A Submissive Sissy

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Sissy Maid Cuckold

The Curtsey

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Tom and Brenda had been dating for several weeks. Brenda really liked Tom, especially noticing his manners and gentle ways. She had never dated a man who was so sweet and without the roughness commonly found in young males she grew to appreciate it.

They were walking home from the movies one night when a vicious dog charged them only to be stopped by a strong chain. The dog's feet flew into the air as he hit the end of the chain growling very fiercely startling both Brenda and Tom.

Brenda reacted as anyone would by starting to run, but Tom acted strangely to the fearful event. Instead of jumping or trying to flee he assumed a bent position with his arms out to his sides. Brenda noticed it right away and tried to understand what he was doing or why he acted like he did but could not.

Brenda ran it through her mind several times and then asked, "Tom, back there when that dog acted like it was going to attack us you sort of crouched and put your arms out, what was that all about?"

Tom, seemed to want to avoid the question and first said, "I don't know, I guess I just reacted."

"Yes but why did you do what you did, crouching and putting your arms out like that, is that some sort of martial art's stance or something?" asked Brenda.

"Ah, ya, ah no I don't think so I never studied martial arts it was nothing just forget about it," replied Tom.

Brenda brushed it off until several weeks later when they were walking through a parking lot and a car snuck up behind them and blew its horn. Tom did it again, he bent and put one foot behind the other and held his arms out and slightly bowed his head. Brenda instantly recalled the details of the previous instance and remembered he had done all of those things in exactly the same manner before. She recognized that this was some sort of protective stance he was assuming but she did not understand exactly what it was or why he was doing it.

She asked him once again, "Tom, back there when the car honked its horn you took that same position as you did with the dog, why?"

Tom's face reddened and said, "I don't know that's just what I do when I get scared or really nervous, I have done it for a long time, I don't know why I just do it OK?"

Brenda could see that Tom was getting very defensive about it and to her that meant he was covering something up and she was determined to find out what. Was there something she did not know about him?

They both worked for the same company, in fact that's how they met. They grew to like each other and decided to share an apartment and transportation to save on expenses. Brenda made up a story that she had to go to work early the next day and they would have to drive separately. As Tom was getting in the shower, she kissed him goodbye and he watched her go out the door. He took his shower and shaved. He then exited the bathroom and suddenly heard a loud bang. Brenda had reentered the apartment after Tom got in the shower and slammed two pans together behind him as he came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around him. Tom thinking he was alone was startled by the act and quickly turned toward his assailant and placed his left foot behind his right, grasped the bottom of the towel on each side lifting it and bowing a perfect curtsey to Brenda.

Brenda's face lit up with amazement as she then recognized what he was doing. He was assuming a curtsey position, a position of total submission and compliance to one's superior. She tapped her foot and crossed her arms and smiled at Tom who was now quite embarrassed by his actions.

She said, "Ok Tom, I now recognize that you are executing a curtsey when you become startled. Explain to me why you would do that, who taught you to do that?"

Tom was very embarrassed but recognized it had gone far enough and felt he had to come clean. He replied, "I was sent to Madam Rebecca's Correction School for misbehaving by my mother and that is where I learned it."

"And what is Madam Rebecca's Correction School and why were you sent there and for how long and tell me all of it and I do mean all of it," scolded Brenda.

Tom hung his head even further and said, "Well, after my father died my mother tried to raise me right but I guess I did not listen very well or obey her the way she wanted and she finally got fed up and sent me away to Madam Rebecca's Correction School to have my attitude changed. And well madam Rebecca uses some unconventional methods to correct bad behavior in boys."

"Like what kind of methods," inquired Brenda? Brenda was feeling a sense of power over Tom. She had always known that she had a sense of power of some sort over men because of her beauty and their desire to be with her. But this was different. This was a real power, a power that made her seem big and powerful and tom small and vulnerable. It felt quite good she noticed. She also noted that she was enjoying seeing Tom squirm and turn red and that the feelings were exciting to her.

"Well like taking away all of a boy's clothes and making him dress and act like a girl while he is there," said Tom.

Brenda suppressed a giggle by covering her mouth with her hand and said, "So you had to dress and act like a girl, for how long did you have to do that?"

Tom whispered, "Five years."

Brenda with surprise in her voice said, "FIVE YEARS, did I hear you say five years?"

"Yes I was there for five years but other boys were enrolled for seven years so I was not there as long as many of them," spoke Tom as if that made it less or a sentence.

Brenda taking a moment to contemplate what she had been told looked at Tom and then asked him, "So why were you there for only five years and other boys were there for seven years?"

Tom looked at her and said, "Because Mother could only afford tuition for five years and one quarter. Then Ms. Watson hired me at the company as her personal assistant. Which was lucky for me or I may still be wearing dresses." Tom wishing he had not made the last remark after hearing it come out of his mouth and seeing the look of surprise on Brenda's face.

Brenda had caught what Tom had said and was even more curious than before. She was finding this all very intriguing and wanted to know all of the details. She didn't think Tom was a cross dresser as he had no feminine items in the apartment. His time was always accounted for so he was not leading a secret life but his past now that was an entirely different matter.

"So how did Ms. Baldwin find you to hire you? Does she hire many boys from that school or was this separate from the school?" asked Brenda.

"No she knows Madam Rebecca, I think she had her husband trained there or something but she came to the school and asked if there were any candidates that Madam Rebecca would recommend for a position as her assistant. Madam Rebecca mentioned me and one other sissy, I mean boy, (Tom's face reddened with embarrassment realizing he had said something he should not of once more) and we were interviewed. Ms. Watson chose me over the other boy. So that's how I got the job," said Tom.

"I see," said Brenda, "what things did she ask you or have you do to qualify?"

Tom got really red faced and first said, "I don't remember all of them."

Ms Brenda understood his embarrassment but suddenly slammed the two pans together again putting Tom into an instant curtsey and demanded to know the whole answer. Tom curtseyed and reverted deeper into his sissification training and said, "Yes Ms. Brenda I will tell you."

He then explained how he had to walk and sit like a girl for Ms. Watson. He had to assume many poses to show he could act like a girl. He had to curtsey over and over to both of them. She had him speak with a lisp and walk in 6 inch heels with his hips swaying. He had to demonstrate he could snap a bra behind his back and not have to put it on and hook it in the front first and then turn it. She examined his nails for any imperfections and reviewed his school scrap book.

After an extensive comparison he was chosen and two weeks later when the end of the first quarter was finished he was released to go home and revert back to a boy and then started work for Ms. Baldwin.

"Interesting," said Brenda, "I often wondered why Ms. Watson had a male executive assistant while all the others had female assistants. What is this scrap book you mentioned, who has it now?"

Tom said, "Well Mother has one and Madam Rebecca has one and Ms. Watson has one as well."

"I see," said Brenda, "I think it's time we have dinner with your mother at her house. I assume that's where you keep all your dresses and things, isn't it?"

Tom's eyes got really wide and he started to stutter and panic and was starting into and out of a forced curtsey. Brenda looked at him and said, "I gave you an order little girl now obey it. And oh yes, you addressed me as Ms. Brenda a moment ago I think we will continue with that."

"Tom now did go into a curtsey holding his towel out as if it were a skirt and said, "Yes Ms. Brenda, right away Ms. Brenda." He then quickly ran to the phone and called his mother and asked her if he could bring Brenda over for dinner. His mother was delighted and agreed to have them there that evening.

