A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !

Priscilla Gay Bouffant

Club Sachet - It's a Girl Thing

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Priscilla and Cathleen were quite pleased. Six new candidates for membership and the school year hadn't even started. "It's just so wonderful Kitty Cat!" Priscilla exclaimed patting her bobbed, honey blonde hair, "We're going to have just a charming time initiating those six lovelies."

"Oh I know Prissy," Cathleen agreed, wholeheartedly. How would you describe it? Oh, I know! Fabu! Yes, that's it! Fabu darling! Tres fabu! Really my dear it will be just such an exquisite time. I can't wait!" the sissy exclaimed emphatically while waving her hands and flapping her arms like a prissy little bird.

Prissy was VP and Cathleen was president of the sissy sorority. Both were terribly overdone and dramatic at times, but would make good private secretaries or kept trophies. They had just left Dr. Amelia Brown's office. Both having gotten a hormone booster and a prescription for another month of "pretty pills."

The sissies were on their way to Prissy's house and really excited. So excited, that as sissies will do when stimulated, they had begun to touch one another playfully. This had gone from touching to kittenish fondling. The sissies were now literally aflame with passion.

"Would you like to go to my house and take a little nap Cathy? Mother is at work. Only Miss Vicky is there cleaning house," Said the aroused sissy, in reference to the Nancy Maid his mother employed as a housekeeper. Priscilla's mother, Dominique Bouffant, owned the most popular beauty parlor in the area, Salon Bouffant. From time to time Prissy worked there. Though she was officially a trainee, her duties were often menial tasks such as shampoo girl, receptionist or clean up girl.

"That would be peachy keen, Prissy dear. Do you have a cute nightgown for me to put on?" asked the aroused Cathy. Prissy nodded as they entered the door and raced to her bedroom as the toilet scrubbing Miss Vicky looked up and smiled. Once in bed the girls cuddled and petted one another before they began to pass compliments back and forth. "I just love the sweet perfume you 're wearing Kitty Cat," said the sissy as she kissed her friend's lips.

"Oh Priss! I adore your creamy lipstick!" said the equally swish Cathleen as she began to squeeze Prissy's penis. The two were soon intertwined, tittering, petting, sighing and awash in sissified ecstasy. They built their passion to a crescendo, fondling each other’s genitals, and biting their mate's, swollen nipples.

Miss Vicky had taken a short break and from the kitchen heard the shrill screeches of these two little banshees as they finished their sissy lovemaking. The two little darlings cuddled and cooed in the aftermath. Miss Vicky understood. "We sissies are such sluts at times," she whispered to herself, smiling.

While these two dears were having their tryst, Pamela Ames was dropping off her sister Candace and her new girlfriend, Susan, at Dr. Brown's. After Candy had left the car, Pamela showed her affection for Susan by kissing her perspective sissy boy lover on the lips.

Pamela had seen a recent talk show where the topic had been, "Boyfriends in Dresses," and liked what she'd heard the women say about having a submissive sissy boy as a girlfriend, maid and lover.

The two femme boys were led from the waiting room of the Doctor's office, to a change room, where they were both given milking pinafores to put on. Of course they thought these uniforms to be exam clothing. From the change room they were taken by Nurse Strong to a large exam area.

"Candy, you get up on the table to the left, Suzy you get on the other one. The Doctor will be here soon." As the nurse finished saying this, Amelia Brown entered the room and greeted everyone pleasantly.

"Now let's see. Candace I'll examine you first. Now lets take a look at your breasts. My they are just so plump and lovely!" the Doctor exclaimed as she fondled them. "You must be very proud of them dear, they are just so corpulent!

Candace nodded her assent as the Doctor began to examine her genitals, pronouncing her penis and balls to be of an adequate size for a sissy. "Nice and tiny. Just right for a sissy! They need not be too big in any case. As a matter of fact I find large genitals, even in real men to be highly nauseating. I mean, who needs them?" the Doctor asked no one specifically.

Candace began to become aroused over all the fondling of her body, and the doctor signaled Nurse Strong, with a wink, as she instructed her other patient to come with her into the next exam room. "Suzy, follow me. Nurse would you alleviate Candy's problem please?" said the Doctor, as Suzy followed, her heels clicking on the tile floor.

Once Amelia and Susan were in the next room, Ms. Strong said smiling, "Candy dear, why don't you call me Diane?"

Dr. Brown began her exam of Susan in much the same way. "Your bosom is just lovely! They are so pert and delightful! I'll bet a slender girl like you doesn't want them any bigger? More important, I'll bet your girlfriend, Pam, loves them just as they are.

As she complimented the sissy on his slight gonads, Susan also became erect. "Oh dear, we can't have this. You can't leave here with swollen testes. We'll just have to relieve you. I'm afraid, Susan, that my nurse is now assisting Candy to ejaculate also," said the Doctor with feigned concern, as she rubbed some cold cream on her hands and began to masturbate Sissy Suzy.

Both Suzy and Candy were now both being fondled in separate rooms. Dr. Brown stayed with a standard masturbation technique for Susan, but Diane Strong decided to use a well-greased, gloved finger in Candy's rectum, in addition 
to rubbing her penis and testes.

Both girlishly dressed sissy boys whimpered in embarrassment at first, but were soon sighing in delight, just proving that they were a couple of sniveling, simpering, sissies, who sexually, were mere, timid playthings, to be had by anyone who was interested.

They both shivered and gushed as they came, and giggled as the nurse and physician cleaned them up. On the way home Pamela filled them in on the activities planned for the next couple of days.

"Candy, I want you to meet one of my sorority sisters named Robin. Both you and Susan will be doing lots of housekeeping also. You need the practice. You'll be often called upon to clean both our sorority house as well as your new one," said the sister and girlfriend of the two new sissies.

This was the first our two fairy girls had heard of their new sorority. Before it could sink in Pamela told them of some upcoming trips to Salon Bouffant in preparation for a series of "Getting to know you" and "Coming out" parties. "You are going to be two really busy little bees until school starts and even more busy once the school year gets underway."

Both sissies were dizzy with excitement by the time their mother and aunt put them to bed at their respective homes. Their scarf-covered heads rolled up in curlers, the sissies still had little trouble falling off to sleep. Being milked by their instructors took care of any nocturnal troubles. This only proved to their mentors that they were becoming more and more used to their new, overly feminine lifestyle.

Monique Ames, chatting on the phone, with her lover, Linda Cain remarked, "They are both doing wonderfully honey, even I don't get to sleep that fast with a head full of curlers!"

"Exactly dear, Linda agreed, "Most real women don't wear curlers any longer any way. Southern Belle types do. Of course sissies do also. It's part of their training."

Both women concurred that these transformations had been due for a while.