A Submissive Sissy

Here you'll find my favorites Sissy & Femdom stories, the best one I've ever read over the net since many years and believe me, that's a lot ! I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too... Hope you'll like it !


Sissy Therapy - Chapter 12

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A few days later, Ms. Gladstone stood holding some sweaters near the entrance of La Femme. Suddenly, she heard a girlish squeal, followed by a " Hi, Ms. Gladstone!" Ms. Gladstone broke into a broad smile has as she saw Billy mincing toward her, followed closely by Rachel and Ms. Smith. Ms. Gladstone had heard about Billy's " progress" from Ms. Tuttle, but couldn't believe her eyes. Billy was simply the most obviously effeminate male she had ever seen!

" What brings you girls into the store?"

Ms. Smith quickly filled Ms. Gladstone in. " Well, it appears that our former football star has just been elected homecoming queen!" Ms. Gladstone brought her hand to her mouth in exaggerated surprise. "That's right! One of Sissy's closest friends, Cindy Jackson, secretly placed Sissy's name on the ballot and led a discrete drive to have him elected. I must say, I understand that some of the real girls weren't happy about it. But who would make a better homecoming queen than our Sissy." Ms. Smith beamed broadly at her son.

Ms. Smith then made Billy tell Ms. Gladstone that he wanted to be the prettiest homecoming queen ever, and just had to have the perfect gown for the half-time presentation. " I've got just the thing!" exclaimed Ms. Gladstone.

Billy stood in front of the mirror in the dressing room in his bra and panties. He noticed with dismay that in the short time he had been taking Ms. Tuttle's " pretty pills", his boy thing had shriveled down to nothing. To the contrary, Billy thought he could detect a new fullness around his nipples and hips. Billy had prayed that the women were only trying to scare him, but he knew better now. Ms. Gladstone interrupted his thoughts, as she entered the dressing room with a flourish. In her arms was a pink strapless gown. As Ms. Gladstone stuffed him into the gown, she kept up a steady stream of banter: " Who would have ever dreamed that my little panty boy would be elected homecoming queen," she laughed. " Isn't that just too precious! And the job that Ms. Tuttle has done with you! She's outdone herself! She tells me that she has never had a student so eager or one with so much innate femininity, even among her real girls!" As she adjusted the top of the dress, Ms. Gladstone remarked, " Well, well. It appears that our little sissy is becoming a woman!" Billy knew better than to react to Ms. Gladstone's taunts.

Ms. Smith and Rachel giggled their delight has they saw Ms. Tuttle and Billy approach. Billy was encased in the strapless satin dress that hugged his body like a sausage casing. Perched in feminine mockery on his bottom was an enormous bow that flounced with every step. From the knee of the dress came a cloud of sheer tulle that formed a 3-foot circle around Billy's ankles, belying the restriction underneath. Tight, shoulder length white gloves encased Billy's thin arms. Ms. Smith knew that none of the other girls on the homecoming court would have a dress remotely as sophisticated or dated. That made it even the more attractive in her eyes. Despite the fact that Billy could hardly move in the dress and the three inch satin pumps that Ms. Gladstone had produced, he was made to parade and pirouette in front of the assembled women for their amusement before being forced to beg in his mother to buy the dress.

As usual, Ms. Gladstone had a couple of " great ideas". First, she noted that Billy should have a special hair-do for the occasion. Since the beginning of school, Billy had not had a haircut, and he wore it straight. It was now just about chin length. The ever-resourceful Ms. Gladstone produced yet another business card with the address of a salon that she was sure would make Billy feel " special". Although he doubted that a girl's hair-do could make him appear any more feminine, he was hoping to hold onto this last vestige of malehood as long as possible. Behind his simpering smile he cursed the day he ever met Ms. Gladstone.

As upset as Billy was about learning that he would soon have a girl's hair-do, Ms. Gladstone's next " suggestion" floored him. In dramatic fashion, Ms. Gladstone asked Ms. Smith and Rachel if Billy had an escort for the homecoming presentation. They quickly assured Ms. Gladstone that he did not. Billy had assumed that he would suffer through the indignity alone, or that in view of his selection, they would call the whole thing off. Ms. Gladstone, of course, had other ideas. " Well, a friend of mine has a son in Billy's class at school. " Looking at Billy, Ms. Gladstone continued: " Like Billy, Bruce is a " special" boy, according to his mother. It seems that he prefers boys to girls. You know how it is, these days it's not that big of the deal. Well, I understand he's a real hunk. The great thing is that he's very open about his " preference", and I just know that he and Sissy would make a darling couple."

Even the threat of Ms. Tuttle's riding crop didn't prevent Billy from objecting. Forgetting his girlish voice for the moment, Billy screamed, "No! You dried up old witch! There's no way in hell that I'm going out on a date with a boy!"

Ever anxious to further humiliate Billy, Ms. Gladstone was delighted with his outburst. As she heard Ms. Smith chastise him and promise him a refresher class with Ms. Tuttle the following day, she knew she had accomplished her objective. She knew that for a boy like Billy, the ultimate humiliation would be to appear as the "femme" half of a male couple. As she savored the moment, Billy was begging and pleading with his mother not to make him go through with it. " Of course you will!" his mother rebuked. "That is, if he even finds you attractive ! You can just drop your little charade this minute. You're just dying to have a big, hunky boy take you out!! The articles in your fashion magazines on how to catch a boy are always well-worn," she lied. "Besides, how do you expect to get married and be a housewife if you don't date first?"

Ms. Gladstone happily told Ms. Smith that she would love nothing better than to make the appropriate inquiries on Sissy's behalf. When she asked for a photo of Sissy to show the boy, Ms. Smith provided an envelope of Billy's school pictures. He was wearing the black velvet short outfit with the see- through blouse. Chuckling as she perused the pictures, Ms. Gladstone knew that Bruce would be quite taken with Billy's feminine appearance. After Ms. Gladstone rang up the gown and shoes, she could hear Ms. Smith and Rachel chastising the shamed faced boy as they left the store.