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Repeat Performance

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Susan and I were friends – just friends. I’d have liked it otherwise - she’s drop dead gorgeous but, with me being such a wimp, I’m afraid she’d laugh at me if she had any idea of how much I want her.

Frankly, I think too that women have this sense about men. Smell our level of testosterone maybe? I don’t know. You see, it’s not that I’m not interested in girls, I most certainly AM. It’s just that when you’re smaller than most of them and kind of spindly and weak? They sort of look right past you – almost as if you weren’t there. On top of that, I’d very little experience in dating women. Normally, I’ll admit it – I was attracted to the flashy girls and I never seemed to learn. I’d usually stammer and stutter a request for a date. Most of them were kind enough to just laugh and turn me down. Yes, you’re probably asking: “kind” enough? The few that did let me take them out humiliated me in ways that still make me tremble with rage and embarrassment – treated me as if I wasn’t any kind of a man at all.

I met Susan on a cruise ship sailing out of San Diego. I was working as a steward while she was a beauty shop operator. She was just so natural, fresh, and considerate that I fell in love with her immediately. She didn’t mind me keeping her company although her girl friends would raise their eyebrows and make snide comments when I’d join them. They were nice enough girls, but they had their eyes open for some rich young stud passenger. I mean – I wasn’t even a regular employee – just a temporary worker filling in for a Company employee who’d fallen sick.

It was only a two week cruise, but I was grateful for the work. I’d been out of work for quite a long time and having a roof over my head – or a deck – and regular meals was very comforting. On top of that, I may not have been making much money but at least I was making something in the way of building up a bank account that had been moribund to say the least.

But all good things must come to an end.. Have to admit that when Susan and I parted I was unhappier about that than the thought of job and apartment hunting again. She was with her sister, Cindy, as we said her goodbyes. “Bye Michael!” Susan cried, giving me an affectionate hug. “It’s been SO nice meeting you. Perhaps we’ll meet again soon! I hope so!” Then she said. “Did you meet Cindy, my sister, while we were sailing?”

“Yeah, Kinda.” I said, blushing.

Cindy was a big woman. Actually was just as pretty as Susan but a LOT bigger and, where Susan was soft and feminine, Cindy was anything but. She and Dallas, her friend – another huge woman were buddies on the ship. Unfortunately, I’d made a stupid comment about them being a pair of Lezzes to one of Susan’s friends before I knew that Cindy was Susan’s sister. Naturally, that mouthy broad let Cindy know what I’d said. Got the fright of my life when one night, after work I was about to pass Cindy in an alleyway on C deck when she simply grabbed me by both arms, lifted me up, and slammed me into the wall with an impact that rattled my teeth.

“You been making comments about me – you effing little pansy?” she snarled, her face right into mine. “Calling me a Lez? Huh? Now tell me the truth or I’ll knock your goddam teeth out!”

Frightened and rattled, I started to cry and admitted I’d said something like that – but had only meant it as joke. She gave me an evil grin and, holding me in place with one hand, started slapping my face – though very gently – with the other, alternating between the palm and back of her hand, each slap punctuating her words clearly.

(Slap) “Well you little fairy?” (slap) “I AM a lez” (slap) “You think I’m some kind of joke?” (slap.) “That it?” (slap).

“No Cindy! I’m sorry!” I said through my tears. “Honest. I won’t say anything after this. I’m sorry!”

She’d surprised me then. Kissed me forcibly and rammed her tongue into my mouth. Then pulled back “Better not sweetie. If I ever hear anything outta you like that again? I’ll pay you a little visit in your cabin some night and have a dildo so far up your ass it’ll be tickling your tonsils. Got that?”

“Yes Cindy,” I’d said cravenly. “But I won’t. I promise!”

But that was then. Cindy was now staring at me, contempt all over her face and in her eyes. Talked to her sister. “Yeah Susan. We’ve met. Come On! Don’t have time to be standing talking to fairies all day!”

Susan rolled her eyes as she was pulled away, but she was giggling too. “Oh Michael! I’m sorry. Don’t mind her, she’s really quite nice! Just grumpy at times!”

I sighed, thinking that was the last time I’d ever see her again. But it wasn’t.

Three weeks later, I met her again. “MICHAEL!” I heard and turned around.

I’d just come out from another interview. Knew damn well I hadn’t made it, despite the assurances of “Oh YES Michael! You’re very qualified! We just don’t have anything for you right now! But we’ll call you if anything turns up!”

It was the same old bullshit. I was living in what was nothing much more than a flophouse – and watching my hoarded savings run down the drain. Miserable and disgruntled, I turned to meet Susan – surprised. Effervescent and bright, she was as lovely as always. She was carrying a couple of heavy looking grocery bags.

“Susan! I thought you’d have been off on another cruise by now?” I cried as she put the bags on the ground then came and hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“No” she giggled. “Cindy may have got a great deal for me on one of the luxury charters. Thought I’d take a chance. Won’t be leaving for a few weeks – but the money’s GREAT – so thought I’d take a chance.”

“Wow! That sounds wonderful! Hope you make it!” I said. “But what are you doing wandering around here carrying these bags?”

She blushed. “Can’t find my stupid car! Don’t know where I left it. Feel like such an idiot!”

“Here,” I said. “Let me carry your bags for you – and I’ll help you look for it.”

“That’s nice of you Michael, but really, I can manage. I think they might be kind of heavy for you.”

It was my turn to blush. This girl thought she was stronger than me! Then, tactfully she added. “Oh, I’m sorry Michael. That sounded awful! Here. Why don’t you take this one. That would be a big help.” And she picked up what I was pretty sure was the lightest bag and gave it to me.

It didn’t take us long to find her car – it was a small Honda parked between two huge SUV’s which is why she hadn’t been able to see it.. I helped her load her groceries in her trunk. Then she said. “Can I drive you anywhere Michael? Or do you have your own car nearby?”

“Can’t afford a car right now,” I admitted. “Things are kind of lean.”

“Well! Can’t have that, can we? Need to fatten you up a bit. Say! I’m having Margaret and Jean over for dinner tonight. Why don’t you join us. Maybe you can help me cook? I’m worthless in the kitchen.” She laughed. “And now that I remember it? Didn’t you say you worked as a cook on a boat one time? And that you loved to cook? Won’t you please come and help me?”

She pouted so prettily – and flattered, I couldn’t refuse. On top of that, Margaret and Jean were two girls I knew from the boat as well and they’d always been pleasant enough to me, so I knew I’d feel comfortable with them. A little while later I was helping her carry the groceries into her house. Then, once I found out what she was going to have for dinner, I started sorting out the stuff she needed for that while she put the rest of the stuff away in the fridge.

Once that was done, I took off my coat jacket and was just about to start when she appeared, wearing a pretty apron around her waist – and handing one to me.

I blushed. “Ah Susan! I don’t think I need . .”

“Michael! Aren’t these your good clothes that you wear for interviews?”

“Yes,” I admitted sheepishly.

“Well, don’t be so silly! Remember I’ve seen you in a wedding gown! So stop being so silly! Here, let me tie the bow for you!”

“I wish I’d never let myself get talked into that damn dress!” I blustered as she fitted the apron around my waist and tied the bow at my back. “Don’t think anybody’ll ever let me forget it!”

“Must admit it. I thought you were very brave!” she giggled. “Not many men would have the courage – but you did look cute you know. Remember how amazed the passengers were when you won first prize for the best costume – and they found out you were a man?”

“Still wish I’d never done it,” I grumbled.

