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Aunt Lana

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David's long trip to his Aunt Lana's had been very pleasant. He didn't remember a whole lot about her, as the last time he had visited her was eight years ago, when he was only eleven years old. He wasn't sure what had given him the urge to visit her in the first place, as he hadn't even thought about her for years. But suddenly she came into his mind, and there was no denying himself this trip.

He remembered her being pretty attractive, but really didn't know what to expect when he popped in her door.

Some faint recollection came back suddenly as he parked his car in front of her house. He had totally forgotten about the knitting store that was attached to her small house. Evidently it had grown, as the store seemed larger than the house.

There was no one in the house, as his knocks went unanswered. For some reason he was leery of approaching the store. His stomach seemed full of butterflies when he opened the front door. The feeling grew worse once inside. It must have been the long trip, or perhaps the heavy smell of wool that filled his senses.

The store was fairly large, and filled with yarn and supplies. For some reason he was fascinated by the many sweaters that hung throughout the store.

"David, David. How wonderful to see you. How much you have grown. You are a young man now!" His Aunt greeted him out of nowhere, giving him a hug and kiss.

Now he remembered her. She looked exactly as she had the last time he had visited her. She had shoulder length red hair, and a beautiful face. Oh, but for some reason David trembled as he was hugged so enthusiastically by her. Her large breasts ground into his chest. How could have he forgotten this unforgettable feature of his Aunt. Could her beauty have been what he longed for, he thought to himself.

"David, you are trembling. You must be exhausted from your trip. Are you?" She asked with a concerned voice.

"Well, yes, Aunt Lana. Yes, I am very tired. Um, maybe I should lie down for a while." David lied.

"Oh, David, I'm not certain if you will remember them, but this is Juanita, and Karen, my very close friends and partners." She said, leading David back to a counter in the back of the store past several customers.

"Well, hello. I guess I don't really remember them." He stated, gazing at the two women who were approximately in their mid thirties as was his Aunt. They were also attractive, but he had seen attractive women before. He just couldn't figure out why he was becoming sexually excited, and couldn't take his eyes off of the women. After all they were older!

"Why David! I may have to spank you. Don't you remember the fun we had when you visited Last?" Karen asked.

"Umm, gee, ah, no, I don't think so." David replied.

"Well, we will have fun this time David, I am certain. Especially since you have grown into such a handsome young man." Karen declared. "Yes he is handsome. But David, do you still enjoy looking at us dressed in sweaters? Remember the way we used to play?" Juanita asked with a smile, pulling David's hand to touch her sweater.

"Sweaters? Ah, I don't really remember that. It is very nice though."

"Maybe you should lay down for a while David. Follow me and I'll take you to your room." Lana offered.

"I'm afraid David that the store has become so busy that we have had to extend our hours. Did you eat on the way?" Lana asked.

"Oh yes. I had supper. Um, how late is the store open?" David asked.

"We will be busy until at least nine o'clock. That will give you some time to rest, and then we can have a fun evening to catch up on things. Here is your room. Please accept my apology for the mess. Some of the store has grown into the house as you can see." She said with a laugh.

She certainly wasn't joking as half of the room was filled with knitting materials, sweaters, and pattern booklets.

"Oh, that is fine, Aunt Lana. I'll be fine in here. I'll see you later." He said, as she gave him a kiss on the cheek, and closed the door as she left.

David was in a terrible state of mind now. He had no idea why he was so sexually turned on. His prick was throbbing under his pants. Possibly if I look some of the knitting stuff over I will get a grip, he thought to himself.

But it only got worse. He had lost all control as he explored some of the warm sweaters, and started leafing though the knitting booklets. It was no use, as he quickly undressed himself in an uncontrolled manner.

Not having any idea why, he quickly pulled a soft furry red angora sweater over his head, and pulled two more wool sweaters onto the bed with him, then continued to leaf through the booklets.

He found the models so sexy. Or was it the sweaters they wore. He was confused by this point. He was so turned on, he didn't notice when the door to the bedroom opened.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING DAVID?" Aunt Lana screamed at the top of her lungs.

David was in shock. He didn't know what to do.

"I will repeat. What are you doing young man?"

"Uhhhh, um, I............"

"You are wearing a woman's sweater and using another of mine to masturbate with?"

"Uh, well, ah......"

Suddenly some things flashed through David's head about his last visit. He remembered his Aunt's terrible temper. He remembered being punished, but not exactly how. He remembered begging her to stop doing something horrible to him.

"Stand up and come along with me, David." She ordered.

"But, where, ah, I'm not dressed. I....."

