, Melanie invited me to her room, calling down to me just as I was taking off my Maid's uniform and getting ready for bed Was I surprised when I found her standing there, dressed in my pink satin sissy maid costume! Oh my, she looked so damn sexy standing there in those 5 inch pink heels, the sissy panties on display under the skirt! Oh My God! I looked again, and saw that she had gagged herself with my penis gag, and her hands were cuffed behind her back! This was the first time in our entire relationship that she had been anything close to vulnerable, and now she was totally at my mercy! On the bed were my black silk pajamas that I hadn't seen since the first night I wore them with a note.

The note told me I could wear these men's pajamas, or the lingerie I was wearing, and we would have a wild night of sex to celebrate the end of a beautiful relationship. I could take full advantage of my bound wife, and do anything I wanted to her, or with her. I thought about it all for a long moment, and realized that who I was, my whole being, was summed up by me standing there in baby blue satin sissy panties, a matching training bra, white satin corset, baby blue ruffled choker, white thigh-high stockings and white pumps, so that's what I chose to wear. The first thing I did was to pick up the digital camera and take several shots of this delicious sight before me. I then gently moved her to the foot of the bed where I tied off the handcuffs to the bedpost. I then dropped to my knees and ate her to several knee-shaking orgasms, until she was sagging in her cuffs, screaming for me to stop through the gag. With that, I unbound the love of my life from the bed, sat down, and draped her over me knees. I had intended to spank her hard, but could only manage a token spanking, and ended up kissing and caressing that beautiful, heart-shaped ass more than spanking it. I lay her over the bed, and began to lick that beautiful ass for all I was worth, pushing my tongue deep into her backside. I wanted to take her from behind, but I finally removed her cuffs and gag, and we had a beautiful night of sex, cuddling, and yes, more sex. Melanie told me that she was glad I had decided to keep my lingerie instead of the pajamas,, as I looked so cute in it. Later, as I lay there in my sissy finery, and Melanie in my pink corset and sissy sox, I realized I would truly miss living with this woman and suddenly began to cry. To my astonishment, so did she! We held each other for the longest time, and finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

Let's see, what else would you like to know about? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Karen, Melanie's beautiful bi friend, called Tom/Tammy last night, and told him that if he, or we, ever needed a babysitter, for any of our needs, please be sure to call her. I know for a fact that she will get called soon and often! Any "baby sitter" that pretty, and that adventurous, deserves a little "pocket money!" So, to wrap it up, I have submitted the paperwork to legally changed my name to Debbie, am moving in with Tom, to be his wife in public, and his maid, lover, baby, nanny, and whatever else we can think of in private. Oh yeah, I also know I will never wear anything but satin and lace for the rest of my life.

POSTSCRIPT: Hello, this is Melanie. I am so sad to tell you that my beautiful Debbie passed away last week. She had a congenital heart defect that finally let her down while she slept in her crib, beside the bed of her sweet lover, Tammy. I found this story she wrote about her life on her computer, and felt I had to publish it for her, because I still love her very, very much. She had been living with Tom, or Tammy now for about 2 years or so, and they were very happy. We never got a divorce, and Debbie visited me often, and many, many times came over to prepare me for a date. I loved having her soft hands shave my legs, paint my nails, and brush my hair. I also used her very talented tongue to, shall we say, get the juices flowing for my date. She served as a maid for several parties, and for a few special lovers I have had over- night. One party in particular saw her in her pink maid's outfit, a pair of pink sissy panties with a lace trimmed hole over her delicious bottom hole, hand cuffs, ankle hobbles, and a gag. She looks so vulnerable and so cute! I know several men wanted to take her home with them, and more than a few "took advantage" of my darling baby! I even made sure I kept my promise to take my dear Debbie to my bed on her birthday and our anniversary. I tried to make those times very special for my sweet sissy. I've visited them many times, and had lots of fun with both of them. Tammy doesn't hold a grudge against me anymore, although she hated me for a while. She says I finally forced him, or her, (it's still confusing as to which pronoun to use, because unlike Debbie, he still shows his male side to the world, and only releases his girly side in private) to look at himself, and to be who he really was, much like dear Debbie.

We lay Debbie to rest in her wedding gown, and all the finery she wore that day. She vowed to wear satin and lace all the rest of her life, and we felt we had to honor that vow in some special way. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. The viewing and service were both very private, with just me, "Mummy, Karen, Tom (Who was very brave and came as Tammy in a beautiful lacy black dress) and Mike, my best man from the wedding, and Debbie's first gay lover. As they were getting ready to close the casket on my wonderful, sweet lover, husband, and sissy maid, I started to cry, and without thinking, pulled the hem of my dress up, slipped off my sheer black silk panties, and put them in her hand. Mummy, Karen, and Tammy did the same, and we all stood there and bawled. Somewhere, I hope that wonderful sissy is at peace, and happily sniffing our panties.