A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Sissy Therapy - Chapter 9

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Although they didn't say anything, Billy knew his friends had noticed his eyebrows. Kids were whispering and pointing at him all day. Cindy, undoubtedly egged on by Ms. Walker, had been a thorn in his side all day. She wanted to hear all about his new panties and bras. Noticing his eyebrows and hips, she had burst into laughter, gasping that he looked like some starlet from the sixties. In class, Cindy arched her back and pushed her breasts forward, all the while staring at Billy. Then she smirked and blew him a kiss. Football practice was even worse. No one would even talk to him after his performance on Friday night. Billy had glumly noticed his teammates glaring at him and making nasty comments. After supper, Ms. Smith had started teaching Billy how to knit and do needlework, chortling that boys liked girls with domestic skills.

The following day was another exercise in humiliation.. As Rachel was overseeing his underwear choices and taunting him, Billy had lost his temper and told her to "shut the hell up." Rachel had cringed in reaction until reason took over and she recalled the change in the household pecking order. Recovering, she had strode boldly to her older brother and slapped him in the face—hard. "No, you shut up, sissy boy! That's no way for a fairy to talk. You talk to me like that again and I'll tell Mom. Then it's bye-bye Billy.

Billy hung his head in frustrated shame, knowing that his younger sister was right.

"There, that's better. Now as punishment for your little outburst, I have just the thing!"

Billy slumped when he realized that his display of temper was going to cost him.

Rachel returned from Billy's dresser with two gel sacs. Smirking, Racel roughly stuffed the sacs into the lacy cups of Billy's bra. "There! Now you've got something to show your classmates!" Rachel watched with amused glee the look of horror that crossed her brother's face as he realized the what was in store for him in school. Rachel delighted in the look of frustration on her brother's face as he fought his impulse to rip the bra to pieces. "Now let's go show Mom your pretty new titties, and remember to tell her how much you love them!! Now march!" she ordred with a swat to Billy's pantied bottom. Billy's mother and sister then forced Billy to gush about how much he was dying to have a real pair of large breasts like his mother's.

At school, Billy kept books or anything else he could find at his chest to hide his new assets. Billy had even hid out in a stall in the boy's bathroom during lunch in an effort to keep out of Cindy's way. His plan worked—until after school. As Billy returned to the bathroom to change for football practice, Billy found the entrance blocked by Bob and a number of his larger teammates. Billy began to panic, and tried to run.

"What's your hurry, Billy? It's time for practice, and we think it's time for you to dress with the team! Right, guys?" As the boys roared their approval, they dragged Billy to the locker room. Once there, they assembled around him. "Okay, Billy boy. Cindy says that you're hiding something. Let's just see!

Billy considered running, but knew he'd never get out of the locker room. As he desperatey tried to will himself out of his current situation, Bob's patience wore out. "Get him guys. Billy started screaming as hands started ripping his clothes off. In no time Billy was standing in front of his teammates, clad only in white satin and lace panties and well filled bra. Billy began to blubber as his teammates taunted him: "You fag! You make me sick! Nice tits, fairy boy! Cindy was right about you—you are more girl than boy!" The taunts continued until the embarrrased boys was reduced to tears.

Finally, the commotion attracted the attention of the coach, who headed toward the assembled crowd to investigate. He was greeted by the sight of his quarterback, dressed only in lacy girls' panties and bra. Angry a the intrusion of such apparent deviance, the coach demanded an explanation.

"He's some kind of transie, Coach! Look at him!!! He's shaved his legs and everything. I told you that curtsey stuff was no joke," Bob sneered. Through his tears, Billy saw the Coach redden in anger. Finally, the Coach was able to spit out,"Get that pantywaist out of here—he's off the team. We don't need any perverts on the squad!"

Bob and a couple of large linemen roughly grabbed Billy by the arms and dragged him to the door. Recovering slightly, Billy pled with them to allow him to get his clothes. Bob had other ideas.

"I don't think so, girly. I think you should show off your underwear to everyone, don't you? Besides, the cheerleaders are pracicing right over there and I know you'll want to show off your new boobies to the other girls!" A huge shove left Billy lying on the ground outside the locker room, face down, clad only in his hated girls' underwear. When he looked up, Billy saw that he was surrounded by Cindy and the other cheerleaders.