"Shut up." She said grabbing his arm and pulling him along with her.

"Guess what I found David doing." She announced as she led him into the back room of the store in a fit of anger, ignoring the fact that there were three customers still in the store.

"Lana, you look furious. What did he do?" Juanita asked, as the other four women looked on with curiosity.

"Look, he's hard. He was using two of my favorite sweaters to rub himself on!" She exclaimed, pulling the angora sweater up, exposing his hard prick.

The three customers seemed shocked, but Juanita and Karen were amused.

"It isn't funny. My own nephew playing with himself, using my sweaters. I am going to have to punish you for this, you pervert. You are going to pay for this you know."

"Oh please. Umm, I'm very sorry Aunt Lana. I don't know why..."

"I am going to teach you a lesson. Karen, get that heavy double knit blanket and some mittens and woolen socks. Juanita, get a bunch of sweaters. Make as many of them mohair as possible. I will also need a yard stick and some rope. Lots of rope. Oh, and lock the store up. He is going to regret breaking the rules!"

"Ah, excuse me. Could I have some help with these yarns?" One of the women waiting in the store asked.

"Oh, Ms. Dover. I am sorry. We are going to have to close early tonight. There has been somewhat of a problem. Do you mind?" Aunt Lana said.

"Mind, well, yes I mind. Close early if you like, but I want to see what is going to happen to your Nephew. It sounds very, very interesting to me. Since he likes to wear women's clothing, I would like to donate my lipstick, if you will let me apply it on him."

David stood in shock as the women laughed at the suggestion.

"Please, Aunt Lana, don't do this. I don't know what came over me. Please......"

"That would be wonderful Ms. Dover. Of course you may stay. But to prove a point. I much prefer to have him apply it himself. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Davis, would you like to stay? You are welcomed of course.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Mrs. Davis replied.

"I don't exactly know what you have in mind, but any assistance I can offer, I will." Mrs. Brown said.

David wanted to run, but knew he couldn't. At least not dressed the way he was. And his car was locked. His only option was to beg.

"Shut up, young man. You and your miserable little dick are in some serious shit. You want to wear my sweaters? You are going to wear my sweaters and more. You want to masturbate? Possibly you won't want to anymore after I am through with you! Come along back to your bedroom." She ordered, tugging him by the arm once again as the other women followed.

"Take off my sweater now. I want you naked." Aunt Lana ordered after the women were situated in the room and the door was locked properly.

As he pulled the soft sweater over his head, David felt terror. But at the same time, to further his confused state, he was excited sexually once again.

"There you are naked in front of six women. How do you feel David? Do you feel like quite the pervert you are?"

"Umm, I'm so sorry. Please don't....."

"Shut up. You know you deserve this, David. You have been such a bad little boy. Ms. Dover has been so kind to offer you her lipstick. Take it from her and thank her properly."

"Thank you Ms. Dover." David said, trembling, suspecting what he would be forced to do next.

"So, you like to wear women's clothing do you David?"

"Ah, no. I've never done that before. I don't know why...."

"Oh come now. You are a little sissy girl, David aren't you? You like to wear women's things don't you?"

"No, I'm not lying."

Whack, whack, whack.

"Ow, please!" David screamed as three hard blows were dealt to his behind.

"Bring back memories dear?" Aunt Lana taunted.

"If you would like to keep those to a minimum, I want to hear all about how much you like to dress in women's clothing. Now!"

David's eyes opened wide, knowing he had no choice. They could over power him any time they wanted, and with the door locked, there was nowhere to run.

"Ok, yes, I enjoyed wearing your sweater. I really don't know why! But it felt good." He replied half crying.

"Well, how wonderful. And how do you feel about wearing my bras and panties? Appealing?"

"Oh no, please, no."

Whack, Whack, Whack.

"Ouch, ouch, oh, yes, I will, if you want."

"Put the lipstick on carefully, now for Aunt Lana, sissy boy. I won't allow you to wear my bra and panties right now, but if you are a very good little sissy for me, perhaps you will earn the privilege tomorrow!

With much embarrassment, David layered the bright red lipstick across his lips, shuddering as he did so.

"Oh don't we look pretty." Aunt Lana laughed as the other women joined in.

"I don't think we need rouge tonight. Your cheeks look red enough already. But instead put this on, since you like wearing women's sweaters so much." Aunt Lana ordered handing the poor boy a heavy pink mohair pullover sweater with a high, tight turtleneck.

Having learned his lesson, he didn't hesitate to pull the sweater over his head, and down over his body.

"Ummm, this is very scratchy. Could I wear something under it?"

