A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Sissy Therapy - Chapter 5

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At school the next day, Billy was met by Cindy and her clique as he emerged from Ms.Walker's office. After laughingly feeling the ruffled seat of his panties under his jeans, she handed him a pink lunch bag. "Here's your lunch, dearie. Don't let me see you eating anything else!" she said mysteriously, as she wheeled and strode away.

In the lunchroom, Billy glumly took his place with his football teammates. He was starved, and he guessed (accurately) that his lunch would be less than hearty.

"Hey Billy! Nice lunch bag. You know, it's just our luck to have a fag for a quarterback."

Billy mumbled an excuse about running out of brown bags at home, all the while cursing Bob Hayward for directing everyone's attention to it. Bob was a large, muscular lineman who had made it clear that he didn't like Billy and that he had no business being the team's quarterback. Billy was truly afraid of the loud-mouthed bully. Bob's barbs continued as Billy extracted a grapefruit half and a diet soft drink. Billy's other teammates, who knew of Billy's struggles to keep weight on his small frame, looked at him quizzically. Billy tried to ignore them in the hopes that they would find a new victim to taunt when he heard a voice that sent chills down his spine.

"Hi, Bob. Hi, guys. Ready for the game on Friday?" It was Cindy. Bob flexed his pecs and eyed Cindy lustily. Cindy gave him a sexy smile. "Oh, hi, Billy" she said, pretending to notice him for the first time. Making an obvious visual inventory of Billy's meager lunch, she exclaimed excitedly, "How sweet! You're on the diet, too! All us cheerleaders are on it!" As Billy stared at Cindy blankly, wondering what she was up to. Cindy feigned exasperation as she reaced into her book bag and displayed the cover of "Teen Girl" magazine with a flourish. Billy felt sick as among the girlishly- titled articles he made out, "Wiggle your way into that darling back to school dress on our exclusive grapefruit and soda diet!" Horrified at what his teammates must be thinking, Bill began making hurried denials that fell on deaf ears as his teammates picked up their trays and left the table, glaring inquisitively at Bily as they did so.

When they were alone, Cindy smiled derisively at Billy. "Oh, no! I may have given your teamates the wrong impression," she mocked. As Billy seethed in silence, Cindy continued, "This is what you'll be having for lunch and dinner until I say otherwise. Just to make sure, we'll have some surprise weigh-in's to make sure yhe you're not cheating on your diet. After all, you want to be able to"wiggle into" your new school dresses , don't you" she laughed. Billy's face burned in frustration.

That evening, Billy's sister had teased him about his new diet.

Billy's mother had remarked that she thought it was "adorable" that Billy was concerned about his figure. She even suggested aerobics at the health club with her and the"other girls."

Later, Billy stood at the sink in his jeans and t-shirt, trussed in his June Cleaver apron, finishing the evening's dishes. On his head, he now sported a new headband with a large white bow, courtesy of Rachel. Billy knew how ridiculous he must look, and his sister's hilarity confirmed it. Billy bitterly thought to himself that he had never seen his sister so happy. As he was finishing up, Ms. Smith approaced Billy, a wine bottle in her hand and an evil gleam in her eye. Billy got a feeling of dread as she fixed his eyes with hers.

"Billy, Buffy Harrington is having a group of girls from the club over and she's out of wine. Be a sweetie and run this over to her."

"But Mom! It's still daylight! I can't go outside like this!" Billy gestured wildly at his apron and hair bow.

"Of course you can't silly!" Billy's mother soothed. Billy sighed a huge sigh of relief as his mother continued. "Imagine, a boy going out in an apron to a neighbor's house," she chuckled. Don't be ridiculous." Ms. Smith helped Billy out of his apron and folded it neatly. "You've got to be presentable before you go out in public!" Grinning widely, Rachel entered the room. Billy panicked when he saw that she was carrying an armload of things, obviously intended for him. As Billy tried to run, his mother quickly grabbed his arm and spun him around. Delivering a swat to his bottom, she reminded him that the panties he was wearing could disappear at any time. Once again, the threat worked its magic as Billy slumped in defeat.

