A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Sissy Therapy - Chapter 7

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The next morning, Billy slowly rolled out of bed. Trying to forget the previous night's disaster, his thoughts turned mournfully to his most recent sissy "assignment". Billy only had a dollar or two in his piggy bank, and he would have to ask his mother for money. The trick was to not let on what the money was for. His sister and mother would never let him live it down if they knew he had bought girls' panties for himself. Billy involuntarily shuddered at the thought. No, he'd have to keep them hidden from his two tormentors. Then he could return his mother's panties, and after a few days, things could get back to normal at home. He'd tell his mom and sister what they could do with their damn nighty! Billy began to feel a little better. Maybe he could even bring his teammates around. Billy's mood began to brighten.

That morning, as he was doing the dishes, Billy broached the subject with his mother. " Mom, I need to pick up a few things at to the mall today. May I borrow some money please? "

"It depends dear. What are you shopping for?"

Billy reddened at the thought of his intended purchase. He stammered and stuttered, finally blurting out, " Just some things. " He cringed, hoping his mother had not heard the anxiety in his voice.

Ms. Smith raised one eyebrow suspiciously. What was her son up to? She wondered if his intended shopping trip had something to do with his unusual request earlier in the week. Surely he wasn't going to buy girls' things. Not after the way she and Rachel had teased him all week. Not after his embarrasssment at the football game. He was acting awfully nervous, though. Although ordinarily she would never have given him money without knowing exactly what he was going to buy, she decided to play along. "Well, here's some cash. You can also use this store credit card if they have what you're looking for." She handed him an ornately embossed credit card bearing the name "La Femme." Billy vaquely recalled seeing the name on a storefront in the mall, but had never been inside.

Cautiously, he inquired, " What kind of things do they have there? " "Oh, they have lots of things I know you'd love," she said mysteriously.

Momentarily appeased, Billy stuck the credit card and cash in his back pocket and continued with the dishes. Ms. Smith just smiled to herself, anxious for the day to unfold.

Later that morning, Billy rode his bike to the nearby shopping mall. Already trembling with nervousness, he selected a large department store to make his purchase. Billy planned to wander around the men's department, make his way over to the girls department, make the purchase and get out. Billy patted his pocket to assure himself that the money was still there and began to panic. The money! It was gone! He searched all his pockets. He must have lost it on the ride over!! His mother would never give him any more money this weekend. Billy was starting to gasp for breath as his hand found the familiar shape of the credit card. He breathed a momentary sigh of relief. "I hope this place sells girls underwear," Billy thought to himself.

Billy started searching for the store whose name matched that on the credit card. When he found it, he immediately wished he hadn't. It was a store for just for girls!! Suddenly, Billy remembered where he had heard the name before. This was where his mother shopped for Rachel when she needed clothes for special occasions. Billy 's knees weakened and he collapsed on a bench near the entrance to the store. Billy watched in dismay as countless mothers and daughters entered the store looking for that perfect party dress or accessory. Billy moaned audibly. How could he have lost the money!! Ultimately, only the memory of Ms. Walker with her hand on the telephone gave Billy the strength to go inside the store.

Once inside, Billy was assaulted with the sheer femininity of the exclusive store. Any normal male would have felt instantly uncomfortable, and Billy surely did. Everywhere, girls younger than Billy were busily picking out things to try on under the watchful eyes of their mothers. Billy was so lost in thought that he did not even notice the tall, severely dressed sales person approach him from behind.

Doris Gladstone had seen Billy enter the store moments earlier. Forced to work after a nasty divorce, Doris was generally bored to tears helping the rich, spoiled girls who shopped there, resentful that she even had to work at all. She particularly hated the brothers that the mothers towed in. As the females shopped, she would have to keep the brats from destroying the place. Thus, when Billy walked in, her antennae immediately went up.

" Can I help you find someone?" Ms. Gladstone had assumed Billy was looking for his mother and sister.

Billy was startled by the woman's voice. " No, ma'am. I mean, I was just looking."

Obviously suspicious of a teenage boy alone in the store, Ms. Gladstone continued: " Well, what is it exactly that you were looking for?" she demanded impatiently.

Billy stared at his feet before answering. " I want to buy some panties, please, " he whispered.