“Well sweetie? You did! Now are you going to stand there and fuss all afternoon – or get on with the cooking?”

I had to smile. “Slave driver!” I said.

“Got that right!” she laughed. “Get on with it, slave!”

Dinner preparation was well under way about a half hour later. I suppose with all the clatter and noise I hadn’t heard the front door open, but froze in my tracks when I heard the deep voice from the kitchen doorway.

“My MY! Isn’t this a pretty picture! Hello girls!” And Cindy was standing there, an evil grin on her face!

I was immediately aware of the impression I had to be making. Hair mussed, some flour probably dusting my face, a frilled apron – with a flounced bow? Embarrassed, I started to reach behind me to undo the bow, but Cindy knew immediately what I was trying to do and was there beside me in a flash, one hand on my arm, restraining me.

“Oh, please don’t be embarrassed! You look so cute! Pretty almost! Happy! I’d be most offended if I thought you were going to take your lovely apron off because of me! So? Leave it alone – please?”

“Oh Michael!” Susan giggled. “Don’t let her tease you so much!” Then she spoke to Cindy. “Leave him alone for goodness sake! Go and grab a beer or something! Piss off!”

Cindy grinned at Susan. “Okay sis. Sounds like a good idea.” Then she gave me a warning stare. “But you won’t take your pretty apron off – will you Michael?”

“Oh shut up Cindy!” Susan retorted before I could make an answer. “He won’t. Needs it to protect his clothes! Now just go away!”

“Whatever your pretty head desires sis,” Cindy said, then leered at me as she went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer, opened it and took a quick drink. “Bye – girls,” she said, leaving the kitchen.

Susan saw my expression and came and gave me a hug. “Don’t let her bother you. She’s really just teasing you know. Just stand up to her –she’ll leave you alone.” Then she firmed up. “Come on slave. Work to be done!”

I probably did something wrong then. Trying to make light of the whole episode, I took the sides of my apron in my hands and bobbed a quick curtsey. “Yes Mistress,” I said – but smiled to show I was joking.

A peculiar expression showed in her eyes and she looked at me questioningly for a split second before she smiled herself. “Okay.” Was all she said.

I felt a little strange wearing the apron in front of Margaret and Jean when they arrived – and wearing it all through dinner. When Susan suggested I take it off when we ate, I just laughed and said it would be good protection for my clothes as I was a messy eater – and as I’d be needing it to clean up afterwards and do the dishes, there was no sense in taking it off, was there? Naturally, I was well aware of the sardonic expression in Cindy’s eyes on hearing my explanation – and just as naturally, was forced to wear the apron even when she hurried away out of the house, five minutes after dinner. After all, I couldn’t very well reverse what I’d said before, could I? I felt somewhat strange doing the clean up afterwards – the girls in jeans and tops, and me in a flimsy, feminine half apron wafting around me. I kept sensing half-amused glances being shot at each other behind my back. Once caught Jean flipping her wrists in a sissy-like manner at the other two in a reflection of the kitchen window – but what could I say? Breathed a sigh of relief afterwards (though had a nervous look at the door) when I finally took the apron off and joined the girls for a drink.

It turned out that Susan had a favor to ask. It turned out that she split the rent of the house with Cindy and, by not being at work was starting to feel the pinch. “This charter job that Cindy and Dallas are talking about pays a LOT better than my old job – and it sounds like a lot of fun,” she said. “But I need to keep the wolf from the door right now – and I’ve been offered a job at Helen’s Beauty shop – but part of my deal with Cindy is that I keep house – and do the cooking.”

“You?” Margaret laughed. “You can’t boil water!”

“Don’t know about that,” Jean said. “That meal was delicious!”

Susan blushed. “Oh, you’ve got Michael to thank for that. I just stood around and watched – or did what he told me. That’s all.”

“Ah!” Margaret said “I was wondering about that. So you’re looking for a roomie? Don’t think I can – and don’t think I know anybody – but I’ll look if you want?”

“I’m in the same boat,” Jean added. “But I’ll check around.”

“Thanks girls,” Susan said. “I’d really appreciate it. Cindy’s not pressing me or anything – I just like to pay my own way is all.”

We all nodded understandingly and went on to talk about other things.

I had a nice time, but left earlier than the others. Didn’t really want to – I had such a crush on Susan – but was very nervous thinking about Cindy coming back and catching me still there. Walked for a while, then got the bus home to my apartment building.

Two days later, I came home from another (unsuccessful) interview. My heart sank when I saw Mrs. Andrews, the apartment manager, standing in the hall. Hoped she wasn’t going to dun me for the rent – I had two days left on that month I thought. But she greeted me pleasantly enough. “Glad I caught you Michael. Hope you don’t mind, but I let a Miss Timpson into your apartment – she claims to be a friend of yours? A very pretty girl?”

“Susan?” I asked hopefully.

She shrugged. “Showed me her license, but I’ve forgotten. Hope it’s okay?”

“Sure!” I grinned, delighted at the prospect and hurried up to my apartment and burst in through the door. “Susan!” I called out.

I stopped, transfixed with horror as Cindy came stalking out of the kitchen! She smiled as if delighted to see me, then came and embraced me. “Oh Mikey! You’re home! Have a nice day?”

As she spoke, she dropped her arms until she was holding me around the waist, then effortlessly lifted me up and carried me into my own kitchen – and sat me down on top of the cabinet beside the sink. “But, you know what?” she continued. “I’ve looked everywhere – and can’t find one pretty apron – not ONE! Why is that?”

“I don’t have any aprons Cindy,” I mumbled.

“Aw! And you looked so pretty the other night! That apron you wore? Just looked so right for you. Know what I mean?”

“But – it was Susan’s apron Cindy. Not mine!” I managed a trace of indignation this time.

“Of course it was! But you liked it – didn’t you? Now tell the truth now! I don’t like sissies who tell fibs! You enjoyed the pretty apron, didn’t you?”

“I’m not a sissy, Cindy,” I said, but weakly.

“Yes you are,” she cooed. “A pretty little sissy. Tell me? What did you wear under your wedding gown the night of that costume ball, huh?”

I blushed. “Well, I couldn’t very well wear . . “

“Nice girlie undies? Nice soft satin panties – and maybe a bra?” She interrupted.

I didn’t answer. Just looked down at the floor.

“And tell me?” she persisted. “Did you dress yourself that night – or did you have some bridesmaids to help you?”

“Aw come ON Cindy! I didn’t know how to . .”

“Adjust your bra straps? Attach your stockings to your garter belt? Pad your bra cups until they looked real?”

“Please Cindy. Please stop?” I begged quietly.

“Susan was one of the girls that helped you that night, huh?” But her voice was nicer now. Soothing.

I gulped and nodded.

“And you like her, don’t you?”


“So? How would you like to do her a nice big favor?”

“I’d love to,” I said sincerely

“Honest?” she whispered.

I nodded vehemently. “Honest.”

She looked around my kitchen appraisingly. “You keep this place up pretty well. Okay – it’s a fleabag – but you’ve kept it clean and neat. All by yourself?”

I couldn’t help but blush at the praise. Nodded.

“So you do your own housework, do your own laundry?” she paused expectantly.

“Yes.” I admitted.

She smiled. “And I KNOW you’re a good cook! That was a delicious dinner you made. I really enjoyed it!”

“Thanks!” I said, blushing even more at the praise.

Then she did something that shriveled my ego completely. Simply picked me off that counter – and cradled me in her arms as if I was a little kid looking up at his mommy.

“I’ve an idea that will help my little sister a lot. And you can help me. Wanna hear it?”

