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Lip Service

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When Phillip turned 16, he was too told to go to the pediatrician he had seen all his life. When it was time for Phillip to have his annual check-up, his mother made an appointment for him with Dr. Davenport, her doctor. His mother raved about what a wonderful doctor she was. Phillip had a habit of biting his lower lip when he felt nervous or anxious, or when something took him by surprise. Unconsciously he did so.

"I'm sure Dr. Davenport can cure you of that terrible habit!"

"Please Mother!" She had brought it to the attention of Phillip's pediatrician several times, but he had always said it wasn't a problem.

When it came time for Phillip's examination, he had forgotten all about it.

Phillip was taken to an examination room by a nurse and told to remove his clothing and put on one of the gowns in the closet.

"Even my underwear?"

The nurse laughed. "Of course, how else is Dr. Davenport going to exam you silly!" Phillip bit down on his lower lip.

After removing his clothing, Phillip opened the closet door. Inside was a row of examination gowns, all made of translucent pink plastic. Was he supposed to put one of those on?

As he stood there in consternation, the door opened and a woman wearing a white lab coat breezed in.

"What's the matter dear, do you need help?" Without waiting for a reply she went to the closet and selected a gown. "Here, this one is looks about right."

Phillip was mortified, bringing both hands down to cover his privates.

The doctor laughed. She reached down and pulled his hands away, slipping them into the sleeves of the gown. She then tied it at the back of his neck and down his back. "There, some nice pretty bows!!" She laughed again. Peter bit his lip.

Just then his mother came into the room. "There Doctor Davenport, that's what I've been telling you about!"

"MOTHER!" Phillip was truly mortified now. "Why are you in here?" Phillip had thought that going to an adult doctor meant that his mother would no longer accompany him into the examination room.

"Now Phillip dear, you Mother is just concerned. Hmmmmm." The Doctor was gazing intently at his lower lip. Phillip had an urge to bite it again, but stopped himself. This had the effect of causing his lip to tremble, which Doctor Davenport seemed to take note of, peering intently into Phillip's eyes.

Phillip looked down at the floor. He saw that the white lab coat ended a few inches above the doctor's thighs. Her legs were encased in nylons, she had a pair of stylish black pumps on. Phillip began to feel a surge in his loins. He looked down in horror at the see through plastic gown. The plastic was making his sweat.

Doctor Davenport seemed to be reading his thoughts. She looked down in amusement at the tent forming in front of Phillip.

"Do you like my shoes dear?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"What?! er no, I mean, ... " Phillip bit his lower lip without thinking.

Dr. Davenport stared at it intently before Phillip realized what he was doing.

"I think I have something that can help Phillip's problem," she said, turning to his mother. Dr. Davenport opened a drawer and extracted something.

"Open wide Phillip." Expecting a tongue depressor, Phillip obliged. Instead a smooth rubber shaft was slid between his lips.

"Phillip must train his lips to remain in a round, almost pouting position" said Dr. Davenport, speaking to his mother and ignoring Phillip. "Once he has done this, he will lose the urge to bring the lower lip into his mouth. I would recommend using this tool for an hour after meals and just before bedtime. Also, if Phillip forgets and bites his lower lip, it can be immediately inserted for a period of time to remind him to keep his lips in a circular fashion."

His mother looked starry eyed with joy. She had always suspected that Phillip's habit was curable, and she now felt vindicated.

"Oh thank you Dr. Davenport!!!!"

Dr Davenport looked down with a pleased smile. Phillp felt foolish. He had been su-king on the "tool" and this had prevented him from speaking up. He reached up and found that it had a ring on the end. He pulled it out of his mouth and looked at it. It looked like a over-sized baby's pacifier, except instead of a bulb it had a longer rubber shaft with a bulb on the end.

"What?! I'm supposed to su-k on this?" Phillip was incredulous.

His mother looked down at him furiously. "You'll do what Dr. Davenport recommends!! "

Dr. Davenport had a pleased smile on her face. "Just call me if you have any problems or questions Rita."

Phillip didn't like the sound of that. But he knew one thing, they weren't going to make him su-k on an oversized pacifier.

Just as he had these thoughts, Dr. Davenport slid it back between his lips.

"Now Phillip dear, let's just keep it in for the remainder of the examination." Phillip was beside himself. But Dr. Davenport was an imposing figure, and his mother was watching him like a hawk for any sign of disobedience. Reluctantly he kept the pacifier in his mouth. He tried not to su-k it but the saliva would pool in his mouth, until he finally had to swallow with a loud su-king sound. This illicited giggles from the two women.

"If you just su-k it slowly and swallow regularly you won't make that silly sound Phillip." said Dr. Davenport in a condescending voice, shaking her head slightly as if he was daft.

Chagrined, Phillip tried su-king as quietly as he could. In the meantime Dr. Davenport had led him by the hand to the scales to be weighed and measured. She was reaching under the pink gown with her stethoscope. He had to breathe in and out with the pacifier in his mouth.

Suddenly she grabbed hold of one of his testicles.

He jumped, and felt his pen-s engorge further.

Dr. Davenport laughed and gave the testicle a playful squeeze. "It's just a hernia test silly!!! Uh-oh looks like someone is getting excited!"

"Phillip!!!!" His mother peered down intently where the pink plastic gown was tenting.

Phillip couldn't believe what was happening. Without realizing it he started su-king furiously on the pacificer. His mother's proximity would normally had made him instantly soft, but Dr. Davenport kept lightly squeezing and kneading his ball, releasing it only to grab hold of the other, causing his erection to remain stiff.

"What is the matter with you!!" His mother was livid.

Dr. Davenport finally released him. "Don't be upset Rita. I believe this is connected to Phillip's lip biting problem. I'm going to write a prescription."

She scribbled something on a pad.

"Now remember, an hour after every meal and before bed. And whenever little Phillip has a slip-up. Feel free to call me anytime." Dr. Davenport reached down and gave a playful tug on the ring of Phillip's pacifier. "Now don't forget Phillip dear, always do what Mother tells you, keep those pretty lips in a nice round pout!" She then gave him a private wink.

What had he gotten himself into?

Phillip was trying to make his dessert last as long as possible. They had eaten late, and Phillip had dragged out the entire meal. He knew what was coming after his meal. His Mother was sitting expectantly beside him, with a pleased smile glued to her lips. He could see her hand twitching toward the plastic case that held his "device." Without thinking he bit his lower lip.

"There you go again! We'll have to tack on some extra time to your session!"

"No Mother, please!!"

"Tut tut. You heard Dr. Davenport. No fussing now." She opened the case and extracted the oversized pacifier. "Open up for Mommy darling."

Grudgingly Phillip parted his lips just enough for his Mother to slip in the pacifier. He glumly started to su-k. His mother flipped on the TV for him to a cartoon channel. He tried to watch and not think about the smooth rubber shaft with the bulbous tip that fit snugly into his mouth, but it was hard, with every swallow and unintended slurp reminding him, causing him to become acutely aware of his su-king. After about 45 minutes his lips and mouth began to grow tired, further focusing his attention on his su-king mouth. The time dragged by. Finally, Phillip knew by the fact that he was on his third cartoon that more than an hour had gone by. He turned to his Mother and pointed at the pacifier. She responded with a quizzical look. He pointed again.

"What is it angel?"

Phillip looked at his Mother with exasperation. He pointed to the pacifier more emphatically.

"Can Mommy help you with something darling?"

He finally lost his temper. He yanked the pacifier out from between his sore cheeks. "This damn thing Mother!!!

"Phillip!!! How dare you use such foul language in my presence!"

"I'm sorry Mother, but I thought it was obvious that I wanted to know if I could take this infernal device out, it's been more than an hour!!"

"You know Mommy had to tack on additional time for your slip-up pet. As a matter of a fact I was just getting ready to tell you when you began fussing like a pre-schooler. You know that Dr. Davenport made it clear that you're not to remove your corrective device until you've had it in for the alloted time. If you keep this up I'll have to call her."

"Mother, that's not fair! . . ." She cut off his futher protests.

"Very well, now run along and play until bedtime." He wanted to say something protesting such juvenile instructions but thought the better of it. He was just glad to be free of the pacifier.

Phillip had just settled into a chair with a music magazine when he felt a tapping on his shoulder. He looked up to find his Mother standing over him, with her pleased smile. In her hand was the pacifier. Before Phillip could react she reached out and cupped the back of his head with one hand, pulled it closer and with her other hand firmly inserted the pacifier until the plastic guard was snugly pressing against his lips.

Phillip was beside himself. He was sure it was literally minutes since he had removed the pacifier. He whipped it out of his mouth.

"Mother, what is going on!! I just took it out!"

"She eyed the pacifier in his hand. So, you've broken the rules already."

"What!" He remembered what Mother had said about the rules. The last thing he wanted was for her to make a call to Dr. Davenport. "But Mother, I just wanted to ask you . . . " Again his Mother cut him off.

"Don't pretend you can't speak with your corrective device in your mouth!"

"But why should I . . ."

"Honestly Phillip, you are acting fussier than that spoiled little girl that lives across the street!! And you're still disobeying Mommy!"

What was she talking about? Then he realized that she wanted him to re-insert the pacifier before he said another word. Determined to prevent another call to the doctor, Phillip sighed and placed the pacifier into his mouth.

"That's a good boy!" His Mother curled her manicured finger into the ring of the pacifier so that her polished nail was pressing against the tip of his nose, and pushed it more firmly into his mouth. She then patted his cheek with approval, causing it to flush. "Now what did my angel want to tell Mommy?"

"Mother, I only just took it out!" The words were muffled as his lips smacked wetly around the shaft of the pacifier. A drop of drool escaped from his mouth and dribbled down his chin.

