A Submissive Sissy

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Sissy Therapy - Chapter 6

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Friday was to have been one the biggest day's in Billy's life—the day of the first home football game of the season. Billy should have been excited, but he was utterly miseable. He knew the team had to win the game to have a shot at the conference title. Although the opposing team was one that they should ordinarily beat, Billy's performance at quarterback had gone decidely downhill. He was nervous and his "therapy" prevented him from concentrating on football. Moreover, his new diet left him without any energy. His practices had been terrible. Even the mid-day pep rally failed to lift his spirits. Despite his efforts to ignore them, Billy couldn't help but notice Cindy's mocking looks as she led the cheers.

Immediately after school, Billy made his way to Ms. Walker's office, hoping that the "session" would be short, and he could concentrate on the game. After the obligatory curtsey, he sank sullenly into the chair opposite Ms. Walker's desk. "Well, Billy, this has certainly been an exciting week. Already it's time for a new assignment. Can you believe it?"

When Billy made some desultory comment under his breath, Ms. Walker stood up and came around her desk until she was standing directly in front of Billy. " What was that, Billy? Do you have something to say? " Ms. Walker's tone was angry.

" No ma'am. "

" Good. Let's discuss your week, shall we?"

" Oh, Ms. Walker, it was just terrible. My mother and sister made fun of me, and they both think that I am some kind of pansy. Now my mom is even making me do the dishes. My sister is always teasing me-she says I'm a big sissy! It's awful. Please Ms. Walker, don't make me continue this. I'm sorry! Really am I am." Billy's tears and pleas were genuine.

" There, there, Billy. There's no need to get upset. The initial stages of therapy are always difficult. You are experiencing life in a new way and challenging old notions of behavior. It's only natural that you are suffering some anxiety and embarrassment. That simply indicates that the therapy is working. I'm glad to hear that your mother and sister are actively assisting in your therapy. My experience is that sissy therapy is much more effective when the entire family is involved. It makes it much more ... special. In fact, in this kind of therapy, family members often have an instinctive knack of knowing what the sissy therapy patient really needs. You should thank them for helping you. Besides your sister's right- -you are a sissy, whether you care to admit it or not! "

Billy slumped into his chair even further.

Ms. Walker continued maliciously, " For this week's assignment, I want you to go on a little shopping expedition. After seeing how much you enjoyed wearing your mother's panties this week, I think you should go shopping for your own." Ms. Walker noted the look of dismay on Billy's face as she went on: "That's right. I want you to select an entire wardrobe of the laciest, frilliest panties you can find. Something appropriate for someone like you. Be sure to tell the salesperson who they're for. And you might as well throw your old underwear away-you won't be needing them anymore. " Ms. Walker grinned down at the hapless youth. "And Billy," she added. "Good luck in the game tonight."

The atmosphere was electric at the stadium that night. The notes of the school fight song wafted in the crisp autumn air as the cheerleaders whipped the spectators into a frenzy. After a fevered pep talk by the coach, the moment Billy had been dreading arrrived. Billy knew what he had to do. Buffy Harrington and her friends were in the stands—he had heard them calling to him during warm-ups. After school, Billy had even arrived home to find a "good luck" bouquet of pansies from Buffy. He steeled himself.

"And, now, ladies and genlemen...starting at quarterback..number fourteen...Billy Smith! The crowd roared as Billy jogged through the column of kicking cheerleaders toward the fifty yard line where his teamamates were assembled. What the cheering crowd couldn't see was the grimace on Billy's face as he turned toward the Home stands and dropped into a curtsey—nervous and hurried —but a distinctive curtsey nonetheless. Billy heard the roar change to a confused murmur as he huddled with his team. When his angry teammates demanded an explanation, Billy told them it was a joke. As he came off the field, the coach gave him an inquisitive glare.

After the kickoff, Billy crouced behind the center to receive the snap. As he did so, the taunting by the other team began. "Hey, look, guys!! It's the fairy quarterback!! Hey, faggot!! You curtsey better than my sister!! Billy heard similar catcalls from the Visitors' stands: "How about another curtsey, girly! You should be a cheerleader, not a quarterback!" Billy even saw the cheerleaders for the other team blowing kisses at him and making limp- wristed gestures at him, to the loud laughter of the crowd.

A few plays later, Billy was on the receiving end of a vicious hit."Go home and play with your dollies, sissy boy! And take the rest of your team of fairies with you.!" Billy's teammates glared angrily at Billy, having been implicated in his traiterous, effeminate act

On his way home from the game, Billy felt like crying. His team had lost by forty points, virtually eliminating any possibility of the conference title. Worse, the loss had been Billy's fault. With the taunts and hateful names echoing in his ears, he had thrown no fewer than six interceptions. While the rest of the team played well, it wasn't enough to overcome Billy's turnovers. After the game, the coach had exploded at Billy, railing that in all his years of coaching, he had never seen such a poor performance by a quarterback. The rest of the team had echoed his sentiments.

As Billy slumped in the car, his mother and sister relished in the blow to Billy's male ego. "Well, I don't know what the fuss is," his mother said. "It's just a stupid football game. Besides, those big boys were mean to you. Even after your darling curtsey. I must say, that came as a bit of a surprize. I'm afraid the people in the stands think you're a bit of a sissy," she mocked.

Rachel chimed in, "Well I think Billy should be a cheerleader, anyway. Whoever heard of a pantywaist quarterback!"

Billy was too distressed to even respond to his sister and mother. He just wanted to crawl into a big hole and die. Tears welled in his eyes at the humiliation of it all.