Speechlessly, I nodded.

“That’s a good little sissy. You are a good little sissy, aren’t you?”

I knew better than to argue. Nodded.

She gave me a chaste kiss. “Listen up then.”

A while later, I called Susan. She picked up on the second ring. “Timpson residence. Susan here.”

“Hi Susan,” I said. “Michael here. I was just wondering?”

“Hi Michael! How are you sweetie! Wondering what, exactly?”

I was sitting on Cindy’s lap, the telephone held just far enough away from my ear that she could hear every word. I took a deep breath and looked directly up into Cindy’s eyes. “Just wondering Susan. Did you get a roomie yet?”

“Nah. Not a hope. Looks like I’m stuck here all on my ownsome.” There was a few seconds of dead time. Then “Why?” she asked.

“Eh. How’s about me?” I asked.

“YOU!” she hooted. “That’s insa . .” Then there was another pause while she was obviously stopped reacting and started to digest what I’d just said.

“Mmmm” she said next. “You’d help – screw the ‘help’. You’d DO the housework?”

I saw the implacable eyes looking into mine. “Yes Susan.”

“AND the cookin’ – ALL of it?”

“If that’s what you wanted.”

“Damn right it is! What about the laundry and the ironing?” Her voice was getting high at the prospects opening up before her.

“That’s okay.” I said as Cindy patted me gently on the head and mouthed “Good little sissy!” at me.

“But you know it’ll only be for a few weeks?” Susan said after a few seconds.

“Oh yeah. See, my rent’s due tomorrow and I just can’t afford this place. If I come stay with you it’ll give me a chance to look around for a cheaper place.”

Cindy had pointed everything out to me. “You left your checkbook out here sweetie – and it’s easy to see that you’re broke. Now? Susan’s a proud little thing. Wouldn’t let me pay her share of our place if her life depended on it. But I’ll pay your share of the house, utilities – and the food. That way you’ll be living at no cost to yourself. I’ll even let you stay there for a few weeks after we’ve left – though you’ll have to pay for your own food then.”

“But what’ll I have to do?” I’d asked.

“What’ll you do?” she asked mock incredulously. “Why, you’ll do what every little sissy just LOVES to do! Do all the girly things – the housework – cooking – laundry! And guess what?”

“What?” I asked.

“I want you to have such fun! Want you to make sure and wear one of Susan’s nice frilly aprons ALL the time. I’d better not come home and find you not wearing one!”

“But she’ll think that I AM a sissy!” I moaned.

“Well? What’s wrong with that? You ARE!” she answered, laughing softly.

But Susan was saying something in my ear. “When do you think you could come?”

“Tomorrow would be okay. I don’t have much to pack,” I said.

“Wow!” she said, then paused. “If that’s the case? Why don’t I come and pick you up right now? You could even make dinner for tonight! Cindy was saying how great it was to get a real meal the other night. But if you don’t mind? I think I’ll give her a call. Make sure that this is okay?”

“I’ll start packing I said,” excited at the prospects of living with Susan, despite the thought of Cindy’s presence in the same house.

“Okay Michael!” Susan said happily. “I don’t see her having any problems, but I’ll let you know immediately if that’s the case. Otherwise, I’ll pick you up in a half hour or so, huh?”

“Okay,” I said and we disconnected.

Cindy’s cell phone rang within seconds. She kept on cuddling me and lifted her phone out of her bag. “Hi. Cindy,” she said.

“Cindy! Guess what! Michael just called!” Susan’s voice was tinny and excited.

“What’d the little pansy want? Borrow one of your dresses?” Cindy sneered.

“Oh STOP it! Why are you so mean to the poor guy?”

“A guy? Last I heard he was in a wedding dress!”

“Aw c’mon! Some of us girls just ganged up on him – poor little thing didn’t stand a chance!”

I blushed at hearing this, realizing how I’d been manipulated into wearing the penultimate symbol of femininity.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Cindy was saying in a bored voice. “What’d he want then?”

“He asked if he could be my roomie! Won’t mind doing the housework – or the laundry – or the cooking!”

“Course he won’t mind! Sissies all love to do that shit!” Cindy growled. “But what are you calling me for?”

“Make sure it’s okay with you,” Susan said, her speech speed slowing appreciably.

“I don’t give a shit – just as long as he behaves properly, like a sissy should. Don’t want him coming onto my little sister as if he’s some kind of a man!” Cindy leered at me as she spoke.

“Oh. Never thought of him doing anything like that!” Susan said thoughtfully.

“See? You must think he’s a pansy too!” Cindy said. “But it’s okay by me if you want him living with us.”

“Thanks Cindy! Bye.” Susan said. But her voice was still thoughtful.

Cindy lifted me off her lap. “See? It was no problem, was it?”

“I guess not, Cindy. But shouldn’t I start packing now?” I asked tremulously.

“Yes sweetie, that’s a good idea because I’ve got to be long gone by the time Susan comes to pick you up.” She then stood, towering over me. “But she ever, EVER, gets the idea that I set this up from anything you say or do? Your ass will be toast, my little pansy – TOAST! So you won’t be telling her anything about our little get-together today, will you?”

“No Cindy,” I said meekly. “But?”

She had been putting her phone back into her handbag. Stopped and faced me. “But?”

“Couldn’t we be friends Cindy?” I asked hopefully.

Her head settled onto her shoulders in a peculiar manner. Then she raised it again. Gave me a speculative stare. “Friends? Don’t think so. You act like the sissy I know you are – all sweet and girly? I’ll put up with you. But pull any shit with me? You’ll regret it.” She turned and spoke over her shoulder. “That’s about as good as I can offer you sweetie. Understand?”

“It’s only going to be for a few weeks, right Cindy?” I asked hopefully.

She shrugged. “As far as I know. They’re doing some work on the hull. But as far as I know, the crew’s just about ready to be signed on. Once that’s done, we’ll be heading out. But I can’t be standing about here chatting with you – darling. Gotta run!” With that she came and smiling, brushed cheeks with me as one woman would do with another, then left.

My mind was in a whirl as I packed my things. Didn’t take me very long. The thought of actually living with Susan? Overwhelming! The thought of Cindy looming over me – not as pleasant but I was hoping that she wouldn’t be hanging about the house too much. The thought of just being able to hang out with Susan was enough. I knew I was excited.

I went down and signed out with Mrs. Andrews. She was surprised, I think, but after examining the apartment to make sure I hadn’t damaged anything, she was very complimentary – even gave me most of my security deposit back – for which I was very grateful.

Susan was there shortly afterwards and chattered gaily as she drove back to her place. “Just dump your cases in here,” she said, opening a door to a bedroom. “Come and have a cup of tea and a chat. You can unpack later.”

The bedroom was quite large, with a queen size bed – but was obviously not going to be mine because of the clothing strewn about – which I could tell for a fact weren’t Cindy’s – so assumed that they were Susan’s. I smiled and put the suitcases down on the floor. Followed her out to the kitchen. Susan then sat down at the table and smiled up at me beatifically. “Okay babe! You’re the cook around here now! This is going to be SO great!”

I’d thought that asking her for an apron was going to be difficult – but I’d had no idea of just how bad it was going to be. “Okay!” I said. “Got an apron in here anywhere?”

She shook her head. “They’re all in the dirty wash – and anyway? You don’t need an apron just to make a pot of tea – surely?” She was looking at me strangely.

“Eh, Er, Well ? I just feel more – Er – comfortable wearing one when I’m doing housework,” I stammered.