"Billy, darling, I know your matching panty and bra set are cute, but shoudn't you be wearing something over them?" she teased. The girls laughed while Billy tearfully struggled to his feet.

"Please, Cindy. I just want to go home. The Coach just kicked me off the team and everything. The team hates me. My life is ruined. Please. just get me something to wear so I can go home!"

Cindy shuddered with pleasure as she took in the pathetic thing before her. Just a few weeks before, he had been a pompous jerk, poised on the threshold of testosterone-induced ego super-inflation. Now here he was, sniveling like a school-girl, begging for mercy, dressed in the most feminine of intimate garments. Briefly, Cindy felt sorry for the helpless youth. Then she thought about Ms. Walker's warning that this time would come. Ms. Walker had cautioned her to retain her resolve, to think of all the males who had treated her as a second class citizen—a mere girl in a man's world—an object of lust and amusement. Cindy had known exactly what she was talking about. Her own father and brothers treated her like she didn't realy count. Well, here was one male who was going to get a taste of his own medicine!

"But Billy, we were just practicng oue cheers and we're short one girl- you'll be perfect! In no time, the laughing girls had shoved poms- poms in his hand and were teaching hi some basic cheers. Billy refused to co-operate until Cindy pinched his bottom—hard. "Cheer, sissy boy-or else!

An hour later, the girls collapsed in gleeful exhaustion. They had forced Billy to join their practice in his bra and panties. Cindy snapped picture after picture as he imitated the girls. "Well. girls. it looks like we have our new alternate. But. I think it's time for girly to get home before his mommy worries. In no time, Cindy and the other girls had added a garter belt, stockings and three-inch heels to his ensemble. Fearing that Cindy was going to send him home in his underwear, Billy began to beg for more clothes. With a sneer, Cindy forced Billy into a pink wool swing coat that barely covered his pantied bottom. After she laughingly forced pink evening gloves on his arms and arranged a pink velvet turban on his head, Cindy sent the boy off with a laugh and a slap to his bottom. "Ta-ta, fruitcake!" she mocked. In no time, a sobbing Billy was left alone to make his way home.

By the time Billy got home, Billy's legs ached from walking in the hateful heels. The stares and catcalls directed toward him were worse. Billy couldn't imagine feeling more embarrassed as his mother and sister made him model his new ensemble. Finally, Friday came and Billy found himself once again in Ms.Walker's office. Billy was not "delighted", as she suggested he might be, to learn that she thought his therapy was going better than anticipated. From Billy's growing surliness during the week, Ms. Walker had anticipated that Billy might need a "reminder" of the consequences of resistance. During their session, there was a knock on the door. When a burly policeman entered the office, Billy had almost fainted. The officer explained that he had received an anonymous call about an assault on school premises. Billy stopped breathing until he realized that Ms. Walker wasn't going to turn him in—at least not yet. Billy had listened, horrified, as the officer described the new laws passed to severely punish such assaults, and mandating that kids thirteen and older be tried as adults.

After Ms. Walker had assured the officer that it was a false alarm and that she would notify him if she heard anything, the officer left, but not before giving Billy a suspicious look. As the door closed, Billy broke down in tears from relief.

There, there, sweetie. We're not going to have any more trouble from you are we." Ms. Walker intended to take advantage of the moment to move Billy's therapy along. Through his tears, Billy heard her say: "Billy, I think it's time that we became a little more aggressive in your therapy. From now on, I want you to wear at least one article of feminine outerwear every day. Won't that be divine?" Ms. Walker chuckled as Billy's tears started anew.

Later that night, Billy overheard his mother talking on the phone She was laughing until tears formed in her eyes. Struggling to compose herself, she addressed Billy: "That was Ms. Walker. She told me all about your new assignment. I can't help but think of that nice saleslady at La Femme and how much she enjoyed helping you when you bought your underthings. Let's have a girls' day shopping tomorrow for our Sissy. I just know your saleslady friend will know just what you need to look your femmy best!!" Rachel roared her approval, as Billy struggled not to cry.