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The Sorority Trap

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I walked down the street, practicing what I would say. Sure, it was an odd request, but everyone is used to fraternity pledges doing odd things. It figures that I would be the one stuck with this job. The others were bigger, and I really wanted my pledge brothers to like me. Besides, I do get to meet some of the sorority girls - sisters to the fraternity. . That is the great thing about college, right? The chance to meet all those beautiful women? Well, I have my chance. But I never thought I'd be asking them this.

There's the house. A typical greek letter house, pretty well kept up, nicer looking than the frat house. The large Delta Gamma in pink and green letters hanging down from the third story. Why am I stalling?

"Yes?" The girl, well, young woman, she was probably on a couple of years older than my 18, didn't seemed upset with me knocking on her door. She looked me over and didn't give me a "how dare you dirty our beautiful door with your knuckles" look. She was just being nice. This might not be so hard. Right, so, I should stop staring at her cute blonde hair and just go on.

"Hi. Um, my name is Jim. I...sorry, this is kind of awkward." Very smooth Jim. She smiled. She was kinda cute when she smiled, "You must be a Theta Omega pledge, right?"

I nodded, and let out my breath. "Yes. I seem to recall you from that party two weeks ago. Sandra, right?"

She beamed, "That's right! I do remember your face. The shy one. Come on in." Well, in for a penny...

I entered. The first floor was an open common area, similar to the frat house, but of course much more tasteful. That is, the furniture matched and there weren't beer stains everywhere. Pictures of previous Delta Gamma girls were hung on the walls in class portraits. There was a small library and study area, and in the back was obviously a dining room and kitchen. These old houses, well, mansions, were great.

It helps to be an old Greek organization.

She motioned for me to sit down and she sat herself, crossing her jean-clad legs. "So, how can the Delta Gammas help you out?"

I must have blushed, but I figured I should just split it out. "Okay." Deep breath. "The pledge party is a week, and the pledges are supposed to do a skit for the fraternity brothers. Well, my pledge brothers came up with an idea, and I was, well, elected to get what we need?"

She looked a little confused, and maybe a bit angry, "The sorority can't do a skit for you, or perform. How could we help you?" What, did she think I wanted them to strip for us or something?

Nothing left to do but spit it out, "We decided to dress up like girls and do a strip tease." I waited for her reaction. She was an adult, it shouldn't be any problem. Right?

Sandra laughed. She laughed out loud. She tried to stop, but found it funny. I had to smile too, and said, "I hope the frat brothers find it as amusing. Anyway, you see our problem?"

She pushed some of her hair back and smiled, "Yes. You need clothes and things. I think we can help you. I mean, we are the sister sorority. How many pledges?"

I let out my breath, relieved. This wouldn't be so bad, "Eight of us are going to do it. Can you spare that many outfits?"

Sandra smiled, "I'll ask my sisters, but I don't see a problem." She looked me over, "With work, you'd probably make a pretty girl."

I laughed, "Thanks, I think. Fortunately, it will just be that one night. I'm joining a fraternity, not a sorority!"

She nodded, "True. So, when?"

"Next week," I answered, "For Friday night. Can I come by on Thursday to pick the stuff up?

She nodded, and I stood. I shook her hand, which seemed kind of silly, but she just smiled. This was great!! I left the house, promising to be on time and thanking her for all her help.

The week went pretty quickly. I'm not a bad student, and I enjoy my engineering classes, though as a freshman, everything was very basic. Calc 1. Physics 1. Intro to this, Intro to that. Still, it made it easier to continue my pledge work, which basically meant being a peon for the brothers. But my pledge brothers were pleased with me, and impressed that I could talk to an upper class woman and get her to help us out! Of course, none of them would come with me to get the clothes.

Ah well, I have to go to the Sorority house all by myself. What a chore. I'll just have to face the peril alone! I looked at my watch. About three hours until the party. Plenty of time to get the stuff and get ready.

Sandra was there waiting for me, as well as one of her sorority sisters. Sandra introduced us, saying, "Kim agreed to help me get the clothes together. I have about 10 outfits, I hope that is enough."

I was very happy, "That is great! We only need about eight, but this means that we should be able to find something to fit the pledges."

Sandra and Kim showed me the clothes they laid out. "I figured you'd want dresses and skirts, right?" That was what was there, eight dresses, two skirts, some sweaters and tops, and a bunch of sandals and heels. Plus underwear.

"Yes. But, um, why the panties and bras?" I figured we'd just wear our own male underwear.

Kim laughed, pushing back some of her hair (I liked watching her do that), "You are stripping right? You'll need everything." She looked me over, "Sandra, do you think this stuff will fit him?" Sandra looked me over too. I usually like having pretty women look at me, but their looks were making me nervous.

"I'm not sure. Jim, you might want to try something on, to be sure." Sandra was just being so helpful.

"That's okay. I'm sure I'll find something."

They laughed a bit, and looked like they were enjoying me squirming, "What, are you nervous or something?"

I laughed a bit too. Ha ha..."Well, it is bad enough I have to dress up in front of the guys, I'd rather not do it in front of you also!"

Kim smirked, "Hey, if you are going to borrow our stuff, the least you can do is let us see what it looks like!"

"I'd rather not, Kim."

They talked quietly to themselves, and then grinned. I didn't realize Sandra would be so evil. "Then I guess you can't borrow our clothes."

I looked at my watch, there would be no way I'd get other clothes in time, and everyone was expecting this. I sighed, "Fine, I'll try on some clothes. It isn't a big deal."

They laughed again, "Great!" Kim went over and looked through the clothes. "What do you like, Jim?" I looked over the clothes. No way I was going to wear that ultra-feminine pink dress. I picked something safe, "Um, I guess that blue skirt and sweater outfit would be okay."

I picked them up, and Sandra handed me a pair of panties, bra, and a slip. "Here."

"These too?"

"Yes. Be glad you don't have to wear pantyhose. Now change. You can use the side room."

Sighing and grumbling, I went off to one of the side rooms. This looked like a small study area, with lots of bookshelves and a couple of desks. We don't have that at the frat house. I looked at the clothes. I may as well get this over with. The bra and panties were white cotton, thank god. I quickly got my clothes off and slipped the panties on. This was really stupid. I tried to move quick so they wouldn't see me. The embarrassment was exciting me, which just made me roll my eyes.

Putting the bra on was a nightmare. I almost had to ask them for help, but I figured out that I needed to close it in front of me, then spin it around. They underwear didn't fit well, but it stayed. I pulled the white full-slip on - this was slippery, and felt interesting, then pulled the full skirt and cable sweater on. The things I do for my pledge brothers.

I walked in the other room and was met by a camera flash. "Hey! No pictures!" Sandra laughed. I was getting tired of that laugh. "Too bad, Jim. Our clothes, our rules. Let's see how you look. Spin around for us."

I would be glad when this night was over. I spun, and the skirt flared. More pictures were taken, and Kim giggled, "Jim, you look *very* pretty!"

