A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Priscilla Gay Bouffant

Teased and Tamed - Disciplined Beauties

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“Oh Percy, I’ve had such a wonderful evening! Let’s sit out on the porch and watch the waves. Then we’ll snuggle in bed and fall off to sleep in each other’s arms, darling,” Christina said, hoping her lover was a bit tired from the dancing and driving.

“Not a chance dear. We will be here the entire weekend, plenty of time to watch the waves. Tonight I have plans for you, and though they include being in bed, I’m afraid sleeping isn’t in the cards my sweet!” said Percy, taking his girl by the arm and propelling her towards the door.

He sat her suitcase down and let her in the house, returning to the car for his “toys.” As soon as the pair was in the bedroom he began to kiss Christina with a passion. Christina gave in, slithering out of her tight gown, and then lay, face down across her lovers lap, dressed in white lingerie (panties, bra, corset, hose) and matching heels.

Percy enjoyed spanking his sissy girl before lovemaking and Christina was so pumped full of hormones she was compliant to a fault. The boy enjoyed using a paddle he’d had Chrissy buy at a specialty shop. It was fur covered and Chrissy had picked it out herself.

Chrissy’s mother had made sure that Percy knew her daughter was his for the entire weekend. The closets were full of specialty apparel for the sissy, maids’ uniforms, and swimsuits being in good supply. Percy would make good use of his sissy girl’s submissive talents. To begin the weekend with a good paddling would certainly set the tone!

The swat’s fell rhythmically upon Christina’s well-rounded bottom. She shrieked and sobbed, frantically kicking her slender, tanned legs. She counted them, as required, saying after each number, “Thank you so much, Sir Percy!”

Soon though, her hysterical sobs prevented her from doing any counting or thanking, and she begged submissively, “Please Percy darling! Take me! Take your dear Christina? Please darling! Make me your whore?”

Percy was more then glad to acquiesce, picking up the helpless sissy in his arms and depositing her on the bed. Once he had stripped naked, he stood by the bed, his hard on raging. “Kneel my dear. The bed is quite soft. You can be very comfortable while I stand here and you suck me,” the gay young man smiled.

“Oh yes darling! Let your Chrissy-Poops suck her lollipop,” the femme sissy lisped, using baby talk. Of course, by now Christina was an expert at sucking her Percy-Poops off. She licked his balls and slurped and slobbered all over his huge, purple-ended cock. Percy was in ecstasy and decided he needed a little more.

“Take out your plug my sweet sissy girl. Daddy Percy wants to enter his baby girl’s poop shoot,” Percy giggled. Christina did as she was told. Always! Now on her knees again, facing the headboard she gasped as Percy lubricated her love hole with petroleum jelly, applied with a gloved hand. Percy then oiled up his condom-covered shaft. Slowly and gently as he always did, he began to enter his sissy love’s rear end, as she thrust back towards him, her eyes filling with tears of passion.

“Oh my! Oh Percy! You seem so big tonight!” the sissy said as she began to thrust harder and pant, as the heavily sprayed spiral curls atop her head began to come loose and bounce about her face due to all the action. “Percy play with my sissy plums and sissy stick dear!” she begged, as her boyfriend’s well greased hands surrounded her hormonally shrunken pubes.

As Percy plowed into his sissy love she bucked like a hot little filly being pounded by a stallion. The orgasm they both had culminated in Percy exploding into his sturdy condom and Christina screeching and twisting herself into the bed.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Christina in either full maid’s apparel, or swimsuit and heels waiting on her lover hand and foot. At night she’d put on her most sexy lingerie. Then, standing in front of Percy, her legs tightly together, her index finger in her pouted lips, her eye’s downcast, and she’d demurely say in a childlike voice, “Prissy Chrissy was such a naughty sissy poops today. Should she get her hairbrush and get over daddy’s knee?”

Of course Percy would frown and say, “Yes darling. That would be a good idea. Run along and find your brush. That’s a good girl!

For Denise, the evening was shaping up just fine. She was very impressed with Dr. Lydia’s condo. However when she found Dr. Lydia there with Fifi, Dr. Lydia’s sissy maid, she knew that something interesting was up. After modeling for them, Denise was told by Mistress Barbara to undress down to her pink satin lingerie and heels.

“Proceed to the large bedroom to your left and stand in front of the mirror sweetheart,” Barbara said condescendingly. As always the submissive Denise did as she was told. Lydia, Fifi, and Barbara entered the room behind her and Barbara had the blushing Fifi remove Denise’s bra. Then Denise was made to hold her arms and hands high overhead while Lydia and Barb fastened her wrists to a set of manacles attached to the ceiling.