Ms. Gladstone sneered as she looked Billy over. He didn't seem the type. On rare occasion, "special" boys came in to make purchases for themselves, but she could spot them miles away. Also, they usually came when the store was empty...not during the busiest day of the week. It didn't matter. She would treat Billy the way she treated all the other boys who had the audacity to shop there. " Well, I think we can help you there, sweetie. We have the most adorable undies you can imagine." The sales lady smiled a sickingly saccharine smile and started propelling Billy toward racks of lacy underthings.

Billy stuck out like a sore thumb in the busy store, and he could feel the stares of the customers on his back. His face got hotter and hotter as he was led deeper into the store. When they had reached a wall of mirrors in the lingerie area, the saleslady clapped her hands together as if to draw everyone's attention, and loudly inquired, "Now, who are these panties for?"

Billy fought the overwhelming sense of humiliation he felt long enough to answer quietly, " For me. " The sales ladies immediately contorted her face in a look of mock amazement as she looked to the nearby customers as if to confirm that she had heard correctly. Billy heard several of the women and girls start to laugh and felt like crawling into a hole.

Now that the saleslady had made him the center of attention, she started the show for the assembled crowd. "Oh my! I'm afraid we don't get many boys buying panties for themselves, but if you love to wear girlish dainties, why shouldn't you? Let's just get you measured for size...." Billy shut his eyes in an effort to escape the humiliation, to no avail. He could still hear the comments of the girls and ladies, as they stood transfixed by the sight of a boy buying panties: "Gross! What a pervert!" "He must be a real sissy—I bet he wears dresses, too." "How funny—I can just imagine him in darling little dress!" "I could tell he was a pansy when he walked in the store."

Pleased with the attention they were receiving, Ms. Gladstone picked a dozen of the frilliest panties she could find. They were every bit as bad as the ones he had worn all week. Turning to Billy, Ms. Gladstone remarked, "Most real girls prefer comfortable cotton panties. But these are perfect for pretend girls like yourself!" She made the red-faced boy hold a pair of lacy pink panties up to his waist as she stepped back to look. "Perfect!" she said with a smirk. " Do you just adore them?"

Knowing that she expected an answer, Billy meekly nodded his head. "Of course you do,—pretties for prissy! Now, do you want some pretty bras to match your panties," Ms. Gladstone loudly asked, a gleam in her eye. Before Billy could begin telling her that he certainly did not want any bras, the saleslady answered for him: "Of course you do, dearie!" She drug the protesting youth to a rack of bras. She hissed in his ear, "You just stop it, sissy boy! If I've got to help little Mary's like you, at least I'm going to get a decent commission out of it! Besides, I know you love it, so quit the act!" Ms. Gladstone gave his arm a sharp squeeze to let him know that she meant business. Afraid of what she might do, Billy meekly followed along. In no time, she had Billy's shirt off and was fitting him with a lacy padded bra, much to the glee of the giggling shoppers who now surrounded them, anxious to share in the humiliation of the teen-aged boy.. "Now this bra is designed to let young girls—and sissies—like you show some breast, even though you haven't developed much. It's like a training miracle bra. See how it lifts you and gives the illusion of "A" cup breasts? She busily fussed with the straps and adjusted the cups so that Billy's chest was encased by the satin garment. "Don't you love the pretty bow between the cups? Just like Mommy's," she teased. "The boys will love the way you look in sweaters."

Billy was horrified! The hateful contraption made it look like he had boobs! As a tear escaped his eye, the saleslady said loudly, "Don't worry, sweetie. I'm sure you'll start to develop soon! Now I know you hate to cover up your pretty new bra, but you should put your shirt on. You do want to wear your bra home, don't you?" Ms. Gladstone gave Billy a look that dared him to disagree. More giggles erupted as Billy meekly replied, "Yes, Ma'am." Billy noticed that even with his sweatshirt on, he looked like he had two girlish bumps, just like he had teased the girls in his class a few years earlier.

Finally, Ms. Gladstone led the shamed boy to the cash register where she rang up the purchase. "Using Mommy's credit card today, dearie? How sweet." The sale lady purposefully held up each panty and bra for the benefit of the other customers before carefully wrapping them in pink tissue and placing them in a huge bright pink bag with "La Femme"in large letters on each side. Handing the bag to Billy, she leaned down to look him eye to eye. "Enjoy your new dainties, precious! I put my card in the bag - come see me when you need a pretty new party dress!"