"Gee, thanks. Look, I think it fits, though the sweater is a little tight. Thank goodness the skirt is elastic. Have you had enough fun?"

"No!" Sandra pulled out a floppy hat, "Try this." I put it on, whatever. More pictures were taken. "I'll put some hats with the clothes, I think it helps."

"He should be one of our pledges, Sandra!" Kim laughed, and so did Sandra.

I had to laugh, "I don't think so, but thanks for the offer. I'm going to change now, okay?"

Kim smiled at me, in a way I didn't like, "If you ask us prettily, then you can change and we'll let you go with the clothes." Sandra smirked.

I sighed. Fine. "Please, Kim, and Sandra, may I change my clothes now?"

"Not pretty enough." Sandra grabbed her own skirt and dipped down, "Curtsey, like this." Kim laughed even more.

I rolled my eyes, just wanting this humiliation done. "Okay...okay." I carefully grabbed the skirt I was wearing like she did, dipped down, lowered my head slightly, and said, feeling like an idiot, "Please, may I go change my clothes now?" I wasn't surprised when they took another picture.

They smiled and wave, "Sure, go ahead. You need to get going, you don't want to be late!"

I quickly rushed to the other room and got out of the clothes as fast as I could and changed. When I returned they had everything in a bunch of garment bags, "You'll return these tomorrow,right?"

I nodded, "Yes, and thanks again."

"For dressing you up?" asked Sandra. "Sure, anytime!"

"No no, for loaning me... nevermind. I'll really be glad when tonight is over. One day in skirts is enough!" I quickly left, they were starting to scare me.

I did get to the party in time, and my pledge brothers couldn't believe I actually got the stuff. The frat brothers were already partying, so we just got dressed to do our skit. We all looked pretty stupid, but it went over well enough. We got the typical cat calls and whistles, but we only stripped down the underwear. None of us wore the girl stuff, and no one cared. So, it was a success. The bad news was that beer got spilled on the clothes, but I didn't that would be a big deal. The frat brothers teased us about being sissies, and we emphatically said that this was just to be silly. I'm sure they believed us, but I didn't want to be associated with that. When they found out I got the clothes I got extra ribbing, but I think they believed me when I said I didn't enjoy dressing like a girl. Which was true, I didn't.

Saturday morning, as planned, I went back to the sorority house and spoke to Sandra, thanking her and apologizing for messing up some of the clothes. She wasn't pleased at all.

"You didn't even clean this stuff!" She wrinkled her nose at the beer smell.

"Yes, but I honestly don't know how to clean these fabrics. I could have caused more harm than good."

"And this dress will need to be dry cleaned!" Great, just great. Like I could get the money for that from my pledge brothers.

"I...don't have much money. Look, I'm sorry. I wish I could help."

Sandra glared at me, "You will. I want you to wash, dry, and iron all these clothes, and take these dresses to the dry cleaners. I'll give you money for that."

I actually had to laugh at that. "I am sorry about all that, but the stains weren't that bad. I have a pledge meeting this afternoon, and I'm not missing that just to wash your clothes."

Kim had arrived and Sandra showed her the clothes and beer stains. She wasn't happy, and agreed that I needed to make it up to them. I had just had about enough so I got up to leave, "Again, thank you for the clothes, and I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't make the stains though, it wasn't my fault!"

"It doesn't matter, Jim, we trusted you. And you will stay." She caught up to me and grabbed my arm. She wasn't gentle, but I could have kept going except she showed me a picture held in her other hand. It was me, of course, posing in a skirt and sweater, looking like I enjoyed it.

I grabbed for it, and she let me take the picture. "You can keep it if you like," she teased. "We have over a dozen more, and all of them have been scanned on the computer." She smiles wickedly, "I wonder how your beloved fraternity pledges and brothers would react to seeing those pictures."

I sighed. She knew I'd never live it down. It wouldn't ruin my life or anything, but I'd never get over it.

Still..."You are crazy. This is like a bad television plot or something, you can't really be blackmailing me!"

Sandra chimed in, "Yes, actually, I guess that is what we are doing. So, are you reading to do your laundry."

"But what about my pledge meeting?"

"It looks like you are going to miss it, unless you work really hard."

I tried to think of a way out, but those pictures were not good. Gritting my teeth, I said, "Fine. Let's get this over with."

The two girls laughed, and gave each other high-fives. This was just great. Instead of football, I get to do laundry. Kim took over, and she really seemed to enjoy ordering me around. She showed me where the laundry room was, and the ironing board. When told her I just threw all my clothes in one load, she rolled her eyes and explained how everything had to be separated. I didn't pay much attention, just making the piles as she instructed. They weren't very large, so she called on some of her other sisters, and they brought down more clothes they wanted washed. One of them, Amy, was positively excited, "Can we keep him to do our laundry all the time??" My eyes widened and I said no way, but I didn't here any answer from Kim.

I put in the first load, and got the pile of dry cleaning. Others brought more clothes for the dry cleaner, so I had a big pile of stuff to bring over...all girl's clothes. I couldn't believe it. Before I left though, a girl named Emily said, "Hey, Jimmy, as long as you are out, here is $5, pick me up the latest Cosmo."


"You know, the magazine, Cosmopolitan?"

"I know what it is. I'm not buying any girl magazines."

Kim gave me a look, "I really don't like your attitude. You will get the magazine, and you'll thank Emily for suggesting it."

My jaw must have hit the ground, "Are you nuts?"

She just smiled, "I guess I have a web page to make." She started to walk upstairs, but before I knew it, I yelled out, "Wait! Don't...okay. Just don't get carried away, please?"

Kim looked at me, "Don't you have something to say to Emily?"

Ugh. I looked at Emily, and tried to calmly say, "Thank you, Emily, for letting me get Cosmo for you."

She patted my hair, "You are welcome, Sweetie. If you nice, I'll let you borrow it when I'm done!" They all had a good laugh at that. I decided I needed to get out of there, so I grabbed the clothes and left.

The dry cleaners wasn't too bad. He said they'd be ready on Wednesday, and gave me the tickets and a bill to be paid then. I stopped off at a convenience store. It wasn't too crowded, but I had to ask a girl to move aside so I could grab Cosmo. She smiled at me and told me that she loved that issue. I just ignored her, paid the money and left. I'm sure everyone there thought the magazine was for me, and I wanted to just crawl into a hole.

I slipped the magazine into my bookbag, and hoped the perfume wouldn't stink up the bag. When I got back to the sorority house I gave the magazine to Emily, who thanked me and started flipping through it. I was led down to the laundry room by Kim, who showed me what I could throw in the drier and what needed to be ironed. After throwing in another load (and I swear there were more clothes there than before!) I got my first ironing lesson. It took forever. I wasn't finished before the loads were done, and it was just piling up.

All the sorority girls thought it fun to come down and watch. They gave me 'helpful' suggestions, and kept adding clothes. They loved not having to do their own laundry, and I was getting a very bad feeling. Of course they took more pictures, and there wasn't a thing I could do about that.

