A Submissive Sissy

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Sissy Therapy - Chapter 8

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The laughter of the hateful saleslady and customers ringing in his ears, Billy bolted from the store in tears. After pedaling home as fast as his legs would carry him, Billy slammed his bike down in the garage, preoccupied with the morning's disaster. Angry at his treatment by the saleslady, Billy forgot to take off his sweatshirt and remove the bra. As he walked through the kitchen door on his way to his bedroom, he was immediately accosted by his sister. "Mom wanted to see you the minute you got in." Billy quickly hid the bag behind his back, as his sister pulled him by his free arm toward the living room.

"How was your shopping Billy? Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Um, yeah—I guess so."

"Well-What did you buy?"

"Oh, just some athletic shorts and stuff you know."

"How nice! Why don't you show me what you bought," his mother insisted.

Billy hesitated as he tried desperately to think of a way out of the predicament. As he did, Rachel snuck behind him and snatched the bag from behind his back and delivered it to their mother while a desperate Billy tried to retrieve it from her outstretched arm. "Mom, look! Billy's been shopping at La Femme!!" Ms. Smith smiled broadly as she reached into the bag and pulled out pair after pair of exceedingly dainty panties as Rachel held her brother tight.

"Well, well, well! Aren't these simply adorable! What exquisite taste you have! I thought you might find what you wanted at La Femme. Don't they have the femmiest things!!"! His mother continued to pull panties out of the bag. "Well, I guess you won't have to borrow my undies anymore; you've got plenty of your own."

"I wish I could have been there to see it!! Imagine Mother, a boy buying panties at La Femme!" Rachel howled with laughter.

"Not only that dear, but it looks like our little girl is growing up!" Ms. Smith snickered as she held up one of the lacy bras by its straps.

Incredulous at her brother's purchases, Rachel lifted her brother's sweatshirt. "Mom, look!!"

"Oh, how simply charming! He couldn't wait to put one on!" Ms. Smith demanded that Billy remove his shirt as she and Rachel ooohed and ahhhhed over her son's pretty new bra.

While Billy stood in abject humiliation, his mother returned her attention to the bag. It also appears that our sissy has made a friend." Ms. Smith held up the card the saleslady placed in the bag.

"Don't call me that," Billy said angrily, simultaneously pushing his sister's hand away as she traced the lacy cups of his bra.

Ms. Smith quickly rose and seized her son by the chin. With a steely voice she continued as she locked her son's eyes with her own: "You listen to me, buster!! I don't know what's going on with you. First, you're desperate to borrow my panties, then you go shopping and bring back your own panties and bras"—she snapped the strap of his bra —"from the most feminine girl's store in town. Then you have the nerve to lie about it right in front of my face. Didn't you think that I'd know soon enough from the credit card bill? Well, I think it's time we faced the truth—you're just a prissy little girly- boy!!

Billy fled the room in tears, seeking the solace of his bedroom, where he slammed the door and collapsed on the bed. Downstairs, his mother and sister hugged each other, shrieking in glee. After the celebration ended, they began to make plans for the "new girl" in the family.

After he finished the dinner dishes and had put away his apron, Billy prepared to retreat to his room and try to forget the humiliations of the day. His mother and sister had other plans. "Sissy," Ms. Smith began icily, "now that you've made your true desires known, things are going to change around here. Frankly, I've got to tell you that I'm shocked by this weeks' developments. I always thought you were a normal boy. I guess your sister was right. She says that she always knew you that you were 'all girl'. Well, I'm just glad we finally know the truth so we can help you."

"Yeah, right," Billy thought as he glared at his sister. In the past, Rachel would have been afraid that her brother would retaliate. She knew now that the table had turned. With a daring look, Rachel stuck her tongue out at her brother.