When they arrived, Tom was quite nervous and his mother noticed it right off. But when he introduced Brenda as Ms. Brenda, her heart skipped a beat. She wondered, had he found the dominant woman she always hoped he would find?

They ate dinner and made small talk when Brenda suddenly broached the subject and asked, "Tom says you enrolled him in a special school for boys to improve their manners and that at this school the boys were all treated like girls being dressed as such and all, perhaps you could tell me more about it, I find the concept fascinating."

After dinner was over Ms. Peterson set Tom to cleaning the table and doing the dishes while she and Brenda retreated to the den. Ms. Peterson brought out a pile of six scrap books, five of them quite thick, and one fairly thin one. She explained that these represented his five and ¼ years of transformation training at Madam Rebecca's school.

She and Brenda poured over the books and talked about the many hundreds of photos finding some of them quite humorous and other photos very amazing. Gwen, Ms. Paterson, explained that she wanted to enroll Tommy for seven years but could not afford it. Brenda said that Tom had mentioned that but wondered what the significance was of seven years over a five year enrollment?

Gwen said, "Well Brenda, you see. The last two years is heavy on actual experiences such as sexual orientation as well as physical changes such as hormone treatments and breast augmentation. I really wanted Tommy to exit the school in a complete female persona."

"Really, but why, what would the advantages be?" asked Brenda, "and why couldn't you just keep him that way yourself if you wanted it so badly?"

"Well the advantages are you have no more trouble, you have full control, and you have an obedient, compliant, useful male that remains a pleasant creature instead of having to deal with normal male deficiencies. And as for why I didn't force it on him, well, Madam Rebecca suggested that by permitting him to return to being a boy his need and desire to be a sissy again would emerge on its own as soon as the inspiration was present and I believe that inspiration is you my dear. Do you have any idea what a wonderful mate a completely sissified male makes? You have a live in maid, a confidant that is fiercely loyal, great entertainment through showing him off, training him or humiliating him whenever you want, and oh the sex. You have a perfectly obedient cuckold so you can enjoy whatever men and as many men as you want and get no grief from him on it," Gwen said!

Then Gwen looked at Brenda and asked, "Do you love him dear?"

Brenda smiled back and shook her head yes and said, "Yes I do and I think I love him even more now that I know these things about him. He is so different from other men; I feel like I can trust him and confide in him."

"You can Brenda, that's what Madam Rebecca trains these males for, is to be useful pleasant creatures. Loveable, loyal, dependable and make the best possible marriage material you can imagine. You get all of the benefits and none of the down side. Come now let's go to Tommy's room where I have stored his girly things and let you see in real what they look like."

Tom was able to hear every word of the two females' conversations. This had an effect of making him feel submissive and even subservient to both of them. These feelings had been ingrained in him over the five plus years of sissification training and was something he had no control over. He could feel himself slipping from manhood back into sissydom. He started longing for the feel of silks and lace hearing the rustle of the petticoats and feeling the snugness of a bra and corset.

Brenda and Gwen spent a lot of time going through Tom's drawers and closets and seeing all of his pretties. The discussed the purpose of some for them such as the locking heels and dresses, the restrictive dresses and assorted toys such as penis gags and dildos that remained in Tom's closet.

Finally after much discussion Gwen suggested that Brenda make an appointment with Madam Rebecca. Brenda was all for it so Gwen called Tommy to her.

She said, "Tommy, Ms. Brenda and I have discussed you in great detail. She is quite interested in continuing your education and I have suggested she take you to visit Madam Rebecca. In fact we are going to call her in just a minute to set up an appointment, are you ready for this?"

Tommy began to squirm and twist and it seemed as though he could not talk. Suddenly Ms. Brenda screamed at Tommy and said, "Tommy into your curtsey position right now, that's better. I am going to take you to meet with Madam Rebecca as soon as possible. I will call Ms. Baldwin and inform her of my intentions and since she has such a good relationship with Madam Rebecca I am sure she will permit you to have a day off."

Tommy just said, "Yes Ms. Brenda."

Gwen then suggested they make the call to Madam Rebecca and sent Tommy for the phone. When Tommy returned with the phone, Gwen dialed Madam Rebecca's number and the phone was answered by Sissie, Madam Rebecca's husband.

Gwen asked for Madam Rebecca and soon she was on the line. "Hello Madam Rebecca, this is Gwen Peterson, Tammie's mother, how are you? (Pause) Very well yes I am doing fine as well. The reason for my call is that Tammie has found a lady a Ms. Brenda that has taken an interest in his formal training and I wondered if it were possible for her to meet with you? (Pause) Yes the sooner the better. (Pause) Tomorrow at 10:00 A.M.? I will ask her one moment please. Ms Brenda would tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. work for you?" Ms. Brenda said, "Yes Gwen please tell her that will be just fine." "Madam Rebecca, yes she said that will be just fine. (Pause) Yes Tammie will be along as well. (Pause) Yes I will tell him and I am sure he feels the same way Madam. (Pause) Yes it was very good to hear your voice as well; I hope you have a productive meeting tomorrow, good bye now."

When Gwen got off the phone, she said that Madam Rebecca was excited to see Tammie and was very much looking forward to meeting Ms. Brenda and helping her get off to a good start with Tammie. She then wrote down the instructions on how to get to Madam Rebecca's and noticed that Tammie was very distraught. She asked him what the matter was and he said, "Madam is not going to approve, not going to approve at all, this is not good, this is a disaster."

Both women were somewhat shocked by these comments. They had not seen Tammie act this way before and after calming him down a bit they managed to ask him what he was talking about and why was he so upset.

Tammie expressed, "You don't understand, you can't. I can't go there looking like this. Madam would never approve. I am Tammie to her and she would be very upset if I went dressed as a boy, what am I to do?"

Ms. Brenda asked, "What is it you want to do, what will solve the problem. I don't like to see you so upset. I want to meet Madam Rebecca and discuss your formal training but I won't if you're going to get this upset."

Tammie calmed a bit but not much and said, "I have to go dressed as a girl. You can't back out on an appointment with Madam Rebecca it's not proper you must keep your appointment and I have to go and I have to be a girl when I go and I have no clothes and no makeup and my legs aren't shaved and..."

Ms. Brenda looked at Gwen and Gwen frowned back at her and they both said, "Stop Tammie, stop we can make this work it's still early and if you want to be a girl tomorrow we can get you ready to be a girl now calm down."

Tammie was hyperventilating but this seemed to calm him much more than before and slowly he started to breathe normally. As he was calming down Ms. Brenda asked Gwen if Madam Rebecca was a monster or something that Tammie was so scared of her. Gwen smiled back and said, "Not at all, she is the most wonderful lady you have ever met. She is never mean and uses kindness and reward to provide the formal training to the sissy boys in here charge. But I will tell you this; no male can resist her commands or would ever cross the line to disobey her. They cannot stand causing her to be disappointed. She is a most powerful woman and knows what she wants and sees that she gets it. You will adore her and if you pay attention to her you will learn a great deal about being a woman and how to control men. Any male she has trained becomes fiercely loyal to her and what you are seeing in Tammie is his fear of disappointing her. He cannot imagine doing it and that is what scares him."

"Ok, well Tammie, let's get you to the bathtub and run a nice bubble bath for you so you can shave your body," said his mother. Tammie seemed in a trance and did exactly as told. The two women helped him undress ran the water and got him in while handing him a razor. She then looked at Brenda and said, "I think it best if you stay here tonight my dear. We have a lot of work to do and it will be much easier if we have all the items we need to work with." Ms. Brenda was happy for the suggestion and quickly agreed. Besides she wanted to review his scrap book and learn more of his formal training.

