A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Sissy Therapy - Chapter 3

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The following day, Billy slowly walked toward Ms. Walker's office, imagining every eye was on him. Although his mother's panties couldn't be seen, the rows of ruffles made the seat of his pants stick out. At breakfast, his mother and sister had insisted on checking to see that he was, in fact, wearing "his" panties, and now Ms. Walker was about to do the same thing.

Billy entered Ms. Walker's office and dropped into a nervous curtsey, as Ms. Walker had instructed the Friday before. "How's our sissy today," she asked, amused by the show of compelled submission. "Did we do our assignment?" As Billy expected, she insisted that he drop his pants. "Why, Billy, darling, they're simply precious.! The bow is just—you !" she teased. "I must admit. I'm surprized. I thought you'd pick a pair that were a little less...girly." After fluffing up the ruffles and straightening the bow on the waistband, Ms. Walker allowed Billy to pull up his pants.

Billy did so quickly, mortified that someone would walk in. As she reclined in her office chair, Ms. Walker had Billy describe the activities of the prior evening. As she laughingly asked Billy questions about the experience, Billy tearfully recounted the evening's events. After receiving a warning that he should continue to wear the panties the rest of the week "or else", he was allowed to curtsey and leave. As Billy made his way out the office door, he met Cindy, who was apparently coming for an appointment with Ms. Walker.

"Well, if it isn't loverboy. I understand you're undergoing a little "therapy", eh Billy? You know, it must be working. You look different already ...like you've got a pretty little secret!"

She knew!! Ms. Walker must have told her. "Great! Billy thought, it'll be all over school in no time!!"

The rest of the day was a disaster. Try as he might, Billy couldn't concentrate on his work. The ruffled panties tickled him and served as a constant reminder of his predicament. Worse, Billy saw Cindy with her pack of friends during lunch. As Cindy pointed at him, the girls looked at Billy and broke out laughing. "Great" thought Billy. "Just great."

At home, things didn't improve much. Billy rushed to his room and put on his own underwear. What a relief!! Even though he was out of the hateful panties, the teasing continued. His bratty sister kept calling him "pantywaist." When he yelled at her to shut up in his usual fashion, Billy's mother had snidely replied that since it was true, he had to learn to live with the name. At dinner, Ms. Smith and Rachel wanted to hear all about his day in panties... "Did they make you feel pretty?" "Did you wish you had a matching bra?" "Did you play with the ruffles and bow in class?" "Did you let any boys see them?" Billy's mother produced the pictures of Billy's "fashion show" that she had developed. Rachel and Ms. Smith argued over which was the most adorable, until Billy grabbed one of the pictures and tore it up in frustration. His mother simply grinned and said, "Don't worry, panty boy. I've got lots more copies stashed away! Maybe we'll distribute copies at the next football practice." Rachel and Ms. Smith guffawed as Billy pleaded with them not to show the pictures to anyone.

Finally, supper was over and Billy's mother decided that she and Rachel extracted as much amusement from the situation as possible. "Well Billy, you've had your gay little escapade. Now if you'll kindly return my undies, we can get back to normal around here."

Billy wanted nothing more than to comply with his mother's request. He was sick and tired of the teasing he was getting from his sister and his mom—he resolved to make them pay. Instead, with his sister looking on in obvious amusement, Billy heard himself ask if he could borrow the panties the rest of the week.

Billy's mother looked at him with a sneer. She thought that after what they had put Billy through, no red-blooded boy would ever want to see another pair of panties, much less wear them. "That must have been one hell of a bet," she mused. No matter. She and Rachel would just continue their fun.

"Oh dear, I was afraid that once you wore panties you'd never go back!! Of course you can borrow them. I wouldn't dream of depriving my little girl," she mocked, as Rachel giggled. "Of course, every girl must learn how to rinse out her pretties so they'll be nice and fresh! With that she grabbed Billy and led him to his bathroom, where she instructed him in the fine art of hand- washing lingerie. Chuckling at the look of disgust on her son's face as he had to handle the hated garment, she thought wistfully that it would be nice if she could always control him this easily. "There!" she exclaimed happily as he finished.

The next day Billy was sitting in an empty classroom between classes, lost in thought over his current predicament. Preoccupied with the sudden turn his life had taken, Billy didn't see Cindy and her pack of friends approaching.

"Well if it isn't our little therapy patient. I must say Billy, it must be working. Your attitude seems ever so much better." Cindy's friends giggled at her joke and gathered around to watch the fun.

Billy reddened at the mention of his therapy. "You set me up, you bitch! I didn't assault you and you know it!" Billy spat.

"Oh, I know that Billy," Cindy said sweetly. But do you think the police will take your word over the word of all these eye witnesses?" The girls broke into gales of laughter.

"But why?" Billy plead sorrowfully, knowing that she was right. "Why me?"

"Billy, darling... did you think you could talk about me behind my back and get away with it? You pig!! I guess we'll see who's a "Miss Priss" now won't we? Now," Cindy said brightly, "since it's just us girls here, let's have a little fashion show. Let's see what the school's starting quarterback wears under his jeans.."

"Cindy, no!"

"Now Billy, you don't want me to have a chat with Ms. Walker, do you? Now do it!!" Cindy barked.

Billy grimaced in frustration at his predicament. He dared not antagonize Cindy, since she and Ms. Walker held his future in their hands. Billy simply stared at the tops of his shoes.

Grinning in triumph, Cindy undid Billy's pants and roughly pulled them down, exposing the hated panties."Oh my!" Cindy exclaimed in mock amazement. "It looks like our star athlete is a litttle girl at heart!." As her friends dissolved in laughter at the formerly macho-boy in frilly pink panties, Cindy continued, "What darling panties. Wherever did you get them?" she asked sweetly. "What's that ? I couldn't hear you. They're your mother's! What a lucky boy you are to have a mother willing to lend you such pretty things," she mocked. I think most mothers would be shocked if their sons asked to borrow their daintiest undies. Your Mother must realize that you're really more girl than boy!" The teasing continued until the bell rang. Almost in tears, Billy yanked up his jeans and ran to his next class as fast as he could.