Billy's mother continued: "Now, Billy, your sister and I have been talking about you all afternoon." His mother adopted a tone of mock concern, but she couldn't keep the mirth out of her voice. Billy knew that his mother and sister were enjoying their newfound control over him; it bothered him no end. He also knew that there was nothing he could do about it. Anger and frustration overwhelmed him. "We can't imagine what it must have been like for you all these years, pretending to be like normal boys—playing sports, rough-housing, doing things with your father, playing video games." She sighed dramatically as she stroked his short hair. "All the while you were just dying to play dollies, wear pretty dresses, and do "girl" things with Rachel and me. Well, we certainly intend to help you make up for lost time! " We're just so happy that you're finally getting the therapy you so desperately need!" Ms. Smith cruelly grabbed a handful of Billy's hair and yanked, forcing his eyes to meet hers.

Billy's face went pale at the mention of the word,"therapy."

"That's right, Sissy, dear," his mother chirped. After your little shopping expedtion I decided to call Ms. Walker. I thought she might be able to give me some ... insight ...into your recent behavior. I was right! She told me all about your assault on that sweet Cindy Jackson, you little pig!! You should be ashamed of yourself. I called Cindy and offered to turn you in myself, but she said she's satisfied as long as you're getting the help you need. Ms. Smith's tone turned icy-cold. "The minute you fail to cooperate, it's off to prison you go!! Understand, Sissy?

Billy nodded his head dejectedly, stunned by thiis latest development His mother continued, "Sissy, if you want to avoid becoming some inmate's girl, you're going to do everything your sister and I tell you! Fixing Billy's eyes with hers, Ms. Smith continued, "Ms. Walker says that deep down you really love this, and I want to see a big sissy smile on your face at all times!! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mother." Billy forced a smile to his lips, desperately hoping that his mother and sister would bore with their game and leave him alone. He had no such luck.

"Good! I'm glad we've got that settled! Now on to the part I know you're going to love."

Rachel picked up the thread: "Well, big brother. From the panties and bras you bought for yourself, it's obvious that you want to start expressing your true self. But you can't just put on a bra and panties and expect to be a girl. You've got to work at being pretty and feminine. The first step is to develop a beauty regimen!" In no time, Rachel had her hapless older brother in a sweet smelling bubble bath, instructing Billy on how to shave his legs and underarms of the body hair that Billy had only recently welcomed.

As he toweled off, Billy's mother handed him a pink floral container of bath powder. Forcing the powder puff into his hand, Ms. Smith said, "This was another gift from your father. I thought it was too sweet smelling, but I bet you'll just love it."

Forcing a smile, Billy knew what his mother expected. Inhaling deeply, Billy replied, "Ummm, it's heavenly." Billy's mother and sister guffawed their approval.

After forcing Billy into his mother's peignoir set and slippers, his sister decided to up the ante. "Now Sissy, I know that it must be hard for you. After all, boys who want to look like girls are not exactly welcomed in society. I know how mean kids can be." Billy shuddered at the truth of her statement. "Nonetheless, I think it's more important to be honest with yourself than to care what others think. After all, the closet is a very lonely place," she chuckled. " Don't you agree?"

Billy didn't like where his sister was going, but he could feel his mother's eyes. "Uh, yeah, I guess so," he lied.

"Good! Now, Mother and I think that it's precious that you want to wear your girly things under your boy clothes. We also recognize that someone as femmy as you shouldn't hide your true feelings. But as much as you might want to do so, we don't think you should just show up at school in a cute dress—at least not yet—it might be too much of a shock for your little friends. So-oo, Mom and I have decided that you should go slowly at first—you know, giving little hints of your true self. Then, as time goes by, we'll help you become more and more girlish. Isn't that a great idea?"

Not waiting for Billy's response, she began tugging at his eyebrows with a pair of tweezers while his mother held his arms. Billy howled with pain, but Rachel continued, a wild grin on her face. "There!!" she exclaimed finally. Billy's mother produced a hand mirror with a great flourish and held it in front of Billy's face.

Billy gasped in dismay. His eyebrows had been plucked into a fine, girlish arch. Seeing that her handiwork had the desired effect, Rachel began to rub it in. "Mom and I both agree that nothing feminizes the face like a pair of thinly plucked eyebrows. Of course, most women prefer heavier brows like Mom and me, but we knew that you'd prefer the ultra- femmy look. We were right, weren't we?"

Billy's shoulder's slumped as he started to cry.

"I thought so—look Mom, tears of joy!!"