Late afternoon they decided to order pizza. They didn't ask what I wanted, but they said I could join them for dinner. Normally, eating with all these girls would be great, but I wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Unfortunately, with all the clothes being added, it would be days before I was done!

When the pizza arrived, the girls gathered in the dining room. Kim had me hand out the plates and napkins, and all the girls really laughed at that. One of them, Jennifer, said it was great having a waiter help them. That was when her sister Shawn said, "No no, he's more like a waitress!" One of them got the great idea of putting an apron on me. It wasn't too frilly, but it was an apron. I was too exhausted to stop them, and I was just hoping that if I went along with this they'd get tired and stop.

They didn't. I didn't eat for an hour. They had me go back and forth getting drinks for them, another slice of pizza. They said I was better than their pledges. I was eventually allowed to eat, but in the kitchen. They decided they wanted to talk about me, as I saw them looking at me, talking, then laughing. When I went to eat I started to take off the apron, but Sandra said, "No, keep your apron on dear." My apron?? "You are going to wear it while doing the laundry anyway from now on!"

I just hung my head. I didn't think it could get any worse. I was wrong

I finished eating, and right away the sorority girls had tasks for me to do. I couldn’t believe it, I felt like their newest toy, and they just wouldn’t leave me alone.

"Jimmy," cooed Jennifer, "You should do the dishes now." She laughed, "Isn’t it great, with him around we don’t have to do any chores around here!" The other girls agreed with her!

I had to put my foot down. "No. Look, enough is enough. I know you have the pictures, but you can’t keep me here more than one day. People will notice if I’m gone from the dorm, and I do have classes and stuff! I’ve already missed my pledge activities today. If I’m gone tomorrow, I’ll be in big trouble."

Sandra giggled, but said, "He’s right, you know. This is fun, but we should probably stop."

I breathed a sigh of relief, until Kim said, "No WAY!" All the girls, and I, turned to look at her. "This is our big chance. Those frat boys are always hitting on us, being sexist, not treating us fair. This is our chance to even it out a bit. It won’t hurt them, but I think someone who pledges the same fraternity should pay. We can’t get them, but we can get little Jimmy here." She looked at me, "Shouldn’t you be doing the dishes?"

I gulped, but started on the dishes. I didn’t like where this was going. Shawn asked, "Get him how?" By her looks, she looks not only curious, but also intrigued.

Kim smiled wickedly, "Little Jimmy can be our pet, our little slave girl. Cause of those pictures we have him where we want him, and the more he does, the more he’ll have to do." She was talking about me as if I wasn’t even there. I flushed with embarrassment. "Imagine, if he gets accepted into the frat, the humiliation they’d have if they found out one of their brothers was acting like a feminine serving girl!"

They all laughed at that. Ha ha. I scrubbed a plate, not happy at all.

"Hey! Shawn, go get my cap from your Halloween costume last year," Kim said. Shawn looked at her fun, then brightened when she figured out why. While Shawn went upstairs, Kim continued, "He can come by every day after his classes, and do whatever we want! Not only will we not have any housework to do, but he’ll entertain us in any way we wish!"

Putting down her Cosmopolitan, Emily agreed, "Oh yes, that would be such fun! Jimmy..." she called to me. I didn’t turn my head, I just tried to ignore her, "Would you like to be a sorority maid?" I had to close my eyes, this couldn’t be happening. "Or perhaps you’d rather be a pledge girl?"

I tried to remain quiet, but Kim came up behind me and slapped me on my butt. Hard. "Hey!" I almost dropped the dish, and thank god I didn’t.

"Answer her, Jimmy." Kim looked me right in the eyes.

"I don’t want to do either, Kim, Emily. Please, just let me go."

Emily just smiled, "He can’t decide. That probably means he wants both. Perhaps we should help him..."

Shawn came back downstairs, saving me (I guess) by diverting their attention. She had something lacy in her hands. "I found it!"

Taking it from her, Kim smiled hugely, "Perfect! Jimmy, face me." What choice did I have? I faced her. She then pinned what could only be a maid’s cap to head. Bits of lace trailed down the back of my head. She adjusted it, laughing, and said, "Perfect. Now finish the dishes, girl." I groaned, but turned around and grabbed a fork to clean. Jennifer took that moment to take another picture. I wanted to cry.

While I cleaned, they teased me. "You look so pretty in your cute maid’s hat, Jim." "What a great housewife you will make!" On and on it went.

I eventually finished as there wasn’t that much to do. "Can I go home now, please?"

Jennifer shook her head, along with everyone else, "No, you still have laundry to do. Go downstairs and do it. Now."

I went, anything to get out of there. I heard Kim start to talk about some ideas she had, but I couldn’t hear her for long. They actually left me alone for a couple of hours. I didn’t dare take off the apron or cap ñ what if they came down stairs?

Eventually, everything was either folded or hung. I never thought I’d hate the site of women’s lingerie, but I did. I rubbed my eyes and walked upstairs. They were all in the common area, talking.

"Ah, there’s our girl!" Shawn seemed to delight in calling me a girl. "All done your chores?" They all smiled at me.

What could I say, "Yes, I am. Can I go home now, please? It is really late." There, I was begging.

They nodded, but grinned. Emily came over to me, "Sure, you can. But we have some ground rules for you." Oh no, here it comes. "We’ve decided we like having you do all this stuff for us, so we are going to continue." My eyes widened, but she went on. "IF, and only if, you do a good job, then your secret will be safe. Eventually, we’ll let you go. We decided that just knowing that we have a fraternity brother as a slave girl is good enough. So, if you make it in your fraternity, we’ll let you go."

I was relieved; there was a way out. Emily was laughing behind her hand, but I ignored it. "So that means that I can do all my pledge functions."

"Of course!" Kim sounded like she was giving me the world. "Unless it interferes with your duties here, and you’ll have a lot."

I just lowered my head, "Okay, I agree. Can I go now."

Emily adjusted my cap, "No silly, we have some rules! We wrote them up, and your first assignment is to memorize them and be able to say them to us." Oh god no. "Here is the list."

The paper was pink and green, with their letterhead, and it had the following:

1. I will address each sister with the title of Miss (example: Miss Emily) and show proper respect.

2. I will always wear my sorority pledge bracelet as a token of your position.

I looked up, horrified, "A bracelet?"

Emily pointed, "Keep reading, then we’ll explain." Grimacing, I continued reading out loud.

3. During class hours, my time is my own, but weekdays after class and all day Saturday, I will report to the sorority house.

4. I will always stand in the presence of a sister, and stand with my feet together and hands folded in front of me, with my head down and eyes toward her feet, unless told otherwise.

5. I will wear my pretty apron and maid’s cap when working at the house. (ugh!)

6. I will buy and read Seventeen every month, and always carry the current issue in my book bag. (I looked up, wanting to protest, but Emily glared, so I just read on, not believing this.)