“Well, I’ve got a couple in my closet. But Michael? They’re full aprons – and – to tell you the truth – kinda feminine. I just use them for special occasions” – she batted her eyes and grinned. “When I have a friend over for a romantic evening, you know?”

I almost decided to decline – but the thought of Cindy coming in and catching me without an apron – terrifying! Blushing furiously and feeling that my mouth was full of cotton all I could manage was “I’ll try not to dirty it too much.”

Susan shook her head slowly from side to side. “Cindy sees you in one of them? She’ll be all over you, like a cheap suit. She thinks you’re a sissy you know. She’ll tease the hell out of you!” She shrugged. “I guess that’s what you want. Hold on a minute.”

She was correct. The apron was feminine. Full skirted made with some white diaphanous material, trimmed with deep frills in contracting pink – then a shirred pink bodice, trimmed with white. Ashamed, I actually started to make a protest as Susan fitted it over my head. “Michael!” she said firmly. “It seems as this is what you want! So just be quiet! Now, let me see if you can tie a proper bow!”

She was firm and more than a little aggravated, so I did as she said. It took me about six attempts to learn to tie the bow to her satisfaction, but she finally relented and let me go and make the tea. I felt that she was embarrassed for me at first but, as we sat and chatted I guess that she got used to my effeminate appearance and finally accepted it.

Cindy, naturally, dropped in – to make sure I was properly ensconced in my apron as anything else, I think. “Hello girls,” she smirked then spoke directly to me. “Susan told me you were coming to stay with us for a little while Michael – or would you rather I call you Michelle?”

When I didn’t answer, she said “What a lovely apron! Is it yours?”

“No - I borrowed it from Susan,” I managed.

“Why don’t you stand up and let me see it properly. Come on now – don’t be shy!” she cooed at me.

I shot Susan a helpless look, hoping that she’d intercede, but she just gave me a tiny shrug – You’ve made your bed – now lie in it- was obviously what she was sending. I got up from my chair slowly, my face burning.

“AW!” Cindy sighed. “That’s so pretty! Why don’t you give us a little twirl, huh? Come ON now!”

Utterly humiliated, I tried to twirl but it wasn’t satisfactory. Had to do it again and again until the skirts of the apron belled up around me. Cindy applauded. “Very nice – you might make a ballerina yet!” Then guffawed and left.

“Well Michael? You can’t say I didn’t warn you,” Susan said as soon as Cindy was away. “But maybe she’ll leave you alone now – though if you persist in wearing those aprons, I don’t know what she’ll do.” She took one look at my embarrassed face then said “Hey! Let’s get the dishes cleared away and I’ll show you where you can put your clothes.”

She gave me a hand to do the dishes although making it abundantly clear that this was MY job now, she was just giving me a hand. As we tidied the place up though, I started getting the feeling that she’d been embarrassed for me – then a little mad at me – but was warming to me again. When we got to the bedroom where I’d left my suitcases, I discovered why.

She slid back one of the closet doors. “I made room here for any clothes you want to hang up,” Then she walked over to a chest of drawers. “All my stuff is on the drawers on the left hand side. You can have all of the ones on the right – though if you don’t need them all? I’d be awfully glad if you would give me a drawer or two back.” She gave me a nice smile. “I was worried that I hadn’t enough space for a roomie, but by the look of your suitcases, you should have plenty of storage room.” She then peered at my face. “What’s the matter, Michael? You’re looking very strange.”

“But . . But . . If I store my clothes here? Where will I change? And where will I sleep?” I stammered.

“Oh that’s what was wrong, huh?” She giggled then pointed to a sofa. “That’s a make down bed. You can sleep there if you want or? “ she pointed to her bed. “That’s a queen sized bed. Lots of room. You can share it with me if you want.”

“Share a bed – with you? I couldn’t!” I panted. “Cindy? She’d KILL me!”

“What for?” Susan asked, obviously puzzled. Then she nodded. “Oh.” Thought for a moment. “Michael? You obviously don’t understand. You don’t appeal to me.”

“But? I’m a man – and you’re a woman!” I said.

“Oh god. That again? Look I prefer my own sex to men and frankly Michael? I’d been a little concerned about letting a male share my bedroom – but let’s face it, you’re not exactly overly masculine, are you? I used to argue with Cindy when she said you were a sissy. Now? I must admit . . .” her voice tailed off.

I drifted into effeminacy as effortlessly as a feather floating downstream on a river. What else could I do? I suppose that, maybe, I had had latent tendencies in that direction but in the weeks that followed, as I became used to sharing a bedroom with a girl – and yes, I DID end up sharing the bed with her – she certainly didn’t see me as any danger to her, and I guess I started seeing myself as Cindy and Susan saw me – a sissy.

I mean – living in a house with two women – one who had the strength to dominate me into wearing the uniform of a subservient female at all times? The other, who now seeing me as effeminate, made no attempt to treat me as anything other than her sister? Lay in bed beside me at night, telling me of her crush on a girl at work? Made no attempt to shield her body from my eyes in the morning – or evening – when changing or stepping out of the shower?

And performing as the housewife in that house? Doing the cleaning, the laundry, the ironing, the cooking and (most times) the tidying and washing of the dishes?

And tell me. What do you do when the girl that you love brings home her girlfriend for dinner, huh? And wants you to make an impression by wearing one of your prettiest aprons, huh? And then, while the two women – budding makeup artists – want to experiment on you? Do you fight them off – or sit, squirming in shame as they make you prettier? Put your hair up in rollers? Start referring to you as Michelle?

And when that same girl that you love suggests that you make her feel kinda uncomfortable by wearing male clothes to bed at night? Do you say “Tough shit?” Or do you start borrowing her baby dolls?”

I don’t know. Maybe humiliation is like anything else. One gets used to it – becomes inured, but even as I sand into being nothing more than a pansified houseboy, I saw the end of my subservience approaching. The yacht had been repaired and the crew hired. Susan was delighted. She’d been taken on as some sort of combination Beauty operator and purser. The yacht wasn’t that big for Chrissake but it had a pool and some other luxuries found on a cruise liner – like the Beauty shop she’d supervise – but a GIFT shop?

I didn’t pay that much attention to the conversations that became common at our dinner table. Dallas, Cindy’s friend, started appearing regularly. She was nice enough to me – although she did refer to me as Michelle as often as not. Though, by that time, it had not become uncommon, so it didn’t bother me that much. But, as time went by, it suddenly dawned on me – all of the crew were women! AND? All of the passengers! It was a Lesbian cruise!

The atmosphere in the house grew increasingly electric as the days to the beginning of the cruise drew near – and then? There was some sort of brouhaha! Everybody seemed to be running in circles! Then, one night, all three women were looking at me strangely. I had just finished doing the dishes and was standing in the kitchen drying my hands when the three of them crowded in.

“Something the matter, ladies?” I asked nervously.

“Just hush!” Cindy said, taking a hold of my waist and hoisting me to sit on the kitchen table.

“We just want to have a look at something,” Susan said, advancing on me, her makeup bag in her hand. “Just sit still!”

And, with Cindy and Dallas peering intently over her shoulders while she worked, she made my face up. Not lightly, as she’d done a few times – but a full scale, careful, makeover.

“Wow!” Dallas said softly when Susan stepped back. “He definitely could pass!”

Cindy shook her head. “Nah. Don’t think so. I know that Susan could work his hair to look better, but it still wouldn’t work! He’s a sweet little pansy alright, but he’d still never pass as a woman. Not without a lot of training – and we don’t have that much time.”