While Tammie was bathing and shaving Ms. Brenda and Gwen went back to the room where Gwen had stored his sissy things and they began to sift through them. He had put on a few pounds and this was of concern to the two women as they looked through the items. They choose things that should fit him and laid them out in a pile for him to try on after the bath. They wanted to get as much work done that evening so it was not all left for morning.

When Tammie came into the bedroom, he saw all of his old things and a look of contentment crossed his face. Ms. Brenda commented on the look and Gwen said, "You are exactly right Brenda, one of the advantages of placing a sissy boy in feminine frills is that it completely calms him." Ms. Brenda said, "Actually I would think it would do the opposite and excite him"

"Well technically, it does both. It stimulates him and calms his mind at the same time making him open to suggestion and easy to control," replied Gwen.

Tammie's mother told him to pick out a pair of panties and a matching bra which Tammie did right away going for the pink one with lace trim and little yellow bows. Gwen just shook her head and said, "I could have told you that's what he'd choose. They always go for the sissiest of things."

As Tammie slipped on his panties, he tucked himself by spreading his legs and pushing his little balls up inside him and pulling the head of his boy thing snugly back between his legs. He then put on his bra with the cups in the front and fastened the clasp in the rear like a real girl would.

Ms. Brenda was somewhat taken back by what she just observed and asked Gwen what Tammie was doing between his legs. Gwen smiled and said, "He is making his front feminine, otherwise there would be an unsightly bulge there. It would be small to be sure in Tammie's case but still an unfeminine bulge that could not be tolerated if he were to look like a proper sissy."

The panties and bra fit quite nicely and so Gwen told Tammie to begin trying on the items on the bed for a first try just for size and that they would later have him model the ones that fit him well with a more proper appearance such as shoes and makeup to see how he looked. Brenda could not believe how juvenile and sissy the dresses were. It was if they had come from a Shirley temple set or something. She commented about this to Gwen.

Gwen replied, "Brenda dear, the goal is not to turn them into women but to turn them into sissies. They are not equal to a woman and you must understand this. A male is far less than a woman and that inferiority must be displayed and the best way to do that is to allow the male to try and look like a woman but to stop him short with ridiculously sissy garments that make sure he is recognized exactly for what he is, a sissy, a boy dressing like a juvenile girl but in the most subservient and submissive manner. You must understand that even though sissies' dress in the most feminine of things, no real woman would ever wear what a sissy does, because it's just too juvenile and too far below us to do so."

Tammie mean while went about his task of trying on every piece of clothing he could. It was almost like a thirsty person finding a drink. He seemed to display a lust for feeling and wearing and seeing himself in the sissy clothes laid out before him.

They choose seven dresses that they felt fit well and laid them to the side. Gwen removed the rest so they would not get mixed up.

Next came a pair of stockings and Tammie put them on like a pro, unrolling them up each leg rather than pulling them as Brenda expected to see him do.

After things were cleaned up a bit, she handed Tammie a pair of 5" open toed strap red heels. He placed them on his feet and fastened them. Brenda noticed they had an unusual buckle arrangement at the top and before she could ask Gwen said, "Brenda, these are locking heels. Since Tammie has been out of heels for some time, we will have him sleep in them and lock them on his feet. It's not that he would take them off but the idea that he can not remove them is defeating to his mind and it will help get him back into the proper mood for the meeting with Madam Rebecca and serving you."

She then located a darling pink corset with suspender straps on the bottom to attach his nylons too. She instructed Tammie to go to the door way and grasp onto the top of the door frame. Tammie did as told and his mother wrapped the corset around his waist and adjusted it for position. She then began to hook the laces and after they were all hooked began to tighten the corset from the center out in both directions, alternating between the top and bottom as she went. She explained the proper method of tightening a corset to Ms. Brenda as she proceeded and warned her that one must always tighten from the center out never from top to bottom or bottom to top and never one half before the other. Both the top and bottom must be done uniformly and from the center out.

Brenda was surprised at how supple Tammie's waist was and that it was reduced by about one and one half inches giving him a much more feminine figure. For an instant she fantasized about bending him over and standing behind him with her hands encircling his tiny waist. Only in her fantasy his waist was another ten inches smaller!

Now the stocking tops were fastened into the corsets suspenders and Tammie was encased in his lingerie. Well almost, Mother handed him a pair of liquid filled breast forms and Tammie lowered his bra and put them in place reinserting his arms into the shoulder straps and adjusting them to hold the forms in a most natural way.

Tammie's eyes brightened right up when he saw the pretty pink petticoat that his mother retrieved from the closet and he was excited to get it on. The two women helped put it over his head and slide it down properly in place. Tammie swished it back and forth until his mother had to order him to stop so they could put the red little girl's party dress with white flowers on. Sliding it it over his head and down into position smoothing his skirts all around..

He looked cute but it was not the look that any of them felt was proper with his first meeting with Madam Rebecca in so long a time. They had him remove it this dress which was both a disappointment and reward to a sissy who had longed to be back in pretty dresses for so long, even though he had not known his own needs and desires..

Next they tried a white communion style girl's dress, very lacey with light ping bows decorating it over a very light yellow petticoat. They liked the dress but decided to change the petticoat to a white one that was also bordered in light pink lace and light pink bows. Yes this was the one they all agreed on but Mother wanted to add a few things. She located a very large white sissy bow to go around his waist with the bow in the back. Yes this was a perfectly sissy look. Then she found a smaller but similar bow to put in his hair.

A light pink choker was fastened to his neck with the hardware to permit a small padlock to secure it in place so a lock was found and snapped into position. Now the shoes had to be changed, the red heels just did not go with this outfit. She found a pair of white heels just like the red ones and a quick exchange was made and now things were taking shape.

Tammie loved the look and the feel of the feminine encasement and was truly enjoying being back in skirts and petticoats. He shivered at the tug of his bra and the silkiness of his panties. The de-maleing of his boy thing and the rustle of the petticoats against his nylon-covered legs made him feel all the more submissive and suddenly he could not imagine how he stayed out of them for so long.

Brenda asked Gwen about his hair and Gwen raised a finger and hurried off to the closet and soon returned with a blond wig with pig tails. Brenda instantly loved it and thought to herself that she really liked that color on Tammie and would likely have his hair dyed blond later on dis-regarding any feelings Tammie might have about a color change.

The bow was removed and replaced once the wig was on. Tammie asked, "What about makeup mother?"

Mother replied, "Not tonight Tammie you will need to go to bed soon and we will take care of your makeup in the morning after you do a really close shave." Tammie was quite disappointed in not being able to put on makeup; he always adored the fragrance and feel of makeup. Brenda just shook her head in amazement at how big a sissy Tammie truly was.

Gwen said she was satisfied they could have him ready in time in the morning and told Tammie to remove his outer things including the dress, petticoat and wig, he was to remain in the others and put on a baby doll nightgown. When he was done, he was to bring his mouth trainer and to report to them in the living room to say a goodnight.

Gwen and Brenda went to the living room and began to discuss Tammie and review his scrap books again until Tammie entered. Brenda was very impressed at how much of a sissy Tammie truly was. There he stood completely sissified and not a word of complaint or act of resistance from him.

Mother instructed him to say good night. Tammie did so by facing first his mother and then Ms. Brenda and executing a perfect curtsey to each and saying "Good night Mother dear and good night Ms. Brenda."