Rachel could hardly contain her excitement as she prepared her brother for his errand. She knew that their private joke was about to go public. Billy's reign as the neighborhood terror was about to come to an humiliating end.

Billy pleaded with his mother as Rachel slipped a pair of pink girls' Ked's on his feet. "Please, Mom!! No!! I can't go outside in girls' clothes!! Everyone will see me! How will I be able to explain it? Please! If the guys find out, I'll be dead!! I'll do whatever you say! "

Ms. Smith ignored Billy's tearful pleas and merely cackled as she buttoned a fluffy pink wool cardigan over his t-shirt. Billy cringed in horror as he recognized it as one of his mother's. It was covered with appliqued bows and was horribly feminine. As she buttoned the last pearl button under his chin, Ms. Smith stared into her son's fear-filled eyes.

"You're darn right you'll do whatever we say." As a final touch she removed Billy's hairbow and replaced it with a girl's straw boater with a ribbon around the crown. "There! You look just perfect! A darling sissy boy out for a neighborhood errand."

As Billy continued his desperate protests, Rachel and Ms. Smith pushed him toward the door. After a giggle and a final shove, Billy found himself outside. with the wine in his hand Frantically trying the door, Billy found it locked. As he pounded on the door, he could hear the laughter of his sister and mother. Realizing finally that he had no choice, Billy started toward the end of the block where Ms. Harrington lived. Billy considered ripping off the hateful sweater, hat and shoes, but he could feel the eyes of his mother and sister on him as he walked toward Ms. Harrington's. Billy knew the penalty for failing to play his part in his mother and sister's game would be jail. No, he'd simply have to get this over as fast as possible.

As he made his way down the street, Billy imagined the mirthful stares of the neighbors who happened to see him as he walked by. But what was worse was the thought of facing Ms. Harrington in his sissy get-up. Billy and his friends had played some pranks on the pretty, but overbearing divorcee during the summer, and he was not happy to be returning to the scene of the crime. As Billy approached the well-maintained house, he saw the parked cars of Ms. Harrington's guests. This was going to be the worst day of his life, Billy thought bitterly. Despite his fervent wishes to the contrary, Billy soon found himself at the door. Shaking with nervousness, Billy knocked quietly on the door. Before he had finished knocking, the door flung open and he stood face to face with Buffy Harrington.

"Billy! Your mother called and said you were on your way over with the wine. She's so thoughtful. But don't just stand there, come in!" Ms. Harrington grabbed Billy's arm and propelled him into the living room where her guests were assembled. Billy found himself in the middle of a group of slightly tipsy country club matrons, out for a "girl's night out" at Buffy's.

"Girls!" Ms. Harrington exclaimed. "Look who's here! It's our resident star athlete with the wine. You all remember Billy... he "egged" everyone's car the last time we got together. And doesn't he look darling. What a cute hat! And that sweet little sweater! Is that your mother's? I've always loved that on her. I never thought I'd see it on you! Turn around and let us see." Billy glumly turned around as the women roared their amusement. As Billy meekly stood with his head bowed, the mocking comments started. "Is this what all the macho football players are wearing this year? "I wish I could get my daughter to wear pretty things like Billy's...she's into the grunge look." "Isn't this precious? Imagine ...a boy wearing such a feminine sweater!" "No real boy would ever wear such a dainty thing!" Finally, Ms. Harrington interrupted the reverie.

"Billy! That color pink really does something for you...and it gives me an idea. I was just getting some things together for the resale shop, and there's an outfit I know you'll adore. Stay right there! Ms. Harrington hurried out of the room, leaving him to the giggles and whispers of her friends. Ms. Harrington quickly returned, wearing a huge grin and carrying a bundle of things. "Billy, slip this on and see how it fits."

Billy blanched when he saw what Ms. Harrington was referring to. It was a dress—hot pink with large white polka dots! Billy unconsciously backed toward the door, as he muttered,"N-no thanks, Ms. Harrington. I think you've got the wrong idea. I-I don't wear dresses and stuff like that. I just put on this sweater because I was cold and it was the closest thing handy. Really!"