"Well, David, you are learning aren't you? Yes mohair is very scratchy to the skin. That is the point isn't it? This is a punishment, after all!" She said after fixing the tight neck of the sweater.

"Hold out your right arm, David. I think these mittens will look adorable on you." She said immediately pulling a heavy mohair, elbow length mitten up over his hand, quickly following with an identical mitten for the other hand.

"Now stand there and play with yourself for us, David. I didn't get to see your technique before." She said pulling the long sweater up, exposing his cock.

David's eyes grew large, watching the women stare with fascination as he timidly grasped his cock with his left hand, starting an upward, downward motion, slowly forcing his semi hard cock to come to full life.

"That is enough. I can see you are very, very talented, and have had much experience. Is that true David?" Aunt Lana asked.

"No, I....."

Whack, whack, whack.

"Owww, please. Ok, I have done it before." He replied in pain.

"How many times before. I'll bet you do it at least once a day don't you?"

"No, I don't know how many times......"

"You never will learn will you. I was going to let you get away with just that one sweater, but now you force me to go one step further, David. Karen would you help him into this." She said holding up a very heavy looking wool sweater that also possessed a high turtle neck.

"Now, will you tell me truthfully how many times a week you masturbate yourself to completion David?"

"Umm, probably two times, Aunt Lana. Really!"

"Two times. I knew you were a real sissy. How many women have you had, David?" She asked.

"Women? Um, that's really personal. I mean."

"You do realize you are going to be in these heavy, warm, scratchy sweaters all night long, don't you David? She cruelly asked, handing another sweater to Karen, who pulled the heavy red wool sweater onto David backwards, then buttoned it up his back.

"Comfy David?" Aunt Lana asked.

"Um, they're warm and scratchy."

"Of course they are. It wouldn't be a punishment if they weren't would it?" She replied.

"Now, answer me. How many women have you fucked?"

"Umm, none. I've never actually done it...."

"A virgin? You are still a virgin? Well how wonderful. How would you like to fuck your Aunt?" She toyed.

"Ummm, th, that wouldn't be right, Aunt Lana." He stammered.

"Like I told you girls, he's a total sissy. He probably prefers men." She said bringing laughter very much to David's expense.

'What kind of a woman is she.' He thought to himself, as he stood there gripped with humiliation.

"You don't look warm enough yet. Sit down on the bed my little virgin."

A pair of heavy woolen shoulder length mittens were pulled up both of his arms, leaving his hands totally helpless. Then two pair of heavy mohair knee socks were pulled up his legs, making him look and feel all the more ridiculous.

But the episode became more frightful for David as two pair of handcuffs were placed, one on each of his wrists. His arms were then crossed over his chest and the two empty cuffs were attached together, leaving him helpless, much as if he were in a very heavy straight jacket.

"Now it is time for all bad boys to cry." Aunt Lana said, as she sat down on the bed next to her nephew.

David cried as he was swiftly pulled over her lap and held down.

"You know you deserve this, David." She said, as she suddenly started to flood his behind with hard bare hand slaps.

The five women watched with fascination as David's poor bottom slowly turned beat red. He was almost hysterical when finally she finished his spanking.

"Ah, there. does that bring back memories, David? Are things finally coming back into place? You remember the games we played don't you now?" She asked.

David couldn't answer as he was in so much pain. He hardly heard her comment.

"You choose not to answer, David. How interesting. Stand him up for a second ladies."

The bed was then prepared, as several strands of rope were placed across it, then two very heavy woolen blankets were draped over the rope, followed by several sweaters at the head of the bed to act as his pillow.

David was laid down onto the bed by the women. He was in pain, as his red bottom made contact with the rough material of the wool blanket.

"Ouch, please. That hurts so much, please." He begged.

"No we aren't quite through yet, David. After all, you have three nice heavy sweaters on top. We have to match them with sweaters on your bottom half, or it just won't work out right will it? And then we are going to make you feel so wonderful! I promise." Lana said with a laugh as three very large and heavy sweaters were layered up his legs until all three covered the bottom half of his body, with one exception. The women took great care to make sure that his cock and balls were exposed through the neck holes of each sweater. When they were finished, he was covered from neck to toe with fluffy wool.

"Now, my little David it is important that you become totally immobile. That is why we have to tie your legs securely together. How else will it be possible to rape you?" Aunt Lana declared, as her two close friends quickly took their cue and tied his ankles, knees and thighs together tightly.

"Please let me go. Please, I'm your nephew, I love you Aunt Lana. Please don't do this." David begged.