Mother then instructed him to come to her so she could insert his mouth trainer. Brenda was curious as to what this object was but upon better viewing could plainly see it was a penis gag that could be secured around the head of the wearer.

Mother said, "Ok now Tammie, you get to bed like a good little girl. You will sleep very well tonight now that you are properly dressed and have your mouth trainer in now won't you?"

Tammy could only shake his head in agreement and turned and sashayed off to bed.

Brenda almost burst into laughter as Tammie walked away swishing his nightgown from side to side and rounded the corner, but she managed to keep the laughter from exiting her lips. She quickly exclaimed in a hushed voice, "He is such a sissy I can't believe it. I am amazed at how easily he is to manipulate and transform into a sissy girl, it's totally amazing."

Gwen smiled back and said, "You think this is amazing, wait until you get to Madam Rebecca's tomorrow and see what she has her sissies do. You will be awe struck and I hope you truly enjoy it because I would love to have you as my daughter-in-law and controlling Tammie the way he needs to be controlled."

Brenda gave Gwen a big hug and said, "thank you for saying that. I truly do love Tammie and the more I see the more I like and the type of relationship you have suggested sounds perfectly wonderful to me. I am sure it will all work out and we both can enjoy Tammie to the fullest."

The two women then reviewed the scrap books with photos and notes and graded papers all about Tammie and his formal training at Madam Rebecca's. Brenda was simply amazed and became more and more amazed the more she learned.

It was now time for the two ladies to retire for the evening. But before they did, they looked in on Tammie and saw that he was blissfully asleep all curled up like a little girl in his pretty silky, sissy clothes and audibly sucking on his mouth trainer and holding a dolly in his arms. The sound and the slight movement caused Brenda to experience another fantasy of seeing Tammie actually sucking on a real man just as he was on the penis gag.

She had flash backs of all the comments she had heard throughout the day such as how she could keep him as a maid and a cuckold. She thought how wonderful would that be to have a husband who was completely loyal and faith full to you while you enjoyed his sissification, domestic services as well as ruled the house and enjoyed as many outside lovers as you choose. She also thought about how wonderful it would be to have a mother-in-law who full supported her and her son's sissification and servitude.

Brenda went to bed that night with a perfectly sweet smile on her face as well. She anticipated the following day and was looking forward to meeting the much talked about Madam Rebecca and learning from this wonderful woman.

The next morning the two ladies found Tammie sleeping like a baby. They watched him sweetly sucking away on his mouth former and after smiling at each other and shaking their heads. They woke Tammie.

Mother said, "Time to get up sleepy head. You have to get ready to see Madam Rebecca this morning."

Tammie jumped right up and nearly fell on his face forgetting he was still locked into his 5" heels. After gaining his composure he was permitted to remove his penis gag. Mother then instructed him it was time to wash up and shave. Even though Tammie had undergone extensive electrolysis, he still had some hair growth. Mother was disturbed by this because the hair removal had cost a good deal of money. She decided she would contact the shop that performed the service and see what they had to say.

Tammie was all smiles as he ran his hands over his clothes and twisted and posed admiring the way he felt and looked.

Brenda noticed this and said, "Tammie I do believe you look and feel better dressed up like the sissy you are. That's good because you are going to be spending a great deal of your time all prissied up from now on."

Tammie got allcleaned up and presented himself back to the two ladies for inspection. They were now taking control of his transformation from Tom back into Tammie. Mother instructed him to sit at the vanity and put his makeup on. The two women watched fascinated as the sissy meticulously applied his makeup. One would have thought it was just yesterday when he last applied makeup. But it had been two long years since he last took it off and went to work for Ms. Baldwin. Brenda was especially curious as to the way he applied makeup. She noticed he went much heavier on the cover and foundation than a real woman would and yet did not seem to overdo the application to make it look gaudy. Brenda also noticed how astute he was at applying false eyelashes and how he put three layers of Mascara on instead of the one layer she usually applied. The look was fabulous and she made a mental note to try more than one application on her own eyelashes.

After his makeup was applied, he worked on his nails. Since his nails were much shorter than he had worn them before when he dressed like a sissy all the time, he sought out his selection of false nails and glued them in place. Once they were secure, he filed them and shaped them to match his fingers and look natural. Next came the nail polish. His mother unlocked his heels and he applied the light pink color to his toes first placing cotton balls between each toe to prevent touching. When the toes were covered, he did his fingers. As they dried, he placed a second and third coats on his toes followed by his fingers each time and permitted the coast to dry. Finally he applied a clear coat to protect and increase the luster of the nails. They looked beautiful and increased his sissy factor 10 fold!

Mother had him hang from the doorway once again while she gained another ¾" from his waist through tightening the corset. Brenda loved the idea of him bound so tightly in a corset. It somehow made her think of him as her captive.

Next he put on his heels and Brenda locked them on this time exhibiting a big smile from the power exchange. He stood and removed his baby doll nightgown and put on a clean set of matching panties and bra. They were pink again but this time had little red and white flowers on them.

His pretty white petticoat followed full of lace and frills. He appeared the perfect sissy standing there under the control of the two women. Brenda especially was enthralled by the whole thing. She had never seen a male so completely pacified and compliant. She loved the idea and her mind swirled with ideas and fantasies on how to best put this power to good use.

Lastly came the beautiful communion dress, trimmed in white and pink lace giving it that special little girl appearance of softness and vulnerability. The look transformed its appearance to that of feelings to the male who wore it as if the male assumed the identity of the dress and accessories he was wearing.

Mother helped him with the blond wig put up in pig tails but this time pink bows were attached to each of the pigtails. A few twirls and some prancing back and forth and the prissy, sissy Tammie was ready to visit Madam Rebecca.

As Brenda and Tammie went to her car she watched how Tammie got in. He turned his bottom toward the seat and sat while brushing his skirt under him. Once seated he turned in the seat with his knees together lifting his feet into place, just like a perfect little lady. She smiled to herself and got in and drove off.

As they drove Brenda kept staring at Tammie and finally said, "You know Tammie I am very glad to find out about your formal training. You look so much better as a girl and I suspect you are much happier as a sissy then you were as a man. I plan to take you as mine and keep you like this forever. What do you think about that?"

Tammie looked at her and smiled a huge smile and said, "Oh Ms. Brenda that would be wonderful. I love you so much and I would be the best sissy maid I could be for you."

Ms. Brenda smiled back and said, "Well that's fine Tammie but I want more than a sissy maid, I want a sissy maid cuckold."

"You mean you want to date other men?" asked Tammie.

"No," said Ms. Brenda, "I want to date real men. You are not a man Tammie and while you will be able to provide me with many joys and pleasures I don't ever see you acting like a man again. I can't even imagine you as ever being a man. No you will look and act like a girl and you will be treated like a girl in every respect, even sex."

Tammie looked at her and asked, "Does that mean you will penetrate me like a girl to give me sex?"

Ms. Brenda smiled at Tammie thinking about doing just that and asked, "Is that a problem for you missy?"

Tammie sighed and said, "No Ms. Brenda that is not a problem for me."

"Good," Said Ms. Brenda, then maybe on the way home from Madam Rebecca's we will stop and I will get what I need to consummate our relationship."

Tammie knew very well from experience that he could not resist anyone who penetrated him. If Ms. Brenda was to regularly penetrate him, he would be completely subjugated to her. He wondered if this was OK or what he should do because once she began doing this he would have no choice but to be hers. He thought about it and recalled he did have some hopes of being like a man to her when they first met. The idea of being am an and her his wife had appealed to him greatly and there had been no thoughts about her dating other men or real men as Ms. Brenda had stated. But now after feeling the sissy clothes and reverting back to his training he decided it was going to be OK. She was right, he was not a man and she deserved to have real men to pleasure her like only a real man could do. He was sure he would probably fail miserably as a man anyway.