His Mother opened her large pocketbook and removed a perfumed lace hankerchief. She again cupped one hand around his head, pulled him close and rubbed his chin vigorously with the fragrant lace. "Now darling, you know Dr. Davenport said you must also use your device before bedtime. We had supper very late tonight and it's already an hour until your bedtime."

"But Dr. Davenport didn't say an hour before bedtime, she said just before bedtime!!! He wanted to say more but was embarrassed by the muffled slurping sound of his voice and his intense desire to avoid drooling and being subjected to the perfumed hankerchief again.

"She said for a period of time before bed, and I think an hour is appropriate."

"No, I won't!!" Phillip's mother didn't answer. Instead she opened her large shiny black pocketbook and extracted a card. She took it to the telephone and began dialing.

"Mother, no!!! Pleassssse. . .!" His lips made loud smacking sounds and a a large dribble ran down his chin, forming a perfect drop that hung there.

His Mother ignored him. "Hello Dr. this is Rita. I'm so sorry to be calling you this late. Oh, I appreciate you saying that. Phillip is being impossible. He's already bitten his lip again, and when I told him he had to use his device for an hour before bed he absolutely refused. What's that, 90 minutes? I see. You can? Excellent. We'll see you tommorow then." His Mother replaced the receiver on the cradle. She began to grin at him like the Cheshire Cat.

Phillip was speechless. He was once again conscious of the soreness of his jaw and mouth from the day's su-king sessions.

"Dr. Davenport was very disappointed by your behavior Phillip. She is going to see us tomorrow so that some corrective action can be taken. And she said that my choice of one hour before bedtime was entirely appropriate, but that given the fact that you still forgot and bit your lip, that 90 minutes will the alloted time from now on." Phillip felt his stomach churn when the implications of his actions began to sink in. "Oh, and she reminded me to give you your medicine." Phillip's Mother returned to her purse for the bottle of pills. She soon returned with a pink pill and a large glass of water. She curled her finger into the ring of the pacifer and pulled it out. She handed him the pill and the glass.

"What is . . . " He saw his Mother's eyebrow arch and her eyes dart to the telephone. He sighed, placed the pill in his mouth and swallowed with a gulp of water.

"Drink it all down like a good boy." He hesitated for a moment, and then finished the tall glass. As soon as he had placed it on the table his Mother was sliding the pacifier back between his lips. "There darling. Everything is going so splendidly."

Phillip slurped noisily. He had been eating the most delicious ice cream cone at a fair while holding fast to someone's hand. He felt very small. When he followed the arm of the hand that held his fast he seemed to be seeing Dr. Davenport from a great height, smiling down at him serenely. Then suddenly her face was right next to his, and she had a much wider smile on her face. She leaned close and planted a big wet sloppy kiss on his cheek. She pulled away, laughed, and then zoomed in and planted an even bigger, wetter, sloppier kiss on the same cheek, so that Phillip could feel the saliva running down his cheek, coating it wetly. His cheek was so wet. It was embarrassing. So thoroughly wet. The world melted away and Phillip found himself in his bed, the quilt tucked around him so tightly that his legs felt like thousands of pins were prickling them when he tried to move them. The side of his face that pressed against his pillow was soaking wet, and as he squinted to try and figure out why this was his lips closed around the shaft of the slick pacifier that had been dangling half in and half out of his mouth, pulling it in so that the plastic guard slapped against his lips. It was obvious that he had been drooling freely for quite some time, because his cheek and chin were wet with saliva and the wet stain on the pillow was enormous. "What?!!!!!!!!!" He peeled his cheek from the wet pillow, and struggled to sit up in bed, straining to pull the quilt free from where it had been so expertly tucked deeply beneath his mattress. Finally he did so, and only then did he realize the pacifier was still in his mouth. He spit it out in disgust. His lips still felt sore, and he knew with a sinking feeling that he'd been su-king on the pacifier in his sleep. For how long? The room was still pitch black. His mind felt fuzzy. He remembered getting very tired and wanting to lay down, but Mother saying he hadn't finished his hour yet. She finally agreed that he could lay down if he kept "his device" in his mouth, and that she'd tell him when to take it out. That was the last thing he remembered. He clenched his fists with determination. He was going to put a stop to this. He'd speak to Mother about it first thing in the morning.

Phillip sat in the rear of Mother's car staring glumly out of the window. He could see the reflection of the ring and mouth guard of the white plastic pacifier moving rhythmically beneath his nose in the glass. He should have been in school, but Mother had called and told them he had a medical appointment. He was wearing his Sunday suit, with a white shirt and a red tie. Mother had insisted that he look "presentable" for Dr. Davenport. The minute breakfast was over they had gotten in the car, so that Phillip was smack in the middle of his after-meal hour as they made the short drive to Dr. Davenport's office.

He had gotten no where with Mother. She said he was fast asleep when she came to tell him that he could remove the pacifier, and that he was sleeping quite contentedly. She saw no point in disturbing him by removing it, and said that she just tucked him in and turned out the light. Mother had only gotten annoyed by his protestations. "I assumed it would soon fall out of your mouth of its own accord Phillip, I didn't realize that you'd decide to nurse it like a baby's dummy all night long! And on top of that I find it on the floor when it's time for your after-breakfast session! Just wait till Dr. Davenport hears about this!!" Phillip was beside himself but hated to talk with the pacifier in his mouth. As soon as Mother mentioned Doctor Davenport he remembered his dream, and felt himself redden. He remembered the slickness of pink plastic gown and bowing his head in shame when Dr. Davenport had grasped his balls with her fluttering fingers, only to find himself staring at her shiny high heels, and seeing Dr. Davenport shake her head in amusement as his pen-s became engorged under the pink gown. These memories only caused a tent in Phillip's suit pants just as they pulled into Dr. Davenport's parking lot.

The receptionist betrayed the tiniest of smiles when she saw first Mother and then Phillip enter the waiting area. Phillip's head was down but the white guard and ring were plainly visible against his face. Soon they were being ushered into Dr. Davenport's office. Phillip sat uncomfortably against the edge of his chair while his Mother gave her laundry list of complaints to Dr. Davenport, who listened intently, turning to look at Phillip when each transgression was explained. Dr. Davenport pushed her chair out from her desk and swiveled to face Phillip. She crossed her legs, and Phillip could see she was wearing a pair of high heels even pointer than the one she'd had at his examination. They appeared to be made of alligator skin. Phillip fidgeted in his seat.

"Well, I had hoped that Phillip would be cooperative in his treatment, these things so so much easier and quickly when the patient follows the proscribed regimen. The problem is that cutting a session short can set back the whole program. Fortunately we have additional tools to rectify a situation like this."

Dr. Davenport went to a cabinet and removed a box. She opened it and extracted what looked like a pink vinyl ball with a cuff on one end, from which some laces were dangling.

"Give me your hand Phillip." Still seated, Phillip extended his hand. Dr. Davenport took hold of either side of the cuff revealing a slit. She pulled the ball over Phillip's hand. The inside felt like a soft squishy cavity that seemed small but expanded to accept Phillip's entire hand. Dr. Davenport pulled firmly on the laces and Phillip felt the cuff draw tightly against his wrist. Dr. Davenport tied the laces into a large bow knot, and then doubled it, giving a final yank. "Now the other." Phillip hadn't a clue as to what was going on, and before he could really process what was happening Dr. Davenport had already pulled a second mitten over Phillip's other hand, and was tightening the laces in a business like fashion. She stepped back to admire her work. "There we are!"

Phillip looked down at his hands. They weren't really mittens, before they were just big round balls The padding inside was extremely thick, with the pink vinyl covering stretched tightly over it. Phillip's hands were both balled up into fists and there was no give inside the balls that would allow him to extend his fingers or even his thumb.

Phillip's thoughts were interuppted when Dr. Davenport abruptly pulled the pacifier out from between his surprised lips with a loud "pop."

"Phillip showed that he couldn't be trusted to keep his device inserted for the proscribed amount of time. And it's vital that he get the full benefit of his treatment." Dr. Davenport tossed the white pacifier down onto her desk, reached inside the box and removed another pacifier. This one was pink. The plastic mouth guard was even larger, so large that instead of a round circe, it had a V at the top to accomodate the nose, giving the guard almost a heart shape. And instead of laying flat against the lips, on either side the plastic narrowed and flared out, hooking around to the front. Phillip didn't like the look of it. Even the yellow rubber shaft seemed thicker and longer than his original device.

"Open wide Phillip dear." Dr. Davenport stood over him expectantly. Phillip could see his Mother poised in her chair, waiting for any hint of disagreement on his part.

He couldn't contain himself.

"Why does it have to be pink!!" He brought his arms up to emphasize his point, only to be reminded that both of his hands were already imprisoned in similarly hued vinyl spheres that squeaked noisily when he brought them together.

"PHILLIP!!" His mother glared at him with fury.

Phillp had never felt so frustrated. Dr. Davenport held the new pink pacifier inches from his face, with an amused smile on her face. He didn't dare incur the further wrath of Mother. Grudingly Phillip opened his mouth.

Nothing happened. Dr. Davenport looked down at him with a gleam in her eye.

"I said wide Phillip darling."

What was she talking about? He opened his mouth wider.

Dr. Davenport just shook her head and looked at him like he was a simpleton. "Now be a good boy and open nice and wide for Doctor."

"You heard Dr. Davenport!" his mother chimed in. This was crazy! It was obvious his mouth was opened more than wide enough to accomodate the new pink horror in the doctor's hand. Finally with a "that's good boy" Dr. Davenport slid pacifier into Phillips mouth until the guard was flush against his lips. Phillip was aware to the top of the guard flaring up in a semi-circle on either side of his nose.