7. I will keep a girl’s notebook of all my assignments, writing in it using a pink pen, and show it to a sister whenever asked. They are also to be carried at all time.

8. I will be a happy sorority maid. If at any time I’m not a happy girl, I can expect to be punished.

I lowered the note. I wanted to crawl in a hole ñ they were all laughing, at me, and clapping. Shawn got up, "Here is your new pledge bracelet!" She wrapped the small delicate bracelet around my right wrist and clasped it together. It was linked pink and green tiny jeweled hearts, with the greek letters Delta and Gamma dangling like charms. Anyone could tell it was a girl’s bracelet a mile away. Shawn noted, "You might be able to take it off, but the clasp is so small it will take two hands to put it back on. I doubt you’ll ask your friends for help. Besides, we’ll be checking for that bracelet all the time." She paused, then looked at me, "You had better thank me, Jim."

I was in shock, so I just mumbled, "Thank you." She looked at me harder. I’m not stupid, so I just cringed and said, "Thank you...Miss Shawn." They all got a great laugh of out that.

Shawn then adjusted my posture to conform to rule 4 and she smiled, ruffling my hair. "Perfect. Hmm...eventually we’ll have to work on your posture." Great, just great. We expect to see your new magazine, notebook, and pen on Monday after class. Where you get it is up to you.

"But why do I have to get that stuff? And why Seventeen? Isn’t that for teenage girls?"

Kim tsked at me, "Now now, ask if you can speak next time." I glared, but she just laughed.

Shawn answered, "Well, the only answer you really need is because we said so. But...we’ve decided you need to understand women if you want to serve them better. And the best way to understand them is to learn and act like them. So this is a start. And yes, Seventeen is for teenage girls. We figured you’d have a lot to learn, so you should start that way. Don’t worry, if you are a good girl, you will be able to read more mature magazines eventually. That is, unless you want to buy Cosmopolitan or Glamour now also."

I quickly responded, "No no! One magazine is enough...Miss Shawn." I can’t believe it, I’m glad to be reading a girl’s magazine, because it isn’t more than one. The bracelet, though small, hung like a huge weight, tickling my wrist.

Emily spoke up, "And you had better pay attention to rule 8. If you aren’t happy, and I hope you aren’t, you will get punished. And we have some great ideas for you!"

I glanced over a Sandra. She just smiled and shrugged. She didn’t seem as into it as the others, but she wasn’t stopping it either.

Kim added, "The notebook and pen better be distinctly feminine, something a collage or high school girl would use." She then asked me, "Any questions?"

I had a million questions, but all I wanted to do was get out of there, quickly. I shook my head no.

"I couldn’t here you." Kim smiled like an evil cat.

I look at her, then lowered my head, "No, Miss Kim, I don’t have any questions."

She clapped her hands, "Good! Then you can take off your cap and apron. Fold them by the table at the door, and you can go. See you Monday after class, and don’t forget your assignments and to copy your notes in the book!"

I took the horrid stuff off, folded it quickly, and ran out the door. Laugher followed me down the street.

It was late, so I made it back to my dorm room unnoticed. I fell right asleep, luckily avoiding any nightmares. I was living a nightmare, so why would I have to dream one?

When I woke up, the first thing I saw was the stupid bracelet. Shawn was right ... I might be able to take it off, but there was no way I’d get it back on. I was stuck with it. I guess it is long sleeves for me. At least it is late fall.

When I went to shower I realized I had another problem. While I have my own dorm room (very tiny dorm room), the showers were for the entire floor. Sure, there were individual stalls, but we dressed and undressed in the open. Someone walked in while I was about to get in the shower. I hid my wrist quickly and stepped in. He didn’t see it, but he did look at me oddly. It didn’t escape me that the only thing I was wearing was a piece of sorority jewelry. Some man I am.

I waited until my floormate was in the shower before I left. I dried quickly, put on my bathrobe, and escaped to my room. While getting dressed, I had a great idea. Instead of wearing my watch on my left hand, I put it on my right, wrapping it over the bracelet! If I were careful, wearing a long sleeve shirt, no one would see anything.

I met my pledge brothers by the frat house. They gave me a hard time about missing the meeting, but were pretty cool about it. I was allowed to miss a few, but that was the quickest way to not get in. I’d have to be careful. We played some touch football. My game was completely off. Not that I’m good to begin with, but I was constantly checking to make sure the stupid bracelet wasn’t showing. They laughed at my ability, and told me not to play next time unless my mind was on the game

I couldn’t study, so I just ate quickly and decided to get my "shopping" done. Kmart was the best place. It was near campus, so I could walk, and they had school supplies. As well as every magazine in existence. The place wasn’t too crowded, but people did look at me while I flipped through the school supplies. I found a notebook that had pink hearts on the cover. It was the best one there that I though would satisfy the bitches...er...sisters. I got pink pen with small white hearts on it. I shoved them to the bottom of my basket and went to the magazine section. I found Seventeen there, grabbed that and quickly grabbed Maxim. I figured that if I had a guys magazine, the cashier would think that the other stuff was for my fictitious little sister. It was the best I could do.

The cashier did tease me, telling me to enjoy the Seventeen. I did glare at her, openly, but didn’t say anything. I think she knew it was for me. I think everyone knew it was for me. What had my life turned into?

Back home I did some of my class work ñ the bare minimum I thought I could get away with. It was too freaked out to do more. Then I copied the rules into my notebook - the pink one, with the pink pen, wearing the pink and green bracelet. If my pledge brothers saw me they’d beat the crap out of me. I tried memorizing the rules, and got pretty far. Saying them over and over drove me nuts! I am NOT a maid, and I’m definitely not happy about acting like a girl!!

I got up very early on Monday to avoid anyone in the shower. I got lucky, for once. Classes were okay, until Kim found me between classes.

"Jimmy!" She waved, happily. I couldn’t hide. Normally, I would have loved a sorority girl noticing me. Not anymore. I am really glad I decided to put the girl stuff in my book bag. Unfortunately, whenever I opened the bag, the perfume smell assaulted me. I figured everyone would notice it.

I walked over to her and very quietly said, "Yes, Miss Kim?" People were all around us, but not paying attention as they went to their classes.

She smiled, looked me over, and then frowned, "Where is your bracelet?" I swallowed, and held out my arm, pushing up my sleeve. "Under your watch? Are you ashamed of wearing a pledge bracelet?" She was too loud, people were looking a bit as they walked by."

"Please Miss Kim, not so loud. I’m not ashamed, I just...didn’t want to...that is..."

She laughed, but thankfully lowered her voice. "Give me your watch."

I blinked at her, "What?"

"I’m not going to ask again, Jimmy, give me your watch."

I handed over my watch. The bracelet’s charms jingled happily against my wrist. "That was a mistake, Jimmy. We’ll punish you tonight. Now, give me your book bag." What could I do? I handed that over. She opening it up, and pulled out the book, and laughed, "Perfect!" She found the Seventeen magazine, and said, "Good, you got that too. You’re going to love it." Yeah. I can’t wait. I just kept quiet. She patted me on my cheek, "You did something right at least. See you tonight!" She left, not a care in the world. Unlike me.