Ms. Harrington smirked as another woman blocked his escape."Right- -and I suppose that darling hat and those pretty tennis shoes were "handy," too. No, I think we have a sissy boy on our hands. Don't you agree girls?" The women loudly concurred. "Now stop your act this second, girly, and put on this dress. Girls!"

To Billy's horror, several of the laughing women held him while Ms. Harrington undid his pants, revealing his panties. "So you're 'all boy', huh? Only a true sissy would wear these! " In no time the women had Billy stripped to his panties. Billy was horrified and tried to hide himself. This only amused the ladies more. Worse, Billy felt himself becoming aroused. The women quickly noticed and their taunts intensified. "Oh, look!! He really loves this! What a pansy!"

As tears began to trickle down his face, Ms. Harrington bore down on him, the dress in her hands. As she pulled it over Billy's head, she kept up a sarcastic commentary: "Now Billy, I just know you're going to love this dress as much as I have. I'm afraid I just don't have the figure for it anymore," she sighed. "But you! With your boyish hips and those pretty shoulders, it will be perfect on you. Now let me tie this halter. There! You look simply adorable. Don't you love the built in petticoat in the skirt? It really adds fullness. But we're not done yet.! Here are the accessories. First, a pretty pair of high-heeled pumps. There we go! And these button earrings go perfectly with the bubblegum necklace and bracelet! And last but not least, matching polka dot gloves with a cute bow at the wrist. Done!! You look like the perfect country club sissy, ready for lunch with the girls!!" The room erupted in raucous laughter.

For the next hour, Ms. Harrington forced Billy to join in the party. "After all," she mocked, you 'look the part.' All of the conversation was directed at Billy "So Billy darling, what do you think of the fall fashions? I bet you just love the classic sweater sets that are in again.. They're so femmy and pretty. Of course, you'll need pearls to wear with them. Since you seem to be so fond of your mother's things, maybe she'll lend you hers!"

One overweight woman stuffed into an expensive cocktail dress changed the subject: "Billy, dear, do you have a boyfriend yet?" As the girls snickered, Billy exclaimed,"Of course not! I'm no homo! I like girls!"

"Oh, Billy ,sweetheart! It's time you woke up and smelled the pansies! What girl is going to go out with a boy who wears his mommy's sweaters and lacy panties? Believe me, girls want a real man, not some kind of sissy! Face it. Your dates are going to be wearing the pants from now on." Buffy grinned as she saw Billy wither under her hateful words.

As Billy tried to protest, another socialite started in: "Billy, what do the boys on your football team think about your preference for girl's clothes? The women smirked at the panicked look on Billy's face at the mention of his teammates.

Billy began to plead. "No, please don't tell anyone ! Please, you've got to promise. They'll kill me!" As Billy jumped to his feet, he felt the rustle of his petticoats.

"Now, now, Billy. All us girls have little secrets...and we'll keep yours.. At least for the time being." Buffy paused and appeared thoughtful. "I tell you what. Do they still introduce the teams before the football games?" As Billy nodded glumly, she continued. "Well, when they introduce the star quarterback, I want you to drop into a little curtsey. Won't that be sweet?" The ladies roared their approval. "I bet you already know how to curtsey, don't you?" she mocked. Billy cringed as the ladies forced him to demonstrtate. After the women gushed their goodbyes, Billy found himself running home in his new dress.

Billy's heart was pounding as he closed the door of his house behind him. "Well, look, Rachel! Our little girl has returned! But doesn't she look all grown up in her new dress!" Ms. Smith and her daughter delighted in forcing Bill to recount the evening's events. Billy conveniently left out the part about the curtsey. After the pair memorialized the evening on film, Billy was allowed to don his nighty and go to bed. As he crawled into bed , Ms, Smith hung Billy's new on the front of his closet door."I'll lend you one of my padded dress hangers until you get your own, dearie!"