"The important thing is that Phillip keep his device inserted for the prosribed period of time. . . " As she said this Dr. Davenport removed a thick rubber strap, also pink, with hooks on either end. She hooked one end around the flared hooking end of the pacifier and brought the strap around the back of Phillip's head. Phillip felt in stretch tightly against the back of his head for a moment, and then Dr. Davenport had hooked the other end of the opposite side of the mouth guard and let go. Phillip felt the rubber shaft of the pacifier being forced deeply into his mouth, while the plastic mouth guard pressed tightly against his lips. Involuntarily he reached up with his hand, only to have the fat round pink ball that encased his hand glance akwardly against the ring of the pacifier. He held up both hands and tried to grip the ring between them. It was impossible to grip in this fashion, and just slipped off of the slippery pink vinyl.

Dr. Davenport smiled at Phillip's futile movements. "As you can see Rita, these tools ensure that Phillip will complete his proscribed sessions with his device. The hand restraints, coupled with the elastic band, makes it impossible for Phillip to either remove or spit out his device. It can only be removed by you Rita, when the session has been completed satisfactorily."

Phillip thought Mother looked far too pleased at this news.

"And as for your question Phillip dear," Dr. Davenport now glanced down at Phillip, "only the pink model has the necessary hooks on the sides of the mouth guard to accomodate the rubber strap. Unfortuantely it's a slightly larger size as well, but I didn't anticipate that you would be so uncooperative with your Mother. Otherwise you could have kept your original device for the duration of your treatment." Dr. Davenport gave Phillip a final satisfied smile before turning back to his Mother.

"Now Rita, I'll leave it up to you as to when Phillip may return to his original equipment and be trusted to complete his treatments voluntarily. If I were you I would base it on how obediently he behaves in all other areas." She reached down and chucked Phillip under the chin, tilting his head back so he was forced to stare into her eyes, which twinkled merrily. "You'll be a good boy for Mommy from now on, won't you Phillip dearest?"

Unable to avert her gaze, and with the new pacifier pressed tightly inside his mouth, Phillip silently nodded his head.

"Splendid!" Dr. Davenport sat back down and pulled the telephone close. "I suppose I better ring up the nurse at Phillip's school and explain that he will be undergoing treatments after lunch for the next couple of weeks. She's a good friend of mine and I know she'll do an excellent job at helping Phillip into his equipment."

Phillip sprang out of his seat. "What?!!!!!!!!!!!!" The word was barely intelligible as saliva sprayed in all directions, coating the front of his shirt. He felt the blood rush to his head. This could not be happening!!

"Do you see what I mean Dr. Davenport?!!" Phillip's mother wasted no time in furiously pushing Phillip back into his chair. She stood behind him and kept both hands firmly on his shoulders, pinning him into the chair. "He promises to be a good boy for Mommy and then seconds later acts out like a fussy spoiled little girl!!" Phillip's mother pointed to the flecks of drool that dotted Phillip's suit jacket. "And he's been ruining his clothes with his constant drooling!!"

Dr Davenport frowned and shook her head. "Yes I can see that. Most disappointing." Phillip's chest was heaving. What was going to happen now! He started panting wetly, his lips fluttering about the smooth rubber shaft of the pacifier. He flailed his arms helplessly in front of himself, the pink balls encasing his hands reflecting the overhead light, but his Mother kept him sitting firmly in the char.

"The drooling problem can be rectified." Dr. Davenport opened a drawer and took out a stack of folded pink cloth items. She shook out the top one. It was a large rectangular bib, pink terrycloth on one side and pink plastic on the back, which was stitched to form a border around the edge of the bib with darker pink thread. Long pink satin ribbons were attached to either side of the curved top. Dr. Davenport leaned over in front of Phillip and placed the large bib under his chin. Digging her nails more firmly into one shoulder, Mother pushed on the back of his head with her other hand so that Dr. Davenport could tie the bib snugly around Phillip's neck. "There we are, a nice big pretty bow!!!" Dr. Davenport stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Phillip's agitation only increased. First a pacifier and now a bib!!! And again in pastel pink!! He was afraid to know what he looked like now, especially with these pink hand restraints. He was panting like he had just run up a flight of steps. A line of drool had already dripped onto the bib and made a small wet stain.

Dr. Davenport just looked at the bib and nodded. "Yes, I can see that you better keep little Phillip in bibs from now on Rita. Here are half a dozen more that you can take home with you." She handed the remaining stack to Phillip's mother, who took them gratefully and assured Dr. Davenport that they would be put to good use. Although Phillip could not see his mother's face, he could feel the anger in her hands that kept him pinned in his chair, and hear the steely determination in her voice as she thanked Dr. Davenport for the bibs.

"Now as for Phillip's inability to control his behavior, I believe another dose of medicine after his lunch will help calm his nerves. Take one of the pills I gave you, crush it in a large glass of juice, and let Phillip drink it down after his meal. It can be administered in the same way at bedtime. The liquid and glucose will increase its effectiveness." Again Phillip's mother thanked the doctor, and assured her that her instructions would be carried out to the letter.

Dr. Davenport again stood in front of Phillip, and chucked him under the chin. He tried to look away but could not avert her gaze. She smiled down at him, and used her other hand to wipe a bit of moisture from his eyes. "Phillip, Phillip, Phillip." She shook her head in a condescending way, making tsking sounds with her tongue. "What are Mommy and I going to do with you? Didn't you promise to be a good boy from now on?"

She patted his cheek and gave the pink ring of the pacifier a playful tug, as it to confirm that it was being held firmly in Phillip’s mouth by the taut pink rubber strap.

Phillip was acutely aware of Dr. Davenport's fingers tilting his chin upwards and Her face looming over him, her eyes twinkling as she continued to shake her head and click her tongue. He desperately tried to calm himself and stop panting, and could only blink his eyes stupidly in response.

"Now why did you get so fussy when I mentioned calling your school nurse? Are you embarrassed about using your device at school?" Phillip nodded his head vigorously up and down, his cheeks blowing out as he sucked the pacifier harder in his haste to answer in the affirmative.

Dr. Davenport smiled and shook her head, looking at Phillip like he was mentally deficient. "Why are you such a silly boy!! Of course we can make other arrangements!!! Dr. Davenport gave his cheek a final pat before get back behind her desk and picking up the phone. "Now who was a silly billy, or should I say a Silly Philly? Hmmmm?" Dr. Davenport looked at him with amused expectancy. Phillip was so relieved that he tried to point to himself, forgetting about his hand restraints, and poked himself in the center of his bib with a pink ball.

Dr. Davenport laughed. "That's right, you are a Silly Philly!!" She laughed again and then dialed the phone. She began speaking in a low voice for a few minutes. Phillip's mother finally released his shoulders and sat back down next to him. Her glare was withering.

"Just wait until I get you home Master Phillip!! Acting out like a spoiled baby!!" Phillip was beside himself. He looked at his mother with pleading eyes, and tried to form words, but nothing but sputtering sounds came out from behind the pink heart-shaped guard of the pacifier that pressed against his lips.

"Not another word!! You just sit there in your bib and su-k on your binky like the baby you are!!!" Phillip was cut to the quick. Binky?!!! How could she!! His thoughts were broken by Dr. Davenport hanging up the phone.

"It's all been settled. I spoke to the school nurse and the principal. I'll be faxing over some documents this afternoon. Phillip's school has agreed that he can he home-schooled while his treatments are on going to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment to Phillip. The school will be sending over a packet of materials tomorrow Rita."

Phillip’s mother's frown was instantly replaced by a happy grin. "That's wonderful Dr. Davenport." Phillip felt dizzy by this turn of events. Home schooling? What did that mean?

"Yes, Rita it's really ideal. This way you can supervise little Phillip's treatments on a 24 hour basis and report any problems to me."

"I couldn't agree more Doctor!! And after the way Phillip behaved today, I can see I must start taking a much firmer hand with him!!"

Phillip's relief at avoiding his schoolmates with his "device" was quickly replaced by intense trepidation. What had he gotten himself into now? He had never seen Mother so angry or determined.

"Yes Rita, I do believe that closer supervision will help little Phillip enormously. Hmmmm, I'll tell you what. Just to be on the safe side, why don't you bring him by tomorrow afternoon for a follow-up."

Phillip frowned. Another trip to the doctor's? Why?!! Was he going to be spending his whole life here? Phillip's mother was again thanking the doctor and assuring her they would be happy to come. Dr Davenport came around and took Phillip’s arm and gestured for his mother to take his other arm. They lifted him out of his chair and, each of them holding his arm firmly took him out to the reception area Why were they leading him around like this? He could walk perfectly fine!! He looked down in embarrassment as they entered the reception area, and was rewarded with the sight of Dr. Davenport's pointy alligator-skin high heels clicking besides his own feet. Again Phillip's pen-s engorged, to his embarrassment.

The receptionist didn't try to hide her smile this time as the two women escorted Phillip into the reception area. They deposited Phillip in a chair directly in front of her desk.

"Now then little Phillip, I have some things to discuss with your mother. Be a good boy and stayed glued to your seat!!!" Dr. Davenport laughed and escorted Phillip's mother back into her office, closing the door. Phillip stared into his lap in intense embarrassment, acutely aware of the sweaty pink balls restraining his hands, the oversized bib tied itchily around his neck by the satin ribbon and the heart-shaped guard and ring of the pink plastic pacifier, strapped firmly into his mouth.

The receptionist called out to him. "My my look at you!!" Phillip lifted his head slightly and saw the amused look on the young woman's face. "Looks like you traded in you white binky for a pink one!!! And what a pretty bib and mittens!!" She laughed. Phillip felt hot anger rising inside him. He began to rise out of his seat but then remembered Dr. Davenport's last words to him. He sat back down.