“Don’t have time for what?” I asked, feeling the strangeness of the lipstick on my lips.

Susan sighed. “The ship’s cook has got sick – and the only available replacements are men.”

“What’s wrong with that?” I asked, now very conscious of the mascara coating my eyelids.

“It’s got to be an all female crew. Hadn’t you figured that out yet?” Dallas said.

“But you can cook, and Dallas and Susan think you could pass – but I don’t,” Cindy said. “Say something – like a girl!”

“I don’t think I can,” I said softly. “And anyway? I don’t want to go on a ship with nothing but women.”

“Oh shut up!” Cindy snarled. “You’ll do as you’re told!” She lifted me down from my perch. “Go and get me a drink. Make yourself useful!”

She sounded angry enough so I didn’t verbally object at being talked to like a servant but walked away so indignantly that I felt my apron swishing around my legs – setting all three women into giggling fits. When I returned, they were discussing a new plan. It wasn’t long before they had agreed on a plan of action – and then I was informed of what I’d to do.

The lady who interviewed me the following morning wore a nice red dress – and a harried expression. She came out with my application in her hand. “I can see you now Michael – or do you prefer Michelle?”

“Michael is fine ma’am” I said.

“Very well. Why don’t you come in and we can discuss your application,” she said, opening the door and standing aside to let me pass.

She started speaking before she had even reached the seat behind her desk. “You’re aware that we normally don’t hire males for this cruise?” She sat down than and looked at me across her desk. “I’m sorry. You don’t mind if I refer to you as a male?”

“No ma’am.”

“Good! It makes this interview so much easier if I can speak openly. You know then that you’re applying for position of cook on a yacht where all of the crew – and all of the passengers are female?”


She looked down at the application. “Says here that you room with Susan and Cindy Timpson?”


“And they tell me that you look after the house for them? Both of them speak highly of your . your .. homemaking skills.”

I blushed and brushed back the soft wisp of hair that fell across my brow. Knew that her eyes caught the soft pink polish on my nails – and also the very light coating of matching lipstick on my lips. Saw her nostrils extend just a little as a trace of my perfume wafted to her.

“I was out of work, and they asked me to take care of the house for them. I just pay a small portion of the rent – and don’t have to pay for my food.”

She nodded. “Yes, Susan explained that to me. Says you’re a great cook?”

“I don’t know about that ma’am – but I’m okay, I guess,” I said modestly.

“Well you’ll be cooking for a crew of twelve – and six passengers. Think you can manage that?”

“It all depends ma’am. Cindy tells me that a lot of the food has been pre-prepared by a gourmet caterer and so most of the cooking will be just freshening it up – but if everybody is eating at different times, it might get difficult.”

“That’s not going to happen,” she said. On top of that, you’ll have an assistant to help you. So do you see any problem in the kitchen?”

“No ma’am.”

“Fine – but there’s one other area I must cover – sex. Are you and Susan an item?”

“Huh? Oh no ma’am.”

“Have you ever slept with her?”

I blinked. “Most every night these last few weeks ma’am”

She sat bolt upright. “Most every . .?” Then a quizzical look came into her eyes. “Like friends – that it?”

I blushed. “Well we are friends.”

She grinned. “Okay – so you’re not going to be making a play for girls. Are you gay?”

“NO!” I was indignant.

“Okay – okay! Sorry!” she said. “But are you Cindy’s . .?” She hesitated. “Friend?”

“She doesn’t like me much,” I said.

“I can’t quite figure this out,” she said. “You’re neither Susan or Cindy’s type – and you’re not gay? What gives?” Then she brightened. “Of course! They both like girls – and you’re just not girl enough for either of them. Is that it?”

I could only blink at her – this conversation was getting out of hand! But then she got serious again. “Look! We have to have one thing straight above everything else. Crew members – and you’re one – are there to make the passengers happy. I don’t want you making a play for any passenger – but if one makes a play for you – which I doubt – you’ll go along! Got that?”

“Makes a play for me?” I asked stupidly.

She sighed. “Look. I’m straight myself – but I’ve had some passengers – of both types mind you – that have made plays for ME! And that’s here – in this office. I’ve no idea what the hell they’ll get up to out on the high seas – but whatever it is? You better go along, PERIOD!”

I nodded. Couldn’t think what else to do.

“Okay,” she said. “I have a feeling that I could be making a goddam big mistake – but if you want the job? It’s yours. Want it?”

Knowing already what the wages were I accepted .

“Better get your ass down to the Purser,” she said. “Get fitted for uniforms.”


“Of course! You’ll be wanting a guy uniform – that right?”

“I guess so. But I thought it was an all female crew“ I answered.

“Let me explain,” she said, seeing my confusion. “As a help to our paying customers? We have two types of uniforms – each indicating the wearer’s sexual orientation. Girls wear dark skirts and light tops. ‘Guys’ wear light shorts and dark tops. Saves confusion all around.”

“Ah!” I said.

“A guy uniform – for you?” The purser said, taking in my lipstick and nails. “Don’t be so effing stupid. What size skirt do you wear?”

“I don’t wear skirts,” I said.

“You’re the new cook, right?”

I nodded.

“Then you work for me – now what size skirt do you wear?”

That afternoon, Susan had me model my uniform for her. I wore the straight skirt – navy blue with the hem just above my knees: my white satin blouse tied across and leaving my tummy bare: and my white satin beret It was open enough at the front that the lace edging of my bra was easily visible..

“Looks good on you Michelle,” Susan said. “But you’ll have to wear panties. Those boxer shorts look awful underneath that skirt – and some forms inside your bra wouldn’t hurt either.”

I plucked nervously at my skirt. “But Susan? I’m a guy! I don’t feel right in this – and I can’t work in a kitchen dressed like this!”

“Oh, you’re just being silly!” she said, putting a comforting arm around my shoulder and caressing me through the satin. “You don’t wear that while you’re working. But we have to mix with the passengers you know – and by the time I get you ready? You’ll be used to looking pretty –just wait and see – some of those macho broads will be lining up for you!”

She wasn’t entirely correct, but any semblance I had to a male when we joined the ship was pretty well hidden. She’d waxed me and tweezed me, moisturized me and perfumed me. Set my hair and manicured and pedicured my nails. It wasn’t until I was unpacking my clothes in the cabin that I realized that I hadn’t one article of male clothing with me. To all intents and purposes, I was a young woman, though Susan didn’t waste any time in explaining to our two cabin mates, Else and Diana, that I was just a sissy – and not to worry about me being male. I think they were embarrassed for the first day or so but that soon disappeared and I found myself living in a welter of feminine lingerie and makeup.

I was surprised at how easy the work was. My ‘assistant’ was a young girl – who just LOVED to cook and it quickly became apparent that with the pre-packaged meals and with all of the waitresses giving a hand to bus the tables and do the dishes, I soon discovered that I’d plenty of time on my hands – and once Evelyn picked me for her own, I had even more.

Evelyn was easily the queen – or should I say ‘king’ bee amongst the passengers. As such, she had the biggest suite on board and everyone was very deferential towards her. She called for me to give me some special information on her dietary needs. I changed into a fresh uniform skirt and blouse, checked my makeup carefully, and knocked on her door.

“Come in!” she boomed and, nervously, I opened the door and went into her cabin. “You sent for me ma’am?” I said, and bobbed a small curtsey.

“You the chef?” she asked, obviously amazed. “But they said you were a guy!”

I blushed through my makeup. “I am – well kinda, ma’am”

Her mouth formed a delighted circle. “Come over here sweetie. Let’s see you.”