The two-hour drive was over and they had arrived at Madam Rebecca's country estate. Tammie was nervous and Brenda was excited as they approached the door. Brenda rang the bell and soon a French Maid answered the door with eyes downcast and said, "Good Morning Madam, my name is Maid Lisa, may I be of assistance" and then the maid executed a perfect curtsey?

Ms. Brenda said, "Good morning Maid Lisa, my name is Ms. Brenda and I am here with Tammie to see Madam Rebecca, she is expecting us."

"Won't you please come in Ms. Brenda, Madam Rebecca told me to expect you and to escort you to the parlor" countered the maid.

As Ms Brenda followed Maid Lisa to the parlor with Tammie in tow she noticed how immaculate everything was, everything was in its place and there was no clutter, no dirt, and no mess anywhere. Once the maid had seated them in the parlor she brought a tray with cookies and a variety of drinks from tea to coffee to water and then said, "If there is nothing else for the moment Ms. Brenda I shall let Madam know you have arrived."

"Thank you Maid Lisa and please do" replied Ms. Brenda.

The maid executed a perfect curtsey and then exited the room.

"My, my, what a beautiful home Madam Rebecca has Tammie. And it is so perfectly kept. Is that due to the sissies in training?" asked Ms. Brenda.

"Yes Ms. Brenda, Madam does not believe that females should do domestic work. She firmly believes that sissy maids were created to do all of the domestic work and that it is an honor for them to be allowed to do it," said Tammie.

"I would have to agree with her," replied Ms. Brenda.

Then Madam Rebecca appeared in the doorway and introduced herself. Tammie instantly assumed a dipped curtsey position and held it while Ms. Brenda and Madam Rebecca shook hands and greeted each other. Then Madam Rebecca proceeded to approach Tammie she gave Ms. Brenda a warm smile and taking her right hand placed her fingers under Tammie's chin and gently lifted it so she could see his face. She studied it for a moment and then lifted him to his feet still holding his chin and said, "How very delightful it is to see you again Tammie. I have missed you. You look very pretty, turn for me dear."

Tammie did as told and turned several times as was the preference of Madam Rebecca. Madam looked back and forth between Tammie and Ms. Brenda and said, "This is just wonderful, having Tammie, a former student and you Ms. Brenda a potential Fem Dom here in my home today. I do so love seeing students after they have been gone awhile mostly to see how they turned out. I understand that you two met some time ago and that just recently, you Ms. Brenda, discovered Tammie's formal training that took place here and are interested in taking him as your own property."

Ms. Brenda still all smiles spoke, "Yes Madam, I am hoping to pick up a few suggestions from you as well as learn more of Tammie's formal training. I must admit that I am very new to all of this and I must also admit I am very excited by it. I have spent some time with Tammie's mother and I especially enjoyed helping to get him ready for our visit."

"Come let's sit," said Madam Rebecca, "Brenda tell me what fascinates you about a sissified male like Tammie and how do you see yourself being involved?"

Brenda began right away, "Well Madam, it just amazes me how compliant he has become since being dressed like a little sissy. Don't misunderstand, he has always been helpful and respectful, especially toward women since I have met him and that was what first attracted me to him but I just think he is so out of character when in a dress and I love the new character even more! Also I understand that women who own a sissy like Tammie and are married are able to depend upon their sissy to do all of the domestic work, be completely loyal and faithful and yet I as the female I am permitted to have as many real male lovers as I want, is all of this actually practical?"

Madam picked up her bell and rang it. Soon Maid Lisa arrived and curtseyed while saying, "You rang Madam?"

"Yes Lisa, go and bring Sissie to me at once!"

Maid Lisa curtseyed again while saying, "Yes Madam, right away Madam" and exited presumably to do as instructed.

Madam then turned back to Brenda and said, "Yes my dear, you see not only is it practical but the right thing to do. Males need guidance and discipline if they are ever to amount to anything. We women need freedom and power if we are ever to realize our full potential and enjoy ourselves so it really works out very well. What you must remember, Ms Brenda, is that the male has a strong desire to please us but let's face it, many women have no idea what they want. If they don't know how could a male possibly know? But when a woman does know what she wants and conveys that in no uncertain terms to her male then he can comply. Otherwise he will try but since she does not know, he cannot possibly know and he will fail, frustrating him to no end. When a male is told what to wear, how to look, how to act and understands his duties and his limits he can act within those bounds. If he does not, he is punished and that too helps him to both understand his limits and remove any guilt he has pent up inside himself from doing something wrong and displeasing you. His greatest fears are: he will disappoint you, you will ignore him or you will leave him. He will do almost anything to avoid causing any of these three things to occur."

Another sissy arrived but this one was dressed like a secretary in a full skirt just above his knees and 3 inch heels. He curtseyed to Madam and said, "You sent for me Madam?"

"Yes Sissie, I want to introduce you to Ms. Brenda. Ms. Brenda this is Sissie, my sissy maid cuckold husband." With that Sissie gave a deep curtsey to Ms. Brenda and said, "I am very honored to meet you Ma'am."

Ms. Brenda turned to Madam and smiled and said, "My, my, you do have your sissies trained well Madam."

"Thank you Brenda, Sissie you do remember Tammie don't you." Sissie smiled at Tammie and waved a limp wristed wave and then the two met in the center of the room and hugged and kissed each other. Brenda was surprised by the act, seeing two men do such a thing without being forced was a big surprise to her. Madam noticed her bewilderment and asked, "You seem confused Ms. Brenda?"

"It's just that I did not think men would act this way without being forced."

"Oh Ms. Brenda you mustn't confuse these two with men. They are not men. They are sissies. They have no manliness left in them. They are de-maled if you will, mentally castrated and unable to be or act like men in anyway. Men are what you take to bed and have fun with or go out dancing and whoop it up. These are sissies, they are servants and toys to please and amuse us."

"I wanted you to meet my husband Sissie so you could see how it can be for you. Sissie has not had sex with me or like a man for more than 20 years yet I have sex regularly with a variety of very good in bed men. Sissie knows he is not a man and can't live up to being a man so he accepts that he is to be a sissy maid cuckold. Sissie tell Ms. Brenda what you are and why."

Sissie curtseyed to Ms Brenda to show proper the respect of an inferior about to address a superior. He then said. "Ms. Brenda I am a sissy maid cuckold, this means I do domestic chores, I am subservient to Madam Rebecca and anyone she tells me to serve. I dress, act and think the way she tells me and I am very honored and happy to do so. I was of very little use to Madam before she took the time and put forth the effort to turn me into a pleasant and useful person and I am forever grateful to her for doing so. I have become her sissy maid cuckold and even her secretary at times such as today because I am not capable of being a real man. I am not capable of pleasing her in bed or satisfying her needs like a real man. I am a sissy Ma'am and proud to be Madam Rebecca's sissy." He then finished with another curtsey.

Ms. Brenda looked back and forth between Madam and Sissie and smiled and shook her head in approval.

Madam then called Tammie to her. Tammie presented herself straight in front of Madam and hung his head folding his hands on his skirt. Madam looked at him and asked, "When was the last time you had a good spanking Tammie?" Tammie twisted back and forth and said, "About two years Madam." "Well then you are long overdue for one, aren't you little sissy?"