"How wonderful. He loves me. And that is how you show it by using my sweaters to masturbate? Of course I love you also, David. That is why I have to teach you a very important lesson. And that lesson is.... never, I mean never fuck with your Aunt. I have a power over you that you will never fully understand, and I will use it anytime I choose.

So you liked my sweater. How wonderful." She said, slowly grasping the red angora sweater that he had so carelessly been caught wearing.

Then the unexpected happened. She slowly cupped his balls, and started rubbing the soft fluffy sweater over his cock.

"Feel good, nephew? I hope so, because I intend to continue until you cum in it. And what is the penalty for cumming in one of my favorite sweaters? I hope you don't have plans for tomorrow. First, when we release you from your bondage, you will hand wash this and twenty other of my favorite sweaters. Then you will start your new job in my store. You are going to be a part time model, knitter, and entertainment for my favorite customers. You are going to become my all purpose little sissy nephew. And your salary will be the pleasure of being around my self, my friends, and all the sweaters that you could ever imagine. Do you think you will like your new job David?"

"Umm, ah, yes, I, a, think, a, I, will." David stammered, coming to the verge of a very intense climax.

"You bet you will. And you are going to do anything your wonderful Aunt wants you to do. There is no need for college. Why would you want college when you can work with your Aunt and her friends in her knit shop with all those sweaters that you love so much. Do you remember when we used to dress you in them and rub them all over you? Maybe not yet. Ah, look at him cum. Oh, sweet boy, you are so lucky to have such an Aunt. Shudder for me, yes shudder. You love it don't you, David?

"Ahhh, oh, oh, yes, oh yes, I love it." David gasped with all his might as his Aunt continued the violent strokes up and down over his overly stimulated cock.

"Oh, please, slow down, not so fast, please." He begged, as she continued the rapid strokes over his cock, purposely causing him terrible anguish.

"Men usually don't like this. But I do!" She said, continuing stroking until David almost passed out from the intensity he was feeling.

"Karen, why don't you take over. We mustn't miss a stroke." She said, offering his sweater covered cock and balls over to her friend who took over with much amusement.

"Well, David, we haven't played these games for some time now have we? I'll get you feeling really good again in no time." Karen laughed as the three other women started to get the idea and giggled at the thought.

"He always did love my breasts, especially when encased in a sweater. Didn't you, David." Aunt Lana asked, only getting a blank stare from her overly stimulated nephew.

Then without warning she leaned on the bed and started touching his face lightly with her sweater clad breasts.

The four women looked on as they started speculating if he would be able to cum once again into the sweater. Surprisingly for them it didn't take David a long time to cum once again into the sweater. He was now gasping for air as Karen continued the torrid rhythm that Lana had started fifteen minutes ago through his second organism.

Each woman took her turn at David's shaft doing the best job possible to force him to cum one more time. It was now a game for them, and he was only a victim that they were to manipulate to the fullest.

Unfortunately after the third forced milking, his cock and balls were becoming increasingly soar from the constant attention they were receiving. Even at his age at the peak of sexuality for a male, David's sexual limit was being overtaken.

It took another hour for the women to coax two more mainly dry organisms out of the boy. He was crying and begging them to stop towards the end of the experience. Even the sweaters and hand vibrator didn't do the job towards the end.

So after an extended try, they finally left well enough alone. He laid their totally exhausted, unable to move, his cock and balls red and swollen.

"Let's hope he has learned a lesson. There will be no masturbation in private David. You will be punished severely any time that rule is broken. You must ask permission, and if granted, you must do it in full view of myself or whomever I wish. If you break this rule, next time we'll force ten organisms out of you no matter how long it takes, or until your cock falls off. Do you understand sissy boy?" Aunt Lana warned.

David nodded his head slightly, hardly understanding what she had just told him. He had never felt so used before, as the women pulled the two very heavy blankets over and around him, cocooning him in heat and pain. His bondage was finished when the five strands of rope had been tied tightly along his body.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You dirtied my sweater several times young man. Now you can wear it over your face all night long." Aunt Lana, said, pulling the still very wet angora sweater down over his face, sperm down against his face. It was then tied down around his neck, making it impossible for him to work it loose.

"Sweat dreams my little nephew. You may call your mother and tell her about your new purpose in life tomorrow. You will close your eyes and remember all the wonderful things that have happened to you tonight. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day." Aunt Lana said in a very soft, reassuring voice.

"Yes Aunt Lana, I will have a wonderful day, wonderful day, wonderful day......." He repeated as if in a trance, hardly able to contain the sexual excitement that was once again lifting his overly abused cock to new heights!