Knees knocking, I went to her. Then let out a little squeal of surprise when she ran her hand up under my skirt and took a hold of my penis! “Oh MY!” she said. “Aren’t you the cutest little thing! C’mere!” and she pulled me down onto her lap.

There, she untied the knot in my blouse. “Need to see these breasts of yours,” she purred. As she slowly unbuttoned the blouse to display my camisole and bra. “Very nice, but they’re just breast forms – a cutie like you? I’d have thought you’d have implants – why not?”

“Well ma’am. I’m not really a sissy. I needed a job and I have to dress this way to keep it.”

“Oh, I see!” she said. “But don’t the dykes here on board wear a different uniform – to show that they’re guys?”

I squirmed under her hand as she was fondling my breasts lightly. “Yes – but they didn’t have a guy uniform to fit me.”

“Oh, what a SHAME! Make you wear pretty girly clothes because they can’t come up with a man’s uniform for you? What’s your name, sweetie?”


“Michael? Come on now!” She stared at me mock-sternly.

“Sometimes, they call me Michelle,” I answered weakly.

“Much more appropriate, don’t you think?” she said.

There was a tone in her voice that merged on the mocking. I just nodded, getting scared of the look in her eyes..

“But you’ve handled all of this very well!” she added. “Look like a girl and dress like a girl? Smell like a girl – and feel so soft and weak like a girl. Like to give me a kiss?” Holding my penis, she readjusted my position.

I was now almost lying back in her left arm, her right hand fondling my breasts then coming down to trifle with the hem of my skirt. I was looking up into her eyes. Nervously licked my lips.

“Oh Michelle! Your lips are SO inviting! And you’re making them all wet and sexy! Pout nicely for Evelyn now. And why don’t you put your arms around my neck, huh?”

I did as she said, and pouted. Actually? Acting submissive and weak like this felt natural somehow. She grinned as her lips approached mine. Naturally now, as I was defenseless, her hand was immediately back up my skirt. “Still here, I see?” she said. “Enjoy this?” And then, before I could answer, her lips were on mine and her tongue was halfway down my throat.

She finally broke for air, but immediately flipped my skirt up to reveal my panties. “But sweetie? What are your panties made of?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “Nylon?”

“Well, I guess they feel nice enough – but a little cutie like you? Should be wearing something nicer – like satin. Don’t you think that little cuties should wear satin?”

What could I say? “Yeah – well? I guess so” is what came out of my mouth.

But she didn’t react. Just kept me there on her lap, kissing and fondling me. Gradually, the sexual lust was gone, and the topics of conversation grew more mundane. She was quite surprised to find that Susan and I were roomies – it turned out that her best friend Toni had the hots for her. “I think that the four of us will have such fun!” Evelyn said.

The three girls and I were getting ready that evening when a knock came to our cabin door. One of the guys was standing there when Else answered. She was carrying a fairly large pink box with a hot pink satin bow. “Something here for Michelle,” she said.

“Me?” I said, very conscious of being in my undies in front of a guy.

“Yeah,” she said. “Here!”

As I took them from her, Susan let out a squeal. “They were for YOU? I’ve been wondering all day who the lucky girls would be!”

“Girls?” I asked. “What are you talking about?”

Before she could answer, another knock came to the cabin door. This time, she opened it. It was Dallas. “Hey Susan! Guess you made a conquest!” she said – and handed Susan a present, identical to mine!

“Ooooh! Oooooh! Ooooh!” Susan squealed. Then turned to me. “I know what’s in them. Evvie bought them at my gift store today ” she said – “and you don’t – so why don’t you go ahead and open your present?”

And, in front of Else’s and Diana’s jealous eyes, I opened the gift and pulled out set after set of lingerie – in beautiful pastels – and some bright primary colors – and all in satin!. A note inside the box said “To a little cutie book end – Now you can dress properly! from Evvie!”

“Book end? What does that mean?” I asked, stunned by the gift.

“Got me!” Susan giggled, starting to open up her gift – to reveal lingerie sets that matched mine – exactly – and a note calling her ‘book end’ as well – but from Toni.

“Oh, I get it,” she laughed. “When the four of us go out on a double date? They want us to wear the same undies! Ain’t that a kick?”

She started stripping off her clothes. “Well? Come ON then,” she said excitedly.

“And do what, exactly?” I asked.

“To thank Toni and Evvie, stupid! Have you ANY idea how much they spent on us? And we’ll have to wear identical outfits over these sets – that’ll please them, I’ll betcha!”

“But don’t you think this is going too far? I’m a guy!” I wailed.

“Guy? Schmuy!” she laughed and started to pull my slip hem up

We (she) finally decided that we’d look best in the yellow sets and, with Else and Diana helping us, we were parading around in our heels and nylons in no time. Okay – I’m not a girl – but the feel of the satin as the layers slid around my body? Incredible! I couldn’t help it. Started to get sexed up – which created a bulge in my slip.

“That reminds me!” Susan said. “Evvie and Toni would probably appreciate a blow job. Think you can handle that?”

“You have to be kidding! I don’t give blow jobs! For one thing, like I said? I’m a guy! For another? I don’t know how . . “ I tailed off, shrinking a little from the ferocious glare that Susan was shooting at me.

“ENOUGH OF THIS GUY SHIT!” she finally spat at me. “You’re gonna give Evvie a blow job if she wants one – and you’re gonna like it – or at least ACT like you do!”

“Am NOT!” I said, sounding like a little kid, even to me.

“Are SO!” she responded in kind.

“Aw, come on Susan,” I backed off a little. “I don’t know how! And I really don’t want to learn!”

She shook her head in an aggravated way, then went and whispered in Else’s ear. Else’s eyebrows shot up, then she giggled and left the cabin, closing the door behind her.

Susan advanced on me. “Michelle dear? I’m sorry. But you’re going to have to learn how to do a passable blow job. Are you willing to promise me that you’ll at least try?”

I was almost crying. “You know I’d do anything in the world for you Susan – but I’m sorry. Can’t do it.”

“Well, I’m sorry too,” she said.

“For what?”

“Gonna have to make you do it.”

“How you going to do that?” I countered nervously.

“You’ll see!” she said – and grappled with me!

I’ll be honest. I started to giggle. I mean – Susan’s a girl! A soft, sweet, delectable, girl! What on earth was she thinking she’d accomplish? She doesn’t outweigh me – and is maybe even a pound or two lighter than me. But suddenly? I wasn’t giggling any more – I had a lithe, athletic – angry – girl on my hands. She was squealing with effort and soon I found myself doing the same and seeing us in the full length mirror on the back of the door – what I saw was two satin-clad females, struggling and gasping as they struggled against each other. We broke apart for a second. “You gonna behave?” she panted Bringing her hands back up into a clawing position. And glaring at me, ready to fight again.

“Please Susan? I don’t want to fight you,” I said, my voice trembling.

A triumphant expression came into her eyes and she stepped right up to me. I took a step backwards, and she followed. “Because I’m beating you. That it? Letting a girl beat you, huh?” she added, starting to giggle

“Please stop, Susan,” I said, practically groveling.

“Say ‘pretty please Susan” she said, taking a hold of my bra and slip straps and tugging on them gently.

“Pretty please, Susan” I repeated, starting to cry with the humiliation. This was the woman I’d fantasized about being MY girl – soft and loving. Sweet and amenable. And now, here she was, dominating me in a fight! Walking backwards and pulling me along with her. Smiling at me – but not in a very nice way, if you know what I mean.