"Yes Madam, I am very long overdue," replied Tammie as if totally agreeing with Madam. Madam then turned to Sissie and said, "Sissie, take Tammie to your room and allow him to borrow your prettiest spanking dress and bring him back here as soon as possible ready for a proper spanking."

Sissie curtseyed to Madam and answered, "Yes Madam, my prettiest spanking dress, right away Madam." Sissie then took Tammie by the hand and left.

Ms. Brenda was amazed at the power Madam wielded over the sissies. She looked at Madam and raised her eyebrows not exactly sure what to say or ask. Madam smiled back at her and said, "You will quickly learn the importance of regular spankings for you sissies. They need them to remove guilt and go about their daily chores without remorse or thinking about anything other than the task at hand. You will learn to think for them and they will learn to think what you want them to think. I assume you are not familiar with a spanking dress?"

"No, I am not at all familiar with it."

Madam smiled again, "A spanking dress is a most childish dress, full of frills and lace and bows, ultra feminine and very juvenile. It has a special belt which is made of ribbons and they are such that the sissy's wrists can be fastened behind his back with arms folded. This leaves him completely vulnerable and unable to cover or protect any part of his anatomy." I require a sissy to put one on before being spanked. It sets the stage and gives them time to think about what is coming. You should also know that when I spank a sissy I do not take the task lightly, I spank them hard and long so they can come to appreciate the pain in their bottom. You will also note that he will be wearing special sissies' panties. I have the sissies make them themselves which adds to the humiliation and degradation they experience. They begin with a pair of pretty panties and sew layers of lace on the rear and put bows at the sides and some in the front. I do not spank their bare bottom but rather spank them on their sissies' panties as the mental effect is much greater."

"How often do you spank Sissie?" Brenda asked.

At least once a week, if they are bad, it can be several times but typically a spanking is not done because they are bad, they learn to try very hard not to be bad because then I tend to ignore them and they hate that. The spanking is more of a symbolization that they are my property; I can and will do with them as I want. That they are helpless to resist and that even though it may be quite painful at the time they will feel much better after wards."

"Interesting," said Brenda who was now beginning to get wet between her legs thinking about all this power and how seemingly easy it was to wield.

Soon the two sissies' appeared with Tammie dressed in a light pink little girl's dress with a hem length only inches below her bottom but with full petticoats underneath. She had puffed sleeves extending through the shoulder and looked extremely juvenile and subjugated. She still had on her heels and Sissie quickly made mention that the shoes Tammie was wearing had locks on them but he could quickly change Tammie's shoes if he were permitted to unlock them. Madam Rebecca told Sissie that would not be necessary and motioned for Tammie to come to her and lay across her lap. Tammie did so while noticeably quivering as he did. Madam took each one of Tammie's arms one at a time and bent them behind his back and tied them in place with the ribbon supplied for just that purpose. She then slowly put her hand under the rear of his dress and rubbed hi bottom telling him," Oh Tammie I have missed you around here. You were such a good sissy, I truly hoped to get you breast implants and keep you sissified forever. Your girly bottom feels very smooth and soft and I am glad of that but now I must brush your skirt and petticoats over your back and spank you like a proper little sissy musten I?"

Tammie with voice quivering said, "Thank you Madam and yes I must be spanked now Madam."

Madam then did as she said and once the petticoats and skirt were out of the way she took a heavy leather strap and began to swing it down on the pretty pantied bottom. As she progressed, the swats got harder and faster and soon Tammie was crying real tears and his mascara was running. But this was not sufficient for Madam for she knew that sissies could learn to cry easily and so she continued. Soon Tammie's feet begin to kick in some vain attempt to get away or make it stop but Madam Continued on. The jerking and crying intensified until it got to a point where Tammie seemed to give up, surrendering to the swats and punishment being administered.

Madam now began to speak to Tammie, "Ms. Brenda here has shown an interest in owing you and keeping you in skirts are you agreeable to that?" "Oh yes Madam, I am agreeable to being kept in skirts by Ms. Brenda."

"Very good Tammie but there is more. Ms, Brenda wants you to be the perfect sissy maid serving her, her friends your friends and your relatives as a proper sissy maid not hiding or holding back what you are in any way, are you agreeable to that Tammie." "Oh yes Madam, I will gladly serve her at all times as a proper sissy and serve whoever she instructs me to serve no matter who they are Madam."

"I see, well Ms. Brenda has already figured out you are not a real man, she knows how small you are and how inadequate you are as a man. She knows you can't possibly please her sexually so she will taking lovers, lots of lovers and they will cuckold you, they will tease you and taunt you, some of them may even treat you like a girl sexually Tammie making you give them oral and anal sex and if they do this it will please Ms. Brenda. She wants to see you made to watch and listen to how real men satisfy her so you see why she wants to keep you as a sissy." Madam began to increase the speed and force of the blows and then asked, "So tell me Tammie is this something you agree with and if so I want you to tell Ms. Brenda why you agree with it and how much you want her to do this to you." Madam then increased the swats even more causing Tammie's mind to reel knowing it would not let up until he had completed his task.

Tammie sobbing heavily said, "Oh please Ms. Brenda cuckold me and make me learn to serve your lovers in every possible way. I know I am not a real man and that you desperately need real men and it is my duty to help you with them. I am a pansy and a sissy and have been for a long time. I have no sexual rights to you and I am for your pleasure and service at all times under call conditions without question. I want you to be happy and only real men can make you happy and I am not a real man or any kind of man at all?"

Madam ceased the paddling and allowed Tammie to lie over her lap and sob for a while. Then she bunched up his skirts and petticoats and placed them in his behind the back hands and told him to go to his corner. Tammie instantly did as told and preceded to a corner he had selected when he was in training. Every sissy had a corner to stand in, in every room. She often stored her sissies in a corner until needed to keep them from being underfoot. She explained this to Brenda and then instructed Sissie to call one of her lovers and then bring her the phone.

Ms. Brenda contemplated the idea of telling ones husband who was dressed like a sissy to dial one of her lovers and get him on the phone for his wife. It seemed surreal but very powerful and she noticed Sissie did so without hesitation. Once he had the man on the phone Sissie brought the phone to Madam and said, "Madam Sir David is on the phone for you," and he handed Madam the phone.

"Hello darling, are you busy? No, good, do you think you could find a few friends and bring them round as soon as possible? You have Ed and Del there right now? Splendid, yes I have a new Fem Dom who is here with an old student of mine and we need a few real men around to complete things. Yes she is very pretty and all worked up and ready to enjoy some real man stuff. Ok, see you soon."

"Brenda, I have taken the liberty to invite a few real men over to permit you to demonstrate to Tammie your intentions. These things are best done in front of others so the sissy knows everyone knows his status."

Ms. Brenda smiled, "You mean you just set me up with a couple of guys and I am going to do them right here in front of Tammie?"

"Yes my dear, also in front of Sissie and me. I will have one of my lovers here to take care of me as well as these things stir me to the point that I must get relief, I hope you understand""

"Oh yes I do," smiled Brenda, "I am so wet now I am not sure I could go much longer."

Madam looked back at her and said, "Now it is important for you to be vocal so Tammie knows that you are enjoying your new lovers. He needs to compare how you are with them and how you were with him so be sure to make any comparisons that you can for his reference."