All I could think about during my next two classes was the bracelet. I carried my arm oddly so it would slip down my wrist to onto my hand and show. Sandra caught up with me, and smiled, "Jim, how is it going?"

"How do you think, Miss Sandra."

She pouted, "Oh, when we are alone, you can just call me Sandra. What’s wrong?" She pulled me over to sit down next to her.

"What’s wrong?" I decided to risk it. "Everything! All this girl stuff! The sorority sisters are having a field day with me, and I can’t see a way out it. I’m walking around wearing a girl’s bracelet, and ..." I tried to keep my voice down, "and carrying a girl’s notebook and Seventeen."

Sandra looked at the bracelet, and smiled, "Jim, it isn’t so bad. Besides, it looks pretty on you!" I couldn’t believe she said that. She played with the bracelet on my wrist, "Let me see the book."

Handing it over, she just laughed, "Oh, that is too much! The girls will love it!"

"Kim does, she found me earlier."

Sandra got serious, "That’s good. She is really upset with the fraternity, you don’t want to get on her bad side." I decided not to bring up my watch. She was still touching my wrist and hand. I was getting aroused...this was so weird. "That bracelet does look pretty on you."

"Gee, thanks."

"Don’t worry." She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "It can’t be so bad, can it?"

Now I was stunned. She kissed me, exciting me, and yet she just didn’t understand, scaring the hell out of me. She just smiled while I was silent, got up, and walked away. She looks really cute in her long skirts....

After classes I stopped off at my dorm room to put my class books away, and then went over to the sorority. With dread I knocked on the door. Shawn let me in, and smiled when she saw me, "Jimmy! Come on in!" I quickly darted in. I didn’t want anyone from the fraternity catching me there. She pelted me with questions about the bracelet, and my assignments. But she then stopped and said, "Wait, you have to put on your uniform!"

Cringing, I did, putting on the cap and apron. She helped me with the cap, having fun adjusting it. I felt like her stupid Barbie doll. "The girls are waiting for you, come on!" She led me to the main room, and nine girls were there, four of whom I didn’t know. They all laughed when I came in. I just lowered my head and stood appropriately.

Kim talked first. "Jimmy, let me show you something before you read off your assignments." She led me to the computer, and there to my horror was a web page all about me. It was titled, "Jimmy, the Sorority Maid!" It was full of pictures of me, the captions about how much I loved being a serving girl.

"But...you said you wouldn’t do that if I obey!" I was horrified! All that stupid stuff today for nothing! This couldn’t be happening!

She laughed, "No no, Jimmy. It isn’t up yet. This is just local. But we could easily put it on the net. So...will you be a good girl?"

She had me. Everyone could see it. I’d never get a job after college. I lowered my head, "Yes, Miss Kim." Defeated, I added, "I’ll be a good girl."

All the girls loved that and applauded and laughed. Emily stood next and said, "Okay, Jimmy, recite your rules."

I tried, I really did, but I was shaken up. That is what they wanted. I needed to be prompted, and they had me repeat it over and over. I will wear my pretty apron. I will be a happy sorority maid. Over and over.

Kim then told everyone about what I did with my watch. She was wearing it. They all said I needed to be punished. Jennifer looked through my book bag and complimented me on the pretty book and pen. She had me put the pen behind my ear, and hold the notebook like a girl, against my chest. She asked me how I liked Seventeen.

"I...haven’t read it, Miss Jennifer."

She frowned, "Not any of it?"

"No...I’m really sorry, Miss Jennifer!" What was I saying? She had me hold that too, with the notebook. They started discussing my conduct, when Jennifer ordered me to go do some dishes that got dirty. I was never so glad to do dishes in my life. "Yes, Miss Jennifer," and off I went. They checked on me periodically, and as soon I was done they called me back in.

"Jimmy, you’ve been a bad girl, right?" Emily was really enjoying this. "Right? Say it."

"Yes, I’ve been a bad ... girl, Miss Emily."

"So you need to be punished, right?"

"Y...yes, Miss Emily."

"Good!" With that, two girls got up and grabbed my arms and took me to the door. Before I knew it, they pushed me outside, in the apron and maid’s cap! Emily said with glee, "Stand there, your back to the door, until we tell you to come back in. Say anything or leave or do anything but stand there in your proper manner, and you’ll stay out there much longer." She made a hand motion behind the screen door for me turn around. I wanted to protest, to do anything, but they could easily lock me out. So I turned around.

It was dark, but people were walking and driving by. They couldn’t tell who was up there, but they could walk up and see if they wanted to. I closed my eyes, hoping to disappear. Time just crawled. I heard a car honk, and opened my eyes, but I couldn’t tell if it was directed at me. Days later, well, five minutes later, they asked if I wanted to come inside. I said, "Yes, please Miss Emily. I want to be a good maid for you, and continue to clean now!" I would have agreed to anything at that point.

They debated, and I just stood there, not wanting to upset them anymore. They finally let me in, and I rushed inside and stood at attention. It was Shawn’s turn.

"Now Jimmy, you actually were good today also. You did wear your bracelet, though you shouldn’t have covered it up. And you did make all your purchases. So, we have a reward for you!"

I didn’t trust them at all. A reward? This couldn’t be good. I was right.

Sandra came over and held up a sorority shirt. It was green, with the Delta and Gamma in big pink letters on the chest, and three quarter sleeves. No way it was male clothing. "Ta da! Aren’t you happy?" Sandra honestly looked as if she was giving me reward.

Emily gave me a look, then looked at the door. I got the hint, "Yes, Miss Sandra, I love it."

She smiled, "Good, let’s put it on!" She took off my t-shirt and carefully slipped it over my head, then happily readjusted the cap and apron. "There, it is like we are sisters!"

"You will wear that all day tomorrow, Jimmy," Emily told me. I could only nod and say I would. How would I get around the shirt, everyone would notice? "Oh...and don’t put on anything over it, except your jacket, and you have to take it off or keep it open whenever you can. We will be watching you!"

Another girl, Katie said, "Wait, let’s complete it!" She ran upstairs and came down with a pair of jeans. They looked normal to me, Levi’s at least, but I didn’t know what Nouveau meant. They had me take off my pants in front of them, and hold up the apron (not my apron, even though they said it was!) to show them my briefs. That got a laugh or ten, and then I put the jeans on. They fit funny, but Katie did pick my size.

Emily figured it out, "Perfect, Katie! Guys will not notice they aren’t men’s jeans, but any girl looking at them will, perfect! You’ll wear them tomorrow too."

I wanted to die. Almost head to toe in girl clothes, and tomorrow I’d be walking in public like a sorority pledge. In girl jeans and a girl’s shirt! Pink and green!