"Tsk tsk tsk, somebody was supposed to keep his bottom glued to his seat!!!" The receptionist looked at him with unrestrained glee.

What was she talking about, he hadn't gotten out of the seat? He had barely lifted his bottom an inch!!

The receptionist could see the waves of fear moving across Phillip's face.

"I'd hate to have to tell Dr. Davenport that you were a naughty little boy."

She then ran her eyes over the pink accessories. "Or should I say naughty little girl?" She laughed as Phillip's face flushed crimson.

Phillip squirmed in his chair, sweat beading on his forehead. Inside the pink balls his hands sweated uncomfortably. His cheeks worked rhythmically on the new pacifier. He could feel that it was thicker and a bit longer than his first one, and his mouth was getting used to it all over again, resulting in unintentional slurping and su-king sounds, much to the laughing amusement of Dr. Davenport's receptionist. She was on the phone now, and was talking about him!!!!!! "Yes, 16 years old and su-king on a baby's dummy. In pink mittens and a bib no less!!! Oh his treatments are just starting. He'll be back tomorrow!!!" She laughed, staring directly into Phillip's eyes. He cast his eyes downward once again, feeling the hot flush course through his cheeks and ears.

Phillip heard the sound of the door opening behind him. Oh no!!!!! He had been dreading the idea that more patients might arrive while he was sitting in the waiting area.

Phillip froze. It was worse than he possibly could have imagined. As the woman approached the desk he could see it was the mother of Brenda Swenson, one of the girls in his class, who happened to be a notorious loudmouth and gossip. Phillip prayed that she wouldn't recognize him.

Mrs. Swenson stopped when she saw Phillip. Her eyes took in the large pink dummy strapped in place, the pink bib and the bizarre hand restraints. Phillip's head was tilted straight downwards, his eyes locked on the pink ball mittens that rested in his lap.

"Hello Mrs. Swenson!!! Oh I see you've noticed Phillip!!! That's Mrs. Lockhart’s boy. I think he's a classmate of your daughter Brenda!" The receptionist couldn't disguise the glee in her voice as she quickly volunteered this information.

Without meaning to Phillip let out a snorting squeak of frustration that sprayed saliva onto the front of his bib. Brenda's mother looked down at him with an incredulous smile.

"Yes, the poor thing was so embarrassed when Doctor prescribed his new equipment that his Mother is going to start home schooling him."

Phillip wanted to crawl into a hole. Brenda's mother leaned down and patted his cheek where it bulged out from the pacifier. "There there dear. Don't be ashamed!! I'm sure Dr. Davenport and your Mummy know what's best for you!! I'll be sure to tell Brenda that I saw you in case you need any help getting your schoolwork."

Phillip began violently shaking his head from side to side just as Dr. Davenport's door opened and his Mother and the doctor walked in.

Phillip looked up. His Mother seemed to have calmed down considerably. In fact, he didn't like the satisfied smile on her lips and the steely determination in her eyes. In her hand was a paper shopping bag, in addition to her pocketbook.

The two women joined Mrs. Swenson standing over Phillip.

"How do you do, I'm Phillip's Mother, Rita Lockhart." The two women shook hands.

"So nice to meet you!! I'm Roberta Swenson. I've just been talking to your son, he's a classmate of my daughter Brenda."

Phillip's Mother's face lit up. "How nice. You and your daughter should come to our house for tea sometime! Little Phillip is going to begin his home schooling tomorrow so I'm afraid he'll be seeing less of his schoolmates for the time being."

Phillip started to feel dizzy. He tried to clutch the sides of his chair but the slick pink balls just slid off ineffectually. He couldn't let Brenda Swenson see him like this!!! She was a notorious gossip. It would be all over school within an hour's time!!!

"Oh that sounds wonderful, I'll be sure to give you a call."

Dr. Davenport reached down and gave the ring of Phillip’s pacifier a playful wag, then pinched the end of his nose and patted his cheek. "Now then, we will see you both tomorrow!! And try not to be such a Silly Philly!!" The three other women in the room quickly joined her laughter.

Phillip's Mother took him firmly by the elbow and lifted him from his chair. Her nails dug into his upper arm painfully, and She pulled him close to her side. "Now then Phillip, thank Dr. Davenport for helping you with your problem."

Phillip's face burned under the watchful eye of all four women. "Thffpkank You Dftr. Davvvffnpport” The words spluttered against the wet rubber of the pacifier.

"You're welcome Little Phillip!!" Her eyes sparkled and once again Phillip saw her wink. "We'll see you tomorrow. I just know your Mommy is going to give me a glowing report on how cooperative you were!!"

With that Phillip's mother steered him to the door and out to the car. She didn't say a word, but Phillip could feel the tension in her vice-like grip. She put him into the back seat and strapped on his seat belt. She got into the driver's seat and started up the car. Phillip sat with his bicep throbbing where his Mother had been gripping it, unable to do anything but rub the shiny pink ball encasing his hand against it.

Once his Mother had pulled into traffic she finally began to speak.

"Your behavior today was appalling Phillip. Acting like a great big fussy baby." She didn't even look at him. "If little Phillip is going to act like a baby than you're going to be treated like a baby? Do you understand what Mommy is saying?"

Phillip wanted to argue but hadn't seen his Mother this angry in a long time. He just shook his head yes. He could see his Mother glare at him in the rearview mirror.

"Mommy is not so sure that you do. Well actions speak louder than words. You have 24 hours. If you do EXACTLY as you are told, with no hemming or hawing or argument or fussing or hesitation of ANY kind, then

Dr. Davenport will get a good report! If not, Mommy will tell Doctor that you've been naughty and uncooperative!" His Mother's face softened and he could see her smile in the rearview. "Dr. Davenport gave Mommy lots of advice concerning your treatment!! And she told me that if the strap and mittens don't cure your problem behavior, there's lots of additional measure that can be taken!!" Her smile seemed to become smugger as she thought about these undisclosed "measures." Phillip looked down at the bib and mittens. How could things get worse than this?

Finally they were home. Phillip's mother took him to his room and started undressing him. Phillip wanted to protest but his Mother's speech was fresh in his mind. Okay. All he had to do was be completely cooperative for one day. Just make it to tomorrow and get a good report from Mother so that Dr. Davenport would ease up on his treatment and stop scheduling follow up appointments. Get a few days alone with Mother. Convince her that things were getting out of hand. Phillip stood silently as his Mother, with a pointed look at him, removed first one and then the other hand restraint. His hands felt cool in the air and he wiggled his fingers gratefully.

Phillip's mother removed the bib, and then his suit, putting it back on the hanger. Phillip made sure to stand quietly. She removed a pair of pajamas from his drawer. Again Phillip wanted to say something. It was barely lunchtime! His newly freed hands clenched into fists, but he quickly unclenched them.

Be cooperative.

Phillip's mother helped him into the pajamas. She then picked up one of the pink balls and held it in front of him. She was watching him intently for any sign of resistance. Phillip slid his hand into the pink ball. The squishy inner lining was still damp, as it gripped his clenched fingers snugly. Mother pulled the laces tight and tied a double bow with a flourish. She repeated the process on his right hand. Then came a fresh bib, tied smartly around his neck in a large bow. She smoothed the front of the bib against his pajama top with obvious satisfaction. All the while Phillip had continued to su-k his pacifier. It had been in continuously since after breakfast, and Phillip's jaw was again sore. But he didn't dare ask when it might be removed.

Phillip's Mother pulled down his sheet and comforter and fluffed up his pillows. She pointed to the bed. Phillip got in, sitting up against the pillows. His Mother tucked the blankets in smartly, pinning him in at the waist. She then left the room for a few minutes. Phillip sat in the bed su-king the pacifier. When she returned she had a large glass filled to the brim with fruit juice. Mother placed it on the nightstand. She then took hold of Phillip's strap and eased it off the hook of the pacifier. The pressure pushing it into his mouth finally ceased. Mother took the ring and slowly pulled it out of Phillip's mouth, and it gleamed wetly as she placed it on the nightstand. Phillip wiggled his jaw back and forth. The feeling of relief was exquisite.

His Mother placing the rim of the glass against his lips broke Phillip’s reverie. He took the rim between his lips just as Mother started to tip the glass. The cold sweet liquid flowed into this mouth. It was refreshing at first, but was a bit more than he would have wanted. Mother held the back of his neck as she continued to tilt the glass until Phillip had drained it of every drop. Phillip licked his lips as she placed the empty glass back on the nightstand.

But then she picked up the pacifier again. Phillip's eyes darted to hers with a brief pleading glance. No, it couldn't be time! Phillip could see Mother's eyebrow begin to rise. He quickly opened his mouth wide.

Mother slid the pacifier back into his mouth until the "V" of the heart-shaped guard was once again nestled against the bottom of his nose. She pulled the strap into place and hooked it securely, and once again the rubber shaft was pressing deeply into Phillip's mouth.

Mother smiled. She sat on the bed and smoothed the comforter over Phillip's chest and tummy. "Now then. Mommy is pleased with your behavior so far Phillip dearest. But you must be punished for your earlier behavior. So you'll stay in bed and su-k your binky until lunchtime.

With that, his Mother got up and left, closing the door behind her.

Phillp lay in bed with his hands encased in their pink spherical prisons. There was nothing to do but su-k.

Phillip felt like he was in a fog. There was a strange throbbing feeling, but it felt far away. A large shiny high-heeled shoe loomed into Phillip's field of vision. It seemed too large, but Phillip recognized it immediately -- Dr. Davenport's. Suddenly she had him by the hands and was placing over her shoe like she was going to give him a "horsey ride." That was impossible, he was too big for that!!! But the shoe seemed enormous, his crotch was nestled in the instep of Dr. Davenport's foot and the pointy toe of the shoe seemed to curl up between his legs until it was nestled in his bum crack. He tried to pull his hands away but she had him in an unyielding grip. The throbbing began to grow more intense, and was coming from between his legs where he was so firmly settled on Dr. Davenport' shoe. She looked down and started to laugh at him. "What a Silly Philly!!!" The throbbing between Phillip's legs became more acute, like a magnifying glass was focusing it into a tiny concentrated spot.