It wasn't long before three very handsome, very fit men walked in escorted by Maid Lisa. Madam introduced everyone and referred to Tammie as the cuckold. When their pants came off, Brenda was amazed all three had 8 inch cocks and they were thick and getting hard fast. Madam instructed Tammie and Sissie to fluff them for the ladies. This too was new to Brenda and she nearly came seeing Tammie get on his knees and take the man's cock into his lips. She looked at Madam and said, "It looks like he has done this before?"

"Yes, it is a required talent of all of my students. They can fluff the cocks to get them ready for your use or they can satisfy the cocks themselves but for now we will have them fluff so we can have our fun first."

This all was making Brenda extremely hot. Soon the cocks were fluffed to full hardness and the two women took over and each began to enjoy the benefits of a real man's hard hot cock. Tammie and Sissie stood by heads bowed in a most submissive stance and watched and listened as the two women enjoyed their pleasures. It was very obvious that great pleasure was being experienced from the moans and grunts. Sissie was quite used to experiencing his wife enjoy real men. He had been a part of such demonstrations for more than 25 years. It always reinforced why he was her sissy maid cuckold, demonstrating to him his inferior ability as a male and reminding him that his value was that of a maid, secretary and sissified servant.

For Tammie it was a new experience. Even though he had been trained and knew that he basically was not a real man he had never actually experienced the girl of his dreams displaying it so boldly. He had mixed emotional feelings. Pangs of jealousy, fear, embarrassment, humiliation, depression and yet some sense of pride at how much the real man pleasuring his girl friend was enjoying her. Actually their mutual enjoyment was being vocalized as they moved about. He was telling her how good she was, talking about her luscious melons and tightness that was gripping his manhood. He spoke of how beautiful she was and what a marvelous figure she possessed. She in return was telling him how hard he was and his size was better than any she had ever felt. She even began to tell him how she wanted him after this. He knew enough from his association with Madam to bring sissy Tammie into the conversation and so he asked, "Have you ever had sex with that sissy you have standing over there?" "Yes, she said, several times, if you could really call it that!" "Was he, I mean she, better than me?" he asked.

"God no, it was frustrating and pathetic if you must no. You have a real cock and it feels so good I don't want it to ever end. Please don't remind me of his worthless little thing, I want to think about and feel you in me."

These words cut Tammie like a knife to his heart. He thought he had pleased her she acted pleased and now to find out that was what it was an act. He wanted to hide, to run away, to stop the humiliation that his prized girlfriend was now dumping on him. Tears began to drip from his eyes as he felt worthless and realized he had no chance of ever begin a man to her. He had dreamed of it, he had thought that he could put his feminine training in the past and ignore it and go on and pretend he was a real man. But this brought it to the front. It made him face all his fears and failures as a man.

He then heard his girl friend's lover ask, "What are you going to do with that sissy anyway, he obviously is of no use for sex to you?"

"Brenda was nearing a climax and this interrupted her. Instead of getting angry she answered him saying, "If he is a good girl he can remain as my maid and cuckold. I will marry him and keep him as my wife to do all of the domestic work and free me up to enjoy a variety of lovers, like you sweetie. But your right he is of no use for sex and if I didn't know that before I certainly do now after experiencing your hard cock."

His training from working with Madam caused him to force the conversation further and he asked, "What if the little prissy wimp does not want to be a girl and does not want you having sex with real men, then what?"

"I don't think he has a choice, you see I have enough photos and history to share with everyone he knows as to what he actually is. And look at him, he is standing right there beside us dressed like a girl, head down, hands folded on his apron, feet locked in high heels and together taking all of this in. He obviously must understand he is not a man and can't be a man and he obviously approves of you fucking my brains out in front of him as he has offered no resistance. Oh I don't think he has a choice and in fact I think he wants this to happen more than anything, now will you shut up and make me cum?"

Tammie heard every word as if it were announced over a loud speaker in a public place. The words were castrating him, his manhood was gone, and his male pride had disappeared completely. He considered her words and how true they rang. He had no choice, he had no balls left! He felt great fear as if he was out of control. He wanted to die he wanted to cry like a baby but little tears were all that would drip from his eyes. He wanted to be somewhere else not here in front of three real men, another sissy and two real women. What was wrong with him, why couldn't he do something, anything about this?" It was awful, just awful. Then he was brought back to the "here and now" by the moans and screams his girlfriend was making as she climaxed. She had climaxed for him but it was soft and quiet and withheld. He wondered now if she had faked it with him because he knew from her thrusts and screams and gyrations that this was real, very real. He knew she was getting real pleasure and complete satisfaction from her lover.

Suddenly a smile came over his face, a smile that betrayed his feelings even to him. He wondered why he was smiling and then he knew. He knew it was because he was enjoying seeing Ms. Brenda have so much pleasure. It confused hi m at first, he wondered why he would be happy for his girlfriend when she was having sex with another man instead of him. Was he weird or strange, why would he feel this way? Then he heard Madam Rebecca say, "Sissie are you enjoying my pleasure?"

"Oh yes Madam, very much so, you know how good it makes me feel to see you enjoy yourself and I am always so happy that you have real men who can pleasure you in ways that I cannot!"

"Well Sissie you know how much I love you and that is a part of why I love you, you are unselfish and get pleasure from serving and pleasing me. Tammie will develop those feeling s soon as well. He will learn that as a sissy he can do so much more and more often than he ever could pretending to be a man. But right now he may be a little unsure o why don't you hold hands with him while Ms. Brenda enjoys herself."

Tammie was caught off guard by all of this. How did Madam know his feelings, well that was dumb he thought she seemed to always know his feelings and thoughts and worries. She was some kind of mind reader and could know what he was thinking before he knew. Sissie took Tammie's hand in his and they squeezed hands, which oddly reassured Tammie. For a moment he thought it would have been strange holding hands with another man but he quickly re thought that and decided that Sissie was not a real man or any kind of man he was sissy and so was he and so it was alright and he squeezed Sissies hand again.

Brenda saw this action and she was nearly ready to climax before she saw it but seeing it put her over the top again. Ms. Brenda was what one would call a screamer and she made no attempt to keep her pleasure to herself. Tammie leaked a second smile and then looked to see if Sissie had noticed. Sissie had and they smiled broadly at each other and squeezed each other's hands several times. The two sister sissies understood the feelings of happiness at seeing their Fem Dom's pleasure. This was an important aspect for any sissy. He had to learn to get his joy and pleasure from his Mistress. He could have none unless she did and what she enjoyed he would enjoy. Sissie understood all of this as a mind transfer. He learned a long time ago to turn his thinking over to Madam Rebecca. She was wiser and knew what was good for him so he learned to think the way she wanted him to think. If she told him he like it, he liked it. If she told him he did not like or enjoy something he instantly disliked it. He did not need an explanation or to understand why this was it just was and he accepted it. This made him the perfect wife and sissy maid cuckold.

Tammie had not achieved this yet. He couldn't until a dominant woman took ownership of him as Ms. Brenda was doing. Then it would take time and he would learn that her thoughts and feelings were his. Any contradiction on his part would result in discomfort and displeasure for him so he would soon learn not to resist and accept her thoughts and wishes as his own.

Ms. Brenda was now on her sixth succession of climaxes and Tammie was truly learning what a real man can do for a woman's needs. His confidence as a man was gone. Each climax made him feel less manly and more of a sissy. He actually began to compare his sissy capabilities to those of this masculine lover noting in his mind that he was better at housework, cooking and serving than her lover probably was. Egos always remain just in different forms, as a sissy he was now transforming his ego from masculinity to that of a panty waste sissies capability. It was a way of justification of whom and what he was and the beginning of a real acceptance of his status and position with Ms. Brenda.