Emily smiled at me in that way that terrified me. "I am still upset about what you did with your watch." She glanced over at Kim, who was now wearing it, like a trophy. She could wear a guy’s watch and no one would bat an eyelash. "But I do feel sorry you lost yours, so here, you can wear mine." And with that, she took off her watch and clasped it onto my other wrist. It was a woman’s watch, with a very thin silver band and face. At the clasp was a tiny little chain that dangled. Both my wrists looked really feminine. I couldn’t stand it! "Don’t thank me, I know you love it!"

Kim hit me hard in the ass, "Now... you’ve been punished and rewarded, and your chores are done for this evening." I dared not move and just let her hit me. "Only one thing left to do...read your magazine!"

And I did. She had me sit down, with me knees together like a girl. All the sisters loved it. I had to tell them outfits I wanted to wear (dresses, of course). I had to take the quiz, to find out what television star was my ‘dream guy.’ (In case you want to know, it was Scrub’s JD, cause he, ugh, "treats me like a Princess." They all loved that, and threatened more ideas.) I had to write down in the notebook my favorite outfits, describing them, and how I wanted to wear them. I had to look at everything in the magazine as if I was a girl, and they wouldn’t let me forget it.

How could I forget, with me in girl’s jeans, bracelet, and a sorority shirt?

It is Tuesday morning. I’m already for class. Not a normal college guy, no, not me. After last night ... Sigh. I guess I don’t look like a girl, from far away. Or from close up, either. But from far away, no one will think I’m wearing girl clothes. Close up? No question about it. The pull over shirt is not only pink and green Sorority, with embroidered letters, but also three-quarter sleeves. They don’t hide my new pledge bracelet and girl’s watch. The jeans fit me all wrong. If I just wore those, I don’t think anyone would notice, but with all the other stuff, people will notice. Women will notice.

I hung my head in my hands. If I go to classes, I’ll be humiliated. If I don’t wear this stuff, I’ll get into worse trouble. I had to think. I crawled into bed without bothering to change. I can miss a few classes, and make them up later.

I must have fallen asleep, cause there was a knock on my door that woke me up. It was a bit loud, but I didn’t want to see anyone. It didn’t stop though. "Who’s there?"

"It is me, Kim. Open up, now!"

Why did she have to show up? I opened the door and she stepped in. She was mad, but after looking at me she smiled, and said while I closed the door, "At least you are dressed properly. Why weren’t you at class?"

"I ... just couldn’t go, Miss Kim. I could barely get out of bed. I ..."

"Look, I don’t care about your excuses. You were given an order and you disobeyed. You obviously need to be punished." She looked around my room.

It was time to plead, "But Miss Kim, what will people say when they see me like this?"

She just laughed, "That is your problem, not mine. Be glad you are wearing jeans, right?"

I lowered my head. "Yes, you are right."


I swallowed. I really hated this, "Thank you for letting me wear jeans, Miss Kim." She raised an eyebrow at me, so I said, "Girl jeans, that you for letting me wear girl’s jeans."

She patted the side of my cheek, "You are welcome, my girl! Now, about your punishment. Oh, I know!" Going to my dresser, she opened the top drawer and found my underwear. She pulled all of my underpants out and shoved them in a trash bag. She couldn’t be serious. "Go through your dirty laundry, and get me the rest." I did. I was terrified of her. She then fingered my groin, and I just froze. "Now, I know you have one more pair on. Here is your assignment before you come by after classes." God help me I was getting aroused. "You need new underwear, and proper girls wear what?" I just swallowed. "Panties, of course! So, go to Victoria’s Secret and pick up a dozen. They must be colorful, in lace or satin. Your choice of style, sweetie. Just carry the bag outside of your backpack, and we’ll let you change when you show up." She then grabbed my groin, kinda hard, "And, if you don’t go to class, then you and I will take a trip to Vickie’s, and you’ll be buying more than just panties. Understand?"

Quickly, I responded, "Yes, Miss Kim. I understand!" I had to go shopping? Like this?? For panties???

Still holding my underwear in a bag, she held the door open. I guessed I’d never see my underwear again. I could buy new ones, but what would be the point? "Time for class, young lady." Meekly, I left the sanctuary of my room.

Classes were hell. Everyone noticed how I was dressed. And I mean everyone. Guys just pointed, laughed, called me a fag or a sissy. That I could almost laugh off, make it like a joke. The women were worse, especially the ones who knew me, who I tried to be friends with or tried to ask out. "Jim, you look so cute!" "Jim, I have those same pair of jeans!" "Jimmy, where did you get that pretty bracelet!" "Are you wearing panties too?" Not yet ... but I just answered no.

They did want to know why I was dressed that way. The only answer I could think of was, "I lost a bet with Delta Gamma, so now I have to dress like one of their pledges." That brought on another round of laughter. They’d want to know for how long, and I just shrugged.

A friend of mine from high school, Sharon, who has known me for years, just couldn’t stop laughing. She was so helpful too, "When you need a gown for the formal, I’ll be glad to loan you one!" Thanks a lot, Sharon.

"You’re so nice, Sharon. But I don’t think it will go that far."

"Too bad." She patted my back for some reason, smiled, then walked away.

It was only a matter of time before my pledge brothers stopped me. Some were in my class, so they had to have known.

"What gives?" they asked.

What could I say? I told the truth, well, mostly the truth. "It is payment for being allowed to borrow their clothes for the pledge party."

They laughed, mostly, but said, "You really are getting the fraternity a bad name. They had their fun, but enough is enough, okay?"

I agreed and left quickly. After all, I had to go to the mall and shop for some ... new underwear. I usually like going to the mall. They have good books stores, and the computer game store. Like any red-blooded man, I noticed the Victoria’s Secret store. I love looking at the models wearing practically nothing. I’ve never been inside one though, and now I had to go not to get a gift for a girlfriend, but for me.

The day was already so bad I didn’t even hesitate. I walked right in and went over to a display with panties. They weren’t hard to find ñ there were panty displays everywhere. I was looking (not touching!) a display with satin panties when a sales girl came by. "My name is Becky. Can I help you?"

"Um, no, I’m just here to pick up some panties."

She smiles, "Ah, what size is your girl friend?"

Oh, that will work, my girlfriend! "She’s, um..." Very smooth of me, I got really flustered.

She started to laugh, "Oh...maybe there isn’t the girlfriend." Raising her voice slightly, she said, "Or are these panties for you?"

I made a shushing motion, "Please, keep your voice down."

Thankfully, she lowered her voice. "Then tell me truth? If you are honest, I’ll help you."

"Okay. I lost a bet with Delta Gamma, and I have to pick up a dozen satin ... panties in my size. Will you help me, please?"

Becky grinned. "Sure! I’d love to help!" Why do they all love to help? She looked me over, up and down, and said, "You are pretty thin...let’s try a size six." She grabbed a pink pair and my hand and pulled me to the dressing rooms.

"Wait, I can’t go in there!"