"Oooooo Mommy, the big baby is waking up!!!!" a shrill voice pierced Phillip's fuzzy mind. Dr. Davenport and her shoe melted away. A strange woman's face was looming over Phillip. He realized he was still in his bed, with his blankets tucked in tightly up to his chin. His arms were pinned under the blankets, and now that his hands were rendered useless in the pink mittens, he couldn't work up the leverage to free himself. The saliva was running straight down the back of his throat as his lips tightly gripped the shaft of his pacifier. Phillip looked to the side and the ring of his pacifier bumped against a pink plushy toy that was under the covers up to its next right next to him.

The woman leaned forward, and placed her palm on the quilts directly over Phillip's crotch. Suddenly Phillip realized what the throbbing was. He desperately needed to relieve himself, and now the woman was pressing on his bladder!!!

"Mpppppppfffffffff!!!!!!!!" Phillip's voice croaked unintelligibly when he tried to speak. He had forgotten about the pacifier and his words made no sense.

"What is it dear?" The woman leaned closer and pressed even harder. To Phillip's horror, he began to wet himself. Once it started he couldn't stop. His bladder was bursting, and Phillip was beside himself as he felt like he was having possibly the longest pee of his life.

"The big baby is wetting the bed!!!!!!" The shrill shriek pierced Phillip's skull. He finally realized who it was -- the neighbor Mrs. Hastings and her bratty daughter Prunella!! What in blazes were they doing here!!!!!!! Where was his Mother? What was going on!!! Prunella was dressed, as always, in a fancy frock, stockings, and dress shoes. She was a "pageant princess" and insisted on wearing her fancy frocks everywhere. Her Mother doted on her. "Oh Mummy look, it really is a baby it needs diapers!!!" The little girl laughed with glee. Then she looked right at Phillip.

"Give Pinky Bear a nice kiss with your binky baby!!!!!!" Phillip looked at her with loathing, but the huge wet stain that was soaking into his sheets made him forget about Prunella. He had to get out of this bed!!! He writhed and wriggled feebly, the exertion causing him to make loud involuntary su-king sounds as he panted around his pacifier.

Just then the door of the room opened. His Mother walked in carrying a load of packages.

"Oh Rita, he's wet himself I'm afraid? Slept like a baby the whole time you were gone, just su-king on his dummy with a smile on his face. But then he starts thrashing about under the covers and when I went to check on him, out came the waterworks!"

Phillip's Mother came and stood directly over him. With one hand she grabbed the blankets and pulled them down with one hard yank. Phillip was completely exposed; the large wet stain on the front of his pajamas had spread to his chest and knees. He lay in an even bigger wet spot that was centered under his wet pajama clad bum.

Phillip looked at his Mother with pleading eyes!!!!!! No, this wasn't his fault!!! He tried to say something and managed to spray saliva onto the front of his bib. His frustration became so great that he could feel tears forming in the corners of his eyes. He banged the pink balls of his fist against the mattress. No!!! He was not going to start bawling!!

His Mother put a warning finger to her own lips. Phillip forced himself to calm down. He had to make her see that this was not his fault!

His Mother turned and thanked Mrs. Hastings for "babysitting." The word made Phillip's ears burn as he lay there forlornly in his sopping pajamas and bed, su-king his pacifier.

"No trouble at all Rita, anytime!! Prunella loved it, she even gave her teddy bear to dear Phillip!"

"Yes, baby must kiss Pinky Bear hello!!" Phillip looked next to him where a large pink teddy bear lay, with plush fur and pink satin belly.

"You heard Prunella darling." His Mother was looking at him pointedly. Phillip, still breathing heavily, turned and looked at the bear. He quickly touched the ring of his pacifier to the bear's side and pulled away.

"Baby loves Pinky Bear!!" Prunella shrieked with delight and clapped her hands. "Can we watch baby's nappies get change Mummy?" Phillip couldn't believe what was coming out of the obnoxious little girl's mouth.

"Don't be silly Prunella. Phillip's Mommy is here now and we are gong home." She gathered Prunella's remaining toys and handed the little girl a pink patent pocketbook. "Please call anytime Rita, I mean that."

Phillip's mother assured Mrs. Hastings that she would and the pair finally left, Prunella's yammering away about the "big baby" as the door closed.

Phillip's mother came back over. She looked at Phillip and pointed at the floor in front of her. Phillip finally got out of the sopping wet bed and stood where his Mother indicated. His pajama pants drooped from the heavy wetness of the material. Inside his underpants were soaked and falling off his waist.

Phillip's Mother didn't say a word to him. She removed the hand restraints and bib, and peeled off the wet pajamas until he was naked. He put his hands in front of himself ashamed. His Mother slapped the hands away. He kept them at his sides, his fingers prickly, as he was able to move them again for the first time in so long. Suddenly Phillip's mother hooked her finger into the ring of the pacifier and started to march Phillip toward the bathroom. He almost tripped as he struggled to keep up with her. He had never felt so humiliated.

She ran the bath, then took out a box of her bubble bath and poured it in. The perfume blasted into Phillip's nostrils. She added some bath oils with their own strong flowery fragrances. As the steam filled the room, Phillip's Mother started smearing a white cream all over him. As she slathered it all over him, he felt a hot almost burning sensation. Her stern glance told him to stand still and not to complain. He sucked furtively on his pacifier. Just when it got almost unbearable, his Mother directed him into the bubble bath. The scented oily water seemed to permeate his skin. His Mother left the room. He soaked for what seemed to be a long time. He could hear activity in the next room.

His Mother returned. Taking a washcloth, she began to scrub him vigorously. He couldn't remember the last time she'd bathed him but she acted as if it had been yesterday. She scrubbed him from head to toe, behind the tears, and just took his pen-s and balls in the soapy washcloth and squeezed and scrubbed them. He became semi-engorged to his intense embarrassment, but his Mother seemed to take no notice. She applied more soap to the washcloth and got a nice lather up. She wound the soapy washcloth around her manicured finger.

"Now I'll have to get my nails done again." It was the first thing she had and it wasn't directed at Phillip. Next thing Phillip knew she was cleaning his bum briskly, pressing deep into his crack. The soapy washcloth covered finger pressed against his rosebud until it poked inside. Phillip's mother turned it like a corkscrew. Phillip let a whimper of protest escape from around the shaft of his pacifier.

"Stop fussing!" His Mother just probed more deeply with the slippery washcloth, as if to emphasize that she was going to do exactly as she pleased from now on and nothing he did or said was going to change a thing.

Finally the bath was over. Mother rinsed him with a pail as he stood there. His skin felt odd. He tingled all over. Could the bath oil have softened his skin this much? Suddenly he realized that he didn't have a single hair on his body anymore. He had never had much hair, but now his privates were smoother than they had been since he was a little boy. As he looked down in disbelief, his Mother toweled him dry roughly. She took him by the hand and led him back to his bedroom. His bed was gone.

"The mattress is ruined. You'll sleep with Mommy tonight." What? He stared up at her with disbelief as she led him by the hand to her own bedroom. There was a towel on the foot of her king sized bed.

"Lie down on the towel. On your back." He did so with trepidation. The shrill voice of Prunella echoed in his ears. Baby. Nappy. Change. No, it couldn't be.

His mother started thickly smearing an ointment over his now smooth hairless bum. It felt cold and slick. She worked it over his pen-s and balls, making him squirm. Then she picked up a can. The strong talc smell of baby powder filled his nostrils as she liberally sprinkled it over his now sticky bum. Baby powder? Oh god, no . . .

"See what happens when you start acting like a big fussy baby?" His Mother shook out a cloth nappy right in his face. No!! He began su-king frantically on his pacifier.

"A bed wetter!!!!! Well you're not going to ruin any more mattresses, oh no!!! Mommy has better things to do than wash sheets!!! When Dr. Davenport gave me these diapers and plastic panties I assured her that my Phillip was not a bedwetting little baby!!! But she obviously knew something that I didn't." His Mother lifted his legs and thrust the diaper under his bum.

"You're gong to be in diapers from now on until you prove you can be trusted to go to the loo like a big boy, do you understand!" She took out an oversized safety pin with a pink plastic bunny on the head and pinned the clothe diaper in place on one side, then pulled out another and repeated the process on the other side. She went back and forth a couple of times, re-pinning the diaper until it was snug against his skin.

She picked up a translucent pink plastic diaper cover with elastic around the waist and leg openings. It crackled noisily as She pulled his feet through the holes. She pulled then up snugly over the diaper, making sure the cloth was completely inside the elastic openings.

"Luckily one of the things I ran out to by was more pajamas for you, since you're going to be staying at home for the time being. I picked out one as a "punishment pajama" just in case, but I'm taking the rest back and getting you 5 more pairs like this!"

She forced his legs into a woolly pink pajama. His feet were encased with pads underneath them. She pulled his arms through the sleeves, and zipped it up the back. It was a one-piece "footy" pajama!! Before he knew what was happening Mother had pulled on the first hand restraint and was lacing it tight. Soon its twin was in place. Mother took fresh bib and tied it around his neck.

"Now then, time for beddy-byes." She helped him into her bed and pulled the covers up to his chest. Watching him with a satisfied expression, she got ready for bed, coming back in a gauzy teal nightgown with matching robe. Removing the robe, she got into bed besides him.