“Come along Fifi. Our work here is complete. As much as I’d love to watch, I will respect Mistress Barbara’s privacy. We’ll leave these lovebirds alone now,” said Lydia Cane, to her sissy maid, as Lydia smacked Denise on the butt and winked at Barb.

The smack got a squeal from Denise so Lydia added, “Goodness Babs, she enjoyed it! You’re not even getting started yet!” Indeed they had hardly begun as Babs, riding crop in hand began to casually circle around her helpless, bound slave, tapping the crop in the palm of her hand and saying, to no one in particular, “Now let’s see. Where do we want to start?”

“I imagine I should begin by undressing,” Barbara said as she began to remove her elegant, fashionably tailored tuxedo. Once down to her red satin lingerie, she put on a white kimono and took down her wavy, jet-black hair, which had been up in a chignon. She shook it loose, so that it fell to her shoulders. Opening the kimono and tying it back, she took off he panties to show off her shaven pubic region.

She made a few trips to the bathroom, and returned with scissors, razor, battery powered clippers, shaving soap, tweezers, a bowl of water, powder, lotion, perfume, and a towel. Placing everything on the bed stand and dresser, she began to tell her slave about an English Mistress named Mrs. Silk.

“She really is amazing dear! I just ordered quite a bit from her latest catalogue. Mrs. Silk is a premier authority on sissies worldwide!” Barb added as she examined her slave’s pubes. “I just love her manuals. By the by dear, you will read and memorize the sissy manual. I purchased some lovely apparel for you and some interesting accessories. We’ll be trying out the accessories this evening,” Babs added as she went to the dresser to get her “good scissors.”

“One thing she recommends is that a sissy have a shaved powdered and perfumed pussy area. We’ll take care of that now and follow it up with some interesting entertainment. You will also keep your sissy pussy area the way I leave it this evening, or else!” Mistress Babs informed her sissy as she began to trim the hair off in clumps.

Once the hair had been snipped, she gave her sissy a buzz cut with clippers before using a pink, girl’s razor to shave the sissy’s genital area smooth. Before scenting the now smooth region, she plucked a few “stray hairs”, using the tweezers, and elicited amusing squeals from her helpless sissy girl. She followed this with a lotion conditioning, a heavy application of powder and a scenting with perfume. The sissy became quite erect and Barb began to enjoy herself.

Sucking on the sissy’s swollen nipples she began to rub her vagina on Denise’s pole. When Barb felt lubricated enough, she picked up a hairbrush and pulled her sissy to her, impaling herself on Denise’s swollen sissy clitoris. With her left arm around the restrained sissy’s back, she used her free right hand to swat Denise’s butt with a hairbrush, exhorting her, “Pump, bump and grind baby! Don’t dare come! I plan on a Mrs. Silk style milking for you tonight honey.”

Denise did as told and Barbara had her way. As Barbara neared fulfillment, she dropped the brush and lifted her dainty swish up by her well-shaped legs, placing the legs around her own lovely waist. “Wrap those gams around mummy, sweetheart! Squeeze tight! Let’s ride baby!!” she encouraged the frightened sissy. Denise was still fastened to the ceiling manacles and had no idea Babs was strong enough to lift her helpless body up like that!

Babs came in waves and rocked her sissy very hard. While Denise stayed rock hard and hanging motionless, Babs sucked all over her body before resting for a while on the bed. “Come along sissy! To the living room!” Babs shouted as she fashioned a collar and leash on Denise and untied her hands.

To Denise’s surprise, upon entering the living room, she saw that Lydia Cane and Fifi were still present! They had been joined by Aunt Cheryl, Ms. Carson, Cousins Ronda and Sharon, as well as future mother-in-law Tina Goodman! They all clapped as Denise was led to the center of the room for a modified version of a “Silky Milking Ceremony.” The first order of business was to dress Denise in a pink, plastic “Milking Pinafore” and matching “Milking Bracelet” complete with obligatory bells, sent by Mrs. Silk’s mail order service.

Once that was completed Fifi assisted her to a stage-like, pedestal area. Fifi put on her own milking bracelet, with glove, and then set a table with, lotion, a champagne glass, and a seven bottles of perfume with bulb atomizers. Candles and fragrant incense were lit, music started, and the lights turned down as Fifi began to serve wine to all the ladies.

Denise was quite scared, so her Mistress calmed her by saying, “Close your eyes angel, let down your hair and touch yourself. Sway gently with the music. We all know you need to be milked honey and we are going to let you do it yourself.” Just then a spotlight lit over Denise and she was enveloped in a beam of pink light!

As she began to milk herself, eyes closed, the ladies chatted. Denise could barely hear them over the ritualistic music playing on the stereo system. Barb had chosen it and the group was called, “Valerie Van Isis and the Lady Slippers.” They were an all female group, predominantly lesbian with a couple of bisexuals.