On Monday morning, Rachel appeared in his room. "Mother thinks for the time being that I should help you get dressed in the morning. Revelling in her newfound control over her brother, she pinched his bottom. "Now, let's see what darling things you should wear today!!. As Rachel rummaged through his underwear drawer, Billy noted without surprise that all his old underwear was gone.

With a joyful giggle, Rachel held up her choice— a matching bra and panty set in lace encrusted pink. Billy groaned audibly. Just then, his mother appeared at his door with a package. Billy recognized the bag— it was from La Femme.

"While you were doing your homework yesterday, Rachel and I decided to stop by La Femme and visit your new friend, Ms.Gladstone. I must say, you certainly made an impression on her. We had the most interesting chat."

Billy scowled at the memory of the hateful saleslady.

Noticing her son's look, Ms. Smith continued: "After we were finished, she thought that these special little dainties might make you feel better about yourself."

Billy reached into the bag as if it might contain poisonous snakes. Drawing his hand out, he looked at the strange garment. It was made of a very heavy flesh colored material. As Billy stared at the garment in wonder, his mother quickly snatched it from his hands and pulled it up his legs. Laughing, she reached in and tucked his boyhood under before lifting Billy off his feet with a huge tug.

Billy gasped. The thing felt like it was cutting him in half!

Billy's mother continued. Ms. Gladstone knew that you'd love how this little girdle gives you a pretty girlish front. And look—it has gel padding on the hips, just like a real girl!! Your panties will fit much better now."

Rachel tried to stifle a laugh with her hand at the horrified look on her brother's face.

"This afternoon I want you to write Ms. Gladstone a darling little thank you note so she'll know she was absolutely right about you," Ms. Smith added with a grin.

Billy slowly pulled on his panties, crushed at the way they now fit. It was if he were a real girl! His hips were huge and hopelesly girlish. This couldn't be happening. Billy looked up to see Rachel bearing down on him, a bra in her outstretched hands, a broad smirk on her face.

"Mom, Rachel, no way!!" Billy saw a flash of anger on his mother's face and changed his tack. "I mean, I don't think I want to wear a bra today." Billy certainly didn't want to do more than the minimum required by Ms. Walker. Besides, he was going to have enough trouble explaining his plucked eyebrows and his new hips.

"Of course you want to wear a bra. After all, you bought it, girly, so you must be dying to wear it. According to Ms. Walker, it wasn't even part of your assignment. Besides, there's nothing like a darling bra to make a boy feel pretty. You do want to feel pretty, don't you, sissy boy?"

Knowing he had no choice in the matter, Billy glumly nodded his head. As Rachel threaded the bra over her brother's arms, fastened the back, and as she fussed endlessly with the straps, she gave her mother a look of victory.

That afternoon, Billy sat at the kitchen table, reading the letter he had just penned. Unhappy with his own efforts, his mother finally dictated what Billy was to write:

Dear Ms. Gladstone, I just had to write (his mother thought this was a great joke) and thank you for helping me with my purchase of panties and bras recently at La Femme. As a boy, I was a little nervous buying such feminine garments for myself, but you were sooo helpful! I just love the dainty things you helped me pick! And the girdles you gave my Mom for me are perfectly darling! They make me feel so femmy! I can't wait to visit La Femme again. I saw so many cute things! I won't know where to begin. But I just know you will! Yours in panties, Billy (Sissy) Smith

"There, that's better! Don't you think so dear? Why, I bet Ms. Gladstone will post it with the other 'thank you's' on the board right by the cash register! Won't that be sweet? I'm sure all the ladies and girls will be amused."

As Billy lay in bed that night, the lace of his nightgown itching him, he recalled the many humiliations of the day: At the breakfast table, Billy's mother had demanded that he sit up straight like a "little lady" when he had slumped to hide the lumps in his shirt. Later, Ms. Walker had guffawed when she saw Billy's new "look." Of course, she insisted that he continue to wear bras every day. Ms. Walker also delighted in recounting his mother's phone call. Of course, that was followed by a stern warning that his mother and sister were to be obeyed in all matters relating to his therapy.