"Sure you can, if I’m with you. Look, you don’t want to go to all this trouble and get the wrong sizes, do you?" She had a point. Shamefaced I followed her in. "Now, take off your pants and underwear and try these on. Call me and let me know if you need a larger size." Pushing me in a changing room, she thrust the panties in my hand and closed the curtain.

This was getting worse and worse. Stuck in Victoria’s Secret, and I have to try on panties! The sooner I do this, I guess, the quicker I’m done. I take off my pants and underwear and hang them on one of the hooks. The panties are so soft, I shouldn’t be wearing these! I slip them on quickly. Becky was good, they fit perfectly. They looked just like bikini bottoms. In a quiet voice I said, "They fit fine." As I start to pull them down she pulls the curtain aside!

I pull them back up and she takes my pants and underwear, "Yes, the sure do! Hang on a second." She takes them back out with her! I close the curtain as I see women coming into the room. She comes back inside, without my clothes, and is on the phone. "Hi! This is Becky at Victoria’s Secret. Did you send..." She gives me a look so I tell her my name, "...a Jim here to get some panties? What? You don’t know about that? Yes, I’ll hang on..." She looks at me, "If you are lying...you will be in such trouble." She goes back to paying attention to the phone. "Hello? Oh, okay, you did send him here? One dozen pairs? That must have been some bet! What? You are kidding? Oh, I see! Do you mind if I...great! This will be fun!" She clicked her phone off and smiled at me. "Well sweetie, you did have to get panties, but you did lie to me. There was no bet, you are just in trouble with the sorority. Well...I work on commission. So...I think you need something to go with these. Don’t go away, cutie!" Like I could go anywhere.

She came back pretty quickly, "Here you go! Isn’t it pretty." She was holding a matching bra in her hand, "Our second skin satin, in classic full coverage. Take off your cute sorority shirt and try it on."


"Now...or I bring in other salesgirls." I complied. She had me turn around and hold out my arms, "When I saw you in the cute sorority outfit I knew something was up, especially those girl jeans!!" She put my arms through the loops then slowly, teasingly, brought it up to my chest. The satin cups cruelly caressed my chest as she clasped the bra behind my back. If felt like I was in prison. She happily adjusted the straps. "Perfect! Just so you know, you are a size 36 a. Aren’t you lucky? Barely an ‘a’ cup, so here are some tissues to fill it out. Are the straps tight? Sorry, but we girls have to suffer for our beauty!" She kept playing with the straps, "Now, be a good girl and put your shirt on...yes, over your bra." My bra? "I’ll go and get the rest of our order, some matching bras and something else for you too!" I had to stand there, waiting for her in the pink bra and panties. Looking down, I could see the bra had a small satin bow between the cups. It almost looked like I had breasts! I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror ñ I felt like a freak.

When she came back she checked that I was still wearing the pink bra, then she handed me my pants. After I put them on and buttoned them (I’ll never get used to the button being on the wrong side), she pulled out a long sweater, "Ta da! Isn’t it perfect!" She slipped it on me. It was one of those new knee length ones, in powder blue no less. Gleefully she wrapped the tie around my waist, "All the girls are wearing these. At a distance, people will notice you now!" Great. I’m so happy.

Becky pulled me out of the dressing room. There were some customers who looked, pointed, and stared at me. I wanted to crawl in a hole. She put me in front of the counter and went around behind in it. In a normal voice, which everyone could hear, she said, "So, a dozen panties, bras, and the sweater. Is that all sir?" Everyone was paying close attention. The sales girl next to her laughed and covered her mouth.

As quietly as a could, with my lips barely moving, I said, "No, that is all thanks." I gave her my credit card.

She took it and smiled, "That style of satin bra looks good on you." She turned to her work-mate, "Don’t you think so Cindy?" Cindy just laughed and agreed, saying how pretty I must feel underneath. Some women walked out of the store, horrified, but most stayed and laughed at me. "Let’s see. Your bras are two for $40, while the panties are 3 for $21. With the sweater...that is such a good look for you!... that total comes to...$389.42. Are you sure you don’t want a nightgown or something?" She gave me such a mockingly innocent look.

"No, please, I need to get back."

She placed all the items in the bright pink Victoria’s Secret bag. "I know. Can’t wait to show off your clothes. I understand! Sign here." I did, and she handed me the bag. "Be sure to come back here anytime, I’ll be glad to help you out!" I grabbed my card and ran out the store. I walked fast, and people did look at me. Many noticed the sweater and made comments. I got some whistles. After passing a few stores I quickly took off the sweater and threw it in the bag. The bra was hidden, though there were bumps on my chest if you looked carefully. I hope to god no one did. Walking around with a VS bag isn’t too big a deal, even if I was in girl jeans and sorority shirt. I got out of the mall as quickly as I could and headed back to the sorority house. I had no time to change...I was going to be late as it was.

On the bus I figured I would read the Seventeen. I didn’t want to read it, but if I was late, I wanted to do something to get on their good side. On the bus, I figured reading a magazine, if I was very very careful, would be safe enough. It wouldn’t be worse than what I was wearing. I pulled it out of my backpack. I made a face ñ it reeked of perfume. I opened it up at random. Ads. Mostly ads about makeup, and clothes, and more makeup. I don’t care about any of this stuff! Are these things all teenage girls think about it? Why am I being made to read it? Most of the clothing they show off is really stupid. Do kids wear this stuff? Some of the prom gowns are nice, I guess. The prom isn’t probably for half a year, and there are ads already! Ha! One of the girls is wearing a tie. If asked I’ll point that out. Oh, wait, that is just a guy with long hair. The humiliations article was cute, and a bit entertaining. I read that until it was my stop.

That bus ride drove me nuts. The panties were bad enough. Every time I moved my penis rubbed against the satin, getting me hard at the humiliation. But that wasn’t the worst. The bra was the worst. When I shifted my body, I felt the straps. When I breathed, I felt the straps and cups. How do women take this all the time? Why do I have to wear all of this! Part of a strap was digging into my shoulder, but there was no way I was going to adjust it on the bus. It felt like everyone knew what I was wearing. I wanted to die.

Right before I knocked on the door to the sorority house, I realized something that chilled me. I’m sure Becky at Victoria’s Secret told them what I bought. Reluctantly, I put on the sweater. It was so soft, another feminine article on me. I tied the belt and rang the bell.

Sandra answered it. At least she was nice to me, "Jimmy! Come on in!" I quickly came in. She looked me up and down and beamed, "I heard about your shopping, I can’t wait to see what you bought. Wow, I just LOVE that sweater!! Can I borrow it sometime, please?" She was acting like I loved this stuff, like I was her girlfriend who just went out shopping for fun.

"Um, of course ..." I saw other girls in the hall, so said, "Miss Sandra. You can borrow any of my clothes."

She clapped her hands and gave me a big hug, then squealed, "You are wearing a bra!! Come on, the sisters want to see you." She frowned at me, "You really should have just gone to class, Kim is very upset with you. I don’t want you to keep getting into trouble."

"You don’t." I was getting confused.