"There we are, snug as a bug in a rug. Now say nite nite to Mommy."

He looked at triumphant smile on her face, and felt his body encased in the thick diaper, plastic pants, and baby's footy pajama. What else could he do?

"Nfft nfft Mommmeeef” The drool trickled from his pacifier to his fresh bib.

Phillip couldn't seem to catch his breath. He couldn't remember the last time he taken his binky out of his mouth for more than a few seconds. He realized uncomfortably that he was hardly aware of it anymore. But that wasn't his fault!! There were so many new sensations bombarding his body from every angle that they pushed every thought out of his head. His pen-s had stiffened in the thick coating of cream and babypowder, and was nestled deeply in the thick soft cotton of his diaper. It was hot and moist, as the crackling pink plastic panties trapped all the moisture in with alarming efficiency. His toes wiggled uselessly inside the padded feet of his pink woolen footy pajamas. He felt an itch on his leg, and when he tried to scratch it, the smooth padded pink ball that encased his hand snugly rubbed ineffectually against the pink woolen pajama leg. Suddenly, even though it should have been obvious. the full weight of his predicament fell on Phillip like a massive weight pinning his chest to Mommy's bed. He had lost complete control over his own body. He couldn't scratch his leg. He couldn't touch himself anywhere. He couldn't take off a single article of clothing that he was wearing. Not even the oversized bib, the pink ribbon of which was tickling the back of his neck right where the big bow was knotted tightly. He squirmed uncomfortably, his lips panting for air as they pressed against the smooth plastic guard of his binky. He thrashed his arms. His frustration became so acute that before he could stop himself he began to sob. Tears rolled down his cheeks and onto his bib. No, no!! It was true!!!!!!! He was a big crybaby!!!!! His pajama encased body was wracked with sobs. Mommy took him in her arms and pulled him close. She pulled his head into the perfumed cleavage of her bosom.

"There, there precious!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy loves Her Baby Phillip. There, there sweetums. Mommy is here. Mommy will make everything better. Hush baby, don't cry. Don't worry about wetting your bed, Mommy knows what a good baby you are. There there, Mommy loves her baby . . ."

She was prattling to him in a condescending tone, but the soothing sound of Mommy's voice filled him as she caressed his hair and let the ring of his binky nestle against her br.easts. He began to breathe more evenly. She continued to whisper to him, soothing him, until his breathing had finally stilled.

"Now let's see a nice smile for Mommy, hmmmmmm?" Phillip looked up at Mommy's face. She looked uncommonly pleased. But Phillip felt a sharp pang in his stomach. He suddenly couldn't remember the last time he'd eaten. Had it been breakfast? He realized he was starving. The humiliation of waking up completely disoriented and wetting his bed in front of his neighbors, of being scolded in a soaking wet pajama, of being bathed and then diapered and put in pink baby pajamas had crowded out everything else. How could it be night time? How long had he been sleeping? He remembered how Mrs. Hastings had said he had su-k his binky with a smile on his face and his face flushed.

"No smile for Mommy? Tsk tsk tsk!" Mommy make an exaggerated frown and clicked her tongue.

Phillip's stomach rumbled and he tried to point to it with the pink ball.

"Oh, silly Mommy!!!" His Mother looked at him like she understood exactly what he was thinking, got up from the bed and left the room.

Phillip waited, su-king furtively on his binky. He hoped Mommy was fixing him a big sandwich. He realized with a start that he had started calling her Mommy in his thoughts. He hadn't done that since he was little.

Just then Mommy breezed back into the room. She held an oversized baby bottle full of red fruit juice in one hand, and the pink teddy bear in the other.

"Baby was so clever to remember that he hadn't had his medicine!" Before he knew what was happening she had tucked Pinky Bear into the crook of his pajamed arm. Before he could react to the bear he looked at her with alarm. Medicine?!!! But the worst thing was that his hunger pangs were suddenly replaced by an enormous thirst. His throat felt so dry from the constant su-king. The cold juice was forming condensation on the outside of the baby bottle. But why a bottle!!!

Mommy was unhooking the strap from behind his pacifier and he felt the pressure suddenly release. Mommy crooked her polished fingernail into the ring and pulled out the binky with an audible pop. Phillip's mouth, empty for the first time in ages, felt a blast of cold air. But before he could really savor it Mommy had stuffed the rubber t-t of the bottle deep into his surprised lips and the juice began to flow down his throat. She tilted it more steeply and the juice was pouring out even faster. Phillip instinctively struggled to swallow the sweet liquid. But long after his thirst had been quenched the juice continued to pour into his slurping and su-king lips. His bib was stained with an estuary of deep magenta. Mommy had pulled him firmly into the crook of her arm and was obviously determined that he drain the bottle.

Finally the nipple made a spluttering sound as the last few drops of the juice was sucked out by Phillip. Mommy removed the bottle and firmly pulled Phillip close, making the plastic panties snap and pop inside his pjs. She firmly patted him on the back of his pajamas. To Phillip's embarrassment, a loud burp belched from between his lips.

"Such a good little baby!!" Mommy pushed him back down against the pillows and reach for the binky and its strap.

"Mommy, please!!! Mommy stopped, the pacifier held in her manicured fingers. She looked pleased by his choice of name. Phillip was desperate to be heard before his mouth was once again tightly plugged.

"I, that is, Mommy, I'm starved to death!! How did I sleep the whole day?! I think Dr. Davenport's medicine . . ."

"Hush, silly goose." Mommy shook her head and smiled at him like he was mentally deficient. "Baby Phillip needs his naps. It's part of your therapy, precious." Now her expression changed. "But a naughty little baby wet himself today, and that means bedtime with no supper!!!" Mommy's face softened. "Mommy knows baby feels all rumbly tumbly in your tummy, but Baby Phillip can snuggle with Mommy tonight, and tommorow, if you're a good little baby, Mommy will fix you a nice big brekkie!"

Phillip was already feeling a little woozy. Perhaps a good night's sleep would make him feel better. His vision felt a little fuzzy. Suddenly something pink loomed into his field of vision.

"Open wide for Mommy!!" Phillip wanted to ask a question, but just as his lips began to part the bulbous tip of the pacifier was spreading them wide, and then it had slid past them to the back of his throat. As his lips instinctively formed their "O" around the shaft, Mommy hooked on the elastic strap and the guard was once again mashed against his su-king lips. His groin felt hot and sticky despite all baby powder that was wafting its strong scent from underneath Phillip's jammies. Mommy pushed his head down onto the pillows. Before he could protest the covers were being drawn up. Mommy tucked Pinky Bear in the crook of Phillip's arm.

He turned in surprise, and his pacifier ring happened to press directly against the smiling lips of the bear.

"Kiss Pinky Bear goodnight baby!!!!!" He could almost hear Prunella's excited shriek in his head. Pinky Bear, inches from his su-king face, just stared at him and smiled happily.

Even as Phillip turned in disgust from the grinning pink bear, his head began to feel woozy. He absentmindedly slurped as his straining lips shifted position around the slick shaft of the omnipresent binky, sending a few new flecks of saliva onto his bib. His vision seemed blurry. Mommy's face loomed over him. Even through the haze, he could see the smugly satisfied smile on Mommy's crimson lips. Her milky hand was suddenly inches from his nose, the overhead light reflecting the lacquer on Mommy's long oval nails. She took the ring of his binky in her fingers and playfully wagged it, causing Phillip's lips to splutter.

"Good night Angel." The blurry lips gathered into a pucker and Phillip could hear a loud kissing sound.

"Now blow a kiss for Mommy." Phillip's lips were mashed against the heart shaped plastic guard of his binky. As his mind sunk further into fog, he remembered how important it was to try to cooperate with Mommy. He puckered his lips as best he could and kissed the smooth plastic while his mouth gripped the rubber shaft.

Mommy's laughter signaled her approval. "Mommy is going to want a binky kiss every night from now on!" This last sentence was the last thing Phillip heard before he drifted into a deep sleep.

The first thing Phillip was aware of was heat on the backs of his eyelids. First heat, then an inkling of light. The light was red, and it grew brighter as the heat grew stronger. Phillip felt like his brain was floating in a vat of thick soup. Thick hot soup. Phillip became aware that he was bathed in sweat, and then became aware that he couldn't move a muscle. Well. That wasn't exactly true. It seemed his cheek muscles were moving of their own accord. su-k. su-k. su-k. In a perfect lazy rhythm. Phillip felt a fat drop of sweat trickle down his forehead, onto his ear, until it hung from his earlobe. The hot red glare intensified until he realized his eyes were closed in a brightly lit room. He peeled one eye open a filmy crack, and the bright sunlight stabbed through the window of Mommy's room directly into his face. The curtains had been opened wide, and all the lights were on in the room as well. It took Phillip's eyes a long time to adjust to the bright glare. All the while he could feel his jaw muscles drawing the binky deeper into his mouth and then pushing it forward again, over and over. They were still the only muscles that were working in his body and he could only push himself to su-k harder, in an effort to shake himself out of his torpor. His lips began to make loud smacking and spluttering sounds as he suckled his binky more vigorously. He struggled to even find his toes or his fingers. Finally he emerged into consciousness. He was laying face up in Mommy's bed, the satin quilt and sheets pulled up tightly under his chin. He glanced to the side and saw that Pinky Bear was laying face up, also tucked up to his chin, right beside him. He was in the pink woolly footy pajama that Mommy had put him in, and his hands were deep inside their fat pink vinyl spheres. The combination of the mittens, pajama feet and the tightly tucked bedding had caused his arms and legs to fall asleep. He desperately tried to move. And of course he was thickly diapered in waterproof plastic panties. When he remembered this, he felt a heavy soddeness clinging moistly to his hips and groin. No. He couldn't have. Not again.