“If I said you were a very naughty boy Michael? What would you say?”

“I’m sorry for being a naughty boy?”

“Very good! “ Taking a few more small steps back. “And if I said you were a very naughty little girl, Michelle? What would you say?”

I tried to hold back, but couldn’t. “I’m sorry for being a naughty little girl, Susan.” I said softly.

“But saying you’re sorry doesn’t alter the fact, does it? What happens to naughty little boys and girls?” she was now backed up with her legs against the couch.

“I don’t know, Susan”

“Of course you do! They get spanked – don’t they!” With that, she simply sat down and pulled me with her.

Totally demoralized, I didn’t struggle as she arranged me, face downwards, over her knees. I could hear Diana giggle from the other side of the cabin, then I heard the door open and Else came back in, but I couldn’t see her.

“Get it? Susan asked. “Cindy give you any problems?”

“She was kinda curious I think, but gave it to me no problem,” Else giggled. “God, it’s BIG! You know? You can tell Cindy that any time she’s looking for a date? I think she’s a real stud!”

Then her voice changed as she took in the scene in front of her. “What you doin’ to Michelle, Susan?”

“Spanking her – or at least teaching her how to get spanked! Now, are you listening Michelle?”

I nodded.

“Good. Now, bend your legs at the knees. That’s it – but now lower them a bit so they’re at an angle – of you stick them too straight into the air, you’ll get them in the way of the guy when you start to kick. Now? Kick your feet – as if you’re swimming.”

I started to kick.

“NO! Not that way! Just flutter them a little. NO! Too strong!”

I felt a sharp slap on my ass.

“Just flutter them – delicately! That’s better. Now, do you think you could give out a little squeal?”

“I don’t think I can squeal, Susan,” I said.

“Was squealin’ pretty loud when he was fighting with you, Susan,” Diana laughed.

“That’s right! So she was!” Susan laughed. “Okay Michelle – now let’s see what you can do!”

And, squirming about on her lap, kicking and squealing, I got spanked and called a naughty girl. Yes, I cried a little – but to tell the truth, it was highly erotic, so that when Susan stopped and whispered “Ready to learn to give blow jobs now, Michelle?” I didn’t see much percentage in arguing. Nodded.

“Okay sweetie. Up you get – and go into the bathroom with Diana, while I get ready,” she then told me. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but did as I was told. When Diana got me in the bathroom, she pulled out a lipstick tube. “Giving a blow job? Get your lips all big, red, and wet looking. Really turns the guys on. So put some of this stuff on – then gloss over it. Let’s see how you do.”

Under her keen eye, I applied the lipstick. She said I’d done okay – but suggested I put more on. “That’s perfect!” she said after I’d finished. “Now the coat of Gloss.”

It felt strange when I started to go back into the cabin. My lips felt huge and sticky – but my whole mouth went dry when I saw Susan. She had put on a strap on dildo – and the huge thing jutted obscenely out from her slim body. She stared at me. “Okay Michelle. Pretend I’m Evvie. What do you say, huh?”

And for the next ten minutes, with the three girls coaching me, I learned how to coo how ‘handsome’ it looked and “SO BIG – MMMM!” and “I just can’t wait to give that big handsome hunk a KISS!

And then, the ultimate humiliation. I had to kneel down in front of the girl I loved and tell her that she was my MAN – and lick that ugly thing lovingly and take it in my mouth – I got a few paddles from Diana and Susan on my backside before I finally did it. Then, Susan standing powerfully over me, I had to slide my mouth up and down that huge prick, letting out happy grunts and squeaks as I did so. As a Finishing touch, I had to pull out my compact – redo my lipstick then say “That was GREAT honey. Want to do it again?”

She didn’t – but Diana did! And then Else! Neither one had ever acted the male part before, but they enjoyed having a thoroughly cowed male – dressed in his satin undies – performing as their girl and, with Susan standing over me while I performed, I learned to be the penultimate bimbo, slobbering all over a false penis – and pretending to enjoy it. I knew from the looks in their eyes when we’d finished that they’d never think of me as any kind of a male again – but strangely? I felt kinda relieved. Felt I was more one of the girls now.

It was just as well I’d been trained I guess. After we’d dressed in our freshest uniforms and my makeup had been restored to full Technicolor glory, Susan and I minced our way to Evvie’s cabin – where she and Toni awaited us. At least, that was the impression I got.

“Come in girls! Come in!” Evvie shouted out when Susan knocked on the door. “Been expecting you!” Then as Susan opened the door and we stepped shyly into the cabin, she added. “Look at that pair of dolls, Toni!”

The two women were lolling side by side on a sofa. Both had drinks in their hands, and I had the feeling that it wasn’t their first either as they had a glassy sheen to their eyes.

“Come to say thank you for your nice presents?” Toni asked.

“Ooooh yes!” Susan squealed beside me – and giving me a nip on the thigh, indicated I should act the same as her – then minced over to Toni and slobbered a big kiss on her lips. “Oh THANK YOU dear Toni! The undies are beautiful!”

Truthfully? I still didn’t like what I was doing, but must have been successful enough in squealing my thanks to Evvie, that she looked pleased. “You got the undies girls? How come I’m not seeing them?” she said, once I unlocked my lips from hers.

What could I do? I immediately followed Susan’s lead and, though shy, stripped off my outer clothes. Stood there in my feminine lingerie, ashamed of the mound showing at my front – but I guess it wasn’t big enough to warrant any comments because Evvie and Toni looked at each other, grinned, then turned to us. “Okay girls – bookends!”

I soon found out what they meant. Laughing and carrying their drinks with them, they stood up. It was immediately apparent that they were wearing dildos under their dresses from the sight of the large protuberances at the front. Then they swaggered out into the center of the cabin, where they stood back to back.

“Okay girls. Fun time! Down on your knees!” Toni said.

“Time to go to work!” Edith added, then laughed. “Like pretty bookends!”

And, following Susan’s lead, I did all the right things. Giggled and squealed. Made delighted noises as I lifted Evvie’s skirts – she wasn’t wearing panties – and saw the large dildo she was wearing. Breathed a small sigh of relief when I saw it wasn’t quite as big as Cindy’s had been – it even felt different as I took it in my mouth after I’d kissed and licked it for a while.

It was SO demeaning! In the mirrored closet door, I could see our reflections, and while Toni and Evvie stood arrogantly sipping on their drinks and chatting over their shoulders to each other, Susan and I were two submissive ,pretty, girls in our lovely satin lingerie, happily smiling and making delighted noises with our heads bobbing up and down on the shafts – getting patted on the head like two pets while doing so. Finally – I don’t think Susan was ready for it either as she let out a strangled squeak like me – something jetted into my mouth! Gagging a little, I tried to pull back, but Evvie’s hand was on the back of my head. “”Wasn’t that a nice surprise Michelle?” she asked. “Swallow it now!”

Then both women went and sat side by side on the sofa again. This time Susan and I had to sit on their laps. There, we were kissed and fondled for a while, but then they slid out from underneath us – and had US start to kiss and fondle each other! Stood laughing and joking as Susan and I gradually got excited, rubbing our satin covered bodies together, kissing –with lots of tongue. Gradually, Susan was straddling me. I was in seventh heaven looking up at her. Finally, I was getting to make love to my dream goddess! Okay, it was kinda humiliating, given the clothes I was wearing, an audience of two grinning women – and the fact that Susan had actually competed with me for the male position – and won. She leaned over and kissed me. Told me how pretty I was. Asked me if I was her girl. When I nodded, she lifted the hem of my slip and started to pull my panties down. I started to undulate underneath her.