As the two women got their satisfaction they relaxed and calmed down for a moment. Madam and Ms. Brenda looked at each other with Cheshire cat smiles having just enjoyed total and complete satisfaction and relaxation at their whim. Madam then said, "Ok sissies get over here and clean up our lovers." Sissie instantly did as instructed and began to lick and suck the shaft and balls of Madam's lover. Tammie moved more cautiously but followed Sissie's lead occasionally glancing over to see what he was doing.

Ms. Brenda watched intently as the two pansies red lipstick-covered lips worked their way up and down the still two hard cocks. It made her ready for more sex. She was very turned on by the whole scene, not just the act but the obedience, knowing the power Madam wielded over these two petticoated wimps who refused to disobey her commands. Madam knowingly understood the look on Ms. Brenda's face. She had experienced the same feelings over and over herself. But what she had in store next would really tip her scales. Madam told the two sissies to thank the lovers for allowing them to watch while they pleasured their mistresses and for being permitted to clean them up.

Both Sissie and Tammie did as told each taking their turn and again making Ms. Brenda's hormones go wild. She just loved seeing two males submit so totally and with no resistance. The power was contagious and filling. Madam then told the two sissies that they had done well and they would now get their reward of being allowed to clean their two mistresses up. Both sissies knew that neither of the lovers had worn a condom. Madam was very strict with her stable of lovers that they had to be clean and checked regularly for any issues if they wanted to get all the sex they could get as a result of her and her other needs. And she both enjoyed the feel of the hot cum spurting in her and making a sissy clean it up after.

Sissie quickly placed his painted lips between Madam's legs and begun to lick and suck as Tammie watched for a moment then followed suit. The tastes were not unpleasant and the excitement stirred him to a partially excited state. This was a wonderful state to keep a sissy in as it opened his mind to suggestion and compliance with his Mistresses orders. The feeling transferred from his sissy tongue to Ms. Brenda's clit was overwhelming. She began to twist and buck and moaned as a combination of the total submission of her sissy to her lover's actions to submitting to cleaning her up of his male cum in an act of complete compliance. It signaled a total de-maleing of his manhood. She found the power of being able to completely control a male, transforming even his manhood and manly thoughts to a feminized sissy servant, one that would be completely obedient and loyal to her fascinating and seductive.

As Tammie got into sucking, licking and kissing Ms. Brenda he became engrossed in his new duties. It was not an unpleasant duty at all and he felt useful and from the reactions that Ms. Brenda was expressing he felt satisfaction that as her sissy he was doing well, being useful and he suddenly was experiencing pride as a sissy. Being her cuckold was now an honor and not a put down. He felt more feminine and submissive than he ever had and it felt good to him. He wanted to please her, he knew he wanted to be her sissy and being a man was not part of it.

Ms. Brenda was having a fantastic climax. Different from what her lover had given her but deep and ultimately greater in satisfaction. She wondered why or how an oral climax could be so wonderful but she didn't question it she just enjoyed it. It made her feel very close to Tammie. She felt a tight bond and appreciation for Tammie's commitment and submission. The bond was forming between Mistress and sissy and would continue to build and increase.

Ms. Brenda begun to tell Tammie how wonderful it was to have a real man make love to her and went on about how hard and aggressive he was and how exciting it was when he shot his load deep into her. She asked Tammie how it tasted and did he like being her sissy.

Tammie paused and looked up at Ms. Brenda with a smile on his face and said, "Oh yes Ms. Brenda, I love you and ant to be your sissy maid cuckold forever. Please keep me and train me Ms. Brenda I will do whatever pleases you."

At that Ms. Brenda became overwhelmed and placed her hands on Tammie's head and ground his face into her groin and climax liked never before. She pushed so hard and for so long Tammie begun to wonder if he was ever going to breathe again and increased his efforts to pleasure Ms Brenda riding her waves and thrusts in totally subservience to her needs.

Madam was doing the same thing to Sissie and enjoying her favorite pleasure which was having Sissie pleasure her orally after being with a lover and yet still thinking of and enjoying the thoughts of that lover. She had done it to Sissie for many years and he had learned that his place and value as her sissy maid cuckold actually were more important and lasting than a typical lover. He understood after time that Madam would grow tired of a lover or that the lover lost his ability to pleasure her in as an exciting way as he first did.

Madam had yet another surprise. They all cleaned up and then Madam had the two sissies arms tied behind them and took them to opposite sides of a table. They had collars fitted around their necks and fastened with a short leash so their lips were close together. The site of the two sissies being bound into this position was exciting enough for the two ladies but it got better when Madam had the third lover who had not been used yet pull out his hard pulsing manhood placing him between the two bound sissies mouths. His hardness was just at the right level for their lips and tongues to reach and they were instructed to use them for that purpose.

She then instructed the other two lovers to take positions behind each of the bent over pansies and make use of them for their pleasure. Ms. Brenda watched in pure amassment and with a large smile as the two real men began to raise the sissies skirts and petticoats and lower their panties and spread their bottoms inserting hard cocks into each. Each of the sissies easily took the real cocks and accepted their fate. They became enthralled in sucking and licking the cock in their face and soon were being pumped from behind. Each of the two lovers took firm hold of the corseted waits in front of them and did what they enjoyed most, pumping in and out. Ms. Brenda noticed that once the men were well inserted into their sissy receptacles they used one hand to reach up under the sissy's blouse and bra and play with their nipples. The ladies watched as the two sissies were pounded by the real men making their skirts and petticoats bounce to and fro as the men did their work.

The effect was quite obvious and the sissies were well into being used as sex objects by these real men. The cock in their face was getting close to spurting and Ms. Brenda noticed Sissie whisper something to Tammie. Tammie looked over at Sissie never taking his tongue or lips from the cock he was serving and then slowly moved his lips over the cocks head and begun to suck. She could see his cheeks sunken in as he applied more vacuum to the cock head. At the same time Sissie skillfully worked the under part of the cock's shaft quickly traveling up and down licking and sucking alternately. It was not long before Ms. Brenda understood what they were doing. They were working in unison as two sissy sisters to bring this cock off and Tammie would be the recipient of the hot fertile cum that exploded from the head.

"How cute" Ms. Brenda thought, yes it was true, Madam was correct, they were no longer men in any shape of form, they were sissies and sissies of the best kind trained to obey and please to work together to accomplish what they instinctively knew was the right thing for a panty waist to do. Ms. Brenda smiled in anticipation of what she knew would soon come and it did. The cock's owner put his hands on Tammie's head and took control of him as if he were nothing more than a pussy and fucked his mouth really hard, thrusting deep and nearly choking the compliant pansy then blasting several loads of hot cum deep into his throat. Ms. Brenda nearly climaxed hearing the swallowing and gagging and knowing what was happening at that moment. Tammie did her proudly he did not allow one drop of real man's cum to escape his lips, he swallowed it all. It was not long before Sissie climaxed and soon after that Tammie joined her sister sissy and climaxed too. Sissie reacted with satisfaction but Tammie had a little embarrassment and silly coyness on his face which Ms. Brenda found cute.

The real men left and the two sissies excused themselves to go to the restroom and clean up. Ms. Brenda was all smiles and extremely happy with her visit and experience and spoke to Madam voicing her pleasure and excitement. Madam too was very well pleased with being able to introduce another woman into doming sissies and that a former student had finally been placed into a proper position of servitude. Now it would be interesting to see how Ms. Brenda and Tammie progressed.