The bedroom door abruptly opened and Phillip heard the click of heels against the floorboards.

"Well! Did Mommy's sleepyhead finally wake up?" Phillip's Mommy came and sat on the edge of the bed. She waggled the ring of his binky.

"Mommy thought her little Angel couldn't wait for brekky num-nums!" She laughed gaily. Mommy was dressed in an elegant

tailored suit, with a silk blouse, seamed stockings, and sling-back heels. Her hair and make-up were done and she held her hand out to admire her own nails, to which she seemed to have applied a fresh coat of varnish. Phillip got the impression that she had been up for hours. The grumbles began again in earnest from Phillip's tummy. He was more famished than ever.

Phillip tried to violently shake himself, and finally managed to wiggle his extremities a bit.

His mother observed his struggles with amusement, and laughed. She then took hold of the covers and yanked them free. Reaching over, she placed her hand directly on the crotch of Phillip's bulging pajamas. Phillip squealed with embarassment, spraying saliva on his thoroughly drenched bib. Phillip looked down in horror as Mommy's thumb curled around the front of his crotch and her four fingers dug into the diapered crack of his bum. The pink plastic panties crinkled noisily and Phillip could feel the thoroughly soaked diapers press deeper into his bumcrack and press more heavily against his pen-s which was stiffening from the pressure of Mommy's thumb. Phillip's cheeks flushed crimson as he watch the light reflect off of Mommy's gleaming thumbnail.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk!" Mommy was shaking her head with exasperation. "Soaked though!!! It's a good thing Mommy had the sense to diaper you last night! I can't wait to thank Dr. Davenport for supplying me with diapers!! Here I thought she was being overly cautious!"

Phillip felt sweaty and flushed in his pajama prison. He began pounding the mattress with the balls on his hands and kicking his pajamed feet. He was aware that his lips were chapped from a long night and morning to being mashed against the plastic binky guard and his constant su-king. It dawned on him that Mommy had left his binky in the entire time. Even as these thoughts cleared a bit more of the fuzz from his head, he took no notice of the fact that he continued to nurse the binky like a seasoned infant.

"Now, now!! No temper tantrums!!! You've only yourself to blame. Mommy didn't wet herself, Baby Phillip did!!! Mommy renewed her grip on his crotch and squeezed even harder. "Little Miss Peepants!" Phillip moaned with frustration even as his newly hairless pen-s pushed even more stiffly into the sodden diaper. Phillip watched Mommy's manicured thumb close like sharp pincers on his bulging crotch, and he was horrified that Mommy might feel his shame and it struggled against the thick wet diapers, crinkling plastic, and the heavy pink wool of the pajamas.

Mommy released Phillip and walked purposefully over to her bathroom. Phillip could hear the water begin to fill the tub. Mommy's heels clicked back to the bed. She had put a full-bibbed white apron on over her dress. She began loosening one of his hand restraints. It came off and Mommy untied and removed its twin. Phillip's fingers felt numb as he began to wiggle them feebly. She removed his soaked bib and began to unfasten the back of the pajamas. Phillip could only su-k his binky noisily and watch her. She pulled his arms out of the sleeves and peeled it down his sweat-soaked legs. The pink plastic panty crinkled noisily as the pajama passed over it. The air felt cool to Phillip's moist and suddenly bare skin. Mommy took his hand firmly and swung his feet to the floor. It felt like tiny pin pricks were assaulting his legs and she pulled him to his feet and onto his wobbly legs. The uncomfortable tingles in his legs made him wince, causing a series of slobbery slurps on the binky.

Mommy led him by the hand to the bathroom. When he was standing on the cold tlle floor, she hooked her finger into the waistband of his plastic panties and began to tug them down his legs. Once they cleared the soaked diaper they fell to his ankles. The sodden diaper began drooping even further off of Phillip's smooth hairless hips. Mommy unfastened the pink headed safety pins and it fell to the floor with a loud plop. Mommy took his hand and guided him into the tub, which was already frothing with foamy perfumed suds. Phillip eased into the flowery smelling and slightly oily water

Mommy began clicking her tongue with disapproval as she placed the diaper and panties into a hamper.

"Looks like you're going to need a double diaper to get you through the night Phillip. Thank goodness those plastic panties kept their seal! I'll not having you ruin another mattress."

Phillip looked over at her with pleading eyes. She dismissed his silent pleas.

"If you make a peep it will be a triple diaper, do you understand? Mommy expects complete cooperation from you. I'm going to talk to Dr. Davenport about this, you can be sure."

Phillip quailed The mention of Dr. Davenport reminded him that they were to pay her yet another visit!

Mommy clicked between the kitchen and the bathroom. She knelt by the tub and insisted on shampooing his hair and washing him thoroughly with a soapy wsshcloth. He was once again humiliated as Mommy worked the washcloth up his bum crack and wrapped it around his balls and pen-s. He was stiffening as she squeezed it in the soapy washcloth.

"Can't you control anythiing Phillip? You are determined to act like a helpless baby, aren't you?"

What was she talking about!! When Phillip became frustrated or upset, it just made him su-k harder on his binky.

Mommy toweled him dry and led him back into the bedroom. There was a towel laid on the bed, and everything necessary to diaper Phillip. Phillip spasmed at the sight.

"Come along, no dilly dallying!" Before he knew it Mommy was slathering ointment all over his privates and working it into his bum. This was followed by a very liberal dusting of baby powder, from his nipples down to his knees. Mommy fastened up the thick cloth diaper with the juvenile oversized safety pins. She picked up a second one.

"I should double diaper you during the day, because you made such a fuss." Phillip gave her a pleading look and sucked more frantically on his binky. "Well, we'll see if you can control yourself. She put down the second diaper and pulled on a new pair of the pink plastic panties. As he sucked, Phillip looked down at the bulging combination. How could he ever wear two diapers?

Mommy was flapping out the pink pajamas.

"There was no peepee on your jammies fortunately, they were just damp with sweat. Mommy freshened it up in the dryer and it dry and toasty warm!" Mommy began to bring his feet into the padded feet of the pajamas.

Why did he have to put his pajamas back on? By the time this thought had been fully digested his arms were in the sleeves and Mommy was fastening it up the back. Mommy pushed his hand into the hot pinky vinyl ball. Should he resist? He quailed at the thought of what Mommy might do. While the debate was still raging in his head Mommy was already tying on the second hand restraint and finishing it off with a double bow knot. Mommy flapped out a fresh pink bib and tied it snugly at the back of his neck in a satin bow. She reached over and was stuffing Pinky Bear into the crook of his arm, after which she grabbed his wrist and pulled his arm so the pink ball was nestling the stuffed animal against himself. Mommy then took him by the other wrist and led him into the kitchen.

A place was set for him at the kitchen table. Mommy sat him down and clicked over to the stove, put on oven mits, and brought over a pot. Soon she was ladling hot cereal into a very large bow until it was filled to the brim. Phillip's tummy began groaning in earnest. His mouth began to water at the smell of the steaming cereal, causing him to su-k noisily on his binky. As Phillip's hunger pangs caused him to remain fixated on the cereal bowl, Mommy came back to the table with a baby bottle full of warm milk. She placed it next to the bowl. Phillip stared at her with pleading eyes. He kept glancing down at the bowl and the spoon and back at Mommy. His pink hand restraints twitched slightly as he fought the urge to try and pick up the spoon, which he knew was completely hopeless.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mommy reached over and unhooked Phillip's binky. The strap fell till it was dangling from one side. Mommy grasped the ring firmly and slowly sllid it out of Phillip's bulging lips. She placed the wet binky down on the table.

Phillip felt a profound sense of relief over the mere fact of his empty mouth. His lips came together gratefully. He felt that his mouth was finally at rest.

"Open wide Angel" Mother had a heaping spoon of cereal hovering in front of his mouth. Phillip's momentary sense of relief was replaced by his intense hunger. He quickly re-opened his mouth wide and Mommy shoveled in the spoon. The warm sweet creamy cereal filled his mouth. He didn't care that Mommy was feeding him. He slurped it down eagerly and opened wide for more.

Mommy quickly obliged, shoveling spoon after spoon into his eager mouth. But when his hunger finally began to be sated and he wanted to slow down, Mommy kept up the rapid pace. He tried to keep up but it was no use. Cereal began leaking out of his mouth and dribbling off of his chin and onto his bib.

He knew he musn't protest it almost seemed that Mommy was speeding up instead of slowing down. He had just taken in a full mouthful when the next spoonful was being pressed against his lips.

"Open wide like a good baby Phillip dear." Mommy unceremoniously tilted the spoon and deposited most of the contents so that cereal dripped in a wide circle around his mouth.

Phillip could not stand it any longer.

"Stop it Mommy!"

His mother became furious at his insolence.

"So Baby Phillip thinks he's in charge, does he?" She scooped up an even large heaping spoonful of cereal and mashed it against his nose, cheeks and mouth.

"Baby Phillip is going to learn to do what he's told, do you understand?" She grabbed the hair at the back of his head and pushed his face into the bowl, coating it from forehead to chin. Phillip came up spluttering and coughing. The cereal was in his eyes. He brought his hands to his face, and the pink vinyl balls only succeeded in smearing the cereal around and becoming coated in cereal themselves.

"Now tell Mommy who is in charge."

Phillip sobbed and began crying in earnest.

"M-m-mommy is in charge!" he sobbed as his quivering voice broke.

His Mother took a clean cloth and wiped the cereal from his eyes. He looked at her and sobbed.

"Now then. Open wide for Mommy." Mommy had only cleaned the cereal from his eyes. The rest of his face was still coated.

He opened wide and she shoveled in a spoonful. She went at a slower pace now. Phillip felt very full by now but didn't dare say anything until he had finally forced down the last spoonful.