They used a mixture of kettledrums, bells, chimes, and various stringed instruments, (dulcimer, mandolin, harp) to create a lovely blend of rhythmic minstrelsy. Along with their harmonious vocals, this produced some really wonderful melodies. Dulcet tunes such as “I Love You Girlfriend,” “Woman to Woman Passion,” “Sexy Sisters,” and “Feminine Peace” floated through the air.

As the songs played, the ladies got up, one at a time and approached the very aroused sissy. Each woman, in turn, picked up a different perfume atomizer and sprayed the now dancing and swaying sissy from head to toe. The scents used were lavender, arnica, patchouli, sandalwood, honeysuckle, and lilac. Mistress Barb used her favorite perfume, Shalimar, to put her own touch on her personal sissy.

Each lady announced, “I anoint this sissy with this lovely scent and implore the Goddess Isis to put this sissy at peace with her new found girlishness!” Everything seemed to add up to get Denise very close to climax! The cloud of perfume surrounding her! The music. The utter helplessness of her plight! She whined slightly as she was having a little trouble coming.

At a pre-arranged signal from Barbara, Fifi, moved a chair to the right of Denise, and then knelt on the pedestal to Denise’s left. Holding a pink tinted crystal champagne glass in one hand, Fifi used the fingertips of her gloved hand to begin applying a creamy lotion to the head of Denise’s penis. Denise gasped, then looked down and smiled and winked at her new sissy sister.

Denise mouthed the words, “Thank You,” as Fifi puckered her lips and blew Denise a kiss. Just then a smiling Lydia leaned over and whispered to Barb, “This is perfect. We’ll get all the emotion drained from her this weekend. Sunday night she’ll be as limp as a dishrag and demure as a daisy for her ladies club debut. The girls will adore her,” she said to the proud Mistress Barbara.

Denise could take no more. Gasping and panting, the bells on her bracelet and Fife’s tinkling rapidly, she took a huge breath and screeched, “Mistress Babs! Mistress Babs! Oh my! I’m coming Mistress Babs!! Oh no! I’m coming!! Come she did, as Fifi caught every last drop in the champagne glass!

Good thing too. Lydia hated sissy cream being spurted on her tiled floor, though it was easy for the sissy to lick up. No rug hairs in the teeth either! Lydia was thoughtful that way. Of course Denise had to be helped into a chair and Fifi used a warm washcloth to clean her sissy clitoris off.

Then a toast was drunk to Isis, and Mrs. Silk. It wasn’t until all the ladies had kissed Denise on the forehead, that she realized the glass she had drank her “Shirley Temple” from, (the ladies drank champagne) had been the same one she had spurted into. The ginger ale had masked the salty taste.

Denise spent the entire weekend in the same way Christina did, waiting on her Mistress and wearing whatever outfit she was told to wear. Monday afternoon, her hair was shampooed, set and then dried. After drying it was done in little girlish banana curls.

After a corset was put on her, she wore a training bra for the last time. Adding a full slip and bouffant crinoline petticoats, “Little Denise” was given a lovely confection of yellow chiffon, a party dress that would make any mummy of a ten year old really proud! A lovely white sun hat was placed on her ribbon tied curls. Some ankle socks and white patent leather Mary Jane’s with adult, two-inch heels and she was ready for her debut.

The makeup was a little heavy, but then again everyone at the “Silky Ladies Club” (named in honor of Mrs. Silk) knew she wasn’t really a little girl. Denise was taken backstage, put on yet another pedestal and told to lower her eyes demurely and fold her little hands in front of her, placing her white patent leather purse over her right wrist.

The curtain opened to the strains of “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” and the ladies in the audience cooed and clapped at the sight of Rita Carson’s latest conquest. A yellow tinted spotlight highlighted the newest little star! Mistress Barb went to the stage and along with all the other ladies involved in the transformation, gave a narrated slide show, which everyone including Denise got to watch.

Every detail of her transformation beginning with her trip to the girl’s center as Pansy, to her “Milking Ceremony” at the condo, were shown. At the end of the show, Barbara led her sissy around the club to the applause of the members and she introduced her to each lady present. Then a nice dinner was served by well-groomed sissy maids, with Denise in a high chair, being fed, in turn, by each of her mentors. The event had begun at four P.M. and at the babyish hour of seven-thirty “Mummy Babs” and “Little Christine” left.

The party went on until ten P.M., and the sissy staff of the club performed the cleaning up. Denise snuggled up to Babs that evening and fell off to a peaceful secure sleep. She awoke in the morning wondering when Mistress Babs would take her in marriage. She’d have to wait a few years but the day did come.