“Okay girls! Enough. Time to play bookends again!” Toni was pulling Susan up off me. I felt like bursting into tears with frustration, but then noticed that while Susan and I had been slithering about on the sofa, the women had placed two straight back chairs, side by side, maybe a foot or eighteen inches apart in the center of the cabin.

“Okay girls. Kneel up on the chairs and face each other. Keep your knees well apart!” Evvie commanded.

Susan and I went over to the chairs and doing as we were told, found ourselves kneeling on the chair cushions and facing each other.

“Okay girls! You can start petting again,” Toni said.

With the gap between the chairs we both found that we were mutually supporting each other, our upper bodies meeting in the middle of the gap, while our knees stayed anchored to the cushions.

“But I thought we were going to play bookends again?” Susan complained.

“Oh we are, we ARE!” Evvie laughed. “We just want you and Michelle all hot to trot, is all.”

It was awkward, no doubt about it, but soon I was kissing Susan – and being kissed back – our hands finding each other’s bodies and stroking and caressing each other as best we could, we were soon trembling with lust.

Then I saw that Toni was standing directly behind Susan and saw Susan’s eyes widen with surprise. Then I felt Evvie at my back, pulling my panties down and applying a kind of gel to my anus. I started to open my mouth in protest, but Susan must have figured this out, because she effectively silenced me by giving me a ferocious kiss – and ramming her tongue deep in my mouth! And she kept it there as Evvie’s fingers finished the lubrication and then her dildo slowly worked it’s way inside me.

This time, Evvie and Toni were the bookends as they humped Susan and I doggy style. Once Susan moved her lips off mine, she was gasping and panting – as I was. Yes, it was the ultimate in degradation, being fucked as if I was a woman while someone else was doing to MY girl what she wouldn’t allow me to do. I then felt her hands run a condom over my erection. Wondered why, when to my own surprise I ejaculated!

We were allowed to clean up and get dressed after that. Evvie stuck five one hundred bills in my bra and thanked me for being such a good girl – while Toni did the same to Susan.

I just said that getting humped the way we did was he ultimate degradation, but I’m not really that sure. How would you feel walking down a ship’s corridor, the girl that you loved complimenting you for being such a good girl? Asking if you’d had a good time? Asking if the dildo Evvie had used had torn you? And then undressing in the cabin with Diana and Else looking on curiously – and taking in the crumpled state of your undies?

The next day after breakfast, Susan and I were ‘relieved’ of our duties and transferred to ‘Customer Liaison’ – in other words, companions for Evvie and Toni respectively. I was also transferred into Evvie’s cabin. While Susan was re-billeted in Toni’s cabin – adjoining ours.

A small boat drew up alongside the ship that afternoon. And some fairly bulky packages were transferred to the ship. It turned out to be a series of outfits – matching of course – for Susan and I to wear. “I’m sick of seeing you girls in nothing but uniforms,” Evvie groused. “Now the pair of you? Move your sweet little asses and change. Wear what you like – just make sure that you co-ordinate everything you wear!”

Any miniscule vestiges of masculine pride I had remaining disappeared over the next few days as we cruised down the coast line. I mean, how do you think I felt making sure that Susan and I wore identical little flirty dresses, matching undies and shoes – even our makeup? Though with Evvie and Toni proudly showing us off to everybody it was kinda nice seeing how jealous the other girls were of us. Also, as we got humped regularly, I couldn’t stop from becoming more and more girlish – actually found myself acting all flirty and feminine – getting my hair done – bikini wax jobs – and manicures and pedicures, Susan guiding me all the way. Started recognizing the signals from Evvie and bending over for her. Found out that she’d been nice enough to use a small dildo on me that first time – but that didn’t last too long.

She also never lost the impression that I wanted to be a girl. I tried to dissuade her a few times, but finally gave up. This probably explains what happened.

We dropped anchor just outside of Ensenada in Mexico. Evvie and Toni took us ashore in a water taxi. Escorted us to a number of bars and restaurants until my head was swimming. Then, I vaguely remember being in some sort of boutique, having my measurements taken, with Evvie, Toni, and Susan looking on. I was confused because Susan wasn’t getting measured as well, but could only mumble my questions – that nobody paid any interest in. Then, while we were still there, Evvie handed me a white pill and a glass of milk. “Here Michelle. Better take this. You’ll have a hangover if you don’t”

I don’t even remember taking it, but I must have.

I woke up in a comfortably furnished room – in a hospital style bed. Had a slight headache and a tinge of a sore throat. I took a sip of water from a glass beside the bed which eased my throat a little. Then it dawned on me. The room wasn’t moving – I wasn’t on board the ship. And something else was bothering me. When I’d reached for the water glass, I’d noticed that the nightgown I wore – a pretty one – seemed to be unusually constrictive about the chest. And hadn’t the glass felt funny against my lips?

I craned my neck from the pillow and saw that I had realistic breasts lifting the front of the gown! LARGE ones! I let out a mewl of despair and picked up a small hand mirror from beside the bed. Imagine my shock when I saw the fully made up girl staring back at me. Pouting, full, kissable lips: Beautifully arched eyebrows: Sultry dark eyes emphasized by eyeliner and eye shadow: Cheeks rosy with blusher.

I licked my lips. Strangely, there was no lipstick taste. Gently took the tip of my finger and brushed my lips. None came off on my finger! Nor did any of the blusher, mascara, or eyeliner. I knew that I’d been permanently made up!

As I stared into the mirror, a nurse bustled into the room. “My! The sleeping beauty awakes!” She giggled “And admiring yourself already? How do you feel?”

“Fine, I guess.” I said slowly.

“No sore throat? Not sore at your hips?”

“My throat’s a little sore. How did you know?” I asked.

“Well, Doctor Morales is a marvelous surgeon. But sometimes when she shaves an Adam’s apple? It hurts the girls.”

“Adam’s apple?”

“Yes. Now you have a pretty smooth throat – just like a girl’s!”

“And hips?” I asked desperately.

“Of course! She’s enhanced your lips, hips and breasts as well. I haven’t seen you of course, but I’ll bet you have an hour glass figure now.” She giggled. “But I suppose you’d better get up and get dressed – the ship got back in yesterday and I’ll bet they can’t wait to see you!”

“What do you mean, the ship got back yesterday? We just arrived yesterday.” I said.

“Oh no. This is Saturday. You’ve been here since last Monday. Your girlfriend spent a LOT of money on you. I hope you’re grateful!” she said, chastising me. “Up now! Let’s get your lovely dress on! I can’t wait to see it!”

I saw the feminine shape in the door mirror as I got out of bed. Pendulous breasts, spreading hips with a tiny waist. Gawped as the nurse brought out the white wedding gown – a confection of tulle, chiffon, and organza – and then a swathe of buttery white satin undies – and a veil of course. “Now, go and get showered, I’ve called your friend Susan, and she should be here soon,” I was told.

I was just starting to put on my undies when Susan appeared – in a sea foam green bridesmaids dress. “Hello Michelle. Miss us?” she asked.

“I’m confused,” was all I could manage.

“Well anyone would!” she said soothingly. “But let’s get you dressed and back to the ship!”

“To marry Evvie?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know how legal it’ll be – but that’s the idea,” she answered. “You see? I happened to mention how cute you’d looked in a wedding dress, that last time – and I guess it gave her the idea. But come ON – the whole ship is waiting for the ceremony!”

And my girlfriend started to dress me in my wedding finery.

The end