She looked at her shoes, getting all shy, "No, I don’t. Jimmy, you are a very nice guy." Kim called out for me, so Sandra grabbed my hand, "Come on!"

I walked into the main room with Sandra. It was nice holding her hand, but I had no time to think about it. Emily barked at me, "Stand properly, girl!"

Oh, right. Trying to remember, I put my feet together and hands in front of me. "Head down, girl." I lowered my eyes. Sandra gave me a friendly squeeze on my arm and sat with the rest. "You can put your bag down." I put it on the floor next to me and folded my hands again. I was terrified, and I wish I could get out of this.

Kim was laughing, "Jimmy, we had a great time talking to your new friend Becky. I hear you not only got lots of panties, but bras too! Is that right?"

"Yes, Mistress Kim."

"I really love his sweater, though the color could be better." That was Shawn, loving the girl stuff on me, but it was never pretty enough.

Kim started talking again. "You can look up now. Let’s see what you bought." I leaned down to get the bag, but she interrupted. "No no no. Show us what you are wearing!" That got a lot of laughs from everyone in the room, and some applause. Swallowing, I started to remove the sweater, but Emily stopped me.

"Wait, I have a great idea!" She goes to their CD player and puts in one, and starts to play a song. It was Britney Spear’s "Crazy." "Move while you strip, maid!" My eyes bulged and I mouthed a no, but everyone was cheering. Emily wouldn’t give in, "Now, girl, or you’ll get such a spanking!"

In a sorority house, wearing almost entirely girl clothes, cheered on by the girls, I did as they asked. They loved it. I slowly removed the long sweater and tried moving my hips. I was terrible, but they ate it up. They new it was killing me and didn’t care. I threw the sweater to one side. Then, almost in tears, I pulled off the sweatshirt. The girls exploded with cheers, laughter, and applause at the sight of the stuffed pink bra. The pants were next, and they just loved the panties. I was made to dance and remove my shoes and socks. I almost fell over twice. Finally I was allowed to stop, standing there in the panties, bra, and bracelet. My clothes were gathered up and put on the far side of the room. I was wrong ñ wearing the outfit wasn’t bad. Just wearing bra and panties was worse.

They kept laughing and happily crying at the sight of me. I heard snatches of conversation. "This is the best idea we ever had!" "He will make things so easy for us." "I’ll never have to clean again!"

Emily got up and went over to a bookshelf and pulled down something. Oh my god, it was a camcorder. She checked and said, "We got it!" She turned to me, "You won’t disobey again, will you."

Quickly, I said, "No, Mistress Emily." I was so screwed. "Never." I lowered my head, submissively. There was no getting out, at all. They loved this too much.

Kim had my book bag, and pulled out my notebook. Opening up, she tisked at me, "You didn’t write down the assignment I gave you." I was confused. "Hello? The shopping trip?"

She was right. "I’m...sorry Mistress Kim."

"Write it down now. You can remain standing."

While I wrote the assignment she continued, "I think you need another punishment. What should it be, Sisters?"

They called out lots of ideas. "He should learn to sew!" "I think he needs better shoes." Emily was looking at my magazine, "Maybe he should get a prom gown!"

Sandra spoke up, "Wait, he did do bad, but...you know, he did buy more than panties. That should count for something. He is still learning, right?" Some of the girls agreed, while everyone was still enjoying this. "He should be rewarded instead!"

"You are too nice," Kim told Emily. "But okay, why not. You tell us, what should his reward be?"

I was sweating. The reward could be as bad as punishment. But it seemed that Emily liked me. She was looking at me, hiding a smile behind a hand, "He has done enough shopping today. Hmm, what would be a good reward for Jim? I mean Jimmy. Oh....I know!" The girls looked at her. "Let’s give him a sorority name, that way he will feel more like one of us!"

That got a new round of laughter, and everyone agreed with her. A sorority name?? I didn’t have long to wait ñ they threw out tons of names, all of the female, like Linda, Mindy, and Sissy. It got into a heated argument and I just stood there, in the pink panties and bra, listening to my fate. At least it gave me time to finish writing down the assignment. They weren’t getting anywhere so Shawn just said, "It was Sandra’s idea. She can name him."

Sandra thought hard. She muttered, "If we named him Chris, we could call him that in public and no one would know. But that isn’t pretty. Hmmm.... Jamie? That is close to Jimmy." She looked over at me and smiled, "You deserve a pretty name. Um. Oh!" She giggled. She got up and hugged me, and then pulled back in looked me in the eye, "Your new name is...Tiffany!"

I think my heart stopped. All the girls laughed and yelled, "Tiffany!" "That’s perfect!" "What a girlish name!!"

Sandra looked at me, and seemed sad, "Don’t you like it?" The other girls glared.

I swallowed and said, "I...love it. Thank you, Miss Sandra." What else could I do?

Kim said, "Not good enough. You are making her sad." She threw the maid’s cap and apron to me, "Put this on. Yes, just over your ... lingerie." She laughed. I quickly put them on. "Now Tiffany, curtsey prettily to Sandy and thank her again, properly."

"Curtsey?" I blinked, then quickly added, "Miss Kim, I don’t know what you mean by...."

She rolled her eyes. "Come on, Tiffany." She couldn’t stop saying my new name. "You’ve seen it old movies. Hold out the hem of your apron, put one foot behind the other, and bend your knees while you talk to her." Kim just smirked at me and gestured.

I grabbed the ends of the apron with my fingers. The lace was so feminine. I had to cringe, but I bent my knees with one foot behind the other as I dipped, "Miss Sandra, I love my new name. Thank you so much for it. I will love being called Tiffany."

"Again." I repeated that five times until they were happy.

Sandra smiles at me and kissed me on the cheek. "You are welcome Tiffany. You are such a good girl, I can’t wait until we are sisters!" She really thought I was just pledging and enjoyed this!

"I think this should be a rule," Kim added. "Curtsey to us whenever you enter or leave a room, whenever you are answering a question or given an assignment. Understand, Tiffany?"

I curtsied, "Yes, Miss Kim." I wasn’t surprised anymore, but I so hated this.

She laughed at me, "What a sissy girl you are becoming. This is great! Be sure to write that rule down."

Standing up and laughing, Emily ordered, "Now...Tiffany, also I want you to write down in your little book, 100 times, let’s see... write down 100 times: My name is Tiffany. I love being a sorority pledge girl, and I can’t wait to wear my first formal gown."

I curtsied to her too. "Yes, Miss Emily." A gown. Why do they have to think about that?

They spent the next half our looking at my panty and bra purchases. I had to try some of them on for the sisters. They weren’t getting bored easily. After a half an hour, though, they sent me off to do my chores. Still just wearing the pink panties, pink satin bra, a maid’s apron and a maid’s cap, and the bracelet. Jennifer fixed my cap and said, "You are going to be a great girlish maid, Tiffany."

I curtsied to her, head hung in humiliation, "Yes, Miss Jennifer."