Mommy got a wet wash cloth and cleaned him thoroughly, including his hand restraints. The bib had caught all of the cereal, and Mommy replaced it with a fresh one, which she seemed to tie on even tighter.

Mommy then picked up the baby bottle and placed it against Phillip's still quivering lips.

He accepted the rubber t-t and the milk began to flow. He felt so full, but had to drain the bottle dry until he felt like his stomach was going to explode.

Phillip was still breathing heavy from his meal when Mommy's heels clicked back over to the table. She had the binky, which she had washed, in her hand, along with the pink rubber strap. She reached over and took his chin between her thumb and forefinger, examining his lips.

"Your lips are chapped. We must show Dr. Davenport." Mommy then brought the device to his mouth.

Phillip didn't make a peepl. His lips just quivered plaintively as the thick rubber shaft drew his lips into the perfect "O" that Dr. Davenport so loved. Mommy hooked the strap until it was settled firmly against the back of his head. She picked up Pinky Bear where Phillip had dropped it next to his chair and replaced it in the crook of his arm. Then she got her wallet and keys.

"Time for your appointment with Dr. Davenport."

Mommy took him firmly by the wrist and began walking toward the front door. What?!! Phillip reeled. Did she expect him to leave the house in this getup?!!

"Come along Phillip. No dilly dallying. Mommy already has a long list to go over with Dr. Daveport. Don't be a sillly goose and add to it."

She pulled on his wrist of his hand restraint. Phillip hung his head and meekly followed her. The rhythm of Phillip's su-king matched that of Mommy's high heels as she clicked him to the front door and opened it.

Phillip tried to scrunch himself down in the car seat as far as he could. His mother had buckled him into the back seat as usual, but now he had the pink teddy bear tucked under his arm. Every time the car slowed down, Phillip lowered his head so the cars near them could not see him su-king his binky and holding the smiling Pinky Bear. As they got closer to Dr. Davenport's office, Phillip became increasingly frantic. How could he waddle into that office dressed in a pink footy pajama with a huge diaper bulging underneath! Mommy was humming happily as she steered the car into Dr. Davenport's parking lot. She checked her own reflection in the rear view mirror and reapplied her lipstick, and then glanced back at Phillip in the mirror with a smile of satisfaction. But when Mommy unbuckled Phillip, he shook his head violently and gripped the seat tightly.

"Nooooooooo Mommmy!!" He spluttered the words around his fat binky, drooling onto the bib that protected the top of his jammies.

His Mommy's smile quickly turned to a frown. "You just don't learn, do you Phillip!! You are intent on becoming a fussy spoiled infant!!" His mother took his nearest ear with a steel like grip in her fingers and dug in with the tips of her lacquered talons.

Phillip squealed like stuck pig, losing his grip on the upholstery of the car. His mother pulled firmly on his ear, intensifying the pain, and Phillip continued to squeal he nearly fell, stumbling awkwardly out of the vehicle, almost running in his attempt to lessen the vice-like pincers of Mommy's fingernails on his throbbing red ear. When Phillip dropped Pinky Bear, Mommy quickly stopped, and while maintaining her painful grip on his ear, she reached down and picked up the stuffed animal.

"Don't you dare drop your toy again, do you understand BABY Phillip?" As she emphasized the word "baby", she dug her nails more deeply into his burning ear, taking an even more painful grip on the throbbing flesh. Mommy thrust the bear back into the crook of his arm and he gripped tightly, terrified that it might fall from his arms again. Mommy continued to walk purposefully across the parking lot, and Phillip galloped awkwardly at her side, the pads of his footy pajamas flapping on the asphalt. That was how they entered the waiting room, Mommy leading a humiliated and crying Phillip by his ear.

Mommy frogmarched Phillip briskly through the waiting room until they were stand directly in front of the receptionist's desk. Dr. Davenport's receptionist look of astonishment as she first took in Phillip's ensemble and predicament was quickly replaced by a look of unrestrained glee. Mommy's thumb and fingers maintained their painful grip on Phillip's throbbing red ear as she announced "Phillip Lockhart here to see Dr. Davenport."

Phillip tried to look straight down at his pink footy pajama clad feet but Mommy twisted his ear sharply, causing him to squeal as his head jerked up. Tears stained his flushed cheeks and his nose was running onto the pink plastic heart-shaped guard of the binky. Drool dribbled down his chin onto his damp bib. He breathed heavily, causing his lips to make a regular loud involuntary su-king sound as his cheeks bulged around the thick shaft of the binky. He clutched Pinky Bear to the front of his pink woolen jammies, the bright pink ball of his hand restraint pressed against his chest to keep it from falling. He was forced to look at the receptionist as she stifled giggles and told his mother to have a seat and that she would announce their arrival to Dr. Davenport.

Mommy sat Phillip directly in front of the receptionist, pulling him down into the seat by his ear. The pain had become so excruciating he couldn't stop sobbing. Mommy sat next to him and crossed her legs. With a final sharp warning pinch of her manicured nails, Mommy finally released Phillip's tortured ear from her grip. His ear felt like it was on fire as it throbbed hotly. Phillip wanted to touch it but the fat pink balls buckled over his useless hands prevented him from even trying. Nor could Phillip wipe away the tears, mucous, and drool that stained his flushed face. Phillip finally willed himself to stop crying, but he continued to make loud wet su-king sounds with his binky as his breathing slowly settled down.

The receptionist spoke into the telephone for a few minutes, and then replaced it on its cradle. "Dr. Davenport will see you now." She gave Phillip a clearly amused look and quickly put her hand to her mouth to try and maintain her composure.

Phillip scrambled to his feet, half afraid that Mommy would once again take hold of his ear, which was just starting to calm down from its ordeal. But Mommy hardly glanced at him as she led the way into Dr. Davenport's office. Phillip could only follow meekly, clutching his pink teddy bear and su-king dutifully on his binky.

Dr. Davenport stood in her office waiting for Phillip and his mother. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun, and she was wearing expensive looking glasses that only magnified her penetrating eyes. Her crimson lips matched her manicured nails. Her white lab coat was spotless, and she had her name embroidered over her jutting br.easts. She had on shiny white patent leather pumps with at least a 4 inch heel.

Dr. Davenport raised her eyebrow as she took in the spectacle of Phillip cringing in his pink footy pajama. One of his ears was was clearly red and swollen as he stared straight down at the floor, clutching his pink teddy bear. The bulge of his diaper and plastic panty was obvious under the juvenile pajamas.

Dr. Davenport walked over and took Phillip's chin in her hand, forcing his head up and revealing his tear stained face and runny nose.

"Tsk tsk tsk." Dr. Davenport clicked her tongue and gently shook her head. Phillip quailed as she forced him to look into her eyes. "What's the matter with our Little Phillip, hmmmmmmmm? Her voice was even more condescending that his last visit. Phillip's face flushed crimson as Dr. Davenport gripped his chin.

"Oh doctor! I'm at my wit's end!!" Phillip's mother was eager to tell her story, and Dr. Davenport led her to a comfortable chair. She then seated Phillip on the sofa next to the chair and sat right next to him, crossing her stockinged legs so that one of her high heels was almost touching his knee. Phillip's mother reached into her pocketbook and removed her perfumed hankerchief, and began to vigorously wipe Phillip's face clean while Dr. Davenport watched with an amused smile.

"I wanted you to see what I'm dealing with Dr. Davenport before I cleaned Phillip up. He's become nothing short of impossible!" Phillip's mother brought the hankerchief to her lips and moistened it a bit before continuing to clean Phillip's face and binky guard like he was 2 years old.

Dr. Davenport leaned closer, and the heel of her shoe press into Phillip's pajamaed leg. He was forced to sit quietly between the two women as his mother gave her version of the events of the past 24 hours.

Phillip cringed as his Mother described the wetting of his bed.

"His mattress is ruined! And even after I diapered him he wet himself in his sleep!!" She continued on. Phillip thought she was giving a very one-sided description of the events, making it sound like he had acted like a petulant child the entire time. At the same time he was acutely aware of Dr. Davenport sitting so close to him on the sofa. Her perfume was filling his nostrils, and the pressure of her heel caused him to stare at her shiny white shoes. His cheeks flushed as his pen-s stiffened inside its confining diaper. When he glanced up at Dr. Davenport she was staring right at him with a serenly smiling expression that seemed to be reading his thoughts. He quickly looked away.

His mother continued her indictment of his actions. "He even refused to get out of the car when we arrived here! I had to lead him in by the ear!"

"Now now Rita, don't be alarmed. Little Phillip's therapy has caused some behavior adjustments, and that's to be expected. That's why I wanted you to take those diapers, remember? It was just a precaution but it seems like Phillip is going to have stay in diapers for time being."

Dr. Davenport patted Phillip's cheek. "We're going to solve all these problems, don't worry! I have a medical furniture supplier that can replace Phillip's bed immediately. And we can institute some new therapies that will clear up all these problems in a jiffy!"

Dr. Davenport hooked her red fingernail into the ring of Phillip's binky and turned his face towards hers.

"Let's get Little Phillip to the examination room. I want to give him a thorough once over. I'm sure he's not going to be a Silly Philly anymore, is he!" She waggled the ring of the binky back and forth so it looked like Phillip was shaking his head "no." She laughed as he blushed, and Phillip's mother joined her. She felt much better after having told her story, and was sure Dr. Davenport was going to rectify the situation.

Dr. Davenport got up and pressed an intercom.

"Nurse, set up Examination Room #1 for Little Phillip Lockhart. I'll need the irrigation equipment prepared. And you'll have to help him undress."

The doctor wheeled around on her heel.

"Don't worry sweetheart, you can hold Your teddy bear during the examination! Now then, let's get started, shall we?"